1828 Tithe Applotment Book - Mevagh Parish, Co Donegal


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

BALE [BEALE] Samuel Glenree
BOYCE Andrew Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
BOYCE Bryan Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
BOYCE Bryan Tullagh
BOYCE Bryan, Jun. Tullagh
BOYCE Bryan, Sen. Tullagh
BOYCE Cormick Tullagh
BOYCE Edward Tullagh
BOYCE Ferdinand Tullagh
BOYCE Ferdy Tullagh
BOYCE James Dooey [Doagh]
BOYCE James Tullagh
BOYCE John Divilin [Devlin] Lower
BOYCE John Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
BOYCE John Mininea
BOYCE John, Jun. Tullagh
BOYCE John, Sen. Tullagh
BOYCE Manis Tullagh
BOYCE Manis, Jun. Strahane
BOYCE Manis, Sen. Strahane
BOYCE Mary (widow) Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
BOYCE Mary (widow) Tullagh
BOYCE Michael Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
BOYCE Michael Tullagh
BOYCE Neal Drim McGinly
BOYCE Patrick Divilin [Devlin] Lower
BOYCE Patrick Strahane
BOYCE Patrick Tullagh
BOYCE Patrick, Jun. Tullagh
BOYCE Patrick, Sen. Tullagh Old Town
BOYCE Peter Tullagh
BOYCE Sophia Gortnabrade
BOYCE Stephen Tullagh
BOYLE Anthony Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
BOYLE Connell Toam
BOYLE John Carnagore
BOYLE Nahor Toam
BOYLE Patrick Carnagore
BOYLE Robert Drum Lackagh
BOYLE Samuel Drum Lackagh
BRADLEY Margrit (widow) Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
BRADLEY Patrick Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
BRADLEY Patrick Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
BRADLEY Rodger Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
BRANNON Dennis Mininea
BROGAN John Downings [Downies]
BROGAN Michael Downings [Downies]
BROWN Bryan Glenree
BROWN Charles Aughalatty
BROWN Fanny (widow) Glenree
BROWN Patrick Bohaney
CANNON Charles Bohaney
CANNON Dennis Drimdoan [Dundooan]
CANNON John Ardbawn [Ardbane]
CANNON John Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
CASSIDY Dennis Drim McGinly
CASSIDY James Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
COILE Bryan Downings [Downies]
COLL Bryan Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
COLL Dennis Altmore
COLL Dennis Strahane
COLL Fergus Carrick
COLL Hugh Tullnagarin
COLL James Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
COLL James Tullnagarin
COLL John Carrick
COLL John Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
COLL John, Jun. Altmore
COLL John, Sen. Altmore
COLL Magey (widow) Tullnagarin
COLL Mathew Maghrymagorry
COLL Michael Bohaney
COLL Michael Carrick
COLL Michael Drumnamonagh?
COLL Patrick Tullnagarin
COLL Peter Altmore
CONNOR Daniel Dooey [Doagh]
CONNOR Dennis Gortnabrade
CONNOR James Carrick
CONNOR James Glenkeo
CONNOR Neal, Jun. Strahane
CONNOR Neal, Sen. Strahane
CONNOR Patrick Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
CONNOR Teague Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
COYLE Andrew Glenkeo
COYLE Andrew Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
COYLE Andrew, Jun. Glenkeo
COYLE Anthony Tullagh
COYLE Bridget (widow) Drim McGinly
COYLE Bryan Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
COYLE Bryan Maghrymagorgan
COYLE Catharine (spinster) Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
COYLE Charles Glenkeo
COYLE Charles Kuill [Kill]
COYLE Daniel Glenkeo
COYLE Dennis Carrigart
COYLE Edward Ardbawn [Ardbane]
COYLE James Carrick
COYLE James Clagin
COYLE James Freeagh?
COYLE James Jun. Bohaney
COYLE James Largintraine
COYLE James Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
COYLE James, Sen. Bohaney
COYLE John Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
COYLE John Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
COYLE John Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
COYLE John, Jun. Glenkeo
COYLE John, Sen. Glenkeo
COYLE Michael Bohaney
COYLE Michael Freeagh?
