1828 Tithe Applotment Book - Moville Upper Parish, Co Donegal


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

ACHISON John Tulnavin
ALEXANDER James Carrickmaquigley
ALEXANDER William Cabry
ALLEN Edward Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
ANDERSON George Carinaff [Carrownaff]
ANDERSON John Glencrow
ANDERSON John Tulnavin
ARMSTRONG Alexander Crehenan [Creehennan]
ARMSTRONG Alexander Rouskey
BAR Henry Clare
BAR James Ballyargus
BAR Michael Clare
BAR Owen Ballyargus
BAR William Ballylawn
BAR William Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
BARR Ann Carinaff [Carrownaff]
BARR John Cooley
BEATTY Widow Ballyratten
BEGLEY Widow Cooley
BENSON William Crehenan [Creehennan]
BONIER Henry Drung
BONNER Charles Ballyargus
BONNER James Drung
BONNER John Ballylawn
BONNER Philip Ballylawn
BOYCE Michael Glencrow
BOYCE Widow Glencrow
BOYLE Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BOYLE Patrick Tulnavin
BOYLE Rose Tulnavin
BRADLEY Anthony Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRADLEY Anthony Trimity [Tromaty]
BRADLEY Dennis, Jun. Trimity [Tromaty]
BRADLEY Dennis, Sen. Trimity [Tromaty]
BRADLEY Hugh Cooley
BRADLEY James Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRADLEY James Clare
BRADLEY John Collonean [Culinean]
BRADLEY Mathew Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRADLEY Patrick Ballyargus
BRADLEY Widow James Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRADLEY Widow Saragh Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRADLY William(Cullaneen) Ballyargus
BRATTON James Crehenan [Creehennan]
BRISLAND Daniel Drung
BRISLAND Daniel Trimity [Tromaty]
BRISLAND Dennis Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRISLAND Hugh Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRISLAND James Drung
BRISLAND John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRISLAND Manus Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRISLAND Patrick Ballyargus
BRISLAND Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
BRISLAND Patrick Trimity [Tromaty]
BRISLAND Unity Trimity [Tromaty]
BRISLAND William Trimity [Tromaty]
BRISLAND William Tullyally
BROMWELL Mrs Trimity [Tromaty]
BROWN John Ballyargus
BROWN John Trimity [Tromaty]
BROWN Robert Cabry
BROWN William Crehenan [Creehennan]
BRUCKINS Charles  Cabry
BRUCKINS James Cabry
BRUCKINS John Crehenan [Creehennan]
BRUCKINS Robert, Jun. Cabry
BRUCKINS Robert, Sen. Cabry
BRUKINS Charles Rouskey
BURNS George Crehenan [Creehennan]
CALEDON Lord Cooley
CALEDON Lord Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
CAMPBELL David Ballyratten
CAMPBELL John Crehenan [Creehennan]
CAMPBELL Samuel Crehenan [Creehennan]
CANE George Cooley
CANNING Widow Crehenan [Creehennan]
CANNON William Rouskey
CANNY Daniel Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CARLAND John Tullyally
CARLAND William Tullyally
CARLIN George Ballylawn
CARLIN George Drung
CARLIN George Tulnavin
CARLIN John Ballylawn
CARLIN Patrick Drung
CARLIN William Tulnavin
CARMICHAEL Samuel Ballylawn
CARTER Laurence Clare
CARY Anthony George Drung
CARY Henry Cooley
CARY John, Esq. Rouskey
CARY Lucius, Esq. Carrickmaquigley
CARY Miss Ballyargus
CARY Mr. Crehenan [Creehennan]
CARY Rev. A. G. Cabry
CASLEY James Drung
CASLY Hugh Drung
CASSADY Francis  Rouskey
CASSADY John Rouskey
CASSADY Michael Rouskey
CATHERWOOD Hugh Tullyally
CAUFIELD   Widow Ballyratten
CAUL [CAHILL?] Neil Carinaff [Carrownaff]
CAVENAGH Charles Ballyratten
CAVENAGH Daniel Ballyratten
CAVENAGH Daniel Clare
CAVENAGH James Ballylawn
CAVENAGH John Ballyargus
CAVENAGH William Ballyargus
CHAMBERS Alexander Collonean [Culinean]
CHAMBERS John, Esq. Carrickmaquigley
CHAMBERS John, Esq. Tulnavin
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur Ballyratten
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur Clare
CIRKLAND [KIRKLAND] John, Jun. Glencrow
CIRKLAND [KIRKLAND] John, Sen. Glencrow
CLARK Mr. Clare
COCHRAN George Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
COLHOUN Alexander Cabry
COLL Widow Ballyratten
COLLINS John Clare
COLLONS Daniel Drung
COLLONS James Carrickmaquigley
COLLONS John Drung
COLLONS Michael Drung
COLLONS Owen Clare
COLLONS Philip Tullyally
COLLONS William Carrickmaquigley
