Minutes of evidence taken before the Select Committee into Destitution in Gweedore and Cloughaneely


British House of Commons Sessional papers

1857-58, Vol. XIII.


(й 2002 Tim O'Sullivan)

   A list of names extracted from the minutes of the above hearing, with additional information. The numbers refer to the question in which that person first came up at the Select Committee. Additional questions were often about the same person but I have not listed the numbers of those questions as they can be assumed to be in the subsequent questions, unless noted. This is not an exhaustive list of the inhabitants of the area and neither am I sure about the identities of some of these people, for example Coll, Toal (247, 8063), Magheraclogher  and Cole, Taol (7133), Magheraclogher  may well be the same person but this was the way they were referred to in the minutes.  The minutes consist of a transcription of everything that was said at the hearing. The accuracy of the transcription of the Irish names obviously depended on the minutes secretary, who may or may not have been familiar with them. At least one gaelic speaking witness gave evidence through an interpreter, which leaves ample opportunity for the misunderstanding of names.

 Austin, John (1279), landowner, now deceased.

Benson, R. (5366) a tenant farmer.

Bonar, Billy (340, 7133), Middletown, has a family.

Bonar, Hugh (7084), Meenderrygamph.

Bonar, Neal (7133), Middletown.

Boyle, Biddy (7133), Dore.

Boyle, Biddy (248), Magheraclogher, had a family.

Boyle, Brian (2277), Derrybeg.

Boyle, Brian (2794), Bunbeg, Lord George Hill built a store on Brian Boyle's land.

Boyle, Brian (6683, 7133), Meenderrygamph.

Boyle, Charles (7133), Dore.

Boyle, Dennis (7385).

Boyle, Fanny (327, 5407), Middletown, has 2 in her family.

Boyle, Hugh (4181), Ardsberg.

Boyle, James (6876), Upper Dore, has a wife and family.

Boyle, James (7133), Arduns.

Boyle James (4487), Meenaboll, his eldest son is 17, has other children as well.

Boyle, James (7133), Dore.

Boyle, James (4181), Ardsberg.

Boyle, John (4909, 5477).

Boyle, Kate (1829,5308), Keeldrum, has a brother working in England.

Boyle, Maggy (7133), Meenanillar.

Boyle, Manus (7133), Lower Dore.

Boyle, Manus (8147), Upper Dore.

Boyle, Owen (7133), Derrybeg.

Boyle, Owen (4321,7725), Crossroads (Falcarragh), gave evidence to the Select Committee. Arrived in the Cloughanelly district in March 1841, keeps a shop selling china, glass and earthenware. Has a 17yr old son. Was also a "kelp agent" last year (1856), employed by Mr Montague, a Scot.

Boyle, Owen (7133), Dore.

Boyle, Paddy (6876, 7133), Meenderrygamph, has a wife and family.

Boyle, Patrick (7201). There are 2 Patrick Boyles in Tor.

Boyle, Teague (8158).

Boyle, William, Kilmacrennan, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Brady, George Frazer, Esq, gave testimony to the Select Committee on the 23rd June 1858, a surgeon, lives at Falcarragh in Cloughaneely. Testified to the Select Committee that there was no destitution in Gweedore (6235).  Dr Brady lived at the Gweedore Hotel until 1850, then at Heath cottage in the Gweedore district for 3 years, somewhere else for 18months before moving to Crossroads (14 miles from Bunbeg).

Brewster, G. (5366), a tenant of W. Olphert, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Brogan, James (7719), Old Town.

Broggan, Jack (5318).

Brougham, Rev, Mr.______(7833), protestant rector of Raymunterdony and Gweedore.

Browne, John, testified at the Select Committee hearing (1095-1196). Reporter and general Manager of the "Londonderry Journal." Visited Gweedore for 2 days in December 1857 and for a fortnight in May 1858. Testified to the destitute condition of the houses he visited.

Butler, Robert (6306), Moneybeg.

Butt, Thomas J.P. Rathmullen, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Byrne, _______(6314), Neal Doherty's workmate at the time of the accident.

Byrne, ______(3928), Magheraclogher, a weaver.

Campbell, Edward (7133), Meenaduff.

Campbell, Paddy (7133), Magheraclogher.

Cannon, Dennis (7779), Clonbarra.

Cannon, Hugh (4795, 4909), Lower Keeldrum.

Cannon, John (7779), Clonbarra.

Cannon, ______(5058), Lower Keeldrum.

Carroll, Andrew (6703).

Carroll, Michael (4815), a shoemaker.

Carrolin, Michael (1119), 6 in family, lives on the estate of Mr Olphert.

Cole, Daniel (7133) Meenderrygamph.

Cole, John (7133), Meenderrygamph.

Cole, Shane (7133), Meenanillar.

Cole, Taul (7133), Lower Dore

Cole, Teague (7133), Middletown.

Cole, Taol (7133), Magheraclogher.

Coll, Billy (8511).

Coll, Daniel (6092), Magherclogher.

Coll, Charles (6753), went to Sydney, N.S.W., and returned to Gweedore. Lately returned to Sydney.

Coll, Edward (5366,8672), tenant farmer, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Coll, Frances (1548).

Coll, James (2272), Cotteen.

