1827 Tithe Applotment Book - Moville Lower Parish, Co Donegal


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

ADAMS Joseph Eleven Ballyboes
ALCORN Thomas Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
ANDERSON Mr. John Golladuff [Gulladoo]
BAIRD John Eleven Ballyboes
BAIRD Robert Eleven Ballyboes
BAIRD Thomas Shrove [Stroove]
BAIRD William Eleven Ballyboes
BAIRD William Shrove [Stroove]
BARR Hugh Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
BARR Neile Eleven Ballyboes
BARR Owen Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
BARR Owen Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
BARR Owen Meanletterbail
BARR Owen, Jun. Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
BARR Patrick Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
BARR Patrick Carnagarrow
BARR Patrick Golladuff [Gulladoo]
BARR William Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
BAXTER George Carabeg [Carrowbeg]
BEATTY John Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
BEGLEY John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
BIGLEY Cornelis  Golladuff [Gulladoo]
BIGLEY Edward Golladuff [Gulladoo]
BOYLE Michael Shrove [Stroove]
BRADDERS Vall. Ballybrack
BRADLEY Charles Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
BRADLEY Charles Golladuff [Gulladoo]
BRADLEY John Carnagarrow
BRADLEY Patrick Balleehan
BRADLEY Widow Ballybrack
BRADLEY Widow Carnagarrow
BRADLEY William Eleven Ballyboes
BRANNON Charles Glengiveney
BRATTON Daniel Balleehan
BRENNAN Charles Glengiveney
BRESLAND John Golladuff [Gulladoo]
BRESLAND Owen Balleehan
BUCKLEY John Eleven Ballyboes
CAHALL William Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
CAIN Bryan Carnagarrow
CAIN James  Carnagarrow
CALDWELL Samuel Golladuff [Gulladoo]
CALDWELL Widow Golladuff [Gulladoo]
CAMBLE Alexander Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
CAMBLE James Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CAMBLE James Carahue [Carrowhugh]
CAMBLE Mr. James Ballynally
CAMBLE Mr. J. Carnagarrow
CANNING John Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
CANNON Patrick Carahue [Carrowhugh]
CANNY Hugh Drumaweer
CANNY John Eleven Ballyboes
CANNY Shan Meanletterbail
CAREY Daniel Carnagarrow
CAREY John Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CAREY Rev. Anthony Drumaweer
CAREY Robert Carnagarrow
CAREY William Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CARLAND William Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
CARNEY Daniel Carnagarrow
CARNEY Darby Meanletterbail
CARNEY James Ballybrack
CARNEY John Ballybrack
CARNEY Michael Ballybrack
CARNEY Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CARNEY Michael Carnagarrow
CARNEY Shan Drumaweer
CARNEY William Glengiveney
CARNOGHAN William Carnagarrow
CARR John Drumaweer
CARRAGHAN Barney Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CARY Widow Ballynally
CASEDY John Drumaweer
CASEDY Neile Drumaweer
CASLEY Shan Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
CAVENAGH James Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CAVENAGH John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
CAVENAGH Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CAVENAGH Michael Carahue [Carrowhugh]
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur Balleehan
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur Eleven Ballyboes
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur Meanletterbail
CLARK Alexander Drumaweer
CLARK James Golladuff [Gulladoo]
CLARK Joseph Drumaweer
CLARK William Drumaweer
CLARKE George Balleehan
CLYDE William Ballybrack
COLLANS John Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
COLLANS John Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
COLLANS Michael Drumaweer
COLLANS Peter Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
COOK Hugh Ballynally
COOK John Carnagarrow
COOK Widow Ballybrack
COOK William Carnagarrow
CORROTHERS George Golladuff [Gulladoo]
COYLE Patrick Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
CRAIGE James Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
CRAMPSEY Neile Drumaweer
CRAMPSEY William Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
CRIMLISK James Mosseyglen
CRIMLISK John Glengiveney
CRIMLISK Neile Glengiveney
CRIMLISK Patrick Meanletterbail
CRIMLISK Shan Mosseyglen
CRULLY Dominick Drumaweer
CURRY Samuel, Esq. Ballybrack
DEEHAN Daniel Balleehan
DEEHAN Edward Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DEEHAN Neile Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DEEHAN Neile Carahue [Carrowhugh]
DERMOTT Charles Glengiveney
DERMOTT Daniel Carahue [Carrowhugh]
DERMOTT Daniel Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DERMOTT Henry Carahue [Carrowhugh]