CONNAHAN John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
COYLE Bridget Trimity [Tromaty]
COYLE Charles Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
COYLE James Trimity [Tromaty]
COYLE John Trimity [Tromaty]
COYLE Neil Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
COYLE Neil Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
COYLE William Trimity [Tromaty]
CRAIG Robert Carinaff [Carrownaff]
CRAWFORD James Crehenan [Creehennan]
CROSSIN Daniel Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CURRAN Brian Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CURRAN Brian, Sen. Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CURRAN John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CURRAN Michael Tulnavin
CURRAN Richard Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CURRAN Brian, Jun. Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
CURRY John, Esq. Crehenan [Creehennan]
CURRY Joseph Glencrow
DEVLIN Daniel Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DEVLIN John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DEVLIN Patrick Crehenan [Creehennan]
DEVLIN Richard Rouskey
DIVER Thomas Ballylawn
DOHERTY Anthony Cooley
DOHERTY Brian Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DOHERTY Catherine Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DOHERTY Charles Ballyargus
DOHERTY Charles Ballyratten
DOHERTY Charles Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY Charles Rouskey
DOHERTY Con. Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY Daniel Ballyargus
DOHERTY Daniel Ballyratten
DOHERTY Daniel Cooley
DOHERTY Edward Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY Edward Tulnavin
DOHERTY Hugh Ballyratten
DOHERTY Hugh Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY James Carrickmaquigley
DOHERTY James Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
DOHERTY James Collonean [Culinean]
DOHERTY James Drung
DOHERTY James Trimity [Tromaty]
DOHERTY John Carrickmaquigley
DOHERTY John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
DOHERTY John Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY John Rouskey
DOHERTY John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DOHERTY John Trimity [Tromaty]
DOHERTY John, Jun. Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY Michael Ballyargus
DOHERTY Michael Carrickmaquigley
DOHERTY Michael Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY Michael Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DOHERTY Michael  Tullyally
DOHERTY Neil Drung
DOHERTY Owen Ballyargus
DOHERTY Owen Collonean [Culinean]
DOHERTY Patrick Ballyargus
DOHERTY Patrick Ballylawn
DOHERTY Patrick Cabry
DOHERTY Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
DOHERTY Patrick Glencrow
DOHERTY Patrick Tulnavin
DOHERTY Philip Cabry
DOHERTY Rodger Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
DOHERTY Shane Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DOHERTY Shane, Jun. Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
DOHERTY Thomas Ballyargus
DOHERTY Widow Tulnavin
DOHERTY William Crehenan [Creehennan]
DOHERTY William Rouskey
DONAGHY George Rouskey
DONAGHY Lucius Tullyally
DONAGHY Thomas Cabry
DONAGHY Thomas Rouskey
DONALDSON James Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
DOUGLAS Daniel Ballylawn
DOUGLAS George Cooley
DOUGLAS Hugh Ballylawn
DOUGLAS Widow Ballyratten
DOUGLAS William Ballyratten
DUFFY Charles Ballyargus
DUFFY Cornelius Carrickmaquigley
DUFFY Edward Crehenan [Creehennan]
DUFFY Hugh Ballyargus
DUFFY James Drung
DUFFY John Drung
DUFFY John Tullyally
DUFFY Michael Ballyargus
DUFFY Patrick Ballyargus
DUFFY Widow Carrickmaquigley
DUFFY Widow Cooley
DUFFY William Tulnavin
EWING Robert Crehenan [Creehennan]
EWING William Collonean [Culinean]
FALCONDER George Drung
FALCONDER William Drung
FARRAN John Crehenan [Creehennan]
FARREN Owen Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
FARRON Daniel Clare
FARRON John Clare
FARRON John Rouskey
FARRON John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
FARRON Michael Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
FARRON Owen Clare
FARRON Owen Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
FRISSLE James Clare
GALLAGHER George Rouskey
