Births in Moville - Mid-1800s

A Selection

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The following data is sorted by Surname, then father and mother's names, in order to help group the families together


Surname First Year Day/Mo. Father Mother
Baird Cathrine Anne 1864 5-Mar Andrew Davenport Jane
Baird Rebecca 1866 2-Mar Andrew Davenport Jane
Baird Mary Jane 1868 14-Jul Andrew Davenport Jane
Baird Isabella 1875 10-Jul Andrew Davenport Jane
Baird Rebecca 1879 17-Mar George Atchesen Ruth
Baird Robert 1875 6-Nov George Atchison Ruth
Baird Catherine 1877 24-Jun George Atchison Ruth
Baird Mary Jane 1874 13-Oct Thomas McCorkell Esther
Barr Patrick 1864 21-Aug Patrick Diver Jane
Barr Sarah Maria 1878 12-Dec Patrick Doherty Cathrine
Canning Robert 1865 11-Nov Charles Doherty Margaret
Canning Margaret 1865 14-Mar James Given Anne Jane
Canning John 1866 10-Sep John McCormick Catherine
Canning Cathrine 1865 10-Jul Peter McSheffrey Anne
Canning Anne 1866 5-Nov Peter McSheffrey Anne
Cannon John 1848   Neal ? Catherine
Cannon Robert 1851   Neal ? Catherine
Cavanagh Edward 1872 16-Jun Anthony Callighan Mary
Cavanagh Catherine 1876 14-Jul Anthony Callighan Mary
Cavanagh Joseph 1864 9-Aug Charles Doherty Peggy
Cavanagh Edward 1866 6-Jun Charles Doherty Margaret
Cavanagh William 1866 6-Jun Charles Doherty Margaret
Cavanagh Mary 1867 27-Apr James Gillen Grace
Cavanagh James 1865 1-Jul James Gillen Grace
Cavanagh Henry 1877 5-Jun James Gillen Grace
Cavanagh Edward 1866 28-May James Kelly Anne
Cavanagh Grace 1865 5-Jul James Logue Biddy
Cavanagh Mary 1866 4-May John  Dernia Mary
Cavanagh Michael 1865 13-Jan Michael Quigley Elenor
Cavanagh Philip 1865 13-Jan Michael Quigley Elenor
Cavanagh Catherine 1864 27-Oct Patrick Doherty Cicily
Cavanagh Joseph 1865 6-Feb Patrick Lavery Margaret
Cavanagh Mary 1872 12-Nov Patrick Lowery Margaret
Cavenagh Celia 1873 8-Aug Denis McCorkell Hannah
Cavenagh Margaret 1877 27-Feb Denis McCorkell Hannah
Cavenagh Mary 1868 25-Jun James Logue Biddy
Cavenagh Catherine 1872 29-May John McDermott Mary
Cavenagh Mary Ann  1868 28-Sep Michael Quigley Elenor
Crimlisk Hugh 1865 20-Oct Charles McEleney Rose
Crumlish John 1864 5-Aug Daniel Crumlish Anne
Crumlish Mary Anne 1867 10-Jun Daniel Crumlish Anne
Crumlish Mary Anne 1876 9-Dec John Hernan Anne
Crumlish Mary 1864 4-Jun Mick Doherty Cecily
Crumlish John 1865 7-Apr Neal Hegarty Biddy
Crumlish Grace 1872 5-May Patrick McLaughlin Anne
Doherty Bridget 1865 4-May ? Doherty Mary
Doherty Mary 1865 22-Sep ? Doherty Mary
Doherty Kitty 1865 1-May ? Doherty  Mary
Doherty Anne 1867 22-Jul Anthony Douglass Anne
Doherty John 1864 13-Jun Anthony Douglass Anne
Doherty Daniel 1867 20-Jul Anthony McKinny Mary
Doherty John 1865 13-Mar Bernard Harkin Mary
Doherty Michael 1866 27-Apr Bernard Quiqq Jane
Doherty Mary Anne 1865 24-Feb Charles Doherty Biddy
Doherty Mary 1864 7-Jun Daniel Doherty Mary
Doherty Catherine 1864 3-Jul Daniel McConnloge Mary
Doherty Catherine 1866 27-Sep Edward Doherty Mary
Doherty Mary Anne 1865 3-May Francis Grant Cathrine
Doherty John 1866 1-Oct Francis Hegarty Anne
