Death Notices, Raymoghy Parish, Co Donegal

Transcribed from the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69

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May 29 1830

On the 15th instant, at Manorcunningham, of fever, in the 21st year of his age, MR ROBERT WILSON, student in the Belfast Academic Institution


April 18 1830 

On Wednesday last, the 13th inst., at Drumbarnet, near Newtowncunningham, MR JAMES SMYTH, at the advanced age of 88 years


August 6 1831 

At Labadish, in the 85th year of her age, MRS R. COLHOUN, relict of the late JOHN COLHOUN, ESQ


March 31 1832 

On Wednesday, at Drumbarnett, aged 88, DAVID FULTON, ESQ


January 4 1834

On the 27th ult., in the 69th year of her age, JANE, relict of the late WILLIAM BEERS, ESQ., of Ballyward Lodge, county of Down, and only daughter of the late ARCHDEACON LESLIE, of Kincraigie Castle, county of Donegal


July 25 1835 

At Sharon, near Newtowncunningham, on Monday last, the 20th inst., of apoplexy the VENERABLE DR USSHER, Archdeacon of Raphoe, aged 69 years


August 20 1836 

On the 6th inst., of consumption, at Carricknamart, in the county Donegal, MR JOHN CLARKE, JUN., in the 22nd year of his age. He had been two years student of philosophy in the Royal College, Belfast


April 14 1838 

On Tuesday, the 10th inst., at Manorcunningham, MR JAMES MIDDLETON, aged 67 years, he was a kind husband, and tender parent


February 20 1841 

On Monday, the 15th inst., at Carrickballadooey, near Manorcunningham, county Donegal, after a tedious illness, MR ROBERT COLHOUN, SEN., in the 73rd year of his age


February 11 1843 

At Gortree, near Manorcunningham, MISS MARY RODDY aged 80 Years


March 18 1843

On the 2nd inst., of inflammation in the chest, aged 36 years, JANE, the beloved wife of DR RENTOUL, Ray


September 16 1843 

After a short illness, at the advanced age of 90, MR REDMOND DILLON, of Ballylawn, near Newtowncunningham. His remains were attended to the graveyard of Balleighan


February 24 1844 

On Thursday, the 8th inst., MARY HAMILTON, daughter of MR WILLIAM McGIRR, of Dooish, near Newtowncunningham, in the 23rd year of her age


January 25 1845 

On Sabbath, the 12th inst., near Manorcunningham, MR JOHN CLARKE, aged 75 years


January 17 1846 

On the 7th inst., at Ballyboe, near Newtowncunningham, in the 43rd year of her age, MARTHA, wife of MR JOHN BELL,


August 15 1846 

On Thursday, the 6th inst., at his residence, in Aughliard, Manorcunningham, of scirrhrus of the stomach, WILLIAM DAVIS, aged 43 years


March 13 1847 

On the 7th inst., aged 61 years, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of MR SAMUEL GALBRAITH, Ballyboe, near Manorcunningham


September 11 1847 

On Tuesday, the 2nd inst, at Manorcunningham, aged 80, MISS ELEANOR MONTGOMERY


January 29 1848 

On Friday, the 14th inst., at Maghrabeg, near Manorcunningham, in his 72nd year, MR MATTHEW COLHOUN


July 8 1848 

At Sharon, near Manorcunningham, of typhus fever, on the 5th inst., in the 34th year of his age, the REV WILLIAM ARCHER BUTLER, late Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Dublin, and

Rector of Raymoghy, in the diocese of Raphoe


April 21 1849   

April 1, at Manorcunningham, after a short illness, MR STEPHEN HUNTER


December 7 1849 

At Pittsburgh, on the 4th of November, MRS ROBERT KENNEDY, late of Manorcunningham, in the county Donegal


December 28 1849 

At Manorcunningham, on the 20th inst., after a very protracted illness, MRS JAMES MIDDLETON, aged 24 years


March 1 1850 

February 23, the REV JOHN LESLIE, of 28 Summer Hill, and of Kincraigie, county Donegal, aged 89 years