Coll, Patrick (5366), clerk of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Coll, Thomas (6886), had been arrested for the perpetration of "outrages" and is now in gaol.

Coll, Toal (247, 8063), Magheraclogher.

Collum, Hugh (5111).

Conaghan, Hugh (953).

Conaghen, Dennis (7779), Clonbarra.

Conaghen, Paddy (6293, 6423), Moneybeg, 2 members of his family are employed by Mrs Russell.

Conaghen, Shane (1453), Carrick.

Conaghen, widow (5148), Upper Keeldrum.

Connell, John (6876), has a wife and family.

Conyngham, Maquis of (1637), landlord in the Rosses district.

Copeland, Mr ________ (7234).

Cowan(s) Robert (8400), a shepherd to Mr Haggup.

Coyle, Brian (2214), Brinlack, has 6 children.

Coyle, Billy (2310, 7133), Meenderrygamph.

Coyle, Billy (7133), Middletown.

Coyle, James (1521), Lunniagh.

Coyle, Paddy (5335), father of Paddy Coyle, Crossroads.

Coyle, Phelim (7430), Glasshagh, now dead.

Craig, Dennis (708, 6718), Derrybeg.

Crawford, James (4692), son of W.S. Crawford, also gave testimony to the Select Committee.

Crawford, William Sharman (4611), of Crawfordsburn, Co. Down. Gave evidenc to the Select Committee, father of James Crawford.

Cullen, Rev. Fr. Hugh , curate Rossgull.

Cruice, Daniel John (8039), Resident Magistrate of Donegal since 1852, a Catholic, gave evidence to the Select Committee (8039-8379).

Cunningham, Mr (3026), keeps the hotel at Gweedore for Lord George Hill.

Curran, Cahil (5105).

Curran, Dan (7698), Stroughan.

Curran, Darby (5087), a national schoolmaster, has a school on Tory Island.

Curran, Darby (7354), a surveyor.

Curran, Darby (4149), Keeldrum, has 9 children.

Gurran, James (4764), Glasheroo.

Diver, Edward (2099, 6839), Magheraclogher.

Diver, patrick (1521), Lunniagh.

Dixon, Joseph, Greenfart, Croughross, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Doherty, Anne (4882), Cashel, recently married to Mr Doherty.

Doherty, Arthur (3098), Bailiff.

Doherty, Biddy (245), Magheraclogher.

Doherty, Charles (95), Middletown, had daughters.

Doherty, Dominick (7211), Magheralosk.

Doherty, Hugh (4881), Cashel.

Doherty, James (8136), Arduns.

Doherty, Rev. John, gave testimony to the Select Committee (1263-      ), currently Catholic Parish Priest of the Parish of Meevagh, Honorary Secretary of the Relief Committee.  Came to Gweedore in 1846 and was curate for 9 months. Then 3 months as administrator of the parish of Lower Templecrone, before returning to be Parish Priest of Gweedore for 8 years. Acscribed the poverty of the Gweedore area to the loss of the mountain grazing and the increase in rents (1274).

Doherty, John (244, 7133), Magheraclogher.

Doherty, Neal (191, 3898), Magheraclogher.

Doherty, Neil (3810), a blind man with a wife and 8 children. According to the testimony of Dr Brady, Neal Doherty lost the use of his eyes about 11 years ago (c1846) after an accident with explosives (6314).

Doherty, William (6386), employed by Mrs Russell as a stableman, also a tenant of Dr Brady's mother in law.

Donnell, Charles (885), Meenanillar, a new tenant who moved in from the Rosses about 8 or 9 years ago.

Donnell, Hugh (6839), Magheraclogher.

Donnell, Francis (7133), Lower Dore.

Donnell, James (7133), Lower Dore.

Doogan, Andrew (7133), Magheraclogher.

Doogan, Charles (5021), Upper Keeldrum.

Doogan, Collum (4800).

Doogan, Connell (7133).

Doogan, Edward (4173), Ballinacraig, has 5 in his family.

Doogan, Henry (5297).

Doogan, Hugh (7006, 7133), Tor.

Doogan, James (1605,8122), Meenacung.

Doogan, James (4468), an agent for Montague on Tory Island.

Doogan, John (7133), Middletown.

Doogan, Maggy (7133), Lower Dore.

Doogan, Manus (5619), Upper Keeldrum.

Doogan, Margaret (7133).

Doogan, Mickey (5357), Magheraroarty Mountain.

Doogan, Mickey (5358), Glasheroo.

Doogan, Neil (4094, 4771), Upper Keeldrum, has 5 in family.

Doogan, Owen (5561), Middle Keeldrum.

Doogan, Owen (5565, 5572), Lower Keeldrum, a labourer with Mr Johnston of Cashel.

Doogan, Sarah (341), Middletown.

Doogan, Shane (7719), Old Town.

Doogan, widow (1582), Middletown, mother in law of Owen McCue and Bartley Ferry.

Doohan, Francis, (4050), Derryconnor, has 5 in his family.

Doohan, Francis (4141), Fawnabey.

Doohan, Jack (7719), Old Town.

Doohan, James (7591), Ballyboes.

Doohan, Michael (4757,5185), Glasheroo.

Doohan, Mickey (5417), has 3 sons, 2 of whom are married.

