Marriage & Death Notices of County Donegal-born Emigrants to Queensland, Australia 1864 - 1948

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Personal notices relating to County Donegal emigrants and their families extracted from the Brisbane Courier,

The Capricornian (Rockhampton), Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), Cairns Post, & Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

October 5 1864

LAUNDER-WALKER. Married on the 30th September, at St. John's Church [Brisbane], by the Rev. John Tomlinson, by special license, George, the second son of the late George Launder, Esq., of Melbourne, Victoria, builder, to JANE, the third daughter of CAPTAIN JAMES WALKER, county of Donegal (Brisbane Courier)


February 8 1868

MACONOMY-CONNOR. Married on the 6th February, at St. Stephen's Church, Brisbane, by the Right Reverend Dr. Quinn, assisted by the Reverend Father Connolly, MICHAEL ALOYSIUS, fourth son of WILLIAM MARMADUKE MACONOMY, ESQ., C.E., of Finn Lodge, County Donegal, lreland, to Catherine Agnes, youngest daughter of Mr. Michael Connor, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (Brisbane Courier)


April 30 1869

LUCAS-FERGUSON. Married on the 27th April, at Glenview Cottage, Ipswich, Queensland, by the Rev. John Gardiner, MR. JAMES LUCAS, of Summer Hill Farm, Ipswich, formerly of Letterkenny, County Donegal, to Mary Eliza, second daughter of the late Mr. William Ferguson, of Ipswich, and formerly of Newtownlimavady, County Derry, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


October 19 1869

FAULKNER-HASLET. Married on the I8th October, by the Rev. Alex. Caldwell, Mr. James Henry Faulkner of Fortitude Valley, late of London, England, to MISS MARY JANE HASLET of Gregory Terrace, daughter of WILLIAM HASLET of Killybegs County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


December 1 1870

McCOLL-HAZLITT. Married on the 26th November at Wickham Terrace Presbyterian Church by the Rev. James Love Mr. John McColl to MARGARET third daughter of MR. WILLIAM HAZLITT, Gregory Terrace and late of Donegal Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


January 23 1871

ALLEN-ARMSTRONG. Married on the 24th December at the residence of Mr. Robert Roulston, Margaret Street, Brisbane, by the Rev. Charles Ogg, Mr. Robert Allen, late of Ardstraw county Tyrone, Ireland to MISS MARY ANNE ARMSTRONG, late of Ballybofey, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


March 19 1872

HANLON-HASLET. Married on the 12th March, at the Church of England, Fortitude Valley, by special licence, THOMAS WILLIAM HANLON, eldest son of PATRICK HANLON, C.P.S of Dungloe, County Donegal, Ireland, to MATILDA, fourth daughter of WILLIAM HASLET, of Gregory Terrace, late of Dungloe, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


April 23 1873

STRONG-WELLS. Married on the 8th April, at the residence of the bride's brother, South Brisbane, by the Rev. Alexander Hay, P.M. MR. ROBERT STRONG, farmer Indooroopilly, Brisbane River, and late of County Donegal, Ireland, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Wells, of County Monaghan, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


February 3 1874

DEVER-MOYNIHAN. Married on the 31st January, at St. Stephen's Church, by the Rev. Father O'Reilly, PATRICK DEVER, third son of JOHN DEVER, County Donegal, Ireland, to Mary Anne Moynihan, second daughter of Denis Moynihan, of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


January 25 1876

DOHERTY-McBRIDE. Married on the 18th January, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father O'Reilly, JAMES DOHERTY, son of MR. JOHN DOHERTY, Ballybofey, County Donegal, Ireland, to BRIDGET, fourth daughter of MR. JOHN McBRIDE, Dooish, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


April 26 1878

WATSON-CAROTHERS. Married on the 12th April, at Splitter's Creek Church, by the Rev. J. I. Gammie, WILLIAM WATSON, of Carnamoyle Farm, Bundaberg, only son of the late ROBERT WATSON, Carnamoyle, County Donegal, to Bessie Carothers, of Tantitha, youngest daughter of the late William Carothers, Brookeborough, County Fermanagh, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


