Birth, Marriage & Death Notices, Pettigo, Templecarn, 1829 to 1869

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These notices were extracted from:

The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland)

The Examiner (London, England)

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland)

Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69



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On the 4th March 1838, at Pettigo, the Lady of GV Hamilton, Esq 2d or Queen's Royal Regiment, of a daughter

At Curraghmore, near Pettigo, Co Donegal, last week, a poor woman, named Mary Magee, was safely delivered of three sons, all alive, and likely to continue so (reported Monday, October 14, 1839 in the Belfast Newsletter)


On Sunday 29 Dec1850, at Aughalane House, near Pettigo, the lady of WILLIAM ST GEORGE, ESQ., of a son


On Thursday, 27 May 1852, at Pettigo, MRS HENRY McBRIEN, of a daughter


At Pettigo, on Thursday 13 Dec 1855, MRS THOMAS DOUGHERTY, of a son


On Sunday the 23 Dec 1855, at Pettigo, MRS JAMES GORMAN of a daughter


On 28 February 1862, at Barton Lodge, Pettigo, the wife of ABRAHAM McCAUSLAND ANDERSON, ESQ.,  of a daughter


On 21 September 1863, at Forth Town House, Castlederg, the wife of SAMUEL LEARY, ESQ., M.D., Pettigo, of a daughter





In Pettigo Church ,on the 12 Sep 1833, by the Rev Robert Staples Jacob, EDWARD McMAHON, ESQ., of Westmoreland Street, Dublin, to ELIZA ANNA, fourth daughter of THOMAS ACHESON, ESQ., of Grouse Lodge, in the county of Donegal


On the 9 Oct 1834, in St Maryís Church, Newry, MR GEORGE SMITH, of Pettigo, county Donegal, to ELIZABETH, only daughter of the late HENRY LANGTRY, ESQ., Newry


In Pettigo Church, by the Rev George Harris, on Tuesday, 3 Mar 1835, MR JOSEPH READ, of Ballyshannon, to Miss FRANCES SMYTH, daughter of MR GEORGE SMYTH, Pettigo


On the 7 Jun 1836, at Pettigo Church, by the Rev William James West, JAMES SEMPLE, ESQ., of Garvite [Garvetagh, Ardstraw Parish], county Tyrone, to CATHERINE, second daughter of THOMAS ACHESON, ESQ., of Grouse Lodge, county Donegal


On the 3rd Jul 1836, Mr Joseph Read, merchant, Ballyshannon, to Fanny, daughter of Mr Geroge Smyth, Pettigo


At the residence of her father ,on the 24 Jun 1840, by the Rev Mr Fleming, of Pettigo, MR A. McINTYRE, of Castlefin, to ANN, only daughter of MR JOHN CARSON, of Formal, near Pettigo


April 28 1841, in St Thomasí Church, Dublin, by the Rev Edward Campbell, WILLIAM CRUMMER, ESQ., of Pettigo, in the county Fermanagh, to CATHERINE, only daughter of the late CAPTAIN JAMES BRIEN, Royal Tyrone Regiment


On the 8 Sep 1841, in the Parish Church of Templecarn, by the Rev Thomas Birnie, Rector, ARTHUR GORE  DONLEVY, ESQ., of Donegal, to CATHERINE, third daughter of the late JAMES REA, ESQ., Grayfort, county Sligo


On 8 Sep 1841 at Templecarn Church, Athur Gore Donlevy, Esq, of Donegal, to Catherine, third daughter of the late James Rea, Esq, of Fray Fort, in the county of Sligo


On the 11 Apr 1842, at the house of her father, by the Rev John Holmes, Wesleyan Minister, JANE, daughter of MR ROBERT CORRIGAN, Mosspring, Moy, to the REV ROBERT HAMILTON, Wesleyan Minister, Pettigo

On the 20th June 1844, at the lady's residence, in Pettigo, by the Rev Samuel Blair Shaw, of Castleblaney, the Rev Simon Nelson, Presbyterian Minister of Pettigo, to Mary, relict of the late Adam Scott, Surgeon R.N.


In Pettigo Church, by the Rev Charles Lucas Bell, on the 16 Aug 1845, MR JOSEPH COLLINS, Sergeant of Police, Kilmore, to ANNA, eldest daughter of MR WILLIAM BLACK, High Constable of the Barony of Kilmacrenan, county Donegal


On the 13 Sep 1848, at Pettigo Church, JOHN SCOTT, ESQ., of Dromore, to MARTHA, eldest daughter of HAZLETT HAMILTON, ESQ., of Pettigo


On the 18 Sep 1850 ,in Warrenpoint Church, [Co Down], by the Rev Thomas Moore, A.M., of Liverpool, brother of the bridegroom, JOHN MOORE, ESQ., Newry, to MARGARET, eldest daughter   of the late REV WILLIAM INGRAM, Templecarn, county Donegal and sister to the late REV J. K. INGRAM, F.T.C.D.


