Selected Baptisms 1872 & 1877, Mevagh Parish

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Year Date Surname Infant Name Father Given Mother Surname Mother Given Residence Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2
1877 11-Nov Boyce Anne Joseph Boyce Sarah Tullagh Boyce, James O'Donnell, Brigid
1877 12-Aug Boyce Hugh Patrick Coyle Margaret Tirloughan Boyce, William McHugh, Margaret
1877 4-Mar Boyce John Joseph James Boyce Mary Tullagh Sweeney, Denis Sheils, Alice
1877 20-Jul Boyce Mary Peter Coyle Eleanora Tullagh Coyle, John Diver, Catherine
1877 25-Nov Boyce Michael John McFadden Honora Glenard Coyle, Patrick McFadden, Grace
1877 22-Aug Boyce Michael Bernard Sheils Mary Glenard Boyce, Andy Sheils, Mary
1877 12-Aug Boyce Patrick Patrick Coyle Margaret Tirloughan McHugh, Manus Coyle, Ellen
1877 2-Feb Bradley Peter Bernard Shiels Sarah Gortamore Shiels, Daniel Bradley, Cicely
1877 28-Jan Carr Sarah Annie John Gallagher Catherine Glenree Coyle, F? Gallagher, Mary
1877 11-Nov Connor Joseph Hugh McElhare Eleanora Dooey McClafferty, John Murray, Susan
1877 18-Nov Connor Manus Manus McBride Margaret   Doherty, Daniel McElhare, Fanny
1877 14-Jan Connor Margaret Patrick Coyle Anne Devlinreagh Doherty, Daniel Doherty, Mary
1877 29-Jun Coyle Eleanora Bernard McBride Eleanora Bomany? Doherty, Bernard Coyle, Mary
1877 12-Aug Coyle Eleanora John Boyce Brigid Tullagh Boyce, Michael Sheils, Brigid
1877 30-Sep Coyle Grace Daniel McHugh Hannah Tirloughan McBride, Bernard McHugh, Catherine
1872 15-Dec Coyle Patrick Daniel Gallagher Brigid Raphlagh Coyle, Daniel Gallagher, Brigid
1872 24-Nov Coyle Susan Daniel McHugh? Hannah Tirloughan McBride, Bernard Callaghan, Ellen
1877 17-Oct Cullen Denis Daniel Connor Margaret Bomany? Coyle, Patrick Lynagh, Mary
1877 20-Jul Cullen Eleanora Thomas McBride Catherine Dundooan McBride, Patrick McBride, Sarah
1877 20-Jul Cullen Mary Thomas McBride Catherine Dundooan McBride, Patrick McBride, Sarah
1877 23-Aug Dobbins John Edward Cullion Mary Derry   Duffy, Ellen
1877 15-Jul Doherty Anne Michael McClafferty Brigid Tully? Coll, Maurice Duffy, Mary?