Doherty Edward 1867 25-Mar George  Gilland Cathrine
Doherty Daniel 1864 11-Aug Henry Gallenagh Bridget
Doherty Ellen 1866 7-Jul Henry Gallennagh Bridget
Doherty James 1865 24-May Hugh O'Donnell Nancy
Doherty John 1865 16-Apr James Cameron Peggy
Doherty John 1865 15-Dec James Doherty Mary
Doherty Maryanne 1866 14-Dec James McLaughlin Mary
Doherty Anne 1867 9-Aug James McLaughlin Rose
Doherty Bridget 1864 12-Aug James McLaughlin Rose
Doherty John 1865 19-Oct Jams Doherty Rose
Doherty Daniel 1865 14-May John Bradley Sarah
Doherty John 1867 6-Jul John Conelly Mary
Doherty Mary 1865 15-Dec John Conly Margaret
Doherty Michael 1864 16-Aug John Doherty Elizabeth
Doherty Mary 1865 3-Mar John Harkin Mary
Doherty James 1867 28-Jul John Harvey Margaret
Doherty Charles 1865 15-Jul John Harvey Mary
Doherty James 1865 25-Dec John McDade Cecily
Doherty Ellen 1864 4-Sep John McLaughlin Mary
Doherty Mary 1867 26-Jan Michael Coyle Mary
Doherty Biddy 1865 20-Jul Neal Kelly Anne
Doherty John 1865 16-Nov Neal Toner Biddy
Doherty Biddy 1866 7-Apr Neil Derma Mary
Doherty Edward 1866 20-Sep Owen Diver Rose
Doherty Nicholas 1867 8-Sep Owen Doherty Mary
Doherty Fanny 1866 15-Feb Patrick Doherty Anne
Doherty Denis 1866 27-Jul Patrick Harkin Mary
Doherty Patrick 1867 4-Feb Philip McLaughlin Anne
Doherty Michael 1865 29-Sep Philip McLaughlin Mary
Doherty John 1865 28-Oct Philip Toy Anne
Doherty Hugh 1864 29-Jan Richard Toy Ellen
Doherty Bernard 1865 10-Dec Rodger Derma Cathrine
Doherty Ellen 1867 15-Jul Thomas Cavenagh Fanny
Doherty Alice Eliz. 1867 11-Sep William Doherty Sarah
Doherty Alexander 1866 15-Apr William Handcock Sarah Anne
Farren Hugh 1867 5-Mar John Doherty Ellen
Farren Hugh 1865 4-Jul William Doherty Anne
Frizzle Mary 1866 7-Apr Patrick McCann Ellen
Frizzle Ellen 1870 11-Mar Patrick McCann Ellen
Frizzle Patrick 1872 21-Mar Patrick McCann Ellen
Frizzle William 1874 24-Mar Patrick McCann Ellen
Frizzle Susan 1876 20-Oct Patrick McCann Ellen
Gillen Rose 1866 10-Jun Bernard McDivett Mary
Gillen Mary 1867 3-Sep Bernard McDivett Mary
Gillen Anna Marie 1877 11-Apr Henry Begley Rose
Gillen Grace ~1839   James ? ?
Gillen Margaret 1878 4-Mar James McLaughlin Susan
Gillen Mary Jane 1880 12-Mar James McLaughlin Susan
Gillen Teresa 1873 2-Nov Michael Crosson Anne
Gillen Biddy 1872 2-Feb Michael Doherty Rose
Gillespie Daniel 1865 30-Mar John Bogan Rebecca
Gillespie Jane 1866 22-May John Bogan Rebecca
Gillespie Neil 1867 17-Sep John Bogan Rebecca
Gillespie Denis 1866 23-Feb John Doherty Anne
Gillespie Bernard 1865 12-Jul John Gillespie Grace
Gillespie Margaret 1864 26-Jun John McCann Margaret
Gillespie John 1867 28-Jun John McCann Peggy
Gillespie Henry 1864 5-Sep John O'Brien Biddy
Gillespie James 1864 15-May Michael Rudden Anne
Gillespie Mary 1865 4-Sep Michael Rudden Anne
Gillespie Eliza 1864 28-Jul Neal Gillespie Eliza
Gillespie Neil 1879 8-Apr Neil Canning Mary
Gillespie William F. 1866 12-Dec Neil Gillespie Eliza 
Gillespie Margaret 1865 9-Oct William Gillespie Susan
Gillespie Mary 1867 8-Jan William Gillespie Susan
Harkin Bridget ~1855   ? ?  
