Cess Applotment List, Moville, Co Donegal, 7 Nov 1774

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Taken from the Vestry Book for the Parish of Moville, List comes from 1774 when Upper and Lower Moville was one Parish, Vestry book is held at PRONI, I Apologise for any spelling mistakes or missing information, some of the text was Illegible, or difficult to read, where I am confident of a modern spelling of a townland I provide that spelling in brackets, I have reproduced the list as it appears in the ledger.  Many of the names on the list can be cross referenced against entries in the Flax Growers list of 1796

In many instances the entry will give a name followed by & Partner/s, I think this refers to the type of farming which was carried out in the Parish at this time, 60 years later when a statistical study was carried out by the Ordnance Survey in the 1830s, Stewart Marks the Curate of Upper Moville Parish described the farms as:

  All various in size, but in general all small and scarcely any enclosures at all, as the greatest part of them are occupied in rundale. The method of cultivation is such as might have existed 2 or 3 centuries ago. The succession of crops are potatoes, oats or barley, flax and oats. I consider that the first great step to improvement would be to divide the farms into reason-able sizes, say from 10 to 20 acres, according to the ability of the occupier, and to cause the tenant to enclose his farm with a good clay ditch planted with thorn quicks and to build his house upon his own farm. As the cabins at present are generally built in a cluster which is a continued source of contention, from their cattle, fowls etc. trespassing on each other

The Rundale system is described by Wikipedia 

 The rundale system (apparently from to run and dale, valley, originally something separated off, cf. deal) was a form of occupation of land, somewhat resembling the English common field system. The land is divided into discontinuous plots, and cultivated and occupied by a number of tenants to whom it is leased jointly. The system was common in Ireland, especially in the western counties. In Scotland, where the system also existed, it was termed run rig (from run, and rig or ridge).

At a Vestry held at the Chapple of Redcastle in the Parish of Moville on Monday the 7th of November 1774 by the Rector, church warden and several Protestant parishioners to ascertain and confirm the sum of 26 2s  5d  layd on the Parish this present year for the following use viz. Five pounds to Robert McIntyre and Tho. McKinnley for viewing the Parish and apploting the money. Ten pounds to the Parish clerk, three pounds to Matt Bramhall for the use of his barn, Thirty shillings to the sexton for his salary & washing the surplice. One pound ten shillings for bread & wine. Forty shillings to the church wardens for their trouble. Five shillings to the late church wardens for their expenses attending the visitation. Six shillings & sixpence to James Steen for painting the window shutters, Two shillings & five pence for spade & shovel for the ??? old church of Moville for the houses of the Parish the sum of 26 2s 5d is ascertaind & confirmed on the following land & inhabitants viz-----

Townland / Names Amount of Applotment
BradyGlen (Bredagh Glen)  
John McDevitt 2s3d
Pat. & Hugh Quigg 1s 4d
Rodger Grimes 0s11d
John Flaran 1s5d
Hugh Gillan & Partners 1s5d
Delanious Doherty 0s11d
Phillip McLaughlin 0sd
Edw. Doherty 0s5d
Denis Doherty 0s5d
Dom. McDevitt 0s5d
Owen Doherty 0s5d
Mic. Doherty 0s5d
Thedoragh McLaughlin 0s11d
Pat. Gillon 0s11d
Lekeny (Leckemy)  
Shane Hegarty & Partners 2s2d
Archibald Brady & Partners 2s2d
Philip Kane & Partners 2s2d
Ballybreen ?  
