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Mainistir Ráth Maoláin


Rathmullan Priory, built c 1508 by Rory Mac Sweeney Fanad and presented to Carmelite Friar Mac Sweeney of Connacht 1516

Plundered by George Bingham (1595) and used as a barracks (1601) by Ralph Bingley

In 1618 the Nave, or western portion, was adapted as a castle-residence by Bishop Knox

Its garrison repulsed the Jacobite Duke of Berwick in 1689

The Chancel (eastern) portion of the Church continued as a Parish Church until its abandonment in 1814




This is as complete a listing as I was able to compile

There are more headstones/grave slabs however, some are very weathered, so as to make them unreadable, or they are broken or partially buried




George ?

Who Departed This Life

On The ?

AD 1849

Also Martha, His Wife

Who Died On The 18th of June 18?

Aged 75 Years

Also John, Grandson of the above

Who Died on the 19th Feb 18884

Aged 21? Years

Also Mary Sweeney

Died 11th July 1922

Aged 70 Years

? Grandaughter

Betty Daly

Died Feb 1935

Aged 8? Years



In Loving Memory of

Commd Fitzmaurice Acton

CMO Royal Navy

Born 22nd Feb 1873

Died 7th Aug 1920



Sacred to the Memory of

Robert Aikin

Who Departed this Life

The 20th Sep 1845

Aged 25 Years



In Loving Memory

of Our Dear Father

Robert Alcorn, Glencross

Died March 24th 1961 Aged 89 Years

Also Our Dear Mother

Rebecca Alcorn

Died April 25th 1966 Aged 86 Yrs

From Their Loving Family

Peace Perfect Peace



Erected to the Memory of

Andrew Allison

Died 1st June 1860

His Wife Rebecca

Died 19th Jan 1892

Their Family

Rebecca Died 22nd Jan 1865

Elizabeth Died 29th Sep 1874

Robert John Died 25th June 1887

Andrew Died 9th Feb 1899

Ann Jane Died 13th Jan 1907

Peter Died 18th Feb 1818

Margaret Died 6 May 1927



In Memory of


Beloved Wife of N Anderson


Who Died 16th April 1909

Also His Father Nathaniel

Died 14th April 1893

And His Sister Mary Ann

Died 10th Dec 1897

Also Elizabeth Culbertson

Infant Daughter of

William and M S Anderson

Died 18th Julky 1913

Also The Above

Nathaniel Anderson

Died 19th Dec 1919

M S Gurney

Wife of William Anderson

Died 3rd Dec 1955

Also William Anderson

Husband of the above

Died 28th July 1960



.................Reverend Francis Armstrong..................

..........Who departed this life 8th day of ? 1886/1836

Aged 80 Years

...............Harriet? Widow of the above Francis Armstrong........

Mark Barington as a...................

But sincere .................

Memories of the Just..................

(grave slab badly weathered)




In Loving memory of

Mary Jane Batt

Born 6th Sept 1848

Died 17th Dec 1919



Rev N G Batt, M A

Vicar of Norton Near Evesham for 35 Years

Died at his residence Rathmullan, 5th May 1895?

Aged 71



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Beattie

Died 22nd October 1928

His Wife Mary Jane

Died 28th September 1938



In Loving Memory of

Frances Matilda Edwards

Beloved Wife of D N Edwards

of Ballgreen

Died 25th October 1913

Aged 53 Years

Also David N Edwards

Died 4th April 1917

Aged 68 Years

And David N Edwards

Died 25th Aug 1964

His Wife Mary Victoria

Died 7th Oct 1961



In Memory of

Mary Ann Edwards

Died 4th August 1905

Aged 86 Years

Also Her Son

Peter Hamilton Edwards

Died 10th March 1930

Aged 80 Years

Also Her Daughter

Jane Walsh

Died 1 July 1939

Aged 85 Years

Also Her Daughter

Annie Edwards

Died 9th December 1943

Aged 85 Years

And Minnie Annie McCully

Died 3rd October 1955

Aged 72 Years



In Memory of

Mary W? of Arthur Edwards

Died 8th Apr 1905

Aged 33 Years

Also Arthur Edwards

Who Died 4th June 1940

Aged 80 Years

Also Rebecca

Wife of Arthur Edwards

Who Died 11th Sept 1962 Aged 79 Yrs

Also James Morrison

Who Died 27th Nov 1954



Sacred to the Memory of

Walter Edward Elliot

Lieutenant Royal Navy

Born 19th September 1860

Died ?th January 190?