July 16 1878

BOLES-BRESLIN. Married on the 25th February, at the residence of the bride's brother, Gladstone, by the Rev. Father Cumerford, Jason, second son of Mr. James Boles, Gladstone, to MARY, eldest daughter of MR. EDWARD BRESLIN, Meenagolin, Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


August 9 1879

McLUCAS. Died on the 20th July, at the residence of her nephew, William Watson, Carnamoyle Farm, Bundaberg, MARY McLUCAS, aged 57 years, widow of the late James McLucas, Churchill, Ipswich, and daughter of the late WILLIAM WATSON, Carnamoyle, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


December 5 1879

GRAHAM-STRONG. Married on the 3rd December, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. Moore, GEORGE, eldest son of WILLIAM GRAHAM, farmer, of Dromore, near Ballintra, County of Donegal, Ireland, to Mary Anne, second daughter of John Strong, farmer, of Boggo (Brisbane Courier)


April 30 1881

CALLAGHAN-MIDDLETON. Married on the 25th of April, by the Rev Father Comerford, at Cometville, PATRICK CALLAGHAN, late of County Donegal, to Bridget Middleton, formerly of County Wexford, Ireland (The Capricornian, Rockhampton)


February 6 1882

POLLOCK. Died on the 2nd February, at Brisbane, CATHERINE JANE, third daughter of JAMES and MATILDA POLLOCK, Meenavoy, Donegal, Ireland, and sister of Mrs. S. Bell, Terrace Street, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane Courier)


July 12 1882

HANLON-SHERRIN. Married on the 4th July, at All Saints, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, by the Rev. C. G. Robinson, GEORGE G. C. HANLON, third son of MR. P. HANLON, C.P.S., Dungloe, County Donegal, Ireland, to Ellen S. Sherrin, youngest daughter of Mr. John Sherrin, of Cleveland (Brisbane Courier)


August 5 1882

BROWN-ELVIN. Married on the 1st August, at the residence of Mr. Joseph Brown, by the Rev. M. Madden, John Brown, son of Joseph Brown, of Rockhampton, to ELIZA ELVIN, daughter of JAMES ELVIN, Donegal, Ireland (The Capricornian, Rockhampton)


May 29 1885

WALLACE-FRIEND. Married on the 22nd May, at St. Paul's Church, Rockhampton, by the Rev. W. A. Diggens, THOMAS BALDRICK, eldest son of SAMUEL WALLACE, of Fairview, County Donegal, Ireland, to Mary Ann, "Marian," eldest daughter of Henry Friend, of Gladstone (Brisbane Courier)


October 29 1885

McMULLEN-IRWIN. Married on the 24th October, at Gympie, by the Rev. Leslie C. Jamieson, FREDERICK A. McMULLEN, of Brisbane, to EMMA MARY, daughter of the late JAMES IRWIN, Enniskillen, both formerly of Ballyshannon, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


March 22 1887

BAIRD-KERLIN. Married on the 16th March, at the New Jerusalem Church, Wickham Terrace, by the Rev. W. A. Bates, SAMUEL, the eldest son of JOHN BAIRD, Stranorlar, County Donegal, Ireland, to Dinah, eldest daughter of the late James Kerlin, Ballycreen, County Down, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


February 28 1889

HASTIE-BEATTIE. Married on the 13th February, at the  bride's residence, Bond Street, West End, by the Rev. D. P. Mitchell, James Hastie, oldest son of Samuel Hastie, of Rutherglen, Scotland, to ELLEN BEATTIE, second daughter of EDWARD BEATTIE, of Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


August 22 1889

STEELE-McKNIGHT. Married on the 20th August, at the residence of the Rev. J. Stewart, Arthur Street, New Farm, Brisbane, JAMES, son of ROBERT STEELE, of Ray, Donegal, to ELIZABETH, daughter of MOSES McKNIGHT, Glenmaqueen, Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