Darby McCrudy & Partners  2s6d
Philip McLaughlin & Partners 2s6d
Rodger McDowell & Partners 1s8d
Cranmenagh (Carrowmenagh)  
Owen Rielly & Partners 2s4d
Charles Boyle & Partners 1s7d
Hugh Rudden & Partners 2s4d
Corn. McConway 2s4d
William McSheffry & Partners 1s7d
Carabeg (Carrowbeg)  
William Wallace & Partners 3s3d
Hugh McMahon & Partners 1s7d
John Brady & Partners 1s7d
Neil McMullan & Partners 1s7d
John Brady & Partners 1s7d
Neil McMullan & Partners 1s7d
Andw. Gales & Partners 1s7d
James McSheffry & Partners 1s5d
Ballymagarhy (Ballymagaraghy)  
Michael Faran & Partners 3s3d
Owen Faran & Partners 3s3d
Letterbale (Meenletterbale)  
Pat. McGruddy & Partners 1s6d
Shoher? Donaghy & Partners 1s6d
Byran Quigley & Partners 1s0d
Charles Doherty & Partners 1s0d
Michael McLaughlin & Partners 1sod
Shane Farran & Partners 2s0d
Neil McLaughlin & Partners 1s6d
Owen Farran & Partners 1s6d
Charles McLaughlin & Partners 1s0d
Bradyglen (Bradegh Glen)  
Owen Lafferty 0s5d
Shane Doherty 0s5d
Cormick Shelly 0s5d
Widow Doherty 0s5d
Goladoo (Gulladoo)  
Owen Mularky & Partners 0s11d
William Lochry & Partners 0s6d
Watt.Harriet & Partners 1s2d
Pat. Lochry & Partners 1s2d
Shane Farran & Partners 0s8d
Dan McGinnis 0s8d
Edw. Harkin 0s4d
Owen Harkin 0s4d
Mic. Larky 0s4d
George Dubbin 0s4d
James Doherty 0s7d
Owen Mullarky 0s4d
Moses Thompson & Partner 1s11d
Do---------------------------------- 1s11d
Philip Diver & Partner 1s11d
William Cary & Partners 1s11d
Mn. Montgomery 4s1d
Matt Bramhall 1s8d
Owen Gubbin 0s1d
Dennis Hegarty 1s3d
Will. Hegarty 1s3d
James Hempill (Snr) 0s7d
James Hempill (Jnr) 0s11d
Dan. McGillon 1s6d
Dom. Hegarty 0s10d
James Hegarty & Partners 0s4d
Neil McLaughlin 0s9d
Pat. Conoly & Partners 0s9d
Shane Mcneese 0s5d
Carnagariff (Carrownaff)  
Henry Cary Esq. 1s10d
Charles Gillan & Partners 1s3d
Hugh Mularky 1s4d
Brasil---------------? 0s11d
Neil McLaughlin 1s4d
Pat. McDevitt 1s5d
Manas McGonigle 0s8d
Mossy Glen  
M. Young 1s8d
Byran McCormick & Partners 0s11d
Manas McLoughlin 0s3d
Owen McLouglin & Partners 0s8d
Philip Ruddon 0s8d
Cormick Kelly 0s8d
Owen McLaughlin 0s8d
Wm. Hegarty 0s8d
Pat. Conway 0s8d
Michael McLaughlin 0s5d
Pat. Conway 0s5d
Neil McCormick 0s5d
William McMullan & Owen 1s5d
Glengiveny (Glennagiveny)  
Morris M Boyle & his son 1s3d
Neil Crumlish 1s3d
Pat. Doherty & Partners 1s3d
Pat. Granvey & M. Barn 1s3d
Pat Doherty & P. McMullen 1s3d
James Doherty & Partners 1s3d
Daniel McCormick & Partners 1s3d
John McLaughlin & Partners 1s3d
Carnagriff (Carnagarve)  
Daniel Cavenagh 0s8d
Daniel Faran 0s7d
Hugh Doherty 2s1d
McCallion 1s4d
Philip McSheffery 0s9d
Pat. Laffertty & Partners 0s11d
Robert Park 0s9d
John Graham Esq. 5s6d
Darby Loag & Partners 2s1d
James McLaughlin & Partners 2s1d