On the 7 Nov 1850, in Killaghtee Church, by the Rev Joseph Welsh, HENRY McBRIEN, ESQ., Pettigo, to ELIZABETH, fourth daughter of GEORGE MORROW, ESQ., Milltown, Dunkaneely


On the 7 Jan 1851, in the Presbyterian Church, Pettigo, by the Rev John Davidson, REV JOHN DONALDSON, resident Minister,  to LAURA MATILDA, third daughter of JOHN GIVEN, ESQ., Tullyhummon House, Pettigo, and formerly of Milltown House, county Tyrone


At Pettigo, on the 19 Jan 1853, by Rev J. Ferree, MR ROBERT BUSTARD, of Aughyaran House [Termonamongan parish], county Tyrone, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of MR ISAAC CRAWFORD, of Callion Cottage, county Donegal


April 12 1854, in Pettigo Church, by the Rev Charles Maude, GEORGE MARSHALL, ESQ., M.D., son of the late REV BENJAMIN MARSHALL, of Dromore, to JANE, fourth daughter of HAZLET HAMILTON, ESQ., of Pettigo and Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran


On the 24 Jul 1854, at Boveva Church [Co Londonderry], by the Rev Adam Magill, MR RICHARD LOUGHRY, of Drumgavany, to HANNAH, second daughter of the late DR SEMPLE, Pettigo, county Donegal


At Donoughmore Church, on the 18 Nov 1856, by the Rev Edward J. Dougherty, MR WILLIAM KNOX, Pettigo, to LUCINDA, eldest daughter of MR OLIPHER ARMSTRONG, Carrickmagra, Stranorlar, county Donegal


On the 4 Jun 1857, in Tubrit Church, by the Rev J. Nugent, MR JAMES WEIR, of Glassmulla, near Ederney, to ELLEN, third daughter of MR ROBERT COULTER, Glenegarron, near Pettigo


On the 23 Dec 1857, in the Presbyterian Church, Pettigo, by the Rev Mr Donaldson, MR JOHN AIKEN, Kilmore, county Fermanagh, to MISS ELIZA CRAIG, daughter of MR JOHN CRAIG, Drumnaskew, county Donegal


January 5 1860, in the Parish Church of Pettigo, county Donegal, RICHARD WADE, ESQ., Muckross Lodge, Lough Erne, county Fermanagh, to ELLEN, second daughter of WILLIAM YOUNG, ESQ., Gortnessy House


On the 20 Dec 1860, in the Parish Church, Tubrid, Pettigo, by the Rev Mr Nugent, MR JOHN FIFFE, Bigwood, to MARY, second daughter of MR WILLIAM AIKEN, Kilmore


August 8 1861, at Pettigo, by the Rev George Irvine, cousin to the bride, assisted by the Rev J. Ferrar, ROBERT MAYNE, ESQ., C.E., to ALICIA, fifth daughter of H. HAMILTON, ESQ., of Pettigo, and Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran


May 19 1862, in Strabane, by the Rev Dr Browne, P.P., and V.G., WILLIAM CAMPBELL, ESQ., Pettigo, to Miss McShane, Strabane


July 23 1862, at Maghera Church, [Co Londonderry], by the Rev J. Hamilton, assisted by the Rev M. Moriarty, JOHN KELLS INGRAM, ESQ.,  L.L.D., Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, eldest son of the late REV WILLIAM INGRAM of the Parish of Templecarn, Diocese of Clogher, to MADELINE, second daughter of JAMES J. CLARKE, ESQ., J.P., D.L., of Largantogher, county Londonderry


October 2 1862, in Pettigo Presbyterian Church, by the Rev J. Donaldson, JOHN B. McGROTTY, ESQ., Abervagenny, Monmouthshire, to ALICIA MARY, second daughter of JOHN GIVEN, ESQ., of Brookhall, county Fermanagh


November 5 1862, in Killeter Church, by the Rev E. Edwards, assisted by the Rev J. Ferrar, SAMUEL LEARY, ESQ., M.D., Pettigo, to ELIZA JANE, daughter of the late AUDLEY CALDWELL, ESQ., Forttown House, Castlederg


On 28[?] December 1862, in the Presbyterian Church, Pettigo by the Rev John Donaldson, MR ROBERT HAWLETT, Omagh, to SARAH, youngest daughter of MR DAVID McINTOSH, Crawfordsburn,  county Down