DERMOTT Henry Shrove [Stroove]
DERMOTT Hugh Carahue [Carrowhugh]
DERMOTT John Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
DERMOTT John Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DERMOTT Michael Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DERMOTT Michael Glengiveney
DERMOTT William Balleehan
DERMOTT William Glengiveney
DIVENNY Elenor Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DIVER Harry Ballybrack
DIVER Philip Ballybrack
DIXON Patrick Ballybrack
DOHERTY James Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
DOHERTY John Glengiveney
DOHERTY John Shrove [Stroove]
DOHERTY Patrick Glengiveney
DOHERTY Widow Shrove [Stroove]
DOHERTY William Balleehan
DOUGHERTY Bryan Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY Charles Ballybrack
DOUGHERTY Charles Glengiveney
DOUGHERTY Conn Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DOUGHERTY Conn Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY Conn Eleven Ballyboes
DOUGHERTY Daniel Ballynally
DOUGHERTY Daniel Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
DOUGHERTY Daniel Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY Francis Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
DOUGHERTY Hugh Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
DOUGHERTY James Glengiveney
DOUGHERTY James Golladuff [Gulladoo]
DOUGHERTY John Ballynally
DOUGHERTY John Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
DOUGHERTY John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
DOUGHERTY John Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
DOUGHERTY John Carnagarrow
DOUGHERTY John Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY John Golladuff [Gulladoo]
DOUGHERTY Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
DOUGHERTY Michael Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY Michael Drumaweer
DOUGHERTY Michael Glengiveney
DOUGHERTY Neile Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
DOUGHERTY Owen Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY Patrick Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
DOUGHERTY Patrick Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DOUGHERTY Shan Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
DUFFY Patrick Ballynally
DUFFY William Drumaweer
ELKIN George Ballybrack
ELKIN George Carnagarrow
ELKIN George Drumaweer
FARRAN Daniel Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
FARRAN Hugh Meanletterbail
FARRAN James Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
FARRAN James Drumaweer
FARRAN James Glengiveney
FARRAN John Ballybrack
FARRAN John Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
FARRAN John Shrove [Stroove]
FARRAN Neile Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
FARRAN Shan Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
FARRAN Thomas Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
FARRAN Thomas Mosseyglen
FARRAN Widow Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
FARRAN Widow Meanletterbail
FARREL [?] John Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
FARREN Thomas Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
FOSTER George Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
GALLAGHER Michael Balleehan
GALLAGHER Patrick Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
GALLENAGH Patrick Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
GALLINAGH Daniel Drumaweer
GALLINAGH Edward Drumaweer
GALLINAGH Patrick Balleehan
GALLINAGH Widow Balleehan
GAMBLE Widow Drumaweer
GILL Charles Drumaweer
GILL Hugh Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
GILL Hugh Carnagarrow
GILLAND Bryan Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
GILLAND Daniel Carnagarrow
GILLAND Dinis Carnagarrow
GILLAND Hugh Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
GILLAND James Drumaweer
GILLAND John Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
GILLAND John Carnagarrow
GILLAND Mary Carnagarrow
GILLAND Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
GILLAND  Molsey Carnagarrow
GILLAND Neile Ballybrack
GILLAND Owen Carnagarrow
GILLAND Patrick Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
GILLAND Patrick Carnagarrow
GILLAND Peter Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
GILLESPY Bryan Drumaweer
GILLESPY Francis Carahue [Carrowhugh]
GILLESPY Francis Meanletterbail
GILLESPY James Ballybrack
GILLESPY John Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
GILLESPY Michael Carahue [Carrowhugh]
GILLESPY Neile Shrove [Stroove]
GILLESPY Neile Ballybrack
GILLESPY Neile Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
GILLESPY Widow Carahue [Carrowhugh]
GILLESPY Widow Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
GLACKEN William Carnagarrow