COYLE Michael Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
COYLE Neal Cruck Brawn
COYLE Nugher Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
COYLE Patrick Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
COYLE Rodger Gortnabrade
COYLE Rodger Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
CULLIN Bryan Carrigart
CULLIN Charles Bohaney
CULLIN Charles Glenkeo
CULLIN Daniel Bohaney
CULLIN Daniel Glenkeo
CULLIN Daniel Glenree
CULLIN Henry Drumnon?
CULLIN John Drim McGinly
CULLIN Manis Cruck Brawn
CULLIN Patrick  Drim McGinly
CULLIN Patrick Drimdoan [Dundooan]
CUNNIFF Peter Cruck Brawn
DENNISTON George Drumdutton
DENNISTON William Drumdutton
DIVENY Bryan Bohaney
DIVENY Thomas Bohaney
DIVER Cormick Maghrycullin
DIVER George Altaheerin
DIVER Samuel Gortamore
DIVER William Aughalatty
DIVINEY John Drumnamonagh?
DIXON James Rawerass [Rawros]
DOAK George Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
DOHERTY Bryan Carrigart
DOUGHERTY Anthony Glassin
DOUGHERTY Bryan Bohaney
DOUGHERTY Bryan Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
DOUGHERTY Bryan Meenlara [Meenlaragh]
DOUGHERTY Darby Glenkeo
DOUGHERTY Dennis Glassin
DOUGHERTY Edward Glenkeo
DOUGHERTY Hugh Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
DOUGHERTY James Carrick
DOUGHERTY John Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
DOUGHERTY John Glenkeo
DOUGHERTY Michael Glassin
DOUGHERTY William Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
DOUGHERY John Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
DOUGHERY Patrick Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
DOUGHERY Sarah Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
DUFFY Daniel Altmore
DUFFY Darby Lenamore
DUFFY Dennis Altmore
DUFFY Edward Drumnamonagh?
DUFFY John Strahane
DUFFY John Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
DUFFY Neal Carrigart
DUFFY Neal Drumnamonagh?
DUFFY Patrick Aughalatty
DUFFY Toal Meencolagh
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Beef Park
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Crucknamar
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Derrihasson [Derricasson]
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Derrihasson Meadow Park
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Gortnabrade
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Meenacross
FAUCITT Charles, Esq. Murlogg
FERRY John Carrigart
FERRY Michael Carrigart
FISHER Alexander Umlagh
FLATCHER James Creevy [Creevagh]
FLOOD John Meenlara [Meenlaragh]
FOY Neal Carrigart
FRIEL Bryan Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
FRIEL Catharine (widow) Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
FRIEL  John Altaheerin
FRIEL Michael Creevy [Creevagh]
FRIEL Patrick Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
FRIEL Patrick Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
GALLAGHER Edward Melmore
GALLAGHER Manis Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
GALLAGHER Toal Melmore
GALLAUGHER Anthony Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
GALLAUGHER Bryan Gortamore
GALLAUGHER Charles Clagin
GALLAUGHER Daniel Clagin
GALLAUGHER Daniel Glenree
GALLAUGHER Dennis Ardbawn [Ardbane]
GALLAUGHER Dennis Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
GALLAUGHER Dennis Derrihasson [Derricasson]
GALLAUGHER Edward Ardbawn [Ardbane]
GALLAUGHER Edward Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
GALLAUGHER Edward Rosline
GALLAUGHER Fergus Drim McGinly
GALLAUGHER Hugh Dooey [Doagh]
GALLAUGHER Hugh Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
GALLAUGHER James Assindoogh
GALLAUGHER James Creevy [Creevagh]
GALLAUGHER James Gortnabrade
GALLAUGHER John Derrihasson [Derricasson]
GALLAUGHER John Gortamore
GALLAUGHER John Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
GALLAUGHER Michael Derrihasson [Derricasson]
GALLAUGHER Michael Melmore
GALLAUGHER Patrick Meencolagh
GALLAUGHER Patrick Melmore
GALLAUGHER Patrick Strahane
GALLAUGHER Patrick Tullagh
GALLAUGHER Stephen Clagin
GALLAUGHER Toal Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
GALLAUGHER Toal Derrihasson [Derricasson]
GALLAUGHER William Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
GRAHAM Christopher Divilin [Devlin] Middle
GRAHAM David Graffy
GRAHAM James Divilin [Devlin]
GRAHAM Jarad Strahane
GRAHAM John Carrigart
GRAHAM John Freeagh?