Owen Kelly & Partners 1s5d
William Smyth & Partners 0s8d
Pat Deehan & Partners 0s11d
Robert Cook 0s6d
Bryan Kelly & Partners 2s10d
Wm. McGee & Partners 0s8d
Pat. Galanagh & Partners 2s10d
Ned Galanagh  0s8d
Wm. McDaid 0s7d
Neil Kelly 0s7
Neil McDevid 0s7d
Cooper McIntrye 0s12d
Widow Devenny 0s1d
Widow McDaid 0s12d
William Clark 0s3d
Sam Cummins 0s6d
M. Strawfield 0s3d
Alex. McIntrye 0s1d
M. Moretor 0s1d
Harry McDaid & Partners 1s4d
Owen Wheeling McLaughlin 0s3d
Daniel Hegarty 0s3d
Wm. McCarn 0s1d
John Desmod 0s1d
Dan. McDaid 0s5d
James McCoray 1s11d
Widow Larman 0s15d
Ballymacarter (Ballymacarthur)  
Oliver Jack & Partners  0s11d
Charles  Breevon & Partners 2s9d
Robt. McCorkle 0s7d
Hugh & Mick Doherty 0s7d
Wm. Doherty & Partners 0s7d
Herry Creely & Partners 0s11d
Owen Creely & Partners 0s11d
Neil Barr & Jas. Millon 0s11d
Widow Mulloy & Neil Gonigle 0s11d
Pat McConalogue 1s3d
Edw. Boyle & Partners 0s7d
Philip McCarran & Partners 0s2d
Denis Quigley & Partners 3s1d
Ballyboes (Eleven Ballyboes)  
Alex McMullan 0s11d
Denis McCormick 0s11d
Edw. McGeehan 0s5d
Owen McCormick 0s11d
Dan McCormick 0s11d
James McDonnel 0s11d
Nick McLaughlin 0s11d
Philip Duffy 0s11d
Pat McDevitt 1s10d
Charles McDevitt 0s9d
Owen McLaughlin & Partners 1s7d
George Cary Esq. 0s10d
Dan Barr 2s0d
Hugh Doherty 0s10d
John Hegarty & Partners 1s9d
Daniel O Mullan 0s5d
Belechan (Balleeghan)  
Widow McKinney 0s11d
Widow McFeely 0s4d
Jon. Breslan & Partners 0s7d
Widow McDevitt 0s9d
Widow Deehan 0s5d
Widow Breslin & Partner 0s7d
Charles McDevitt 0s5d
Widow McGilway 0s7d
Neil McFeely 0s11d
William McGinnis 0s5d
Charles Duffy 0s7d
James McConalogue & Partners 0s11d
John Beard 0s11d
James Jack 0s5d
John Norris 0s5d
John McGinnis 0s4d
Knoher McCallen 0s5d
Dan. McLaughlin 0s7d
Pat. McLaughlin 0s11d
Pat Lynchman 0s5d
Kerryhue (Carrowhugh)  
Pat Carman 0s8d
Widow Carman 0s8d
Dan McLaughlin 0s7d
Philip McLaughlin 1s4d
James McLaughlin 0s7d
Widow McLaughlin 0s11d
Daniel Ruddon 0s11d
Hugh McLaughlin 0s11d
Pat Lochery 0s11d
John Lochery 0s6d
James McCormick 0s6d
Dan Doherty 1s0d
Ed. Carney 1s0d
Denis Lochery 0s7d
Mark Brimmer 0s5d
John Brimmer 0s5d
Pat McKinney 1s0d
Philip Lynchman 0s7d
Knoher McKinney 0s11d
Widow McGinnis 0s7d
Curatrasna (Carrowtrasna)  
Owen McCruddy 0s2d
James Hegarty 0s11d
Denis Herman 0s6d
Francis Casady 0s6d
Pat Deveny 0s16d
John Deveny 0s5d
Pat Gramsey 0s11d
Widow McDevitt 0s5d
Denis Farran 0s5d
Owen Farran 0s7d
Hugh Farran 0s 7d
Martin Deveny 0s5d
James Caul 0s5d
Edward McDevitt 1s2d
Rodger Dermots widow 0s7d
Daniel Ruddon 0s8d
John Dermod 0s8d
Daniel Gramsey & Partners 1s4d
John Park 0s11d
Edw. McDevitt 0s5d
Rich. Smyth 0s5d
Pat Lochery 0s11d
John Byrson 0s11d
Shrove (Stroove)  
Robt. McIntyre 1s5d
Robt. Beard 0s11d
