Extracted From:

Report of the  Royal Commission  on the Land Law (Ireland) Act of 1851

and the

Purchase of Land (Ireland ) Act, 1885, Minutes of Evidence and Appendices


British House of Commons Sessional papers

1887, vol XXVI, (Cowper Commission)


( 2002 Tim O'Sullivan)

    Gweedore tenants referred to in the judgement of the Irish Land Commission which sat in Bunbeg in July 1885. (Also listed in McFadden, James P.P., The Present and the Past of the Agrarian Struggle in Gweedore with Letters on the Railway extension in Donegal, Derry Journal, Londonderry, 1889, p.59.) 
Charles Boyle
F. Boyle
O. Boyle
Owen Boyle
O. Boyle
O. Boyle
O. Boyle
P. Boyle
James Boyle
F. M. Boyle
Paddy Boyle
James Boyle Sen
D. Gallagher
Manus Gallagher
James Gallagher
Widow M. Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher
Con Gallagher
Owen Gallagher
Widow H. Gallagher
H. Gallagher
William Gallagher
Charles McHugh
P. Curran
S. McGee
James McGee
D. McGarvey
H. McGeehan
M. McFadden
Corn. Gallagher
D. Gallagher
A. Gallagher
J. Green
James Gillespie
J. O'Donnell
P. O'Donnell
N. O'Donnell
H. O'Donnell
D. O'Donnell
M. O'Donnell
B. O'Donnell
A. O'Donnell
G. O'Donnell
B. O'Donnell
Art. O'Donnell
O. Doherty
J. Doherty
H. Doherty
H. Doherty
D. Doherty
M. Doogan
A. Doogan
J. Doogan
P. Doogan
C. Doogan
Other rent reductions mentioned by McFadden, p.46 

Cormack Doogan
Ferrigal Boyle
Connel Boyle
Manus Gallagher
Cornelius Gallagher
Patrick Boyle
John McBride
Michael Gallagher
Patrick McGinley
Catherine Gallagher