Church of Ireland Marriages, Mevagh, Co Donegal

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Date Groom Groom Father Groom Townland/Trade Bride Bride Father Bride Townland
1870 28 Jan Alcorn, Francis   Rosepenna/Bailiff McElhinny, Catherine   Kinnalargy
1870 3 Mar Alcorn, Thomas     Diver, Nancy    
1857 19 Nov Anderson, Robert     McConnell, Hannah    
1854 1 May Balfour, Henry     Young, Mary Jane    
1862 29 Apr Browne, Andrew Browne, Robert   Moore, Anne Moore, Alexander  
1889 7 Mar Cathcart, James   Carrigart/Farmer McElhinney, Catherine   Island Roy
1880 8 Apr Gallagher, James   Tully/Farmer McElhinney, Mary   Magherabeg
1871 4 Apr Gallagher, John   Tawny McElhinney, Mary   Clontallagh
1894 3 May Gallagher, Patrick   Rosskirk/Farmer McElhinney, Martha   Magherabeg
1856 16 Dec Graham, Gerrard Graham, Gerard   Moore, Margaret Moore, John  
1883 8 Mar Graham, Jared     Hay, Fanny    
1875 11 Mar Graham, John     Wilkinson, Martha    
1858 16 Dec Gregg, Alexander     Hay, Elizabeth    
1882 21 Dec Harris, John   Milford/Farmer McElhinney, Eliza Anne   Mevagh
1889 4 Mar Hay, Charles     Murphy, Martha Ann    
1858 7 Jan Hay, James   Larganreagh/Farmer McElhinney, Jane   Magherabeg
1849 20 Mar Hay, John     McNutt, Mary    
1893, 28 Feb Hay, John     Wilson, Ann    
1870 3 May Hay, John     Wilson, Mary    
1850 30 Apr Hay, William Hay, John   Fisher, Margery Fisher, Alexander  
1861 7 Mar Hayes, James     Wilkinson, Naomi    
1870 31 Mar Irwin, William   Casheleenan/Farmer McElhinney, Rebecca   Springfield
1889 7 Feb Lavens, Samuel   Mulroy/Groom McElhinney, Sarah   Mulroy
1871 28 Feb Manning, Abraham     Wilkinson, Mary    
1851 24 Jun McCoach, Hugh McCoach, Robert   McCarry, Sarah McCarry, Patrick  
1857 24 Feb McConnell, John     Hay, Rebecca    
1886 16 Mar McElhinney, Alexander   Mevagh/Farmer Moore, Mary   Tirloughan
1882 30 Mar McElhinney, Andrew   Kinnalargy/Farmer McConnell, Letitia   Island Roy
1863 3 Feb McElhinney, Andrew   Mevagh/Farmer Moore, Anne   Drumdutton
1893 28 Feb McElhinney, David   Kinnalargy/Farmer Hay, Eliza Jane   Umlagh
1863 8 Jan McElhinney, Gustavus   Clontallagh/Farmer McElhinney, Elizabeth   Mevagh
1879 24 Feb McElhinney, Isaac   Kinnalargy/Farmer McElhinney, Catherine   Magherabeg
1877 8 Feb McElhinney, James   Island Roy/Farmer Smith, Jane    
1846 30 Jun McElhinney, Robert   Kinnalargy/Farmer McElhinney, Phebe   Clontallagh
1846 10 Feb McElhinney, Thomas   Mevagh/Boat Builder Anderson, Phebe   Mevagh
1871 29 Jun McElhinney, Thomas   Mevagh/Labourer Lavens, Margaret   Drimreen
1846 14 Apr McElhinney, William   Ledagh/Farmer Lavens, Mary   Drimreen
1847 28 Dec McElhinney, William   Magherabeg/Farmer Peoples, Elizabeth   Magherabeg
1871 17 Aug McElhinny, Andrew   Mevagh/Farmer McElhinney, Eliza Ann   Mevagh
1868 13 Oct McElhinny, Gusty   Cloontallagh/Farmer McElhinney, Phebe   Kinnalargy
1866 4 Jan McElhinny, Gusty   Clontallagh/Farmer McElhinny, Elizabeth   Murlog
1875 12 Jan McElhinny, James   Magherabeg/Labourer McElhinny, Elizabeth   Kinnalargy
1869 4 Nov McElhinny, James   Mevagh Wilkin, Elizabeth   Mevagh
1872 19 Dec McElwee, George     Kennedy, Dorothea    
1859 6 Dec McIntyre, John     Graham, Letitia    
1867 1 Jan McIntyre, John   Faltybanes/Farmer McElhinney, Catherine   Mevagh
1864 7 Jun McMillan, George     Hay, Mary Jane    
1888 28 Feb McNutt, Charles     Graham, Mary    
1854 23 Feb McNutt, James McNutt, Richard Umlagh/Farmer McElhinny, Catherine McElhinney, Benjamin Magherabeg
1889 26 Dec McNutt, John     Moore, Anne Jane    
1853 24 Mar McNutt, Peter McNutt, John   Hay, Margaret Hay, Finlay  
1869 16 Jun Moffitt, Joshua     Wilkinson, Zilda    
1878 12 Mar Moore, Edward     Wilson, Catherine    
1893 17 Jan Moore, Peter   Larganreagh/Carpenter McElhinney, Catherine   Rawros
1850 19 Mar Moore, William Moore, William   McConnell, Letitia McConnell, David  
1865 25 May Moore, William     McConnell, Mary    
1875 9 Mar Moore, William   Kilconnell/ Labourer McElhinny, Anne   Kinnalargy
1856 19 Feb Moore, William Moore, James Island Roy/Farmer McElhinny, Catherine McElhinny, George Magherabeg
1846 24 Feb Morrow, Thomas     Hay, Jane    
1868 16 Jul Nesbitt, John   Rawros/Land Steward McElhinney, Catherine Hessy   Springfield
1875 11 Mar Peoples, Thomas     Moore, Mary Anne    
1868 28 Jan Power, James     McConnell, Mary Anne    
1893 16 Mar Sandilands, William   Stragaddy/Game Keeper McElhinney, Mary Anne   Kilmacrenan
1870 15 Dec Wilkinson, John   Rawros McElhinney, Jane Anne   Springfield
1852 14 Jul Wilkinson, Robert   Dunfanaghy McElhinney, Elizabeth   Mevagh
1897 28 Oct Wilson, Arthur   Belfast/Clerk McElhinney, Rebecca   Mevagh
1865 21 Mar Wilson, Robert   Magherabeg/Farmer McElhinny, Anne Jane   Magherabeg


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