GALLAGHER Widow Carrickmaquigley
GIBBIN Charles Drung
GILL Henry Tulnavin
GILL William Trimity [Tromaty]
GILLAND Neil Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
GILLEN James Carrickmaquigley
GILLEN Neil Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
GILLESPIE Daniel Cooley
GILLESPIE Daniel Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
GILMOUR Miss Ballylawn
GLACKEN Michael Ballylawn
GLACKEN Widow Clare
GOBBIN Daniel Crehenan [Creehennan]
GORMAN Sheely Glencrow
GORMLY William Ballylawn
GORMON Patrick Tulnavin
GOURLEY Andrew Crehenan [Creehennan]
GOURLEY James Crehenan [Creehennan]
GRANNY James Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
GRANNY Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
GRANNY Richard Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
GUY Edward Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
GUY Widow Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
HAMILTON John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
HANDCOCK James Crehenan [Creehennan]
HANNON Owen Trimity [Tromaty] 
HARGIN Michael Clare
HARGIN Michael Rouskey
HARGIN Samuel Drung
HARGIN Widow Clare
HARKIN Daniel Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
HARKIN James Ballyargus
HARKIN James Carrickmaquigley
HARKIN James Glencrow
HARKIN John Ballyargus
HARKIN John Tullyally
HARKIN Michael Glencrow
HARKIN Philip Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
HARLEY Hugh Trimity [Tromaty]
HAVLIN Daniel Clare
HAVLIN Dennis Ballyratten
HAVLIN John Ballyratten
HAVLIN Michael Tulnavin
HAVLIN Neil Clare
HAVLIN Neil Tullyally
HAVLIN Patrick Tulnavin
HAVLIN Widow Clare
HAVLIN Widow Tullyally
HEGARTY Daniel Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
HEGARTY James Ballylawn
HEGARTY John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
HEGARTY Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
HENDERSON David Rouskey
HENDRY James Ballyargus
HERALD Neil Ballyargus
HUNTER Samuel Crehenan [Creehennan]
JEMISON John Ballyratten
KANE Daniel Clare
KANE John Carinaff [Carrownaff]
KEARNEY Patrick Ballyratten
KELLY Owen Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
KELLY Widow Ballyratten
KENNEDY Thristim, Esq. Crehenan [Creehennan]
KENNEDY Tristim Rouskey
KERGAN [KERRIGAN?] John & partners Tulnavin
KERGAN [KERRIGAN?] Joseph Carrickmaquigley
KERGAN [KERRIGAN?] Patrick Carrickmaquigley
KERGAN [KERRIGAN?] William Carrickmaquigley
KIRGAN [KERRIGAN?] John Tulnavin
LAFFERTY James Ballyratten
LAFFERTY William Crehenan [Creehennan]
LANAGAN Charles Tullyally
LEE Thomas Tullyally
LEE Widow Tulnavin
LEPPER Robert Carrickmaquigley
LITTLE Francis Ballyargus
LITTLE John  Ballyargus
LITTLE John Carrickmaquigley
LOGHERY Cornelis Drung
LOGHRY John Drung
LOGUE Andrew Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
LOGUE Daniel Ballylawn
LOGUE Daniel Glencrow
LOGUE Edward Ballyargus
LOGUE James Ballyargus
LOGUE James Collonean [Culinean]
LOGUE James Drung
LOGUE James Glencrow
LOGUE John Ballyargus
LOGUE John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
LOGUE John Trimity [Tromaty]
LOGUE Mary Glencrow
LOGUE Owen Ballylawn
LOGUE Patrick Glencrow
LOGUE Philip Glencrow
LOGUE William Cooley
LOGUE William Glencrow
LONG Mathew Ballyratten
LYLE Andrew Rouskey
LYLE Elen Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
LYLE Robert Rouskey
LYNCH Daniel Glencrow
LYNCH David Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
LYNCH James Ballylawn
LYNCH John Cooley
LYNCH John Glencrow
LYNCH Owen Ballylawn
MAGEE Mr. Clare
MAGENNIS Arthur Glencrow
MAGENNIS John Glencrow
MAGINNIS James Cabry
MARKS Rev. Stewart Ballyratten
McACROSSIN Charles Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McACROSSIN Owen Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McACROSSIN Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McACROSSIN Philip Cabry
McACROSSIN Thomas Cabry
McALEANY Daniel Cabry
McALEANY John Ballyargus
McCALLIAN Dominick Trimity [Tromaty] 
McCALLIAN Edward Clare
McCALLIAN Michael Carrickmaquigley
McCALLIAN Owen Trimity [Tromaty]
McCALLIAN Patrick Carrickmaquigley
McCALLIAN William Cooley
McCALLIAN William Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McCAN Peter Ballylawn