On the 19 Feb 1863, at Pettigo Church, by the Rev John Ferrar, DAVID, youngest son of MR JOSEPH McCORMICK, Drumbane, to ANNIE, youngest daughter of MR ISAAC CRAWFORD, Cullian, near Pettigo


June 23 1863, in Pettigo Presbyterian Church, by the Rev J. Donaldson, MR JEREMIAH STUART, to MISS CATHERINE HOUSTON, both of Pettigo


On 6 Aug 1863, in Pettigo Church, by the Rev John Donaldson, MR JOHN WRAY, of Townlough[Tomlough] near Donegal, to ANN, eldest daughter of MR JOSEPH ROBINSON, of Carn, Pettigo


February 6 1866, in the Roman Catholic Chapel, Pettigo, MR JOSEPH DOLIN, Belleek, to ANNE, fourth daughter of WIDOW McCOWELY, Belleek


May 2 1867, in Pettigo Church, by the Rev Mr Young, Rector, CONSTABLE WILLIAM PHAER, of the Constabulary, to ELLEN, eldest daughter of J. CATHCART, ESQ., Orange Hall, Middlebrook


On the 29 Jan 1868, at Pettigo Church, by the Rev Henry Johnston, Vicar of Boyle, assisted by the Rev James Gully, Incumbent of St Peterís, Athlone, JAMES MONTGOMERY SINCLAIR, ESQ., of Bonny Glenn, eldest son of WILLIAM SINCLAIR, ESQ., of Holy Hill [Leckpatrick, Tyrone] and Drumbeg, county Donegal, to MARY EVERINA, youngest daughter of LIEUTENANT COLONEL BARTON, D.L., of the Waterfoot, county Fermanagh


On the 24 Mar 1868, in Ballyshannon Church, by the Rev John Bowes Daly, MR CHARLES JAMES DUNDAS, Aughnavour[Aghavore], near Pettigo, to ELIZABETH, third daughter of MR LEWIS LIPSETT of Cashel


On the 1 Jun 1868, in Pettigo Church, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Rev William R. Pilsworth, JOHN MICHAEL DONNELLY, ESQ., son of the late ARTHUR DONNELLY, ESQ., of Blackwatertown, county Armagh, to MARGARET, second daughter of the REV W. YOUNG, Rector of Templecarn


November 25 1868, in the Presbyterian Church, Drumlegagh, by the Rev John Davidson, of Drumquin, assisted by the Rev John E. Henry, the REV JOHN DONALDSON, Pettigo, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of JOSEPH MAXWELL, ESQ., Drumlegagh


September 9 1869, at the Parish Church, Dromore, county Tyrone, by the Rev Samuel Simpson, B.A., JOHN M. ROBINSON, ESQ., M.D., Pettigo, county Fermanagh, to REBECCA, only daughter of CHARLES DENNY, Surgeon


September 13 1869, in the Presbyterian Church, Ballyshannon, by the Rev John Donaldson, assisted by the Rev A. Lowry, Ballyshannon, MR HAMILTON ROBINSON, Station Master, Pettigo, to MISS KATE INGRAM, teacher of Pettigo Female National School





At Pettigo, on the 13th Oct 1829, after a tedious illness, sincerely and deservedly regretted, the Rev William Ingram, curate assistant of the parish of Templecarne for upwards of 20 years, aged 52


On Tuesday morning last (14 Sep 1830), sincerely and deservedly regretted, by his friends and acquaintances, MR ALEXANDER HOLMES, of Pettigo, aged 88 years


In Ramelton, on the 19 Jul 1830, aged 37 years, ALICIA, wife of JOHN GIVEN, ESQ., of Ramelton, and second daughter of the late JOHN AIKEN, ESQ., of Pettigo in the county of Fermanagh


On Tuesday morning, 7 Jun 1836, of fever, to the deep affliction of his devoted mother and friends, JAMES SCOTT, son of the late DR SCOTT, of Pettigo, aged 19


At Pettigo, on the 2July 1836, at the house of her son in law, MR GEORGE SMITH, SEN., MRS ELIZABETH McCREA, in the 95th year of her age. She was for nearly for 30 years contemporary with her grandmother RACHAEL WEIR, alias CLARKE, from near Coleraine, who was one of those driven under the Walls of Derry at the siege in 1688 and died at the advanced age of 103


In Pettigo, Ireland, on the 2nd Jul 1836, Mrs Elizabeth McCrea, in her 95th year. She was for nearly 30 years contemporary with her grandmother, Rachel Weir, alias Clarke, from near Coleraine, who was one of those driven under the walls
of Derry at the seige in 1688, and died at the advanced age of 103 (reported in the Examiner, London, Sunday 17 Jul 1836)