Hugh Donnel & Partners 1s5d
Charles Rudden 0s11d
Pat McLaughlin 0s7d
Shane O Donnel 0s7d
Corn. O Donnel 0s7d
Owen McDaid & Partners 0s11d
James Lochery 0s11d
Shane O Donnel 0s5d
Wm. Duffy 0s5d
Hugh McLaughlin 0s11d
Arthur Blackburn 0s4d
Daniel McLaughlin 0s8d
Dan McGonigle & his mother 1s11d
Daniel McGee 0s11d
Ed. McGonigle 0s11d
Terryroan (Tiryrone)  
Denis Galespy 0s4d
Knoher McKinney 0s8d
Dan. McGillon 0s6d
Owen Doherty 0s10d
Shane Farran 0s8d
Shane McFeely 0s8d
Neil McConway 0s8d
Shane Doherty 0s8d
Neil Farran 0s8d
Hugh McGonigle 0s8d
Dan McFeely 0s8d
Hugh Lochery 0s8d
Hugh Sharky 0s8d
John Gormley 0s4d
Pat Barr 0s4d
Knoher McAuley 0s4d
Pat Dermod 0s4d
Owen Dermod 0s4d
Mick Harkan 0s4d
Michael Harkin & Partners 1s5d
Rev Robert Pynvent 4s3d
Darby Gubbins & Partners 1s5d
John Caul & Partners 2s1d
Mn. Alexander 0s8d
George McLaughlin & Partners 1s9d
Mn. Baker 2s5d
Carnagaff (Carrownaff)  
William Thompson 1s8d
Sam McCandless 0s8d
Issac Bennet 0s8d
Andrew McFarland 0s8d
Wm. Arbuckle 0s8d
Joseph Work 0s8d
Thomas Coll 0s8d
Owen Barr 0s8d
Richard Anderson 2s10d
Widow Anderson 2s10d
John McCarron 0s7d
Dan Barr 1s0d
Mic. McGroaty & Partner 1s5d
Hugh McGonigle and Partners 1s5d
Watty Beatty 0s3d
Pat McColgan 0s7d
Langlin Barr 0s7d
Owen Buoy 0s4d
Manas McGowan & Partners 1s3d
Neil Brattan 0s2d
Henry Brillichan 0s2d
Owen McGonigle 0s7d
James McGroaty & Shane Buoy 0s3d
Galespies 0s11d
Old Glebe 3s2d
New Glebe 2s1d
Ballylane (Ballylawn)  
George Thrope and tenants 8s7d
John Thorpe 2s10d
Curraghgary (Ballyrattan)  
Danl.Canavagh & Partners 3s3d
Thomas Steen & Partners 3s3d
Mn. Spense & Michael Diver 3s4d
Claggan 5s1d
Castle Cary (Ballyrattan?) 5s1d
Mn. Hamilton 3s9d
Mn. Caulfield 1s10d
John McLaughlin & Partners 1s7d
Hugh McLaughlin & Partners 1s8d
John Collins 0s6d
Shane Farran & Partners 0s7d
Mn.. McLaughlin & Partners 1s1d
Robert Porter 0s11d
Henry McMahon 0s11d
John McMahon 0s11d
Robt. Work 0s11d
Pat McLaughlin & Partners 1s0d
James Doherty 0s10d
John Murphy & Partners 0s10d
Darby Havlin & Partners 0s6d
Daniel Heaney & Partners 0s10d
Lewis Williams & Partners 0s10d
Daniel Dermod 0s12d
Sam Carlan 0s2d
Widow Hainy 0s2d
Harkans & Partners 0s6d
James Seanlon 0s3d
Edw. Tolen & Partners 0s6d
Wm. McGinnis & Partner 0s11d
Mn. Dermod 0s6d
Charles McSheffery 0s6d
James Toner 0s6d
Joseph Carys Farm 1s0d
James Logue & Boyle 1s0d
David Simpson & Partners 1s1d
Ed. McLaughlin & Partners 1s2d
Pat Foy & Partners 0s10d
Thomas Nixon & Miller 0s4d
William Porter 0s3d
Nell McColgan & Son 0s5d
Pat Duffy & Partners 0s1d
James Atcheson & Partners 0s4d
Carmaquigly (Carrickmaquigley)  
George Doherty 0s7d
Alex Gavan 0s8d
Manas McGowan & Partners 0s16d
John Matherson 0s8d
Hugh Wilson 0s5d
Wm. Colhoun 0s4d