McCANLASS Robert Carinaff [Carrownaff]
McCARRON Charles Ballyratten
McCARRON Daniel Ballyratten
McCARRON James Ballyratten
McCARRON William Ballylawn
McCAULEY Charles Ballyargus
McCAULEY John Drung
McCLOSKY John Cooley
McCLOSKY John Glencrow
McCOLGAN Daniel Ballyargus
McCOLGAN Dennis Tulnavin
McCOLGAN Edward Drung
McCOLGAN John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McCOLGAN John Drung
MCCOLGAN John Tulnavin
McCOLGAN Neil Tulnavin
McCOLGAN Shane Ballyargus
McCONAWAY Daniel Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McCONAWAY James, Jun. Collonean [Culinean]
McCONAWAY James, Sen. Collonean [Culinean]
McCONAWAY John Collonean [Culinean]
McCONAWAY Michael Carrickmaquigley
McCONAWAY Owen Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McCONAWAY Patrick Clare
McCONAWAY Philip Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McCONN John Rouskey
McCONNAWAY Patrick Tulnavin
McCOOL Edward Ballyratten
McCORISTON Dennis Drung
McCORISTON James Crehenan [Creehennan]
McCORISTON Neal Ballyargus
McCORISTON Neil Collonean [Culinean]
McCORISTON Patrick Collonean [Culinean]
McCORKELL Robert Ballyratten
McCROSSIN Patrick Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McCRUDDY John Ballyargus
McDAID Edward Cabry
McDAID Henry Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McDAID John Cabry
McDAID John Clare
McDAID John Glencrow
McDAID John Trimity [Tromaty]
McDAID John Tulnavin
McDAID Philip Cabry
McDAID Thomas Rouskey
McDAID Widow Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McDERMOT P. Collonean [Culinean]
McDERMOT Widow Collonean [Culinean]
McDERMOT William Ballyratten
McDERMOTT Edward Clare
McDERMOTT Henry Drung
McDERMOTT Hugh Ballyargus
McDERMOTT Hugh Ballyratten
McDERMOTT James Drung
McDERMOTT John Drung
McDERMOTT John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McDERMOTT Nougher Ballyargus
McDERMOTT Patrick Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McDERMOTT William Ballyratten
McDIVITT Charles Clare
McDOWL John Cooley
McELHINNY William Cooley
McGAGHY John Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McGEE James Drung
McGINNIS Michael Drung
McGINNISS John Tulnavin
McGONAGLE Daniel Glencrow
McGONAGLE James Cooley
McGONAGLE John Cooley
McGONAGLE John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McGONAGLE Mary Glencrow
McGONAGLE Michael Ballylawn
McGONAGLE Neil Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McGONAGLE Patrick Cooley
McGONAGLE Patrick Terrerowen  [Tiryrone
McGONAGLE Rose Cabry
McGOWAN James Carrickmaquigley
McGOWAN John Carrickmaquigley
McGOWAN John Rouskey
McGOWAN Patrick Carrickmaquigley
McGOWAN Patrick Rouskey
McGOWAN Shane Collonean [Culinean]
McGOWAN William Carrickmaquigley
McGOWAN William Rouskey
McGRORTY Daniel Cooley
McGRORTY Hugh Ballyargus
McGRORTY Hugh Collonean [Culinean]
McGRORTY James Tulnavin
McINTIRE James Cabry
McINTIRE John Cabry
McKINLEY William Clare
McKINNY Mary Cooley
McKINNY Patrick  Tullyally
McKINNY Widow Glencrow
McLAUGHLIN Andrew Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Anthony Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McLAUGHLIN Anthony Trimity [Tromaty]
McLAUGHLIN Bridget Trimity [Tromaty]
McLAUGHLIN Catherine Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McLAUGHLIN Charles Clare
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Cooley
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Drung
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Trimity [Tromaty]
McLAUGHLIN Dennis Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Edward Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McLAUGHLIN Edward Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Francis Clare
McLAUGHLIN George Glencrow
McLAUGHLIN Henry Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN James Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
McLAUGHLIN James Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN James Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
McLAUGHLIN John Ballyargus
McLAUGHLIN John Ballyargus
McLAUGHLIN John Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN John Trimity [Tromaty]
McLAUGHLIN John Tullyally
McLAUGHLIN Manis Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Michael Ballyargus