GRAHAM John Graffy
GRAHAM Miss Glenree
GRAHAM Richard Graffy
GRAHAM Robert Graffy
HARAGHTY Daniel Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
HARAGHTY Grace (widow) Bohaney
HARAGHTY Jarramia Downings [Downies]
HARAGHTY John, Jun. Bohaney
HARAGHTY John, Sen. Bohaney
HARAUGHTY Denis, Sen. Downings [Downies]
HARAUGHTY Michael Downings [Downies]
HARIGHTY Bryan Derrihasson [Derricasson]
HARIGHTY Daniel Gortamore
HARIGHTY Denis, Jun. Downings [Downies]
HARIGHTY Dennis Derrihasson [Derricasson]
HARIGHTY Dennis Downings [Downies]
HARIGHTY James Downings [Downies]
HARIGHTY John Gortamore
HARIGHTY Margrit (widow) Downings [Downies
HARIGHTY Mary (widow) Downings [Downies]
HARIGHTY Patrick Derrihasson [Derricasson]
HARKIN Francis Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
HARKIN John Toragh
HARKIN Neal Toragh
HARKIN Patrick Toragh
HAYS Fanny (widow) Sparmount
HAYS Finla Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
HAYS George Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
HAYS Hugh Freeagh?
HAYS Hugh Rosapenna
HAYS James Freeagh?
HAYS James Rosapenna
HAYS James Rosapenna Ranagh
HAYS John Mevagh
HAYS John Sparmount
HAYS Robert Rosapenna
HAZLETT Ann Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
HAZLETT James Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
HORISKY John Kuill [Kill]
HUNTER Jane (widow) Graffy
KELLY James Ardbawn [Ardbane]
KELLY James Largintraine
KELLY James Toam
KELLY John Largintraine
KELLY John, Jun. Toam
KELLY John, Sen. Toam
KELLY Patrick Clagin
KELLY Robert Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
LAFERTY Charles Derrihasson
LAFERTY Charles Tullnagarin
LAFERTY Giles (spinster) Tullnagarin
LAFERTY James Derrihasson
LAFERTY James Gortamore
LAFERTY John Derrihasson
LAFERTY John Tullnagarin
LAFERTY Michael Derrihasson
LAFERTY Michael Tullnagarin
LAFERTY Patrick Tullnagarin
LAVINS James Drimreen
LAVINS John Drimreen
LAVINS Samuel Drimreen
LOGUE Bernard Drumnamonagh?
LOGUE Bryan Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
LOGUE Daniel Carrigart
LOGUE Daniel Downings [Downies]
LOGUE Daniel Drumfin
LOGUE Dennis Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
LOGUE Eleanor (widow) Downings [Downies] Mountain
LOGUE James Drimdoan [Dundooan]
LOGUE John Downings [Downies]
LOGUE John Drumnamonagh?
LOGUE Manus Carrigart
LOGUE Mary (widow) Carrigart
LOGUE Patrick Drimdoan [Dundooan]
LOGUE Patrick Drumnamonagh?
LOGUE Stephen Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
LOGUE Stephen Toragh
LYNAGH Daniel Tullnagarin
LYNAGH John Cruck Brawn
LYNAGH John Drumnamonagh?