Ed Doherty 0s6d
Wm. Bradley 0s5d
Wm Beard  & Partners 0s11d
Robert Carland 0s16d
Edward Shefry 0s7d
Hugh Toner & Partners 0s9d
Pat McGowan & Partners 0s4d
Wm. Grimes & Partners 0s18d
James Steen 0s5d
James Hamilton 0s5d
Neil McSheffry & Partners 0s7d
Daniel Bane Boyle 0s5d
Neil Havlin Boyle & Partners 0s8d
George Clinging 0s3d
Red Castle  
James Alcorn 5s4d
Cullyneen (Culineen)  
James Betty 4s6d
Robert Stewart 1s1d
Thomas McShimmey & Partners 1s1d
Bryan McColgan & Widow Conway 1d1d
M.L  Argus (Mount Argus)  
Robert Wilson & Partners 5s7d
Neil McCorriston & Partners 0s8d
Widow McCarn & Partners 0s8d
James Donaghy 0s4d
Manas O Herrill 0s4d
Edw. McCarn 0s8d
Shane Dermod & Sons 0s5d
John Glacan Jnr 0s8d
Owen Dermod 0s8d
Shane Loag 0s4d
Michael Lanagon 0s4d
Owen McLaughlins widow 0s4d
Bryan Doherty & Partners 2s9d
Hugh Duffy & Partners 2s4d
Philip Murphy & Partners 2s4d
Pat Haragn & Partners 2s4d
Charles Duffy & Partners 3s5d
Owen Hany & Partners 2s2d
Widow Carey & Partners 1s6d
Michael McConalogue & Partners 1s6d
Charles McCarn & Partners 1s10d
Patrick Carland & Partners 1s5d
Cornelius Duffy & Partners 2s4d
John Desmod & Partners 1s6d
Pat Mahon 0s7d
Hugh McSheffery 0s6d
Neil Faulkner & Partners 0s8d
White Castle  
M Munclon Cary 1s8d
M. Thomas 1s5d
William Stephenson 0s11d
Theorghan McLaughlin & Partners 1s3d
Hugh Doherty & Partners 1s3d
W. Stephenson & Partners 1s3d
Denis McLaughlin & Partners 1s3d
Robert Porter & Partners 5s4d
Crehenan (Creehenan)  
William Colwell & Partners 2s7d
Thomas Ewing 1s9d
John Doherty & Partners 0s10d
William Quigley & Son 0s10d
George Burns 0s10d
Robert Taylor & Partners 1s8d
Richard Hunter & Son 1s8d
William McCorriston & Partners 1s8d
Menballer (Meenabaltin)  
Geo. Doherty & Partners 1s6d
W. M. Geoffry Hamilton 1s8d
Thomas Jack & Partners 3s10d
Wm. Sherrigan & Partners 3s10d
Sam Carmichael & Partners 3s6d
Wm. Patchel & Partners 3s6d
Philip Doherty & Partners 1s11d
Richard Brookings & Partners 1s11d
Joseph Corswell & Partners 1s4d
William Toy & his Partner 0s8d
Carrakeel  (Carrowkeel)  
David Hegarty & Partners 1s11d
Rodger Quigley & Partners 2s2d
Pat McChroyson & Partners 2s4d
Bryan Galagher & Partners 2s4d
Robert Donaldson & Partners 2s1d
Nick Brookings & Partners  1s4d
Andrew Wilson 0s6d
Paul Bramhall 0s6d
Robert Smyth & Partners 1s4d
Neil McVey & Hugh Quigley 0s3d
Crurkahary (Crockhenny) 1s3d
William Coyle  0s9d
Grarmies & Corrows 2s1d
Captain Kelly 0s8d
Pat. McLaughlin & Partners 0s6d
Torrmmity (Tromaty)  
Bryan McLaughlin 0s7d
Harragan 0s7d
John Quigley & Partners 2s11d
James Coyle & Partners 1s9d
James Quigley & Partners 1s2d
Peter McLaughlin & Partners 2s11d
Paul Bramhall 0s2d
McCorriston & Coyle 1s2d
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