1877 17-Aug Doherty Brigid Simon Doherty Margaret Carrick McGinley, Teague ?, Susan
1877 7-Oct Doherty Daniel James McGinley Mary Carrick Coll, John Coll, Catherine
1877 6-Jan Doherty Eleanora William Doherty Anne Drumfin Doherty, Denis Logue, Mary
1877 22-Jul Doherty Susan John McHugh Susan Gortnabrade Brown, Bernard Boyce, Grace
1877 Dec Duffy Anne James McGinley Anne Gortnabrade Duffy, Edward McGinley, Cecily
1877 18-Feb Duffy John James McGlinshey Matilda Drumanough McGlinshy, Edward Duffy, Matilda
1877 7-Jan Duffy Margaret John Boyce Sarah Tullagh Boyce, Bernard Boyce, Catherine
1877 2-Aug Duffy Tully Cornelius Cannon Honora Ardbane Cannon, John Duffy, Anna
1877 8-Mar Friel Brigid Ferdy? Shiels Anne Glenieraragh Sheils, John Shiels, Margaret
1877 14-Jan Friel Eleanora James McGettigan Brigid Glenieraragh Friel, Michael Mulhare, Catherine
1872 15-Dec Friel Thomas James McGettigan Brigid Glenieraragh Friel, Michael Friel, Catherine
1877 22-Jul Gallagher Brigid John Heraghty Catherine Gortamore Heraghty, Denis Gallagher, Grace
1872 8-Dec Gallagher Catherine Ryan Sheils Mary ? Sheils, John Shovelin, Mary
1877 5-Aug Gallagher Denis John McBride Sarah Derrycassan McClafferty, Toal Sharkey, Hannah
1877 17-Aug Gallagher Francis Edward McBride Sarah Roshin Kelly, Bernard Gallagher, Susan
1877 Dec Gallagher John Hugh McFadden Margaret Claggan McFadden, Rev James Doherty, Catherine
1877 22-Jul Gallagher Margaret John Connor Mary Devlinreagh McBride, Hugh McBride, Mary
1877 11-Mar Gallagher William William Gallagher Margaret ? Gallagher, James Boyce, Brigid
1877 25-Nov Harkan Ellen Michael Harkan Mary Toragh Harkan, James Harkan, Ellen
1877 16-Jan Harkin Margaret James McFadden Mary Glenard Shiels, Eugene Shiels, Mary
1877 11-Feb Heraghty John Patrick Gallagher Brigid ?lassenmore Gallagher, James McBride, Ellen
1877 4-Nov Heraghty Susan Manus Logue Anne Downings Heraghty, Michael Logue, Catherine
1877 6-Sep Logue Edward Edward Doherty Matilda Cranford Gaily?, M  
1877 4-Feb Logue James John Gallagher Grace Downings Shiels, Daniel Shiels, Anne
1877 6-Sep Logue Thomas Edward Doherty Matilda Cranford Gaily?, M  
1877 14-Oct Marley Brigid Michael McBride Catherine Meenformal O'Donnell, Daniel McGettigan, Afrie?
1877 9-Sep McBride Anne Patrick McBride Ellen Carrick Doherty, Neil McBride, Rose
1877 25-Nov McBride Anne Peter McBride Margaret Dooey McBride, Peter McBride, Grace
1877 5-Aug McBride Anne Eneas? McFadden Madge Tirloughan McBride, Bernard Gallagher, Mary
1877 4-Feb McBride Brigid Charles McBride Fanny Clontallagh McBride, Michael McBride, Anne
1872 8-Dec McBride Eneas Patrick McBride Ellen Corra McBride, Denis McFadden, Cecily
1872 22-Dec McBride Ferguson? Michael Doherty Sarah Clontallagh Cullen, John Doherty, Sarah
1877 12-Jul McBride Honora Bernard McElhare Fanny Devlinreagh McBride, Patrick McElhare, Frances
1877 24-Jun McBride John John McBride Margaret Devlinreagh McBride, Hugh McBride, Grace
1877 27-Jun McBride John Maurice McElhare Catherine Meenbog McElhare, John Shiels, Sarah
1877 12-Aug McBride Sarah Manus Boyce Brigid Drumdooen McBride, Michael McBride, Sarah
1877 14-Jan McCarry Eleanora Hugh Ferry Anne Gortnabrade Boyce, James Mitchell, Margaret
1877 26-Feb McCarry Rose James McLoughlin Catherine Coxheath Boyle, Andrew Boyce, Catherine
1877 24-Jun McClafferty Anne Toal Boyce Rose Ardbane Connor?, James McGettigan, Brigid