Harkin James ~1851   ? ?  
Harkin Daniel 1874 4-Oct Bryan McGonigle Nancy
Harkin Bernard 1866 16-Mar Charles Gillen Fanny
Harkin William 1866 3-Jun Charles Haslett Elizabeth
Harkin Mary 1865 16-Oct Charles McCallion Unity
Harkin Daniel 1866 13-Dec Charles McMullin Cecily
Harkin Patrick 1865 3-Jan Charles McMullin Cecily
Harkin John 1866 30-Sep Daniel Doherty Anne
Harkin Catherine 1867 24-Jun Daniel Hegarty Anne
Harkin Catherine 1866 28-Aug Denis Doherty Bridget
Harkin Sara  1866 25-Jan Dennis Kelly Grace
Harkin Ellen 1874 2-Dec Edward Doherty Mary
Harkin Patrick 1874 21-Sep Edward McEleny Catherine
Harkin John 1865 4-Sep Hugh Boner Rose Anne
Harkin Bridget 1866 18-Dec James McCleary Cathrine
Harkin Mary 1864 11-Aug James McSheffry Rose
Harkin Margery 1866 22-Jul James McSheffry Rose   
Harkin John 1865 6-Mar James Quigg Mary
Harkin Neal 1867 23-May James Quigg Mary
Harkin Henry 1867 27-Aug John Boner Cathrine
Harkin Michael 1867 6-Jan John Derma Grace
Harkin Catherine 1865 30-Aug John Doherty Mary
Harkin John 1864 21-Mar John McColgan Cecily
Harkin Sarah 1866 3-Apr John McCorkell  
Harkin Mary 1866 5-Jun John McLaughlin Mary
Harkin Joseph 1874 4-Dec John  Doherty Sarah
Harkin Anne ~1867   n/a n/a  
Harkin Bridget ~1876   n/a n/a  
Harkin John 1888 14-Jun n/a n/a  
Harkin James 1866 20-May Neil McLaughlin Hannah
Harkin Rose 1874 14-Oct Patrick Farren Catherine
Harkin Anne 1865 30-Jan Patrick McLaughlin Anne
Harkin James 1866 19-Dec Patrick McLaughlin Anne
Harkin Ellen 1866 19-Dec Philip Derma Grace
Havlin Francis 1865 25-Mar James McLaughlin Jane
Havlin James 1867 4-Jan Patrick McLaughlin Catherine
Havlin Mick 1865 17-Jan Patrick McLaughlin Kitty
McCann Patrick 1862 20-Dec ? ?  
McCann Jane 1865 6-Aug ? ?  
McCann Sarah 1865 20-Mar Andrew McGowan Eliza
McCann Bridget 1868 3-May Andrew McGowan Eliza
McCann Susan 1865 20-Apr Bernard Hagarty Cathrine
McCann Sarah 1873 4-Jul Bernard Hagerty Catherine
McCann Daniel 1860 15-Jul Bernard Hegarty Catherine
McCann Mary 1866 1-May Daniel McFeely Sarah
McCann Ellenor 1857 8-Feb Hugh Cavanagh Mary
McCann Catherine 1858 12-Sep Hugh Cavanagh Nancy
McCann Fanny 1874 3-May Hugh Cavenagh Nancy
McCann Mary 1874 3-May Hugh Cavenagh Nancy
McCann Rose Anne 1860 16-Sep Hugh Kavanagh Anne
McCann Mary 1860 10-Jun James Crumlish Susan
McCann Anne 1865 2-Aug James Crumlish Susan
McCann Peggy 1864 12-Jan John McFeely Peggy
McCann Biddy 1866 22-Jun John McFeely Peggy
McCann Edward 1865 10-Apr Laughlin  McFeely Cathrine
McCann Roger 1867 2-Jun Laughlin  McFeely Cathrine
McCann Marianne 1868 16-Sep Laughlin  McFeely Cathrine
McCann Eliza 1874 24-Oct Laughlin  McFeely Catherine
McCann Ellen 1864 28-Dec Patrick Canning Mary
McCann Mary 1869 26-Jul Patrick Canning Mary