Doohan, Michael (5190), Magheraroarty Mountain.

Doohan, Paddy (766), Meenacunge, was sent back from the poorhouse and is now dead.

Doohan, widow (7294,7453), Ray, lives on the estate of the Rev. Nixon.

Duffy, John (342), Middletown.

Duffy, Michael (1582), Middletown.

Duggan, Ferigle (2845),  Magheragallen, 9 in family, 7 children, wife and self. Was employed to protect the local seaweed crop in Magheragallen for the local people (2854).

Dunn, Manus (7133), Lower Dore

Dwyer, John (6573).

Feny, James (7133), Arduns.

Ferny, Hugh (4073), Upper Keeldrum, has 6 in his family.

Ferny, Kate (4087), Upper Keeldrum, 2 in family.

Ferry, Bartley (4110), Upper Keeldrum, son in law of widow Doogan.

Ferry, Charles (7420), a taylor.

Ferry, Collum (5125), Keeldrum, is in a lunatic asylum, the brother of Hugh Ferry.

Ferry, Daniel (5623), Upper Keeldrum, has children.

Ferry, Dennis (5592), Keeldrum.

Ferry, Hugh (5125), Keeldrum, brother of Collum Ferry.

Ferry, James (5524), Keeldrum.

Ferry, James (2920,8130), gave evidence at the Select Commission, lives at Arduns, Gweedore, previously lived at Middle Dore, has 5 children, himself and wife in family (2947).

Ferry, John (1123), Magheraclogher.

Ferry, Manus (7779), Clonbarra.

Ferry, Miles (4773), Upper Keeldrum.

Ferry, Nancy (7359), a tenant of the Rev. A. Nixon.

Ferry, Owen (7583), Ballyboes.

Ferry, Owen (5445), Keeldrum.

Ferry, Patrick (5862).

Ferry, Tom (443), Carrick, has a son in law who works on the Marquis of Conyngham's estate.

Ferry, "King William" (7586), Ballyboes.

Friel, Peggy (1453), Carrick.

Flanagan, Rev. Fr. John, Parish Priest, Ramelton.

Ferry, Owen (4807), Upper Keeldrum.

Forster [Foster], Frances(5196), a landowner and agent for Lord George Hill, lived in Dungloe, Templecrone, had a wife named Charlotte and a family (additional information from Nicholson, A. Annals of the famine in Ireland, 1851 (Dublin 1998).

Friel, Phelim (1644), Derrybeg.

Friel, Rev. Mr _____ (5782,7624).

Gallagher, Andrew (7133), Lower Dore.

Gallagher, Charles (1176), Meenaduff, 10 children in family and possibly an old woman.

Gallagher, Charles (4807, 5445), Upper Keeldrum.

Gallagher, Charles (6878), Tor, has emigrated.

Gallagher, Charles (6873), Magheraclogher, has a wife and child.

Gallagher, Charles (2823), Magheragallen, previously lived in the townland of Dore, has 7 children in his family. Gave evidence, through an interpreter, to the Select Committee (2823-2919).

Gallagher, Charles Roony (5468).

Gallagher, Cormack (6875), Magheraclogher, has gone to Australia.

Gallagher, Cornelius (214), Magheraclogher, has 7 children.

Gallagher, Daniel (7133), Dore.

Gallagher, Daniel (3967), Carrick, father of Manus Gallagher.

Gallagher, Daniel (5918), manager for Mr Woodhouse on Tory Island and Meenacladdy.

Gallagher, Daniel (5446,7676), Upper Keeldrum, a poor rate (or cess) collector in the Coughaneely district.

Gallagher, Dennis (5576), Lower Keeldrum.

Gallagher, Dominick (6839), Meenanillar.

Gallagher, Dick (7133), Derrybeg.

Gallagher, Edward (4879,5217), Cashel Hill.

Gallagher, Edward (6709, 6843), Bunbeg, now deceased, brother of James Gallagher (America). Two Gallagher brothers, with the same Christian names,had a salmon fishery at Bunbeg.

Gallagher, Ellen (93), widow.

Gallagher, Ferigle (454), Carrick, has a family.

Gallagher, Grace (4081), Upper Keeldrum, a widow, has a brother and a daughter in Scotland.

Gallagher, Hannah, widow (953,1484), Carrick.

Gallagher, Hugh (338), Middletown.

Gallagher, Hugh (7133), Sleebane.

Gallagher, widow J. (5249), Cashel Hill.

Gallagher, Jack (1997), bailiff on Mr Olphert's estate, Cloughaneely.

Gallagher, James (6709, 6843), formerly of Bunbeg, now in America, brother of Edward Gallagher (deceased).

Gallagher, James (1600), Meenacung.

Gallagher, James (4879,5217), Cashel Hill.

Gallagher, James (5696), Derryconnell.

Gallagher, James (317, 1582), Middletown, has 3 in his family.

Gallagher, James (6839), Cotteen.

Gallagher, John (1502), Carrick.

Gallagher, John (333), Middletown, has a family.

Gallagher, John (4102), Upper Keeldrum, has 9 in family.

Gallagher, John (6839), Meenanillar.

Gallagher, John (244, 7133), Magheraclogher.