1877 4-Feb McClafferty Catherine Neil McBride Brigid Altmore McClafferty, Charles McClafferty, Catherine
1877 8-Jul McClafferty Grace John Connor Catherine Ardbane Connor, John Shovelin, Mary
1877 16-Dec McClafferty Hugh Daniel McBride Anne Dooey McBride, Denis McBride, Ellen
1877 25-Nov McClafferty Mary Michael Gallagher Catherine Balinar Gallagher, John McBride, Sarah
1877 26-Aug McClafferty Patrick John McGinley Brigid Gortnabrade McGinley, William McGinley, Cecily
1877 3-Jan McDevitt James Philip Sweeney Frances ? Callaghan,? Lynagh, Grace
1877 24-Feb McFadden Alice John Logue Anne Umerfad Logue, John Boyce, Catherine
1877 11-Oct McFadden Catherine Andy Sheils Anne Glenard Sheils, Roger Sheils, Susan
1877 16-Jan McFadden Eleanora Patrick Logue Grace Gortnabrade Sweeney, George Cullion, Catherine
1877 11-Mar McFadden James Hugh Donnell Sarah Glenmenagh McFadden, Patrick McGinley, Margaret
1877 18-Jul McFadden James Neil Connor Mary Carrick McFadden, Chales Coll, Mary
1877 16-Feb McFadden John William Boyce Eleanora Gortnabrade McFadden, Michael Brown, Mary
1877 7-Oct McFadden John Manus McFadden Sophy Dooey Gallagher, Andy Sheils, Mary
1877 13-Feb McFadden Patrick Michael Friel Catherine Glenard McFadden, Teague McFadden, Hannah
1877 18-Oct McGee John Michael Doherty Mary Devlinreagh Kerr, James Coyle, Grace
1877 15-Jan McGinley Brigid Patrick Connor Brigid Carrick McFadden, Charles Coll, Mary
1877 1-Jul McGinley Brigid John McElhare Afrie Aghalatty McElhare, Manus Sheils, Mary
1877 3-Feb McGinley John Teague McConnell Susan Glen McHugh, Edward McClafferty, Anne
1877 24-Jan McGinley Margaret Hugh Boyce Margaret Carrick Boyle, Andrew Coyle, Mary
1877 30-Sep McGroddy Mary John Coyle Honora Gortnabrade McBride, James McHugh, Mary
1877 6-Jan McIntyre Edward Daniel? Meenan Mary Devlinreagh Carr, James Carr, Mary
1877 4-Mar McLaughlin John Michael Boyce Anne Carnagore Boyce, Michael McLaughlin, Hannah
1872 24-Nov McLoughlin Hugh Charles Ferry Anne Gortnabrade McLynshey, John Ferry, Sarah
1877 6-Feb McLoughlin Margaret William Harkan Catherine Toragh Boyle, Anthony McGettigan, Anne
1877 29-Jul McLoughlin Michael Charles Ferry Anne Gortnabrade Ferry, Michael Ferry, Brigid
1877 9-Jan McNutt Margaret John McBride Catherine Drim McGinley, Patrick Browne, Brigid
1877 16-Oct O'Donnell Mary James Coyle Cecily Drumdeevin Sheridan, John Friel, Brigid
1877 21-Oct O'Donnell Sarah Eugene Gillespie Catherine Meenformal O'Donnell, Edward Marley, Catherine
1872 11-Dec Price James Charles? McBride Betty Drumeasan Price, William Sheridan, Fanny
1877 30-Sep Quin Brigid Patrick       McNutt, Daniel  
1877 Dec Rodgers Patrick Edward Ward Mary Gortnabrade McBride, Edward McBride, Mary
1877 25-Nov Sheils John Hugh Boyce Elizabeth Aghalatty Boyce, Michael Sheils, Brigid
1872 8-Dec Sheils Oliver Michael Gallagher Mary Dooey Sheils, Owen Duffy, Nancy
1877 4-Mar Shiels James Hugh Bradley Mary Aghalatty McGinley, John Bradley, Catherine
1877 4-Mar Shiels William Hugh Bradley Mary Aghalatty Boyce, Andy McFadden, Sophy
1877 26-Aug Sweeney Cecily Denis Boyce Sarah Cranford Lynagh, Thomas Boyce, Mary
1877 10-Aug Sweeney James James McGettigan Anne Claggan Sweeney, Patrick Sweeney, Anne
1877 18-Dec Trearty Hugh Patrick Doherty Grace Gortnabrade Doherty, Edward Mitchell, Margaret
1877 29-Jul Whoriskey Honora William Sheils Fanny Cuill Shiels, Eugene Coyle, Mary

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