LYNAGH Michael Cruck Brawn
LYNAGH Patrick Gortnabrade
LYNAGH Patrick Toragh
LYNAGH Patrick Tullnagarin
MARTIN George Carrigart
MARTIN James Carrigart
MARTIN John Glenree
MARTIN Patrick Glenree
MARTIN William Drimreen
McAWARD Patrick Meenlara [Meenlaragh]
McBRIDE Andrew Murlogg
McBRIDE Anne (widow) Murlogg
McBRIDE Bryan Clagin
McBRIDE Bryan Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McBRIDE Bryan Maghrycullin
McBRIDE Bryan Murlogg
McBRIDE Charles Aughalatty
McBRIDE Charles Carrick
McBRIDE Charles Melmore
McBRIDE Darby Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McBRIDE Dennis Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McBRIDE Dennis Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McBRIDE Dennis Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McBRIDE Dennis Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McBRIDE Dennis Kuill [Kill]
McBRIDE Dennis Melmore
McBRIDE Dominick Gortnabrade
McBRIDE Edward Maslack
McBRIDE Edward Melmore
McBRIDE Eleanor (widow) Maslack
McBRIDE Enease Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McBRIDE Enease Glenmenagh
McBRIDE Hugh Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McBRIDE Hugh  Hazelmount
McBRIDE James Ardbawn [Ardbane]
McBRIDE James Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McBRIDE James Drim McGinly
McBRIDE James Drimdoan [Dundooan]
McBRIDE James Melmore
McBRIDE John Bohaney
McBRIDE John Carrigart
McBRIDE John Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McBRIDE John Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McBRIDE John Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
McBRIDE John Maghrycullin
McBRIDE John Meenlara [Meenlaragh]
McBRIDE John Melmore
McBRIDE John Melmore
McBRIDE John Rawerass [Rawros]
McBRIDE Joseph Mininea
McBRIDE Joseph Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McBRIDE Manis Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McBRIDE Margrit (widow) Glenury [Glenoory]
McBRIDE Michael Bohaney
McBRIDE Michael Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McBRIDE Michael Gortnalaughak [Gortnalughoge]
McBRIDE Michael, Jun. Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McBRIDE Neil Murlogg
McBRIDE Patrick Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McBRIDE Patrick Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McBRIDE Patrick Dooey [Doagh]
McBRIDE Patrick Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
McBRIDE Patrick Glenury [Glenoory]
McBRIDE Patrick Mininea
McBRIDE Peter Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McBRIDE Sally (widow) Meencolagh
McBRIDE Shane Altaheerin
McBRIDE Stephen Murlogg
McCAFELL? Michael Drim McGinly
McCARRY Charles Gortnabrade
McCARRY Hugh Gortnabrade
McCARRY Michael Gortnabrade
McCAUFIELD Rodger Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McCLAFFERTY Dennis Ardbawn [Ardbane]
McCLURE John Drum Lackagh
McCOACH Francis Rawerass [Rawros]
McCOACH James Rawerass [Rawros]
McCONELL Alexander Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McCONNEL Daniel Island Roy
McCONNELL James Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McCUE Bryan Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
McCUE Charles Glenkeo
McCUE Michael Gortnabrade
McCUHEY? Barny Drim McGinly
McDADE John Altaheerin
McELHAR Bryan Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McELHAR Donnel Ardbawn [Ardbane]
McELHAR Hugh Mevagh
McELHAR Hugh Strahane
McELHAR John Ardbawn [Ardbane]
McELHAR John Derrihasson
McELHAR John Glenury [Glenoory]
McELHAR Mandy Carrigart
McELHAR Manis Divilin [Devlin]
McELHAR Michael (widow) Meencolagh
McELHAR Miles Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McELHAR Naugher Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McELHAR Nugher Murlogg
McELHAR Owen Ardbawn [Ardbane]
McELHAR Patrick Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McELHAR Patrick Kuill [Kill]
McELHINNY Abraham Mevagh
McELHINNY Alexander Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY Andrew Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McELHINNY Benjamin Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY Charles Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McELHINNY Charles Mevagh
McELHINNY David Aughalatty
McELHINNY David Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McELHINNY Fanny Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McELHINNY George Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY Gustavis Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY James Carrigart
McELHINNY James Island Roy
McELHINNY James Tullnagarin
McELHINNY John Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McELHINNY John Gortamore
McELHINNY John Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY Joseph  Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY Rebecca Mevagh
McELHINNY Robert Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
McELHINNY Robert Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
McELHINNY Thomas Mevagh
McELHINNY William Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McFADDIN Dennis Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McFADIN Andrew Carrigart
McFADIN Charles Strahane