GORMAN John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
GREERSON Mr. John Ballynally
HARKIN Charles Carnagarrow
HARKIN Charles Golladuff [Gulladoo]
HARKIN Daniel Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
HARKIN Daniel Carnagarrow
HARKIN James Carnagarrow
HARKIN James Drumaweer
HARKIN John Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
HARKIN John Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
HARKIN John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
HARKIN John Carnagarrow
HARKIN Neile Ballybrack
HARKIN Neile Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
HARKIN Patrick Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
HARKIN Patrick Meanletterbail
HARKIN Widow Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
HARRIGHAN William Carnagarrow
HART Barnard Drumaweer
HART William Drumaweer
HAVLIN John Shrove [Stroove]
HAY Mr. Carnagarrow
HEGARTY William Mosseyglen
HEGGARTY Barney Mosseyglen
HEGGARTY James Eleven Ballyboes
HEGGARTY Michael Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
HEGGARTY Michael Mosseyglen
HEGGARTY Shan Mosseyglen
HEGGARTY Widow Mosseyglen
HEMPHILL James Ballynally
HENRY Herry Golladuff [Gulladoo]
HILL Sir George F. Carnagarrow
HIRLAND Charles Shrove [Stroove]
HIRLAND Rodger Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
HIRREL Edward Ballybrack
IRWINE Doctor Ballynally
JACK Andrew Eleven Ballyboes
KELLY Andrew Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
KELLY Daniel Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
KELLY Daniel Mosseyglen
KELLY John Drumaweer
KELLY .........? Ballybrack
KELLY Owen Carahue [Carrowhugh]
KELLY Patrick Mosseyglen
KELLY William Drumaweer
KIRKLAND Henry Drumaweer
KIRKLAND Richard Ballynally
LAFFERTY Daniel Carnagarrow
LAFFERTY Edward Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
LAFFERTY Owen Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
LAFFERTY Owen Glengiveney
LAFFERTY Widow Ballynally
LARKEY Philip Ballynally
LOAGUE James Ballybrack
LOAGUE Patrick Carnagarrow
LOAGUE Widow Ballybrack
LOCHERY Daniel Ballynally
LOUGHERY Edward Shrove [Stroove]
LOUGHERY John Shrove [Stroove
LYNCH John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
LYNCH Patrick Balleehan
McCANLISS   David Ballynally
McCARRON Andrew Meanletterbail
McCARRON James Meanletterbail
McCARRON John Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McCARRON John Shrove [Stroove]
McCARRON Michael Glengiveney
McCARRON Michael Meanletterbail
McCARRON Philip Eleven Ballyboes
McCARRON Widow Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McCAULEY Charles Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McCAULEY Hugh Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McCAULEY John Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McCAULEY Patrick Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McCAULEY William Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McCAWN Charles Meanletterbail
McCAWN Cornelis Glengiveney
McCAWN Daniel Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McCAWN Hugh Drumaweer
McCAWN Patrick Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McCAWN Widow Glengiveney
McCLENAGHAN Barney Eleven Ballyboes
McCOLGAN George Balleehan
McCOLGAN George Balleehan
McCOLGAN John Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McCOLGAN Michael Balleehan
McCOLGAN Patrick Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McCONAWAY Daniel Mosseyglen
McCONAWAY Edward Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McCONAWAY James Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McCONAWAY John Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McCONAWAY Michael Mosseyglen
McCONAWAY Patrick Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McCONAWAY Patrick Meanletterbail
McCONIGLE David Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McCONNELL Daniel Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McCONOLOGUE Charles Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McCONOLOGUE Francis Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McCONOLOGUE Michael Eleven Ballyboes
McCONOLOGUE Patrick Ballybrack
McCONOLOGUE Patrick Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McCOOLE Bryan Shrove [Stroove]
McCOOLE Hugh Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McCOOLE John Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McCORKILL Archy Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McCORKILL James Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McCORKILL John Balleehan
McCORKILL John Ballynally
McCORKILL John Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McCORKILL Robert Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McCORKILL William Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McCORMICK Daniel Eleven Ballyboes
