Presbyterian Marriages, Carrigart, Mevagh, Co Donegal

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Date Groom Groom Father Bride Bride Father
1847 4 Nov Baird, Thomas   Morrow, Elizabeth  
1855 20 Dec Brown, Thomas Brown, David Baillie, Grizzy Bail, Robert
1849 13 Sep Cheatley, Samuel   McElhinney, Rebeckah  
1890 30 Jan Fisher, James   McIlwain, Eleanor  
1873 21 Oct Kerr, Thomas   Gallagher, Annie  
1855 19 Apr McAfee, John McAfee, James Wilson, Catherine Wilson, Adam
1897 29 Jun McCollum, Samuel   Kyle, Isabella  
1857 18 Feb McCorkle, Thomas   McIntyre, Mary  
1865 28 Feb McIlhinny, Thomas   McIlwaine, Elizabeth  
1858 26 Feb McIlwaine, Alexander   Wilson, Margaret  
1894 8 Feb McIlwaine, David   Moore, Martha  
1846 3 Sep McNutt, Alexander   Haslett, Nancy  
1867 2 Apr McNutt, James   Fisher, Margery  
1858 9 Dec McNutt, William   Hay, Catherine  
1871 12 Oct Moore, James   Wilson, Mary Anne  
1887 7 Jun Patterson, Samuel   Wilson, Rebecca  
1859 31 Mar Peoples, John   McNutt, Martha  
1868 5 Mar Speers, William   Wilson, Eleanor  
1846 17 Dec Wilson, Gideon   Moore, Nancy  


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