Gallagher, Joseph (2191), Letterkenny, General Merchant.

Gallagher, Maggy (7133), Lower Dore.

Gallagher, Manus (3974,6872), Carrick, son of Daniel Gallagher.

Gallagher, Michael (7344), Glashagh, son of Nelly Gallagher.

Gallagher, Mickey (6878), Stranacorcragh, and family. Emigrated and apparently wrote a letter home to Gweedore advising his family not to stay there (6879).

Gallagher, Ned (6084,7786), Meenagoppa.

Gallagher, Ned (6214), accused by W. Hunter of stealing sheep.

Gallagher, Neddy (4785).

Gallagher, Nelly (330), Middletown.

Gallagher, Nelly (5315,7344), Glashagh, has a son Michael.

Gallagher, Noddy (4879), Cashel Hill.

Gallagher, Nogher (561), Dore, husband of Peggy and father of 6 or 7 children.

Gallagher, Owen (7133), Middletown.

Gallagher, Owen (5162), Ballynas, a fisherman.

Gallagher, Paddy (7133), Middletown.

Gallagher, Paddy (2530), died 1858, age approx. 30 years.

Gallagher, Paddy (5217), Cashel Hill.

Gallagher, Pat (8053,8119), Meenacung.

Gallagher, Patrick (1484), Carrick.

Gallagher, Patrick (7133), Lower Dore.

Gallagher, Peggy (552), Dore, wife of Nogher Gallagher, has 6 or 7 children.

Gallagher, Roger (7133), Middletown.

Gallagher, Roger (224, 3916, 7133), Magheraclogher, has 13 in his family.

Gallagher, Shane (7133), Lower Dore.

Gallagher, Shane (4598), Oldtown.

Gallagher, Shane (7667), Ballyboes.

Gallagher, Shane (7379), Old Town.

Gallagher, Shane (7658), a tenant of the Rev A. Nixon.

Gallagher, Susan (5262), Cashel Hill.

Gallagher, Susan (248),  Magheraclogher.

Gallagher, Tague (1642), Derrybeg.

Gallagher, Tague (4783).

Gallagher, Tay (8053).

Gallagher, Teague (6084,7786), Meenagoppa.

Gallagher, Unity (7133), Meenanillar.

Gallagher, William (7846).

Gallagher, Rev. Mr. ______(8379).

Gillespie, Daniel (6839), Stradabrewery(?).

Ginlay, Paddy (2310), of Carrick.

Green, Condy (6871), with wife and family, has possibly gone to Australia.

Green, Daniel (6490), and wife.

Greg, Moses, Ramelton, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Haggup, James (6951), a scotchman who had leased some of the mountain grazing land from Lord George Hill.

Hamilton,  Richard, (2240, 5366) poor law inspector and member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians. Testified to the Select Committee (8529-8706) and had difficulty finding a case of destitution in Gweedore (8706).

Hanson, ________ (1802, 5821), a subtenant of Mr Woodhouse in Meenacladdy.

Harkin, Daniel (7133), Middletown.

Harkin, Grace, widow (7577).

Harkin, John (343, 7133), Middletown.

Harkin, Patrick (Paddy) (7564), Ray.

Harley, нннн_________ (1173), Meenanillar, a tenant of Lord George Hill.

Henderson, William (5366), a tenant farmer and a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Herraghty, Paddy (6315), Ballintemple.

Herrighty, John (7719), Old Town.

Herrighty, Mary (7342), a tenant of the Rev. A. Nixon; had a son and daughter in law who went to America.

Herrighty, Neal (5972).

Herrity, Mickey (5422), has 3 sons.

Hill, Lord George, landowner, gave evidence before the Select Committee (6634-6886); testified that there was no signs of destitution in Gweedore (6701). First purchased property at Gweedore in 1838. His property included the townlands of Carrick, Middletown, Magheraclogher and Dore, Magheragallon, Stranacorcragh, Meenaduff, Meenanillar, Sheskinbeg, Lunniagh, Stramackkilmartin, Meenderrygampf, Innishirrer, Innismane, Gola Island, Derrybeg, Meenacung, Glenthornan and others (1302). Has approx. 600 families on his estate (6861).

Holland, Denis, proprietor and editor of the "Ulsterman" newspaper, lives in Belfast, gave evidence to the Select Commission (2366-2530).

Hugguss, James, and English or Scotch settler.

Hunter, W_____ , an English or Scotch settler.

Ingrain, Thomas (5366), Ards, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Kennedy, Charles (4881), a butcher at Crossroads.

Kennedy, Colonel ________, another landowner.

Keone, Daniel (2266), Rosses, has a shop.

Keown Mr. (6704), the merchant at the store in Bunbeg.

Leitrim, Lord (1279), landowner, including the townland of Dunmore.

Lillicoe,  James (6160), head shepherd for W Hunter.

McAnnly, Hugh (4183), Ardsberg.

McAward, Billy (4800, 5667), Lower Keeldrum.

McAward, Daniel (5420), Glasheron.

McAward, Michael (7714).

McAward, Owen (4537,7369), Stroughan, has 5 children.

McBride, Bell (5366,6319, 6556) Ballinas, now dead, she lived on the property of Mr Stewart of Hernhead and was 82 at her death on 14 or 15th of April. 1 daughter and grandchildren mentioned.