McFADIN Denis Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McFADIN Dennis Carrigart
McFADIN Dougal Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McFADIN Edward Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
McFADIN Edward Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McFADIN Edward Glenmenagh
McFADIN Eleanor (widow) Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McFADIN Ferigle Dooey [Doagh]
McFADIN Hanah (widow) Glenmenagh
McFADIN James Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McFADIN John Bohaney
McFADIN John Clagin
McFADIN John Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McFADIN John Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McFADIN John Gortnabrade
McFADIN Manis Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McFADIN Manis Dooey [Doagh]
McFADIN Manis Glenmenagh
McFADIN Manis Murlogg
McFADIN Manis Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McFADIN Margaret (widow) Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McFADIN Mary (widow) Bohaney
McFADIN Michael Glenmenagh
McFADIN Michael Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McFADIN Michael Toam
McFADIN Neal Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
McFADIN Neal Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McFADIN Neal Gortnabrade
McFADIN Patrick Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McFADIN Patrick Gortnabrade
McFADIN Teague Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McFADIN Teague Glenmenagh
McFADIN William Bohaney
McGARVEY Anthony GlenMcGarvey
McGARVEY Anthony, Jun. GlenMcGarvey
McGARVEY Charles Downings [Downies] Mountain
McGARVEY Charles Drumfin
McGARVEY Daniel Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
McGARVEY Ferdinand Maghrymagorgan
McGARVY Anthony, Sen. GlenMcGarvey
McGARVY Christopher Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
McGARVY Ferdinand GlenMcGarvey
McGEE John Altaheerin
McGETIGAN Hugh Creevy [Creevagh]
McGETIGAN Mandy Drum McGetigan
McGETTIGAN Edward Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McGETTIGAN John Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McGETTIGAN John  Glenree
McGETTIGAN Mandy Glenmenagh
McGETTIGAN Patrick Glenmenagh
McGETTIGAN Philip Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McGETTIGAN Thomas Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McGINLEY Rodger Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McGINLY Bridget (widow) Aughalatty
McGINLY Bryan Drim McGinly
McGINLY Bryan Glenree
McGINLY Daniel Carrick
McGINLY Dolty Meenformal
McGINLY Dominick Gortnabrade
McGINLY Hugh Drim McGinly
McGINLY Hugh Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McGINLY James Altmore
McGINLY Michael Strahane
McGINLY Michael Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McGINLY Patrick Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McGINLY Patrick Strahane
McGINLY Rodger Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McGRODY Manis Ardbawn [Ardbane]
McHUGH Bryan Island Roy
McHUGH Dennis Tullagh
McHUGH Francis Tullagh
McHUGH John Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
McHUGH Michael Island Roy
McILHAR Neal Murlogg
McILHINNY Andrew Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McILHINNY David Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McILHINNY Fanny Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McILHINNY Isaac Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
McINTIRE Margrit (widow) Freeagh?
McINTIRE Patrick Drimdoan [Dundooan] Upper
McINTIRE William Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
McLAFERTY Charles Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McLAFERTY Charles Dooey [Doagh]
McLAFERTY James Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McLAFERTY John  Derrihasson [Derricasson]
McLAFERTY John Dooey [Doagh]
McLAFERTY Patrick Dooey [Doagh]
McLAFERTY Patrick Drumnamonagh?
McLAFFERTY Catharine Gortnabrade
McLAFFERTY Patrick Gortnabrade
McLAUGHLIN Charles Carnagore
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
McLAUGHLIN James Carnagore
McLAUGHLIN John Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McLAUGHLIN Mandy Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Toragh
McMENIMIN James Strahane
McMULLIN Patrick Carnagatt
McNULTY James Carrigart
McNULTY James Drumnamonagh?
McNUTT Francis Drim McGinly
McNUTT John Creevy [Creevagh]
McNUTT Richard Umlagh
McPAUL Rodger Maslack
McSWINE Miles Hazelmount
McWARD Cormick Glenkeo
McWARD James Glenkeo
McWARD John Glenkeo
MEENIN Charles Gortnabrade
MEENINA/ MCENENA? James Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
MELLON John Maghrycullin
MIDDLE James Lenamore
MOFFITT Robert Glenree
MOORE Alexander Aughalatty
MOORE Charles Island Roy
MOORE David Rosapenna
MOORE James Carrigart
MOORE James Drim McGinly
MOORE James Island Roy
MOORE James Rosapenna
MOORE John Aughalatty
MOORE John Carrigart
MOORE Margrit (widow) Drim McGinly
MOORE Patrick Freeagh?
MOORE Peter Aughalatty
MOORE Rebecca (widow) Aughalatty
MOORE Robert Island Roy
MOORE Widow (Bog) Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
MOORE Widow (Park) Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
MOORE William Freeagh?