December 28 1891

FLOCK-BRESLIN. Married on the 24th December, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Fouhy, Charles Flock, of Wartzburg, Germany, to BESSIE, second daughter of EDWARD BRESLIN, merchant, of Finntown, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


May 19 1892

McCAVESTON. Died on the 10th May, at Brisbane John McCAVESTON, formerly Mining Manager, Croydon Goldfield, native of County Donegal, Ireland, aged 48 years [R.I.P.] Home papers please copy (Brisbane Courier)


December 31 1892

CUNNINGHAM-JOHNSTON. Married on the 26th of December, at the residence of the Rev. James Stewart, Arthur Street, New Farm, Robert James, son of John Cunningham, Claggan, Tyrone, Ireland, to MARGARET, daughter of THOMAS JOHNSTON, Carricknahorna, Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


May 3 1894

WARNOCK-FARRELL. Married on the 25th April, at the Manse [Rockhampton], by the Rev. Dr. Hay, ROBERT WARNOCK, ESQ., of County Donegal, Ireland, to Isabella Farrell, Argyleshire, Scotland (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton)


November 25 1895

SHANNON-SHEVLIN. Married on the 19th November, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev. D. Fouhy, Patrick William, eldest son of the late John Shannon, of Brisbane, to ANNIE FRANCES, second daughter of EDWARD SHEVLIN, late of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


July 25 1896

HENRY-MAGINNIS. Married on the 15th July, at his Grace the Archbishop's Private Chapel, Dara, Brisbane, by the Rev. John O'Reilly, Patrick Joseph Henry ("Australian" newspaper), eldest son of the late Felix Henry, to KATHLEEN JOSEPHINE, eldest surviving daughter of the late T. J. Maginnis, Solicitor, Newry, Ireland, and grand- daughter of P. T. RODGER, J.P. for County Donegal, U.S. Consul, Londonderry (Brisbane Courier)


March 14 1903

MURRAY. Died on the 5th March, at his brother's residence, Merivale Street, South Brisbane, DENIS WARD, sixth son of the late EDWARD MURRAY, solicitor, Rosemount, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland, in his 33rd year (R I P ) (Home papers please copy) (Brisbane Courier)


November 14 1911

FURLONG. Died on November 10th, at Woombye, suddenly, WILLIAM RICHARD, aged 34˝ years, son of William Furlong, formerly of Charleville, and grandson of John Furlong, Bridge House, Waterford, Ireland; and of REV. JOHN DOUGLAS BROWNE, County Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


August 14 1915

MacGROARTY. Died on the 18th instant at his late residence Tyrconnell, Jane-street, West End, DANIEL CANNON MacGROARTY, eldest son of the late DANIEL MacGROARTY, of Donegal, Ireland R.I.P. (Brisbane Courier)


March 16 1920

BOYCE-PARKER. Married at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Rockhampton, by the Rev. Father Dwyer, Norah Roach Parker, adopted daughter of the late Arthur Thomas and Edith Mary Gearing, Lower East Street, Rockhampton, to JOHN BOYCE, of Gowarra, Q.C.R., eldest son of JAMES PATRICK BOYCE, of Culladrum, Donegal, Ireland, on 10th February, 1920 (Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton)


January 24 1921

GOLDEN WEDDING.ANDERSON-McCOOMB. Married at All Saints’ Church, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, by the late Rev. Canon Jones, on January 24th, 1871, JOHN, third son of the late MR. JOHN ANDERSON, Tullyhurk, County Donegal, Ireland, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Daniel McCoomb, Herston Road, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Present address, Sheridan Street, Cairns (Cairns Post)


