Muff Townlands, Co Donegal

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Townland Location Area
Ardmore   721
Aught   1,661
Ballyboe Ture  
Bogstown Tromaty  
Bushfield Eskaheen  
Calhame Ardmore  
Carnamoyle   2,927
Carrickatober Soppog  
Churchtown Eskaheen  
Coolberry Drumskellan  
Craig   483
Crummin Ardmore  
Derryvane   929
Drumahoe Derryvane  
Drumbane Drumskellan  
Drumnacranoge Tromaty  
Drumskellan   1,254
Eskaheen   1,347
Glackmore Aught  
Glenard   1,147
Gortagore Three Trees  
Gortnamona Three Trees  
Gortnavern Tromaty  
Irishtown Three Trees  
Keady Eskaheen  
Knowehead Lower Derryvane  
Knowehead Upper Derryvane  
Lenamore Far Derryvane  
Lenamore Middle Derryvane  
Meedanbane Three Trees  
Meedanboy Tromaty  
Meedanmore Three Trees  
Meenamolt Carnamoyle  
Meenyanly   642
Mitchells Town Drumskellan  
Muff   588
Muff Town    
Mullaghaghy Three Trees  
Mullanaghy Carnamoyle  
Mullanbane Muff  
Radoey? Carnamoyle  
Sallygarden Aught  
Smith's Town Eskaheen  
Soppog   606
Tearry Carnamoyle  
The Cut Eskaheen  
The Garrison Eskaheen  
The Grey Rock Eskaheen  
The Old Town Eskaheen  
Thompsons Town Carnamoyle  
Three Trees   1,121
Tromaty   432
Ture   1,165
Umley Aught  

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