McLAUGHLIN Michael Tullyally
McLAUGHLIN Owen Carrickmaquigley
McLAUGHLIN Owen Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Ballyargus
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Clare
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Crehenan [Creehennan]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Trimity [Tromaty]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Tullyally
McLAUGHLIN Robert Glencrow
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Ballyargus
McLAUGHLIN William Rouskey
McLAUGHLIN William Trimity [Tromaty]
McLAUGHLIN William Tullyally
McLUCAS John Tullyally
McMAGH Widow Martha  Cabry
McMURRAY John Carinaff [Carrownaff]
McSHANE Peter Trimity [Tromaty]
McSHEFFRY Edward Clare
McSHEFFRY Edward Collonean [Culinean]
McSHEFFRY Edward Tullyally
McSHEFFRY Edward Tulnavin
McSHEFFRY Hugh Cooley
McSHEFFRY John Tulnavin
McSHEFFRY Michael Clare
McSHEFFRY Widow Ballyratten
MELARKY Edward Cooley
MILLER William Crehenan [Creehennan]
MOONEY Hugh Ballyargus
MOORHEAD Thomas Ballylawn
MULLEN Darcus Carinaff [Carrownaff]
MURPHEY James Tulnavin
MURPHY Edward Tulnavin
MURPHY John Cooley
MURPHY John Drung
MURPHY Michael Ballyargus
MURPHY Owen Ballyargus
MURPHY Patrick Tulnavin
MURPHY William Tullyally
MURRY Roger, Esq. Carinaff [Carrownaff]
O’HARA William Tulnavin
O’HARAGH William Rouskey
ORR George Tulnavin
ORR Robert Cabry
ORR William Cooley
PARK John Crehenan [Creehennan]
PARK Widow Tullyally
PEOPLES Widow Ballyratten
PLATT Widow Glencrow
PORTER Andrew Rouskey
PORTER James Drung
PORTER James Rouskey
PORTER Thomas Crehenan [Creehennan]
QUIG Daniel Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
QUIG Daniel Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
QUIG John Cooley
QUIG John Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
QUIG Neil Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
QUIG Widow Grace Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
QUIGLEY Charles Crehenan [Creehennan] 
QUIGLEY Hugh Ballyargus
QUIGLEY Hugh Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
QUIGLEY Patrick Trimity [Tromaty]
QUIGLEY Rodger Trimity [Tromaty]
QUIGLEY William Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
QUIGLEY William Trimity [Tromaty]
QUIGLY Daniel Cabry
QUIGLY Hugh Cabry
QUIN William Cabry
RAMSEY Daniel Rouskey
RAMSEY David Carrickmaquigley
RAMSEY David Collonean [Culinean]
RAMSEY David Rouskey
RAMSEY John Rouskey
RAMSEY John Tullyally
RAMSEY John Tulnavin
RAMSEY Samuel Rouskey
REID Alexander Cabry
RUDDEN Daniel Clare
RUDDY George Drung
SCOTT David Cabry
SHARKY James Glencrow
SHARKY Mary Terrerowen  [Tiryrone]
SHEIL Patrick Ballyargus
SHEIL Patrick Clare
SIMPSON David Tulnavin
SIMPSON George Crehenan [Creehennan]
SIMPSON John Crehenan [Creehennan]
SIMPSON Joseph Crehenan [Creehennan]
SIMPSON William Crehenan [Creehennan]
SMITH Henry Cabry
SMITH James Ballyargus
SMITH James Crehenan [Creehennan]
SMITH James Drung
SMITH John Drung
SMITH Michael Drung
SMITH William Ballyargus
STAPLES Rev. John M. Churchhill
STEEL Samuel Tulnavin
STERLING George Ballyratten
SWENEY Morgan Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
TAYLOR John Crehenan [Creehennan]
TAYLOR Robert Drung
TAYLOR William Crehenan [Creehennan]
THOMPSON Ephraim Collonean [Culinean]
THORPE William Ballylawn
TOLAND John Tullyally
TONER Daniel Tulnavin
TONER George Tullyally
TONER Henry Carrickmaquigley
TONER Widow Tulnavin
TONER William Carrickmaquigley
TOSSEL William Ballyargus
TOY Hugh Cabry
TOY James Cabry
TOY Neil Ballyargus
TOY Neil Drung
TOY Nougher Clare
TOY Patrick Cabry
TOY Thomas Clare
TOY Widow Drung
TOY Widow Saragh Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
TOY William Cabry
TOY William Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
WALKER Robert, Esq. Collonean [Culinean]
WALKER Thomas Crehenan [Creehennan]
WILLIAMSON Samuel Tullyally
WILLIAMSON William Tullyally
WILSON Andrew Ballyratten
WILSON Edward Ballyargus
WILSON Hugh Cabry
WILSON John Cabry
WILSON Robert Drung
WILSON Robert Tullyally
WILSON Thomas Cabry
WILSON Thomas Carrokell [Carrowkeel]
WOODS John Tullyally
WORK John Ballyargus
WRAY James Ballylawn
YOUNG George, Esq. Clare


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