February 14 1922

McCAUSLAND-ASHTON. A wedding of considerable interest to a large number of friends took place at All Saints' Church on the evening of 25th January. The bride was Miss Madge Ashton, (second daughter of Mr. A. Harwood Ashton, Paddington), and the bridegroom, MR. LOUIS JOHN McCAUSLAND, (youngest son of the late MR. and MRS. OLIVER McCAUSLAND, Donegal, Ireland). The Rev. C. Dunn officiated (Brisbane Courier)


January 10 1925

KEANEY-LOVE. Married on December 24th, at St. Joseph’s Cathedral [Rockhampton], by the Rev. Father McLaughlin, P.P., JAMES, second son of MR. and MRS. W. KEANEY of Ballyshannon, Donegal, to MARY MARGARET, daughter eldest daughter of MR. and MRS. W. LOVE, Rockhampton (The Capricornian, Rockhampton)


May 13 1925

McCLENAHAN-AIKEN. Married April 30th, in the Valley Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. R. Millar, ROBERT J., son of the late MR. JOHN McCLENAHAN, Lisburn, Ireland, and MRS. McCLENAHAN, Teneriffe, Brisbane, to Elizabeth Adelaide Houston, daughter of the late MR. and MRS. JOHN F. AIKEN, Manorcunningham, Co. Donegal, Ireland (Brisbane Courier)


August 22 1925

THE LATE MRS. WILLIAM FURLONG. There passed away at Woombye on August 17 after a brief illness, another of Queensland‘s pioneers, MRS. WILLIAM FURLONG, widow of the late WILLIAM FURLONG, formerly of Western Queensland. The deceased lady, who was born in 1840, was the daughter of JOHN DOUGLAS BROWNE, M.A., M.D. of Manorcunningham, Ray, Co. Donegal, and grand-daughter of LADY DOUGLAS. She was the niece of the gifted blind poetess and novelist FRANCES BROWNE and sister of FRANCES BROWNE ARTHUR, who was the popular writer of girls’ and children’s books. Mrs. Furlong came to Queensland with her husband and three small children in the early eighties and settled in Charleville where she bore with courage and fortitude, the hardships and discomforts which befell the lot of the early settlers, always working for the moral and social uplifting of those around her, especially the bush children of whom many to this day retain grateful and affectionate memories. The sudden death of her only surviving son in 1911 saddened and clouded both her and her husband’s closing years. Her husband predeceased her by a little over twelve months. The deceased lady is survived by two daughters, Mrs. F.K. Shirley and Mrs. A.D. Skinner, both of Woombye, and six grandchildren, one of whom is Mr. F.C. Lambourne , now of the H.M.A.S. Tingira, Sydney and formerly of the Department of Public Instruction, Queensland. (Brisbane Courier)


March 21 1938

McCAUSLAND-WHITTAKER. Artistically decorated by girl friends of the bride, the Baptist Church, Albion, was the scene of a wedding on March 10, when MR. HERBERT OLIVER McCAUSLAND (eldest son of the late MR. and MRS. O. McCAUSLAND, Donegal, North Ireland) was married to Miss Ada Eleanor Whittaker (eldest daughter of the late Mr. A. W. Whittaker and Mrs. Church, Albion). The Rev. Robert Kerr officiated (Brisbane Courier)


February 12 1945

MacSWEENEY. Died peacefully in Ward 1, Rosemount Repatriation Hospital, at 2 a.m. on Saturday, 10th February, 1945, WILLIAM JOHN MacSWEENEY, beloved Husband, Father, Nephew, & Cousin of Mrs. C. F. MacSWEENEY, Maxwell, and Patrick, Mrs. M. Geary (late of Gympie), W. Mac Sweeney, Port Glasgow, Scotland, & Reg. Blaney, County Donegal, Ireland. Inserted by his loving Wife & Family (Courier-Mail, Brisbane)


June 4 1948

KINCAID. Died at the Cairns Base Hospital on 18th May (after long illness), ROBERT KINCAID, native of Raphoe, County Donegal, Ireland, aged 84 years. "At Rest" (Cairns Post)


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