McBride, Biddy (331), Middletown.

McBride, Bryan (334), Middletown.

McBride, Charles (336, 6839), Middletown, keeps a shop.

McBride, Daniel (781).

McBride, Dominick (1582), Middletown.

McBride, Dominic (232), Magheraclogher.

McBride, Hugh, bailiff for Lord George Hill until the Spring Assizes of 1851. Educated at Templemore School, Lord George Hill paid for a years tuition. Also a Cess (poor rate) collector for the civil Parish of Tullaghobegley, until 1857. Assisted his father in the Cess collection from 1838 to1856. Resigned in March 1857 because he refused to collect the police tax on the Parish, as he considered the people too poor to pay. He was dismissed from his employment with Lord George Hill at the same time. He gave evidence to the Select committee and received L10.00 for expenses incurred in his trip to London to give evidence. McBride reported that there were upwards of 850 families in the Tullaghobegley west (Gweedore) area (15).

McBride, son of Hugh (7122).

McBride, Hugh Owen (323), Middletown.

McBride, James (6379), a rag merchant and tenant of Brady's mother in law.

McBride, James (7133), Lower Dore.

McBride, James (1582), Middletown.

McBride, John (1502), Carrick.

McBride, John (7133), Magheraclogher.

McBride, Margaret, widow (462, 1429), Carrick.

McBride, Michael (315), Middletown, has 4 in his family.

McBride, Neal (7419), a cottier.

McBride, Owen (246),  Magheraclogher.

McBride, Peggy, widow (1434), Carrick.

McBride, Shervis (6839), Middletown, kept a shop, now dead.

McBride, Thomas (6683, 7023), aged 39, Magheralosk. Has 6 children, wife and his mother and father living in his household. Thomas McBride sells butter in Letterkenny (2776), also gave evidence to the Select Committee (2535-2822). Thomas McBride's father had been in America and had brought back more than 300 pounds, as a result of a legacy (2561). Thomas McBride denied the veracity of McKye's 1837 description at the Hearing (2724).

McBride, Unity (207), Magheraclogher, a widow.

McCafferty, Hugh (4848).

McCafferty, Patrick (1448, 3952), Carrick.

McCafferty, Paddy (320), Middletown.

McCarroll, Charles (7719), Old Town.

McCarroll, widow Mary (7257), had a daughter.

McCausland, Grace (7777), Clonbarra, daughter of Thomas McCausland.

McCausland, James (7777), Clonbarra, son of Thomas McCausland.

McCausland, Owen (3836), Dunmore, has 6 in his family; a tenant of the Earl of Leitrim.

McCausland, Thomas (6518,7776), blacksmith, lives in Clonbarra on the Rev. Charles Stewart's property, has a son named James and daughter named Grace.

McClafferty, Owen (7404), Ray; has a son working for the Rev. A. Nixon.

McClay, Daniel (4002), 8 in family including grandmother.

McClintock, J. (5366), tenant farmer, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

McCole, Daniel (7133), Derrybeg.

McCole, John (7133), Middletown.

McColl, James (8053).

McConnel, Alexander (5326), has 9 children.

McCool, Shane (1596), Meenacung.

McCorry, Nancy (7462).

McGeever, James (5691).

McGinley, Daniel (5405), Crossroads.

McGinley, Teague (8049), Bunninver.

McGreedy, John (4099), Upper Keeldrum.

McCrossan, Mrнннннн_________ (2186), solicitor for Fr Doherty.

McCue, Charles (2310).

McCue, Charles (1484), Carrick.

McCue, Daniel (4060), Upper Keeldrum

McCue, Ellen (1600), Meenacung.

McCue, Jack (7133).

McCue, James (4879), Killult.

McCue, James (1170, 1582), Middletown.

McCue, James (5345), Kilult, a roading contractor.

McCue, James (4134), Fawnabey.

McCue, James John (5427).

McCue, John Shane (5427).

McCue, Neal (1445), Carrick.

McCue, Ned (4774), Upper Keeldrum.

McCue, Owen (4114), Upper Keeldrum.

McCue, Owen (5596), son in law of widow Doogan.

McCue, Owen (6521), also known as Shane Baccagh, lives on the property of the Earl of Leitrim.

McCue, Patrick (1484), Carrick.

McCue, _______ (6300), Dunmore, has a wife and child.

McCufferty, John (4766), Glasheroo.

McDafferty, Michael (7719), Old Town.

McDonagh, Philip (5588), Keeldrum, Acting Constable.

McEllay, Kate (4879), Drummitiny, has a son and a daughter.

McElroy, E. (5366), a tenant of W. Olphert, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

McFadden, Brian (7590), Ballyboes.

McFadden, Edward (1502), Carrick.

McFadden, Hugh (3085, 6189).

McFadden, Hugh (7303), a tenant of the Rev. A. Nixon. Has sons in the employ of Rev. A. Nixon (7399).

McFadden, Rev. Fr. Hugh, Parish Priest at Falcarragh.

McFadden, James (1117), has 8 in his family.

McFadden, James (7588), Ballyboes.

McFadden, James (8049), Bunninver.

McFadden, James (5430), Lower Keeldrum.

