Murder in Muff 1822

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Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post

September 17 1822




On Monday the 2nd instant, HUGH DEVENNY, of Donnybrewer, near Muff, accompanied by a Sub-Constable, went to WILLIAM DONAGHY’S, in the same neighbourhood, to execute a Manor Court Distringuish, which he had obtained against him. The constable had seized some goods, and an altercation had arisen between the parties respecting the amount of the debt, when JOHN DONAGHY, son to WILLIAM DONAGHY, armed himself with a gun, and being aided by his father and other members of the family, rescued the distress, and obliged Devenny and the Constable, who were unarmed, to quit the house. They had got but a few paces from the door, from which they were quietly retiring, when they were followed by John, who fired and shot Devenny through the body - the unfortunate man reeled, fell, and immediately expired. A coroner’s inquest was held by MR. WM. ELLIS. Verdict “That Hugh Devenny’s death was occasioned by a shot from a gun, fired by John Donaghy, wilfully, with an intent to kill.”

JOHN DONAGHY, and WILLIAM and REBECCA, his father and mother, have been committed for the murder, by THOMAS SCOTT, ESQ. of Willsbro’ - some of the family have absconded. It appears, that when John took the gun, the Constable seized it, and would have wrested it from him, and prevented the dreadful catastrophe, had he been permitted by the family.


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