McGintys in the 1901 Census Altnapaste Electoral District, Co Donegal

Some McGinty’s found in the 1901 Census for Altnapaste DED 139, Parish of Kilteevogue

submitted by Bernie

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DED 139/3 Ballybobaneen
James McGinty                    Head              52       Gamekeeper & farmer
Mary McGinty                     Wife              46  
James McGinty                    Son                22       Farming
Lisley/Secily McGinty  Daughter  19          
Edward McGinty                 Son                17       Farming
Ellan McGinty Daughter                15       Machinist   
Cathrin McGinty                  Daughter        9         Scholar
William McGinty                  Son                7         Scholar         
Bridget McGinty                  Daughter        5         Scholar
DED 139/6 Binmore
Hugh McGinty                     Head              30       Farmer
Mary McGinty                     Wife              20       Wool carder
DED 139/11 Crolack
Francis McGinty                  Head              79       Farmer
Bridget McGinty                  Wife              71       Housekeeper
Mary McGinty                     Daughter        32       Farmers dau
Joseph McGinty                   Son                29       Farmers son
DED 139/14 Dergroagh
Grace McGinty                    Head              60       Widow/Farmer
Neil McGinty                       Son                40       Farmers son
Connor McGinty                  Son                30       Farmers son
Mary McGinty                     Daughter        38       Knitter
Secily McGinty                    Daughter        32       Knitter
DED 139/15 Drumderrydoonan
Hugh McGinty                     Head              55       Farmer
Sarah McGinty                    Wife              40       Housekeeper
Francis McGinty                  Son                18       Farmers son
Cecily McGinty                    Daughter        12       Scholar
Cassie McGinty                   Daughter        10       Scholar
Hugh McGinty          Son                          9 Scholar        
Bridget McGinty                  Daughter        3         Infant
DED 139/15 Drumderrydoonan
James McGinty                    Head              70       Farmer
Daniel McGinty                   Son                40       Farmers son
Mary McGinty                     Dau-in-law 32 Housekeeper 
Michael McGinty                 Grandson       4         Scholar
Patrick McGinty                  Grandson       2          
Francis McGinty                  Grandson       6mths   
Harry McGinty                    Son                36       Labourer
Ellen McGinty                                Daughter        33       Knitter
DED 139/16 Gortiness
Patrick McGinty                  Head              56       Farmer
Margaret McGinty                Wife              56       Farmers wife
Patrick McGinty                  Son                19       Farmers son
Catherine McGinty               Daughter        16       Farmers dau
Bridget McGintee                 Mother                     95       Farmers mother
DED 139/16 Gortiness
Charles McGinty                  Head              26       Merchant, Tailor & Rate Collector
Bridget McGinty                  Wife              19       Housekeeper
DED 139/18 Magheralloigh/Magheracloy
Edward McGinty                 Head              28       Farmer
Mary McGinty                     Sister             30       Domestic svt
DED 139/18 Magheralloigh/Magheracloy
Patrick McGinty                  Head              35       Farmer
Mary McGinty                     Wife              28        
John McGinty                      Son                2  
Patrick McGinty                  Son                1  
Mary Gallagher                    Servant          17       Farm svt
John McGinty                      Visitor            38       Farmer
James McGinty                    Visitor            11?     Farmers son
DED 139/20 Stragally
Anne McGinty                     Niece             24       Knitter
Anne with aunt called Gallagher      
DED 139/21 Stroangarrow
Michael McGinty                 Head              63       Farmer
Rose McGinty                                Wife              60       Housekeeper 
Patrick McGinty                  Son                26      
Anne McGinty                     Daughter        24       Farmers
Michael McGinty                 Son                18       Farmers
Mary McGinty                     G/dau            5?       Farmers
DED 139/21 Stroangarrow
John Brown                         Head              60       Farmer
Anne Brown                        Wife              60       Wool carder
Patrick McGinty                  Son-in-law 35 Labourer   
Mary McGinty                     Daughter        30       Seamstress
Mary McGinty                     G/dau            9         Scholar
Bridget McGinty                  G/dau            8         Scholar
Cecily McGinty                    G/dau            6         Scholar
Pater McGinty                                G/son             3  
Researcher: Bernie - EMAIL
DED 139/22 Stroangibbagh
Patrick McGinty                  Head              62       Farmer
Anne McGinty                     Wife              61  
Joseph McGinty                   Son                19       Farmers son
DED 139/22 Stroangibbagh
Michael McGinty                 Head              56       Farmer
Kate McGinty                      Wife              53       Housekeeper
John McGinty                      Son                26       Labourer
Kate McGinty                      Daughter        17       Knitter
Hugh McGinty                     Son                10       Scholar
DED 19/23 Tonduff
Hugh McGinty                     Head              29       Farmer
Bridget McGinty                  Sister             30       Farmers sister
DED 19/23 Tonduff
Peter McGinty                                Head              74       Farmer/widower
Patrick McGinty                  Brother          68       Farmer
John McGinty                      Son                27       Farming
William McGinty                  Son                29       Farming
DED 19/23 Tonduff Thompson
Patrick McGinty                  Head              55       Farmer
Michael McGinty                 Son                19       Farm svt
Catherine McGinty               Sister             52       Domestic svt/imbecile


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