MOORE William Mevagh
O’DONNEL Bryan Altmore
O’DONNELL Bryan Glengullygrana [Glengillagrana]
O’DONNELL Charles Meenlara [Meenlaragh]
O’DONNELL John Meenformal
O’DONNELL Rev. Daniel Cocksheath
O’DONNELL Samuel Mevagh
PARK Richard Divilin [Devlin]
PEOPLES John Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
PERSON David Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
SHEILS Andrew Downings [Downies]
SHEILS Bryan, Sen. Glenmenagh
SHEILS Daniel Downings [Downies]
SHEILS Edward Derrihasson [Derricasson]
SHEILS Edward Downings [Downies]
SHEILS Humphry Finvere
SHEILS John Derrihasson [Derricasson]
SHEILS Mandy Ardbawn [Ardbane]
SHEILS Michael Derrihasson [Derricasson]
SHEILS Simon Dooey [Doagh]
SHEILS William Aughalatty
SHERIDON Neal Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
SHERIDON William, Jun. Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
SHERIDON William, Sen. Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
SHIELS Andrew Dooey [Doagh]
SHIELS Anne (widow) Largintraine
SHIELS Bryan Dooey [Doagh]
SHIELS Bryan Meenformal
SHIELS Bryan, Jun. Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
SHIELS Catherine (widow) Dooey [Doagh]
SHIELS Cormick Meenformal
SHIELS Dennis Melmore
SHIELS Dennis, Jun. Derrihasson [Derricasson]
SHIELS Dennis, Sen. Derrihasson [Derricasson]
SHIELS Edward Carrigart
SHIELS Edward Dooey [Doagh]
SHIELS Frank Glenmeanin [Glenineeny?]
SHIELS Hugh Derrihasson [Derricasson]
SHIELS Humphry Ballyaughagan
SHIELS Humphry Drimdoan [Dundooan]
SHIELS Humphry Maghrymagorgan
SHIELS Humphry Sparmount
SHIELS James Drimdoan [Dundooan]
SHIELS John Largintraine
SHIELS Margrit (widow) Largintraine
SHIELS Michael Aughalatty
SHIELS Michael Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
SHIELS Michael Meenformal
SHIELS Michael, Sen. Meenformal
SHIELS Patrick Drimdoan [Dundooan]
SHIELS Peter Drimdoan [Dundooan]
SHIELS Toal Drimdoan [Dundooan]
SIMMS James Rawerass [Rawros]
SIMMS John, Jun. Rawerass [Rawros]
SIMMS John, Sen. Rawerass [Rawros]
SPEER Alexander Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
SPEER Andrew Creevy [Creevagh]
SPEER William Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
SPICER William Kuill [Kill]
STARRIT Ezekiel Drum Lackagh
STRAIN Bryan Carrigart
STRAIN Daniel Glennereragh [Glenieraragh]
STRAIN John Downings [Downies]
STRAIN John Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
STRAIN Patrick Drumnamonagh?
SWEENEY Bryan Lenamore
SWEENEY Charles Drimreen
SWEENEY Charles Meenaloghy
SWEENEY Daniel Glenkeo
SWEENEY Dennis Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
SWEENEY Hugh Bohaney
SWEENEY James Terlaghine [Tirloughan]
SWEENEY John Glenkeo
SWEENEY John Meencolagh
SWEENEY Philip Glassin
SWEENEY Phillip Drimreen
SWEENY Alexander Kuill [Kill]
SWEENY Bryan Cloontagagh [Clontallagh?]
SWEENY Charles Glassin
SWEENY Dennis Carrigart
SWEENY Edward Meenformal
SWEENY John Tullagh
SWEENY Michael Divilinreagh [Devlinreagh]
SWEENY Miles Maghrycullin
TEAS Alexander Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
TIMONY John Bohaney
TIMONY John Clagin
WATSON Robert Rawerass [Rawros]
WHITE James Drummart
WHITE Mathew Rosapenna
WILKINSON Rev. John Kinlargy [Kinnalargy]
WILLIAMS Edward Carrigart
WILSON Adam Creevy [Creevagh]
WILSON Geidion Drum Lackagh
WILSON John Aughadahar [Aghadachor]
WILSON John Maghrybeg [Magherabeg]
WOOD Patrick Drim McGinly
WORISKY Michael Kuill [Kill]


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