Erected by

Richard Hawkin

In Memory of

Mary Anne

His Beloved Wife

Who Died 4th February 1880

Aged 21 Years

Charles McGhee

Father of the above

Died 15th Dec 1868

Aged 52 Years

Also Eliza McGhee

Who Died 12th Feb 1905?

Aged 88 Years




In Loving Memory of

Alberta Josephine Henderson

Who Died 13th June 1946 Aged 62 Years



........ the resting place of the mortal remains of the

? John? Henderson of Rathmullen

Whose work was ? duly appreciated

..................... his departure from this

............... World on the ?7th May 1818?


.....David Samuel........

(grave slab weathered & broken)




To The Dear Memory of

John Darcy - Irvine

Commander Royal Navy

Who Died at CarraLeena 12 April 1907

"Redeemed With The Precious Blood Of Christ

Through The Gates Of Death We Enter Into Everlasting Life"



In Most Loving Memory of

Colonel John Hewitt Jellett CMC

Royal Artillery

Who Died 10th September 1?32

"Death is the Birth of Life"

And of his Wife

Salisbury Mabel Jellett

Who Died 28th December 1?50



To The Memory of

Rosa Lawrence

Died 8th March 1908

Aged 77 Years

(other side)

To the Memory of

William Gregory Lawrence

Late of Coleraine

Died 17th November 1898

Aged 63



Here Lieth The Remains of

Mary? ? The Beloved Wife of?

Robert Lockhart

Who Departed This Life On the 5th? Day of ? 1823?

Also Elizabeth Love Her Daughter

Who Died on the 5 Oct 186? Aged 6? Years



John Mallins, Solicitor


Born 28th Jan 1850

Died 19th Oct 1911

Also His Wife


Died 29th March 1929

Aged 86 Years



In Loving Memory of

The Malseed Family


(later inscription added)

Ellen Sarah Scott Died 1958

"God is Love"



In Loving memory of

My Dear Husband

Thomas Mayrick

Who Died 10th April 1899

Aged 42 years



In Loving Memory of

Charlotte Lane McClenaghan

(Nee McGuinness)

The Priory Rathmullan

2 June 1903 - 29 June 1991

Widow of

Herbert Eric St George McClenaghan



In Memory of

Rev John McFarland, MA

For 48 Years

Minister of Rathmullan

Presbyterian Church

Died Oct 17th 1908

Also His Wife

Elizabeth Jane Williams

Died December 27th 1922



Sacred to the Memory of

Colonel Arn? Shrewsbury Montgomery

Died at Fort Royal Rathmullan

5th April 1924

"Because I Live Ye Shall Live Also"

And of his Sister

Evelyn Fannie Stopford

Wife of Brig General A B? Stopford

Died 12th May 1949




In Loving Memory of

George Morrison

Who Died 16th August 1940

Also his Mother

Sarah Jane Morrison

Who Died 22nd December 1958

Her Husband Samuel

Died 25th May 1969



In Memory of

John Morrison

Who Died 31st? March 1871

Aged 78 Years

Also His Wife


Who Died 23rd July 1870

Aged 78 Years

Also Their Sons

James Morrison

Who Died 9th August 1888

Asleep in Jesus

And Robert Morrison

Who Died 9th June 1891?

Also Margaret

Wife of the above James Morrison

Who Died 13th? May 1903

Aged 62 Years



In Loving Memory of

My Dear Husband

John Morrison

Died 24th Jan 1916 Aged 35 Yrs

Also Infant Son James

Died 22nd Feb 1910

Also Jane Malseed

Only Daughter

Died 21st May 1918 Aged 11 Yrs

Also His Son John Alfred

Died 17th Sep 1941

And Elizabeth

Wife of above John Morrison

Died 1st Sep 1952

And Margaret

Wife of Alfred

Died 26th Aug 1960

"Sleep in Jesus"



In Loving Memory of

James Scott 1912


Jane Scott 1918

Joseph Scott 1924

John Scott 1967

Laura Scott 1976

Samuel Scott 1999



In Remembrance of

Edith Louise Shipley

Of Guildford Surry

Died 28th Feb 1961

Beloved Mother



A Smith

Wife of Thomas Smith

Died the 16th day of October 18?9 (39 or 89)

Aged 71? Years



In Loving Memory of

Rev Charles Robert Rowan Stack

(Vicar of Holy Trinity, Frome, Somerset for 40 Years)

Died in Rathmullan

21st December 1944



In Loving Memory of

John Wilson

Who Died 25th May 1863

Aged 63 Years

Also His Wife Rose

Who Died 3rd Jul 1888

Aged 68 Years



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