Headstone Inscriptions, New Glenties Graveyard, Inishkeel, Co Donegal


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This is not a complete collection of headstones/inscriptions for this graveyard




The Family of






Thomas Cannon m Meta Scharpegge - see 1901 census Glenties

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In Loving Memory of

Danny Doogan, Glenties

Died 8th Dec 1933

His wife Margaret

Died 16th June 1989



Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of

Annie Gallagher, Meenahalla

Died 16th Sept 1983

Her brother Patrick

Died 23rd Aug 1986

Their brother James

Died 25th October 1999



In Loving Memory of

Francis Gallagher, Meenahalla

Died 15th Sept 1969

Also his wife Mary

Died 6th May 1975

Their son Peter

Died 9th Nov 1987



Sweet Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of

James Gallagher, Meenahalla

Died 19th Feb 1940

And his wife Annie

Died 27th Nov 1949

Their son Charles

Died 15th March 1966

Their daughter Mary

Died 28th Oct 1975

And their son Jim

Died 27th June 1985

Son Michael

Died 17th June 2003

His wife Lily

Died 7th Feb 2007


Also see 1901 census Meenachallow, Killybegs Lower




In Loving Memory of

William Gallagher

Died 20th Nov 1937

His wife Anne

Died 19th April 1955

His son James Joe

Died 13th July 1944

His sisters Mary died 15th Nov 1946

Cecilia Brady (nee Gallagher)

Died 18th July 1956

Rose died 21st Sept 1960

Brid died 14th ? 1961




Pray for the Souls of

John Given, Loughnacrougha

Died 1st April 1938

Brigid Given, Glenties

Died 25th Jan 1966

Her husband Thomas Given

Died 5th Aug 1971





In Loving Memory of

My Dear Husband

James Kelly

Died 29th July 1987 aged 82 years



In Loving Memory of my dear husband

Andrew McDwyer, Glenties

Who died 16th May 1945

His wife Ellen

Who died 3rd Dec 1957 aged 83 years





Pray for the Happy Repose of the Soul of

James MacLoone Ex. N.T., Glenties

Died 5th Feb 1931 aged 73 years

And of his wife Elizabeth

Who died on 16th Oct 1935 aged 76 years

Their son James Ex. N.T.

Died 7th May 1976 aged 83 years

His wife Mary Ex. N.T.

Died 31st July 1951 aged 51 years

Their son Arthur

Died 20th May 1940 aged 8 months

And their daughter Gemma

Died 10th June 2007 aged 65 years


Also see 1901 census Glenties


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In Loving Memory of

Francie Melly, Strasallagh

Died 15th October 1962

His wife Nellie

Died 2nd March 1966

Their son John Joseph

Died 27th November 1933

Rest in Peace


Note: John Joseph was 12 years old



Pray for the Souls of

Michael O’Donnell, Meenahalla

Died 25th June 1974 aged 85 years

His wife Mary A.

Died 25th June 1981

Also his brother Patrick

Died March 1934



In Loving Memory of

Patrick J. O’Donnell, Meenahalla, Glenties

Died 28th June 1974 aged 68 yrs

His loving wife Margaret

Died 5th Dec 1981



In Loving Memory of

Patrick O’Donnell, Drimnasillagh

Born 1.8.1891 died 24.1.1978

His wife Kate

Born 7.10.1906 died 3.11.1988



In Loving Memory of

Johnny Quinn, Ardconal

Died 27th June 1949 aged 33 yrs

Breid McIntyre

Died 23rd July 1961 aged 21 yrs

Frank McIntyre

Died 22nd March 2002

Rest in Peace



Pray for the Souls of

Patrick Rodgers, Glenties

Died 13th Dec 1959

His wife Bridget

Died 5th July 1977

His sister in law

Annie McMenamin

Died 2nd Feb 1962

Their son Patrick

Died 18th May 1992




In Loving Memory of

Eileen Sweeney, Glenties

Died 31st Dec 1956

James Sweeney

Died 10th Sept 1969

Thomas Oliver Sweeney

Died 14th Oct 1943



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