Mevagh Parish Hearth Money Roll, 1665

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   Name Townland
   Pattrick Hay                  of Aghadacorr
   Robert m'Nitt              of Aghadacorr
   Owen o"Gallogher        of Agheletiff
   rory m'Ilbreedy               of Agheletiff
   Owen o'Gavaghan               of Ballioghagan
   Fergill o'Gallogher         of Derricassen
   Hugh o'Gallogher              of Derricassen
   Donell m'Ilbreedy             of Divellan
   Torlagh m'Swine             of Divellan
   John Leitch                   of Dounemore
   Mr John Lesly                 of Drum 2
   Thomas m'Gee                  of Dundowan
   Hugh m'Ginelly                of Duneins
   Torlagh m'Ginelly            of Duneins
   David Cather                  of Finwer
   Jennett Spruel, widow       of Glanree
   John Spruel                   of Glanree
   Cormick m'Garvy               of Glenereragh
   Edmund o'Freel               of Glenereragh
   Edmund m'Gowan                of Glenmanagh
   James m'Ilroy                of Glenmanagh
   Owen m'Gowean               of Glenmanagh
   Torlagh groome o'Fryell     of Glenmanagh
   Donnagh m'Cosh                of Kill
   Gentle Way                  of Kill
   Bryan o'Gallogher           of Largireagh
   Dualtagh o'Gallogher          of Largireagh
   Laghlin m'Ilchole             of Magherycullen
   Connor m'Ilbreedy             of Maghribeg
   Donnagh m'Ilbreedy           of Maghribeg
   Owen m'Padein              of Maghribeg
   Art o'Dougery            of Maghrilosky
   Gabriel Dunlevy               of Maghrilosky
   Owen m'Gilbreedy         of Maghrilosky
   Owen m'Ginelly         of Maghrilosky
   Shan o'Gallogher         of Maghrilosky
   John Craige                   of Maghrimagaverigan
   Allex Stewart                 of Mevagh 2
   Admund m'Ilchole           of Molmore
   Owen o'Mulluoge               of Molmore
   David Stewart                 of Rameross
   Capt John Fleming             of Tirelaghin
   Donagh o'Gallogher            of Tullagh
   John m'Swine                  of Tullagh
   Hugh Murray                   of Umlagh
      4  14s  for 47 hearths


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