Extracted From:

Minutes of evidence taken before the Select Committee into Destitution in Gweedore and Cloughaneely


British House of Commons Sessional papers

1857-58, Vol. XIII.


( 2002 Tim O'Sullivan)

    Appendix number 6. List of houses visited by William Robertson on Lord George Hill's property in company with Mr Cruice, the Stipendiary Magistrate, on the 16th June, instant. 



Boyle, James
Ferry, James 


Upper Dore 


Boyle, Charles
Boyle, Feragh
Boyle, Owen
Boyle, Paddy
Boyle, Paddy
Boyle, James
Doherty, James
Gallagher, Owen
Gallagher, widow, Shela
McGee, Charles
McGee, Daniel
O'Donnell, widow Catherine
Rogers, Peter


Middle Dore


Boyle, Manus
Ferry, Noher
Gallaher, Autan
Gallaher, Frank
Gallaher, Grace
Gallaher, Mickey
Gallaher, Ned
Gallaher, Ned (sen)
Gallaher, Peggy
McGee, Daniel
McGee, Magey
McElwean, Patrick
McLeod Catherine
McMonigle, Mickey
O'Donnell, Paddy


Lower Dore


Call, Magey
Call, Toal
O'Connell, Daniel
O'Donnell, Francis
O'Donnell, James
O'Donnell, Manus
Rogers, widow




Boyle, Bryan
Call, Morise
Campbel, Ned
Doherty, Billy
Doherty, Charles
Gallaher, Carml.
Gallaher, Hannah
Gallaher, Hugh
McBride, Noher
McBride, Thomas
McGarvey, James
McGarvey, Shane