McCann Patrick 1862 15-Sep Patrick Cramsey Mary
McCorkell Elizabeth 1865 30-Jul Archibald Burns Sarah Anne
McCorkell Elizabeth 1864 19-Dec John ? Jane
McCorkell Jane 1868 29-Dec John ? Jane
McCorkell Francis 1865 26-Aug Robert Williams Jane
McCorkell Martha Jane 1871 31-Jan Robert Williams Jane
McCorkell Lewis 1875 16-Jul Robert Williams Jane
McCormick Bridget 1845   Charles    
McCormick Michael 1866 15-Apr Domnic Doherty Susan
McCormick David W. 1866 15-May James Frene Kate
McCormick George ~1891   John   Mary
McCormick Catherine 1866 7-Jul Patrick McCabe Mary
McCormick Michael 1864 21-May Patrick McCabe Mary
McDermott Mary Ann 1866 10-May Edward Coyle Ann
McDermott John 1867 29-Jun Edward Faulkner Mary
McDermott Henry 1875 30-Aug Edward Faulkner Mary
McDermott Mary Anne 1873 18-Oct Henry Noon Margaret
McDermott Henry 1865 3-May James Moran Anne
McDermott Edward 1866 28-Feb James Sweeney Rose
McDermott James 1866 31-May John Butler Mary
McDermott Catherine 1854   John    
McDermott Cathrine 1867 7-Jul John   Anne
McDermott Bridget 1873 30-Nov Patrick McGonigle Anne
McDermott Patrick E. 1901   Patrick   Elizabeth
McDermott Patrick 1867 4-Jan William   Rose
McDermott Denis 1875 5-Jul William   Rose
McDevitt Arabella 1879 30-Nov Daniel Doran Ellen
McDevitt Mary Anne 1866 15-Feb James Crosson Mary
McDevitt Anne 1867 3-Feb James Doherty Bridget
McDivitt John 1867 9-Sep Bernard McLaughlin Anne
McDivitt James 1872 29-Mar Cornelius O'Donnell Grace
McDivitt Roseanne 1877 16-Aug Daniel Doran Ellen
McDivitt John Gold 1865 2-Sep James Gold Anne
McDivitt Isabella 1866 16-Feb Patrick McAnelly Margaret
McGinnies Mary 1874 2-Dec Patrick Lynch Anne
McGonagle Rose Anne 1881 17-Dec Charles Carey Ellen
McGonagle Sarah 1885   Charles Carey Ellen
McGonagle Mary Ellen 1887 1-Feb Charles Carey Ellen
McGonagle Elizabeth 1889 17-Apr Charles Carey Ellen
McGonagle James Patk. 1891 5-Mar Charles Carey Ellen
McGonagle David 1853   James Frizzell Susan
McGonagle Charles 1854   James Frizzell Susan
McGonagle Robert 1857 27-Feb James Frizzell Susan
McGonagle Mary 1859 17-Mar James Frizzell Susan
McGonagle James 1863 20-Sep James Frizzell Susan
McGonagle Henry 1867 18-Aug James Frizzell Susan
McGonigle Sarah 1855 27-Mar James Frizzell Susan
McGuiness Patrick 1866 13-Mar Hugh McLaughlin Ellen
McLaughlin Jane 1862 6-Aug      
McLaughlin Eliza Jane 1879 9-Mar Alexander McCorkell Sarah
McLaughlin Michael 1893 11-Mar Andrew McDevitt Sarah
McLaughlin Jane 1865 28-Oct Arthur Gillen Mary
McLaughlin Neal 1867 24-Feb Barny Doherty Rose
McLaughlin John 1865 9-Jul Bernard Doherty Rose
McLaughlin Anne 1865 11-Sep Bernard Granny Mary
McLaughlin Anne 1865 10-Oct Bernard Harkin Biddy
McLaughlin Eugene ~1840   Daniel ?  