McFadden, James (5431), Middle Keeldrum.

McFadden, Rev. James (     ), gave evidence to the Select Committee on the 17th June 1858, Catholic Parish Priest of  Fallcarragh, Cloughaneely. He spoke both Gaelic and English.

McFadden, Manus (5576), Lower Keeldrum.

McFadden, Nancy (461), Carrick.

McFadden, Nathaniel (7303), a tenant of the Rev. A. Nixon.

McFadden, Ned (4765), Glasheroo.

McFadden, Patrick (2228), Glashagh.

McFadden, Patrick (1422, 7252), Carrick.

McFadden, Philip (5540), Lower Keeldrum, has 8 in his family. A brother in law of Bartley Mooney.

McFadden, Shane (463), Carrick.

McFadden, Shane (7388, 7666), Ballyboes.

McFadden, Teague (7133), Lower Dore.

McFadden, Tom (7458), Ray, has sons.

McFadden, widow William (5278), Cashel Hill, husband died 1858.

McFadden, _______ (6718), Crossroads.

McGallagher, Magey (458), Carrick.

McGarry, Nancy  (7360), a tenant of the Rev. A. Nixon.

McGarth, Paddy (5235), also known as "Paddy of the heifers."

McGarvey, Billy (1521), Lunniagh.

McGarvey, Brian (7461).

McGarvey, Cormack (7407), a flax scutcher.

McGarvey, Dominick (459, 1420), Carrick.

McGarvey, Edward (1440), Carrick.

McGarvey, Hugh (7719), Old Town.

McGarvey, Hugh (460), Carrick.

McGarvey, John (8149), Meenaduff.

McGarvey, Patrick (1521), Lunniagh.

McGarvey, Shane (7014), Magheralosk.

McGeady, Mickey (5467), Keeldrum.

McGee, Alice (7396), Ray and Ballyboe; reported to have been keeping a "shebeen house."

McGee, Brian (6714), Derrybeg.

McGee, Charles (7344), had a sister.

McGee, Connell (8053).

McGee, Rev. Daniel (2821), Catholic parish priest of Tullaghobegley West (Clondahorky), appointed 1857, previously in the parishes of Killibegs and Killaghtee. Has over 800 familes in his parish. Lives in Derrybeg (2301), the 70 familes of Carrick are included in his parish (2308). Is the treasurer of the Relief Fund, which raised 2,196L  5s. 7d. The relief Fund has so far given about 1,600L in aid so far in clothes, seed and money for the destitute (2332).

McGee, Daniel (7133), Lower Dore.

McGee, Daniel (7383), Calhame.

McGee, Dennis (4011), Magheraroarty, 6 in family.

McGee, Dennis (4765), Glasheroo.

McGee, Jack (6534), townland of Tullaghobegley Irish, the property of the Rev. Alexander Nixon.

McGee, James (7391, 7421), a broommaker.

McGee, John (5421).

McGee, Neal (6304), Dunmore.

McGee, Thomas (7133), Meenacuin.

McGee, Thomas (1502), Carrick.

McGee, Tom (5468).

McGeever, Charles (3984), Glasheroo, 12 in family.

McGeever, James (4036), Derryconnor.

McGeever, James (4765), Glasheroo.

McGettigan, Dr ______ (1946), R.C. Bishop.

McGinley, ______ (6156),  a shepherd in Ballinas for W. Hunter.

McGinley, Connell (7133, 8117), Meenacung.

McGinley, Hugh (8053).

Mcginley, James (1410), Carrick.

McGinley, James (5659), Magheraroarty.

McGinley, James (1600), Meenacung.

Mcginley, John (4136), Keeldrum, nine in family, has a sister.

McGinley, Michael (7410), father of Owen Mcginley.

McGinley, Owen (7410), son of Michael McGinley, recently married.

McGlalay(?), Daniel (4882), Gortahork.

McGonagle, William (4855), Ardsberg.

McGowan, George, Rathmullen, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

McGreedy, Michael (4776), Upper Keeldrum.

McGroarty, Rev. John, Catholic Curate of Clondahorky.

McGuiley, Daniel (5332).

McIllia, _______ (6773).

McIlroy, Edward (2006).

McIlwaine, Paddy (7133, 1143), Lower Dore.

McIver, James (4246).

McKelvey, D. (5366), Ards, an agent of Mr Stewart, and a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

McKimm, Alexander (4371,7365), Calhame, described by the Rev. A. Nixon as a "beggar;" had a brother and a son (7723).

McKye, Paddy (7299), schoolamster and author of the petition about poverty in the Gweedore area, used by Lord George Hill in his book and also at the Select Committee hearing.

McLaughlin, C.A. (5366), a tenant farmer and a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

McLean, S.A. (5366), hotel keeper and tenant of Mr Stewart, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

McLean, Thomas (1671), Dunfanaghy, hotel keeper.

McMonagle, Bernard, curate at Doe, Dunfanaghy.

McMonigle, Dominick (6523).

McMonigle, Michael (3083), reported to have gone to the poorhouse.

McSwine (also known as Sweeney), Hugh (5782), Alton, has a wife and children.

Maddison, A. Esq(49635366), Do Castle, a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Magee, Brian (451), Carrick, has a family.

