Photographs, Old Glenties Graveyard, Inishkeel

These photographs were taken by Bernie in 2008 & 2009 and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Also see headstone inscriptions from Old Glenties Graveyard


Stone Scathlan shown in the photograph immediately above, to the left of the path

Contains monuments to Neal Gallagher (flat headstone on plinth), Patrick & Sarah McLoone (upright stone), and

the MacLoone family of 'the Laurels' (plaque)

Detail of a cornerstone of the Scathlan on the left of the path

'......Henry......his memory his Lord his......heirs and family the right......Francis Mansfield and his......union and heavenly

love the Nesbits, Hamiltons and Montgomerys may this forever show their whole blessed memories......'

Looking across to the stone Scathlan, to the right of the path

Stone Scathlan, to the right of the central path

Contains monuments to Right Rev Mgr. John Patrick Kennedy (plaque) and Ann Toland (small enclosure)

Plaque inscribed with an inscription for Right Rev Mgr. John Patrick Kennedy

Small enclosure for Ann Toland



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