McLaughlin William 1865 30-Sep Daniel Cavenagh Margaret
McLaughlin William 1865 13-Sep Daniel Cavenagh Mary
McLaughlin Daniel 1864 27-Jan Daniel Cavenaugh Mary
McLaughlin Mary 1866 26-Oct Denis Doherty Anne
McLaughlin Michael 1850   Edward ? Rose
McLaughlin Cathrine 1877 3-Mar Edward Derma Jane
McLaughlin Sarah 1867 22-Jul Edward Dermott Jane
McLaughlin Michael 1866 22-Dec Edward Fanon Margaret
McLaughlin Margret 1872 12-Apr Edward McDermott Jane
McLaughlin Margaret 1865 2-Feb Edward McDonagh Jane
McLaughlin Francis 1867 6-Jun Edward McDonnell Jane
McLaughlin Rose 1866 1-May Edward McLaughlin Jane
McLaughlin Mary  1866 21-Apr George Brown Rosa
McLaughlin Cathrine 1866 9-Feb Hugh Coyle Jane
McLaughlin Daniel 1866 8-Jun Hugh Farren Grace
McLaughlin Neal 1864 9-Jan Hugh Gallespie Peggy
McLaughlin Hugh 1867 28-Jan Hugh Gillespie Elizabeth
McLaughlin Margaret 1864 27-Mar Hugh Sharkey Mary
McLaughlin Catherine ~1834   Hugh    
McLaughlin Michael 1864 14-Jan James Ban Mary
McLaughlin Charles 1865 21-May James Barr Mary
McLaughlin Patrick 1872 19-Apr James Barr Mary
McLaughlin Unk Male 1865 16-May James Cavenagh Mary
McLaughlin Patrick 1866 6-Sep James Cavenagh Mary
McLaughlin Cicily 1877 16-Mar James Lynch Biddy
McLaughlin James 1867 23-Jan James McDade Mary Anne
McLaughlin Cathrine 1867 13-Jan James Mercer Cathrine
McLaughlin Thomas 1865 31-May James Mercer Cathrine
McLaughlin Cathrine 1865 15-Mar John Collins Sarah
McLaughlin Patrick Jos 1865 24-Jun John Doherty Anne
McLaughlin Daniel 1864 17-May John Gill   Mary
McLaughlin John 1867 26-Aug John Gillespie Ellen
McLaughlin William Neal 1866 17-Mar John McGettigan Unity
McLaughlin Anne 1867 2-Sep John McGettigan Unity
McLaughlin Eliza 1873 4-Dec John McGettigan Unity
McLaughlin Mary 1873 20-Aug John Mullen Cathrine
McLaughlin James 1866 5-Dec John  Buckley Nancy
McLaughlin Michael 1878 17-Feb Martin McGonigle Mary
McLaughlin Patrick 1879 1-Nov Martin McGonigle Mary
McLaughlin Michael 1867 29-Sep Michael McConistan Anne
McLaughlin Mary Anne 1864 4-Mar Michael McCrostan Anne
McLaughlin James 1866 12-Dec Neal Coyle Anne
McLaughlin Mary  1864 14-Sep Neal Coyle Anne
McLaughlin Hugh 1866 29-Jan Neil Kane Anne
McLaughlin John 1866 19-Jan Neil McDade Betty
McLaughlin James 1867 2-Sep Neil McDade Betty
McLaughlin Rose 1866 8-May Patrick Derma Mary
McLaughlin Ellen 1866 1-Apr Patrick Kerrigan Mary
McLaughlin Letitia 1866 21-Apr Patrick McElhenny Anne
McLaughlin Ellen 1864 12-Apr Patrick McElhenny Mary
McLaughlin Mary  1866 22-Jan Patrick McGenniss Peggy
McLaughlin Unk Female 1867 23-Jul Patrick Monigle Mary 
McLaughlin Michael 1864 27-Mar Patrick Quinn Ellen
McLaughlin Maryanne 1866 8-May Patrick Quinn Ellen
McLaughlin Margaret 1865 8-Apr Patrick Rudden Anne
McLaughlin Anne 1865 4-Sep Philip Doherty Cathrine
McLaughlin Sarah 1865 2-Jan Philip Gonigle Margaret
McLaughlin Mary 1867 24-Jan Philip McGonigle Margaret
McLaughlin George 1866 26-Nov Robert Gibson Ellen
McLaughlin William 1864 13-Sep William Doherty Rose
McLaughlin Henry 1866 16-Oct William Doherty Rose
McLaughlin Bridget 1865 29-Jan William Gillan Margery
McLaughlin Bernard 1864 24-Aug William McCann Anne
McLaughlin Patrick 1866 26-Aug William McCann Nancy
McLaughlin Robert 1846 15-Oct      
McLaughlin Neil 1866 26-May      
Quigg Daniel 1867 20-May Charles Doherty Mary
Quigg Patrick 1865 13-Sep Edward Doherty Biddy
Quigg John 1867 15-Jul Edward Doherty Bridget
Quigg William 1866 12-Jun Hugh Harkin Sarah
Quigg Neal 1865 21-Jun Hugh McDade Mary
Quigg Annie 1876 16-Feb Hugh McDade Mary
Quigg Neal 1866 14-Jul Neal McCann Teresa
Quigg Mary Anne 1876 27-May Ned Doherty Biddy
Quigg Mary 1866 15-May Patrick McGonigle Biddy


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