Magee, Condy (456), Carrick.

Magee, Cormack (1521), Lunniagh.

Magee, Hugh (440), Carrick.

Magge, John (441), Carrick.

Mason, ______ (719), a scotchman, a baker imported by Lord George Hill.

Masson, _________(1254), lives in a house opposite Fr. McGee in Derrybeg.

Matson, Isaac, Loughkiel, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Maunsell, Henry, Esq. (7927), doctor and formerly Dispensary Surgeon at Letterkenny, gave evidence to the Select Committee, apparently because his time spent at the Gweedore Hotel on fishing trips qualified him to comment on the state of need of the people in Gweedore. Naturally, his "expertise" led him to testify that he observed no destitution and that those with whom he spoke considered such claims a "sort of joke" (7941).

Moffat, _______(5535), Dunfanaghy.

Montgomery, Robert (7988), surveyor for Lord George Hill.

Mooney, Bartley (5549), a brother in law of Philip McFadden.

Mooney, John (890,6839),  Meenanillar, a new tenant who moved in from the Rosses about 8 or 9 years ago.

Mooney, Neil (7084).

Morrow, Robert, of Breaky, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Mount, Charles (8289).

Mulligan, James (8155), Magheraclogher.

Mulheron, James (4882), Gortahork.

Mullagan, Shane (2315), Magheraclogher.

Mulligan, Paddy (2736), evicted by Lord George Hill for taking a liquor license, had a step-daughter.

Mulligan, Paddy (6719), Lunniagh, a widower with 2 daughters.

Mulligan, Pat (6839), Magheraclogher.

Mulligan, Shame (178), Magheraclogher, has 8 in his family.

Mulligan, _________(3085), Middledore, had children.

Mulligan, _______(8617), Derrybeg, his wife was stepmother to his children.

Mulreany, Rev. Dr. _______ (8257), a Catholic priest.

Nixon, Rev. Alexander Brown, gave testimony to the Select Committee (7232-7760). A magistrate, lives at Heathfield near Dunfanaghy, a property he purchased in 1845. Has 3,212 acres in Gweedore, including the townlands of Glashagh, Brinlack (Upper, Lower, Near, Far and Bunininver), Calhame (7 families), Stroughan (28 families, Ray(44 families) and Ballyboes (90 familes), Dunmore (73 families).

O'Brien, Charles (5301).

O'Brien, Dennis (5680,6315), Derryconnell, has 10 in his family, brother of John O'Brien.

O'Brien, Dennis (4024), 11 in his family.

O'Brien, Henry (5238), formerly of Glasheron, went to America, returned and brought a farm in Cashel Hill.

O'Brien, John (5686), Derryconnell, brother of Dennis O'Brien.

O'Doherty, John (2191), Letterkenny, General Manager for Joseph Gallagher, General Merchant of Letterkenny.

O'Donnell, Arthur (6290), a tenant of Mrs Russell.

O'Donnell, Dan (4502,4599), Stroughan.

O'Connell, Dan (7717).

O'Donnell, Daniel (7377).

O'Donnell, Daniel (8109), a priest(?).

O'Donnell, Francis (6878), and wife.

O'Donnell, Hugh (339), Middletown.

O'Donnell, John (329, 7133), Middletown.

O'Donnell, Rev. Fr. John, Parish Priest at Dungloe, Rosses.

O'Donnell, Mickey (6878,7133), Magheraclogher.

O'Donnell, Neal (7133), Meenanillar

O'Donnell, Noel (7133), Meenderrygamph.

O'Donnell, Paddy (240), Magheraclogher.

O'Donnell, Paddy (6712), Derrybeg, has a brother at Meenanillar.

O'Donnell, Patrick (1642), Derrybeg.

O'Donnell, Paddy (889,6839), Meenanillar, a new tenant who moved in from the Rosses about 8 or 9 years ago.

O'Donnell, Philip (5865), sold his "tenant right" to Mr Woodhouse and went to America, he returned and brought the farm back.

Olphert, Thomas (1969, 5366) a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians, son of Wybrants Olphert.

Olphert, MrWybrants (1279), landowner, resides at Ballyconnell in Cloughaneely, magistrate, Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Dunfanaghy Workhouse, Deputy Lieutenant of the County.  Has 17 townlands on his property including Glasheroo (25 families), Derryconnor, Keeldrum, Baltoney and Cashel Hill. Testified to the select commission that there was no drestitution in Cloughaneely. His property has been owned by his family for 230 years. A descendant of Wibrant Olpherts, a Dutch protestant, and his son Wibrant, who are recorded in the civil survey of 1654, as having 800 acres in the Parish of Tullaghobegley. Wybrune Olphert also appears in the 1659 census of Donegal(additional information from O'Loughlin, Michael, The Families of County Donegal Ireland, Irish Genealogical Foundation, Kansas, 2001).

Pattison,_______ (4471), the biggest kelp merchant on the Tullaghobegly coast.

Patton, Robert Henry, Bosnakill, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Penfold, Mr ______ (7624), a government officer.

Peoples, Connell (241, 6876), Magheraclogher, has a family.

People[s], Mrs (2316, 6415), of Magheraclogher.