McCORMICK John Eleven Ballyboes
McCORMICK Owen Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McCORMICK Patrick Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McCREEKLE John  Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McDADE Cornelis Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McDAID Charles Ballybrack
McDAID Cornelis Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McDAID Cornelis Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McDAID Dinis Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McDAID Edward Balleehan
McDAID Edward Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McDAID Edward Glengiveney
McDAID Henry Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McDAID Henry Drumaweer
McDAID Henry Glengiveney
McDAID James Ballybrack
McDAID James Ballynally
McDAID James Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McDAID James Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McDAID James Eleven Ballyboes
McDAID John Ballybrack
McDAID John Ballynally
McDAID John Shrove [Stroove]
McDAID Michael Ballybrack
McDAID Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McDAID Michael Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McDAID Michael Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McDAID Michael? Ballybrack
McDAID Owen Balleehan
McDAID Owen Eleven Ballyboes
McDAID Patrick Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McDAID Philip Ballybrack
McDAID Philip Eleven Ballyboes
McDAID Susan Ballybrack
McDAID Thomas Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McDAID Widow Ballybrack
McDAID Widow Eleven Ballyboes
McDERMOTT James Balleehan
McDONNELL Eneas Balleehan
McDONNELL James Balleehan
McDONNELL John Balleehan
McDONNELL Michael Balleehan
McFARRAN James Glengiveney
McFARREL [?] Rodger Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McFEELEY Charles Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McFEELEY Daniel Shrove [Stroove]
McFEELEY Neile Shrove [Stroove]
McFEELEY Rose Balleehan
McFEELEY Widow Drumaweer
McGARRAGHALL Patrick Balleehan
McGEEHAN Daniel Ballybrack
McGEEHAN Daniel Drumaweer
McGHEE Michael Carnagarrow
McGHEE Mr. James Drumaweer
McGINNIS Hugh Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McGINNIS John Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McGINNIS John Eleven Ballyboes
McGINNIS John Mosseyglen
McGINNIS Widow Mosseyglen
McGINNIS William Shrove [Stroove]
McGINNISS Daniel Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McGINNISS David Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McGINNISS James Mosseyglen
McGINNISS John Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McGINNISS Patrick Balleehan
McGINNISS William Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McGONIGLE Charles Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McGONIGLE Daniel Mosseyglen
McGONIGLE Dinis Mosseyglen
McGONIGLE Hugh Ballybrack
McGONIGLE James Carnagarrow
McGONIGLE John Shrove [Stroove]
McGONIGLE Michael Shrove [Stroove]
McGONIGLE Neile Mosseyglen
McGONIGLE Owen Mosseyglen
McGONIGLE Patrick Ballybrack
McGONIGLE Patrick Shrove [Stroove]
McGOWAN Neile Drumaweer
McGRUDDY James Meanletterbail
McGRUDDY John Meanletterbail
McGRUDDY Patrick Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McGRUDDY Widow Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McHENERY James Glengiveney
McHENERY William Glengiveney
McINTIRE Anne Ballynally
McINTIRE Mr. Charles Eleven Ballyboes
McKEEVER Charles Drumaweer
McKEEVER James Balleehan
McKINNEY Alexander Eleven Ballyboes
McKINNEY James Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McKINNEY James Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McKINNEY James Drumaweer
McKINNEY John Drumaweer
McKINNEY Neile Ballybrack
McKINNEY Patrick Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McKINNEY Widow Eleven Ballyboes
McKINNEY William Eleven Ballyboes
McKINNY Cornelis Drumaweer
McKINNY James Glengiveney
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Drumaweer
McLAUGHLIN Bryan Glengiveney
McLAUGHLIN Charles Ballynally
McLAUGHLIN Charles Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McLAUGHLIN Charles Glengiveney
McLAUGHLIN Charles Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN Charles Shrove [Stroove]
McLAUGHLIN Cornelis Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Eleven Ballyboes
McLAUGHLIN Dinis Balleehan
McLAUGHLIN Duncan Drumaweer
McLAUGHLIN Edward Mosseyglen
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Balleehan
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Drumaweer
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Mosseyglen
