Headstone Inscriptions, Raymoghy Church Of Ireland Graveyard, Raymoghy, Co Donegal


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This is a complete survey, except for one headstone, which was very hard to read
There are around 30 inscriptions and no others, although some authorities would say that there are actually many more buried in the graveyard,

but their graves are not marked





Sacred to the Memory of

Hannah Birt

Wife of Ezekial Birt

Who departed this life

July 1st 1851

Aged 33 Years



In Loving Memory of My Dear Wife

Marita Browne

Who Died 17th May 1982 Aged 31 Years





In Loving Memory of Our Dear Parents


Edward Browne Died 12th April 1980 Aged 84 Years

Also his Wife

Annie Died 30th November 1998 Aged 85 Years


The Lord is My Shepard



Erected by William Browne


In Loving Memory of his

Father and Mother

Adam Browne

Who Died 20th October, 1865 Aged 56 Years

Rebecca Browne

Died 8th February, 1888 Aged 65 Years

Rebbie McClure

Fell asleep 20th November, 1900

Aged 10 years

Goodbye till the day break

Also his wife

Sarah Jane

Born 12 November, 1853

Died 24 November, 1933

“Her Children arise up and call her blessed and her husband also

And he praiseth her”

Her husband

William Browne

Born 5th November, 1851

Died 4th January, 1944

Also her Daughter

Sadie who Departed to Rest on the 12th July 1946

Also their Daughter

Maltilda Ann Browne

Died 4th November 1864 Aged

10 Years

In Loving Memory of My Dear Wife

Anne Jasper Browne


Who fell asleep 17th July 1939

Aged 48 Years



The Lord Our Righteousness

Sacred to the Memory of the

Revd. William Archer Butler A. M.

Rector of this Parish

Late Professor of Philosophy T.C.D.

Who Died on the 5th Day July 1848

Aged 34 Years


An Inscription in Greek



I have Preached Righteousness in the Ggreat Congregation to I have not refrained my lips O Lord, Thou Knowest.



The Carson Family



Do not grieve or shed a tear

Our love for you is always near



In Memory of

James Chittick

Who Died 28th April, 1877

Aged 81 Years

His two Grandchildren

Who died in Infancy

Robert Lindsey Chittick


Helen Maud Chittick

Who are both interred underneath

The adjoining Stone with

Mrs Wallace



Here Lieth the Remains

Of John Clarke

Late of Galdonagh

Who Died 16th August, 1841

Aged 70 Years



In Affectionate Memory


James W Clifford MaGill


Who Entered into rest

On the 24th Day of October, 1897


The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want.



In Loving Memory of

Ernest Crawford

Died 10th December, 1966 Aged 53 Years

His Wife Rachel

Died 25th August, 1968 Aged 55 Years

Their Granddaughter

Fiona Died 9th December, 1978

Aged 18 Days

His Brother George who died

14th January, 1972 Aged 63 Years

His sister Annie Mary (Robna)

Died 28th November, 1973 Aged 67 Years


Safe in the Arms of Jesus







In Loving Memory of

Martha Doherty


Died 7th August, 1969 Aged 79 Years

Also her Son Alex

Died 21st September, 1996 Aged 68 Years

And his wife Isobel

Died 8th November, 2003 Aged 67 Years

Also Jack Doherty who died 4th February, 2010 Aged 83 Years


Abide With Me



In loving Memory of

Rachel Donaghey Died 11th April, 1880 Aged 28 Years

Her Husband Robert Donaghey died 19th December, 1892 Aged 65 Years

Their son David Donaghey died 14th November, 1912 Aged 38 Years

His wife Margaret Jane Donaghey died 9th August, 1947 Aged 74 Years

Their Son Robert Samuel Donaghey died 22nd January, 1981 Aged 76 Years

Elizabeth Thompson Donaghey Died 22nd July 1985 Aged 79 Years



Erected In Memory of

Thomas Finucane

Who died August 26th, 1870

In the 81st Year of his Age

The last 50 Principal of the Incorporated Society School at Ray

By a few of his attached friends and Pupils as a mark of their

High Appreciation of his estimable character


Elizabeth his Daughter

Died 24th May, 1872

Also Jane his Wife

Who died 19th September, 1882

Also Isabella his Daughter

Wife of the Ven. John Molloy Archdeacon

Of Raphoe

Who Died 26th August, 1907



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Gordon

Died 21st September, 1978

Martha Gordon

Who Died 19th October, 1997



Hunter of Ray


In Loving Memory of Wallace T Hunter

Died 7th December 1992



The Lindsay Family




In Memory of a Dear Husband


Alexander Lindsay

Born 30th July, 1914  Died 10th Oct 2003


His Dearly Beloved Wife Martha (Nee Parker)

Born 23 January 1913  Died 5th January 2009


In Heavenly Love Abiding





In Loving Memory of

James Lyons of Ryelands

Who Died 18th January, 1895

Also His Wife

Elizabeth Jane Who Died

12th April, 1895


Their Daughter

Rebecca Died 23rd May, 1946

Also their son

Samuel Died 27th March, 1952


Peace and Rest Forever



In Memory of

Nancy Mills

The Beloved Wife of

Charles Watson of Galdonagh

Who died 24th December, 1864 Aged 73 Years

Rev 14 13



Erected by Elizabeth McConnell

In Memory of her brother

John Mills of


Who died 14th July, 1885 Aged 95


Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Rev. 14 13



In Loving Memory of the

McFarland Family








In Loving Memory of Our Dear Father

Albert McKinley

Who Died 29th October, 1980 Aged 80 Years

Also Our Dear Mother

Edith Jane McKinley

Died 11th November, 1985 Aged 76 Years

Forever with the Lord



In Loving Memory

Of a Dear Husband and Father


Who Died 11th January, 2002 Aged 76 Years

The Lord Is My Shepard







In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband

William Stevenson

Died Suddenly 7th January, 1974

In Life and Death O Lord Abide With Me



Underneath Here Depose the Remains of

Catherine Usher who departed this life 16th May, 1803

Aged 76 Years

Here also lie the remains

Of John Usher

Brotherly Fellow T.C.D.

36 Years Rector of this Parish

22 Years Archdeacon of the Diocese

Who departed this life on the 20th July, 1835 in the 69th Year of his life



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