Ramsay, William Esq (4975,5366), Deputy Vice-Chairman of the Dunfanaghy Board of Guardians, a merchant in Dunfanaghy.

Read, Colin, Milgokil, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Roarty, Charles Neal(6411), son of Neal Roarty.

Roarty, Collum (6296).

Roarty, Hugh(6084, 6423,7786), Meenagoppa.

Roarty, Hugh (6285), a tenant of Mrs Russell.

Roarty, James (6396), a tenant of Dr Brady's mother in law.

Roarty, James (238, 3913), Magheraclogher, his house had "an old woman, a ewe and a lamb in it."

Roarty Neal (6297), father of Charles Neal Roarty (6413).

Robertson, William, gave testimony before the Select Committee (6942-7211). An agriculturalist and agent for Lord George Hill since 1840. He testified that there was no destitution in Gweedore (6963). A member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Robinson, Tom (2239), Crossroads.

Robinson, _______ (5949), took the sublease of Tory Island for MrWoodhouse.

Rogers, widow (1183, 4809), Alt in Ardsberg.

Roharty, Hugh (4780), a tenant of Mr Stewart.

Roherty[Roarty?], James (7133), Magheraclogher.

Russell, Mrs Jane (6345ff, 6436), landowner of Gweedore district, has 9091 acres, has 4 Townlands on her estate: Baltoney Mountain (13 families), Dunlewey Near, Moneybeg (16 families), and Crawley (18 families).

Sharkey, Paddy (887),  Meenanillar, a new tenant who moved in from the Rosses about 8 or 9 years ago.

Sharkey, нннннн_________(2188), Meenacorvik.

Sheridan, Michael (4163), Ballinacraig (Rock Town), 2 women and an infant in his house.

Sheridan, William (5677), Ballinacraig.

Sillicoe (probably Lillicoe), ______ (1908), a scotchman from the Western Islands and shepherd for Mr Wright.

Sproule, John J.P., Rathmettas, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Stewart, Rev. Charles Frederick(1279, 2498, 7473, 7841), Ards, landowner, gave evidence at the Select Committee, Rector of the Parish of Clondahorky, lived there since 1831, also a member of the Dispensary Committee. He has a brother who is Rector of the Parish of Tullaghobegly.

Stewart, Sir James (7620).

Stewart, Robert, Gartnaskeagh, a member of the Milford Union Board of Guardians.

Sweeney, A (5366), a tenant of Wybrants Olphert and a member of the Dunfanaghy Poor house Board of Guardians.

Sweeney, Charles Hazlett Esq. (5833,7988), land surveyor and valuer, of Ramelton (20 miles from Cloughaneely),the surveyor who surveyed new titles from the old rundale for Mr Woodhouse.

Sweeney, Dennis (7184,7496), a tenant of the Rev. A. Nixon.

Sweeney, Edward (235), Magheraclogher.

Sweeney, Hugh (7635), bailiff for the Rev. A. Nixon. Previously employed by Lord George Hill. Had his ears cut off as a result of an altercation(7648).

Sweeney, Hugh (8049), Bunninver.

Sweeney, Hugh (439), Carrick.

Sweeney, James (7006, 7133), Tor.

Sweeney, James (8145), Upper Dore.

Sweeney, James (239, 3898), Magheraclogher.

Sweeney, John (7133), Magheraclogher.

Sweeney, Margaret (2099), Magheralosk.

Sweeney, Margaret (711), tried to set up a bakery in competition with the Landlord.

Sweeney, Michael (7084).

Sweeney, Ned (438), Carrick.

Sweeney, Paddy (4800).

Sweeney, William (4177), Ballinacraig.

Thompson, Constable Joseph, gave testimony to the Select Committee. A member of the Constabulary at Crossroads (Falcarragh), since 20th May 1857; previously stationed in the Rosses.

Underwood, Thomas Nielson gave testimony to the Select Committee that there was destitution, "positive and unmistakable" (3940). 

Whooriskey, Edward (4553,4880), Killul (?).

Whooriskey, widow James (4108, 5137), Upper Keeldrum, has 7 in family, the eldest is 13yrs, husband now dead.

Whooriskey, James (5507), brother of Manus Whooriskey. A James Whooriskey allegedly died of starvation (4254ff).

Whooriskey, Manus (5507), brother of James Whooriskey.

Whoriskey, Michael (5504), a tenant of W. Olphert.

Williams, James, from the Dublin Evening Post, visited Derrybeg on the 8th of March, testified to the Select Commission (1197-1201) that what he saw in Gweedore was "the most deplorably degraded state of destitution that I ever saw" (1234).

Williams, John (5756), publican in Crossroads.

Woodhouse, John Obins (1279), formerly a solicitor in Dublin, resides in Armagh, landowner at Kerrykeal, also has the townlands of Alton, Meenacladdy, Tory Island, Innishdowey Island and Innishbeg Island. He purchased the townland of Alton, in Tullaghobegley, from Thomas Olphert in 1844, and subsequently let it to a scotchman (5773, 5797).

Wright, Joseph (1908, 5940), a scotch settler.

Young, William (8380), a member of the Constabulary at Gweedore, gave evidence to the Select Committee (8380-8528) that there was no destitution whatever (8430) and accused the Catholic priests of interfering in the landlord's business.