McLAUGHLIN James Ballybrack
McLAUGHLIN James Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McLAUGHLIN James Glengiveney
McLAUGHLIN James Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN James Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN John Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McLAUGHLIN John Carahue [Carrowhugh]
McLAUGHLIN John Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McLAUGHLIN John Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McLAUGHLIN John Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN Michael Ballybrack
McLAUGHLIN Michael Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McLAUGHLIN Michael Eleven Ballyboes
McLAUGHLIN Michael Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McLAUGHLIN Michael Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN Michael Mosseyglen
McLAUGHLIN Neile Ballynally
McLAUGHLIN Neile Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
McLAUGHLIN Neile Mosseyglen
McLAUGHLIN Neile Shrove [Stroove]
McLAUGHLIN Owen Glengiveney
McLAUGHLIN Owen Mosseyglen
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Balleehan
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Drumaweer
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Glengiveney
McLAUGHLIN Philip Carrowblaw [Carrowblagh]
McLAUGHLIN Philip Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McLAUGHLIN Philip Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN Shan Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN Widow Carnagarrow
McLAUGHLIN Widow Golladuff [Gulladoo]
McLAUGHLIN Widow Mosseyglen
McLAUGHLIN William Balleehan
McLAUGHLIN William Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McLAUGHLIN William Meanletterbail
McLAUGHLIN William Mosseyglen
McLUCAS James Eleven Ballyboes
McMULLEN Alexander Mosseyglen
McMULLEN Charles Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McMULLEN John Glengiveney
McMULLEN John Shrove [Stroove]
McMULLEN Neile Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
McMULLEN Neile Mosseyglen
McMULLEN Widow Glengiveney
McMULLEN Widow Shrove [Stroove]
McMULLEN William Meanletterbail
McNEILL Malcolm, Esq. Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McREYNOLDS Mr. H. Carnagarrow
McSHEFREY Neile Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McSHEFRY John Carabeg [Carrowbeg]
McSHEFRY Neile Caramenagh [Carrowmenagh]
McSWINE Edward Ballynally
McSWINE Patrick Glengiveney
McSWINE Widow Glengiveney
MILLARKEY James Drumaweer
MILLARKEY William Ballynally
MOLLOY Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
MOLLOY Thomas Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
MONTEETH Andrew Balleehan
MONTGOMERY Rev. Samuel Law Ballynally
MONTGOMERY William Ballynally
MORRISON James Golladuff [Gulladoo]
MORRISON John Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
MORRISON John Drumaweer
MORRISON Thomas Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
MORRISON William Drumaweer
NOLAN John Golladuff [Gulladoo]
NOLAN? John Ballynally
NOWERY [?] John Balleehan
O’DONNELL Bryan Shrove [Stroove]
O’DONNELL Conn Shrove [Stroove]
O’DONNELL Edward Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
O’DONNELL James Shrove [Stroove]
O’DONNELL John Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
O’DONNELL John Shrove [Stroove]
O’DONNELL Patrick Shrove [Stroove]
O’DONNELL Widow Drumaweer
PARK Hugh Ballynally
PARK William Ballynally
QUIG Edward Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
QUIG James Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
QUIG John Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
QUIG Neile Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
QUIG Neile Golladuff [Gulladoo]
QUIGLEY Biddy Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
QUIGLEY Charles Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
QUIGLEY Daniel Eleven Ballyboes
QUIGLEY George Mosseyglen
QUIGLEY James Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
QUIGLEY Patrick Braddyglen [Bredagh Glen]
RATCHFORD Stephan Drumaweer
REYNOLDS Mr. Carnagarrow
RODDAN Charles Mosseyglen
RODDAN Nola Shrove [Stroove]
RODDAN Thomas Carahue [Carrowhugh]
RODDEN Philip Ballybrack
SMYTH Alexander Carnagarrow
SMYTH James Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
SMYTH James Drumaweer
SMYTH John Drumaweer
SMYTH Michael Ballymecarter [Ballymacarthur]
SMYTH William Caratrasna [Carrowtrasna]
TAYLOR James Drumaweer
THOMPSON James Golladuff [Gulladoo]
TONER Michael Ballynally
TOSH Holland Drumaweer
VANDELURE Mr. Walter Eleven Ballyboes
WALKER Robert, Esq. Shrove [Stroove]
WALLACE John Drumaweer
WALLACE William Carabeg [Carrowbeg]
WILSON Thomas Ballynally


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