Raphoe Jottings, Co Donegal

Extracted from the Strabane Morning Post

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Tuesday, November 5, 1833


Committed to Lifford Gaol on the 29th ult by B. G. HUMFREY, ESQ. JOHN HARRIGAN charged with having on the 22d June, 1832, at Raphoe, murdered JAMES BELL

Great credit is due to CONSTABLE SCULLY and the party of Constabulary, stationed at Dunnemana [Co. Tyrone], for their unremitted exertions for the last sixteen months, to apprehend Harrigan. They succeeded in tracing him to a lonely part of the mountain near the Plumbridge, where they took him in bed. He had lately returned from England


Tuesday, October 13, 1835



 On Wednesday the 24th ult. WILLIAM SHELDON, aged 70, put a period to his existence, in the house of his brother, MR. A. SHELDON of Magherysolus, near Raphoe, where he had been living for some time. Deceased had, when a young man, emigrated to America, where he married, and had a large family.  He returned to this country in November, 1833, and resided with his brother. In the beginning of last spring, having shewn symptoms of derangement, he was removed to the asylum in Derry, from which he was shortly afterwards discharged.  He then sailed to America, to see his family and returned in the beginning of last month, and appeared greatly depressed in spirits, since his return.  On the morning above stated, he breakfasted with his brother’s family, and shortly afterwards was discovered in the barn, by his nephew, suspended by a rope from a beam, which was used for weighing oats. He was immediately cut down, and every means used to restore animation, but we regret to say, without effect.  An inquest was held on the body by WILLIAM FENWICK, ESQ. J.P. and a verdict returned of “Temporary Insanity”


Tuesday, February 16, 1836


On Tuesday last, as JAMES CRAWFORD, a labourer of the REV. MR. IRVINE’S of Raphoe, was putting a cover on a horse, the animal attempted to bite him, and struck him with its head, from which he was so much injured, that he died in the course of two days. - An inquest was held on his body on Friday last, when the Jury returned a verdict - “Died from injury received by a stroke from a horse”


Tuesday, January 31, 1837


On the evening of Sunday last, a flax mill, belonging to MR. JOHN DELAP, of Cooladerry, near Raphoe, was broken into, and the axle tree brasses stolen. This is the second depredation of the same kind which has been committed this season; and it is hoped, that any person found offering such articles for sale, will be taken into custody, in order that such an example may be made as will put a stop to such villainous conduct


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