On Sunday, the 13th Feb 1842, in Pettigo, Catherine, the beloved wife of the Rev James C Pratt, Wesleyan Minister, in the 55th year of her age, after a tedious illness, borne with Christian resignation - her last words were, "Christ is here"
She leaves behind her an affectionate husband and eight children to lament her loss


In Pettigo, on Sunday, the 13 Feb 1842, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of REV JAMES C. PRATT, Wesleyan Minister, in the 55th year of her age, after a tedious illness


On the 19th Jun 1842, in Pettigo at the house of her son-in-law, Mr George Smyth, Mrs Langtry, relict of the late Henry Langtry, Esq of Newry, aged 63 years


19th Jun 1842, at Pettigo, Mrs Langtry, relict of George Langtry Esq of Newry, aged 63


On the 28 June 1842, at the Bow Island, Pettigo, county Fermanagh, MR GEORGE ALLINGHAM, SEN., in the 100th year of his age. He was the last of the old stock. The united ages of his mother, grandmother and great grandmother exceeded 300 years. He lived contemporary with his great grandmother for nearly 20 years, and from her own lips received an account of the siege of Derry, in which she had been


On the 19th Sep 1842, in Pettigo, Mr Francis McCutcheon, aged 42 years. He had been more than 20 years a consistent member of the Wesleyan Society in that town; and departed this life in sure and certain hope of immortal glory


In Pettigo, on the 19 Sep 1842, MR FRANCIS McCUTCHEON, aged 42 years. He had been more than 20 years a consistent member of the Wesleyan Society in that Town


At Pettigo, on the 24 Apr 1847, of consumption, MR WILLIAM GIVEN, JUN., aged 27


At Pettigo, on Sunday the 2 May 1847, the REV SIMON NELSON, Presbyterian Minister of Pettigo. He caught fever from some of the poor


On 3rd May 1847, the Rev Simon Nelson, of Pettigo, Presbyterian Minister, of fever, caught in the discharge of his ministerial duties


(Reported on 26 May 1849) At Pettigo, county Donegal, of decline, in the 30 th year of her age, MARY, the beloved wife of JOHN C. COPELAND, ESQ., parish schoolmaster, Pettigo, and second daughter of MR WILLIAM HANLEY, of Armaghbrague, county Armagh


At Augherlane , near Pettigo, on the morning of the 6 Jan 1851, EMILY, the beloved wife of WILLIAM ST GEORGE, ESQ.


At Pettigo, on the 22nd Apr 1851, in his 38th year, John Cladwell Given, Esq


At Pettigo, on the 22 Apr 1851, in his 38 th year, JOHN CALDWELL GIVEN, ESQ.


26 May 1851, at Pettigo, county Donegal, MRS J. CAMPBELL, aged 81 years


26th May 1851, at Pettigo, Co Donegal, Mrs J Campbell, aged 81 years


At Pettigo, on the 28 Oct 1852, in his 72 nd year, WILLIAM GIVEN


Suddenly at Pettigo, on the 29 April 1853, ROBERT P. EDWARDS, who discharged the duties of Petty Sessions Clerk at Pettigo, for the last eight years


At Killynoogan, near Pettigo, on the 17 Jul 1856, MR GEORGE SMYTH, aged 76 years


On Saturday week (28 Nov 1856), at Bundoran, MRS AIKEN, of Pettigo


28th Nov 1856, at Bundoran, Co Donegal, aged 83 years, Mary, relict of James Aiken Esq, of Pettigo


 At Letter, near Pettigo, on the 9 Jan 1857, MR RICHARD IRVINE, aged 49 years


On the 12 May 1858, at her residence, Drumawark, Pettigo, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of MR JOHN ELLIOTT, aged 60 years


27 January1862, MARY, youngest daughter of JOHN OLIVER, ESQ., Brookhill, near Pettigo


16 March 1863, at his residence, Dungannon, Pettigo, JAMES YOUNG, aged 78 years


On 1 March 1865, at Kilmore, Pettigo, county Fermanagh, MR WILLIAM AIKEN, aged 81 years


8 July 1865, at Pettigo, MR JAMES THOMPSON


23 January 1866 ,at the Manse, Pettigo, LAURA MATILDA, wife of the REV JOHN DONALDSON, aged 38 years


15 April 1866, at Pettigo, ISABELLA, eldest daughter of the late JAMES THOMPSON   


26 April 1866, at the Manse, Pettigo, the residence of his son in law, the REV JOHN DONALDSON, JOHN GIVEN, ESQ., late of the Excise aged 86 years


2 April 1867, at Gortnessy, Pettigo, REBECCA the beloved wife of MR WILLIAM YOUNG, aged 68 years


23 June 1868, at Tullyhoman, Pettigo, MARY, relict of the late REV S. NELSON, aged 71 years



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