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Parish Priest
Rev Neil McGoldrick PP
Co. Donegal
Tel : 074 9360151
Fax : 074 9360151
Email : fahanparish@derrydiocese.org

Rev Michael Porter CC
Co. Donegal
Tel : 074 9368155

Mass Times & Services:
Mass Times - Sundays Inch: 10am
Holy Days - Inch: 10am
Week Days- Inch: First Friday 10am
Holy Days - Inch: 9.30am
First Fridays - Inch: 9.30am






In Loving Memory of

James Boyle, Benault

Died 14th June 1920

His wife Mary Anne

Died 1st Oct 1925

His son James

Died 13th June 1921

His daughter Catherine

Died 21st Oct 1942

His son John

Died 22nd Jan 1974

Daughter Mary Ann

Died 14th Nov 1982



In Loving Memory of

Alexander Bradley, Taxi Proprietor

Died 12th April 1947 aged 57

Also his mother

Catherine Bradley

Died 20th Nov 1931 aged 75

And his daughters

Catherine died 10th Feb 1927 aged 3 ˝

Annie died 8th Feb 1927 aged 1

Also his wife Isabella

Died 17th June 1964 aged 64

Also daughter Margaret

Died 30th March 2008 aged 86



In Memory of

William Campbell

Died 1st November 1934

His wife Mary

Died 5th August 1948

Daughter Kate

Died 13th July 1976

And their Son

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Campbell

Interred Olean, New York, USA

Rest in Peace




In Loving Memory of

Alex Craig, Grange

Died 21st Nov 1919

His wife Bridget

Died 17th May 1955

Their son Patrick

Died 7th March 1962

Julia Craig

Died 24th Nov 1976

Bridget Craig

Died 13th July 1988

Catherine Craig

Died 9th November 1988



In Loving Memory of

Mary Craig, Carrnaghan

Died 27th May 1912

Her husband Charles

Died 10th June 1917

Their son Patrick

Died 25th Sept 1963

Mary Elizabeth Gallagher

Died 20th Aug 1945

Their daughter

Cecelia Craig

Died 27th Sept 1969



In Loving Memory of

The Doherty Family

Baylett & Carrickanee

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Anne Jane Duffy (Inch)

Died 28th Feb 1912 aged 56 years

Also her grand daughter

Sarah Duffy

Died 14th Nov 1920 aged 1 year


Erected by her husband Jas Duffy



In Loving Memory of

Joseph Durnin died 17.1.1945

His wife Mary died 15.11.1924

His brothers

William died 3.2.1928

John died 6.4.1959

His daughter in law

Gertrude died 7.6.1964

And her husband

James died 8.8.1986

Our Lady of Lourdes Pray for Them



Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Ann Green

Who died 31st May 1909 aged 55 years

Also her sister

Elizabeth McMenamin

Who died 6th May 1914 aged 65 years

Erected by their brother William Green (Ballnakilly)




In Loving Memory of

Hugh Green, Grange

Born 19th April 1874 – died 17th Nov 1924

Erected by the McRae Family



In Loving Memory of

James Green, Bowarn

Died 19th Dec 1914 aged 49 yrs

His wife Susan

Died 6th Feb 1952 aged 89 yrs

Their son William James

Died 12th Feb 1978 aged 71 yrs

His wife Annie

Died 28the July 1972 aged 63 yrs

Their daughter Elizabeth

Died 30th April 1998 aged 61 yrs

And their Sons

James and Thomas died in Infancy



In Loving Memory of

Ellen Hannigan

Died 22nd Dec 1933 aged 75 years

John Hannigan

Died 2nd Feb 1936 aged 77 years

Susannah Hannigan

Died 10th July 1959 aged 61 years

John Hannigan

Died 30th March 1976



In Loving Memory of

A Dear Aunt and Uncle

Mary Kelly

Died April 12th 1934

And her brother

Sam Kelly

Died August 31st 1939

(Bankend Carrickanee)

May they Rest in Peace

Erected by the Kearney Family

Rosemount, Derry



In Loving Memory of

Edward F. McClean

Died 2nd May 1926

Also his wife Margaret

Died 17th Oct 1942

And their children

Claire, died 12th Oct 1937

Frank died 14th Nov 1940

Phyllis McClean

Died 22nd June 1986

Daniel Victor Campbell

Died 14th March 1974 aged 65 years

And his wife Jo (nee McClean)

Died 12th April 2002 aged 90 years

On their Souls sweet Jesus have Mercy




In Loving Memory of

David & Susan McGinley

And their son Hughie

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Patrick McGrory, Grange

Died 2nd Jan 1952 aged 92 yrs

His wife Elizabeth

Died 12th Feb 1933 aged 63 yrs

Their daughters

Hannah Sweeney

Died 13th April 1915 aged 26 yrs

Lena McFeely

Died 3rd March 1954 aged 49 yrs

Annie McGrory

Died 29th March 1981 aged 85 yrs

Their son Thomas McGrory, Glack

Died 28th April 1971 aged 70 yrs

His wife Margaret

Died 2nd Feb 2006 aged 96 yrs



Erected in Loving Memory

Of our Dear Mother

Mary McLaughlin

Who died 30th May 1917

Also her son Joseph

Who died …. Nov 1947

(more here)



Terence McManus

1888 - 1940

Mary McManus

1870 – 1965

James McManus

1910 – 1976

Alphonsus McManus

1909 – 1996





In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth Jane McRae, Grange

Born 18th Dec 1870 – Died 2nd Jan 1934

Her brother William Green

Born 5th June 1881 – died 4th Jan 1961

Erected by the McRae Family



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Rev. Michael O’Mullan, P.P

Ordained to Priesthood 1888

Pastor of Fahan 1915-1939

Died 26th April 1939 aged 78 years





In Loving Memory of

Mary O’Neill, Pettigo

Died 5th March 1913

Her daughter

Catherine Gallagher

Bank-End, Inch

Died 12th June 1945

Her husband

Hugh Gallagher

Died 8th May 1956

Rest in Peace






In Loving Memory of

Bridget Sweeney

Died 14th December 1911 aged 78 years

Her brother John

Died 17th April 1914 aged 80 years

Their sister Catherine

Died 7th December 1920 aged 93 years

Their brother Edward

Died 11th June 1922 aged 67 years

His wife Agnes

Died 9th August 1939 aged 82 years

Their son John

Died 21st March 1962 aged 65 years

His wife Teresa

Died 28th May 2005 aged 89 years



In Loving Memory of

Edward Sweeney

Died 2nd February 1922

His wife Catherine

Died 9th July 1955

His daughter Bridget

Died 2nd June 1931

his sister in law

Susan Campbell

Died 7th January 1944



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