Non-Catholic Marriages, Templecrone, 1845 to 1863

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Date Groom Surname Cond. Residence Groom's Father Bride Surname Cond. Residence Bride's Father
12/09/54 Alexander Abercrombie B Glenties Hugh Jane Elliot S Templecrone Simon
27/10/53 John Barrett B Inniskeel James Rebecca Hunter S Templecrone Richard
12/01/61 Daniel Boyd B Drumatha, Ardara Hugh Jane Boyd S Templecrone Richard
31/12/50 Thomas Boyd B Ardara Hugh Isabella Boyd S Templecrone Richard
17/02/52 Thomas Boyd B Ardara John Catherine Boyd S Carrickfin James
07/09/54 Edward DeWard B Templecrone Brian Margery Hamilton W Templecrone Andrew Hanlon
10/07/55 Thomas Dudgeon W Templecrone Guy Susan Burke S Templecrone William
08/02/55 William Dudgeon B Mullaghderg Thomas Elizabeth Alcorn S Carrickfin John
14/11/48 William Dudgeon B Innisfree Thomas Jane McConnell S Innisfree James
10/01/54 Richard Ellis B Templecrone Henry Elizabeth Hanlon S Templecrone Andrew
03/12/47 John Hamilton B Tubberkeen John Anne Hamilton S Tubberkeen John
03/11/63 Patrick Hamilton B Templecrone John Rebecca Maxwell S Templecrone James
27/11/49 Robert Hamilton B Tubberkeen John Maryanne Hanlon S Tubberkeen Patrick
03/04/55 Robert Hamilton B Templecrone Alexander Mary Hanlon S Templecrone Thomas
26/01/47 Alexander Hanlon B Meenmore William Jane Hanlon S Meenaboligan William
01/03/54 Andrew Hanlon W Templecrone Wlliam Elizabeth Dudgeon S Carrickfin Guy
17/07/49 John Hanlon W Tubberkeen Wiliam Ellen Kenny S Meenmore Maxwell
07/12/45 Joseph Hanlon B Tubberkeen Alexander Sally Hamilton S Tubberkeen John
21/10/50 Moses Hanlon B Meenmore William Jane Hunter S Crickamore Richard
01/12/49 Thomas Hanlon B Tubberkeen William Elizabeth Ellis S Tubberkeen Henry
09/11/48 Thomas Hanlon B Maghery Thomas Rebecca Hanlon S Maghery James
02/10/51 Thomas Hanlon B Templecrone James Ellen Hanlon S Templecrone James
01/04/50 Thomas Hanlon B Cullion James Sarah Stevenson S Cullion Joseph
24/08/48 William Hanlon B Innisfree Richard Anne Dudgeon S Tubberkeen Andrew
27/12/55 William Hanlon B Templecrone Moses Mary Dudgeon S Templecrone William
13/02/55 William Hanlon B Templecrone Andrew Mary Hanlon S Templecrone William
27/08/50 William Hanlon B Aboligan Andrew Anne Morrow S Mullaghduff John
24/09/50 Richard Heard W Burtonport Edward J. Louisa C. Chambers S Roshin Ldge. Richard
01/01/46 William Jameson B Kilcar Richard Jane Dudgeon S Templecrone John
05/01/46 Charles Kitchen B Clondahorky Robert Anne Hanlon S Templecrone William
20/08/47 Standish Lee B Meenmore Bcks. John Bridget Walsh S Meenmore Bcks. Edward
02/05/62 Robert J. Lennox B Arranmore Henry Anne Campbell S Arranmore Loughlin
09/03/58 Thomas McBride W Clondahorky John Jane Hanlon S Templecrone Thomas
06/12/60 Andrew McCullagh B Templecrone William Anne Dougle S Templecrone William
22/04/45 Matthew McCullagh B Killybegs Robert Isabella Boyd S Templecrone Richard
29/11/49 Thomas Megahy B Gweedore James Sarah Williams S Templecrone Enoch
30/12/45 Charles Morrow B Templecrone John Jane Boyd S Templecrone Robert
13/02/55 Charles Morrow B Templecrone John Isabella Hanlon S Templecrone Redmond
27/01/46 Ephraim Morrow B Meenagowan Ephraim Nancy Morrow S Farrigans Andrew
23/07/64 Francis Nelson B Rathmelton William Margaret Trimble S Templecrone James
02/09/50 Ralph S. Phillips W Termon Ralph Sarah O'Donnell S Loughsalt James
28/08/60 Albert Pogue B Dungloe Robert Maryanne J. Dunne S Crohey Head John S.
25/02/58 Robert Trapnell B Burtonport Henry Jane Hanlon S Dungloe Patrick
12/02/55 John Trimble B Lettermacaward Hugh Isabella Hamilton W Templecrone Maxwell Kenny
04/08/55 James Walker B Ballyshannon David Anne Hanlon S Templecrone Redmond
21/10/55 Robert Walker B Tubberkeen David Jane Trimble S Tubberkeen James


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