March 15 1850 

At Labadish, near Manorcunningham, on the 28th ult., after four day's illness, JANE, the only daughter of MR JOHN COLHOUN, aged 8 years


March 22 1850 

On Saturday, the 9th inst., MRS PARK, of Balleighan, near Manorcunningham, relict of the late ANDREW PARK, ESQ  


April 12 1850 

At Ballyboe, Manorcunningham, on Wednesday, March 27th, JOHN, youngest son of MR SAMUEL GALBRAITH,


October 11 1850 

On the 31st July, at Jamaica, MR JOHN COLHOUN, formerly of Manorcunningham, county Donegal


December 6 1850 

On the 19th ult., at Cannon Hill Berks, aged 83 years, ELIZABETH, relict of the late MAJOR JAMES LAW, of Portland Place, Cannon Hill, and Manorcunningham in the county of Donegal, and daughter of the late WILLIAM HORNSBY, ESQ., of the Hook, Hants., and sometime Governor of Bombay


December 20 1850 

On the 17th inst., after a few hours illness, MR JAMES HOUSTON, of Killyverry near Newtowncunningham, aged 63


January 10 1851   

On Tuesday, the 7th inst., REBECCA, youngest daughter of the late MR MATTHEW COLHOUN, of Magherabeg, Manorcunningham


February 14 1851  

On Thursday evening last, JAMES ARCHIBALD, infant son of DAVID GRAHAM, ESQ., Shipquay Street [Londonderry]. His remains will be removed to the burial ground, Raymochy, on Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock


November 28 1851 

Of fever, on the 24th October, at St. Louis, Missouri, United States, JOSEPH HENDERSON SINGER, ESQ., second son of the VENERABLE ARCHDEACON SINGER, of Sharon Glebe, county Donegal, and Professor of Divinity in the University of Dublin


April 16 1852 

At Dunduff, on the 25th ult., aged 84 years, ANN, relict of the late REV JAMES RENTOUL, of Ray, and daughter of his predecessor, the REV ROBERT REID


August 19 1853 

At Neagh, near Manorcunningham, on Sunday, the 14th inst., in the prime of life, MISS ELIZABETH McCONNELL


 February 1 1856

January 30th, at Dunduff's Fort, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of MR SAMUEL CUNNINGHAM


October 24 1856 

At Errity, near Manorcunningham, on Tuesday, the 21st inst., MR SAMUEL PINKERTON, aged 80 years


December 12 1856

At Magherabuoy, near Manorcunningham, on the 3rd ult., MR JOSEPH ARMOUR, aged 75 years


May 8 1857 

On the 2nd inst., near Manorcunningham, MR EDWARD JOSEPH FINUCANE, in the 21st year of his age


On Wednesday morning week, in the 78th year of his age, MR WILLIAM HEGARTY, of Manorcunningham


June 26 1857 

At Woodhill, near Manorcunningham, on the 6th inst., MR ADAM BROWN, aged 80 years


June 25 1858

On the 23rd inst., at Galdonagh, near Manorcunningham, CATHERINE, relict of the late MR JOHN LARKEY, aged 82 years


October 22 1858 

On the 13th inst., at the residence of her sister MRS MITCHELL, Swillymount, Newtowncunningham, MRS PINKERTON, relict of the late MR SAMUEL PINKERTON, Errity, aged 85 years


January 14 1859 

January 8, at Ballyboe, SARAH JANE, the beloved wife of MR WILLIAM GALBREATH, aged 36 years


February 25 1859 

January 18, at Magheramore, near Manorcunningham, MR ARCHIBALD HOOD, at the extraordinary age of 112 years


December 9 1859 

December 2, at Lismoghrey, Manorcunningham, after giving birth to a daughter, who survives, ANNE JANE, the beloved wife of MR GEORGE WILSON


May 4 1860 

April 25, at Manorcunningham, of congestion of the lungs, ROBERT LINDSAY, aged 2 years and four months, the beloved child of WILLIAM GERVAIS CHITTICK, ESQ., of Philadelphia


November 30 1860

November 13, at Errity House, Manorcunningham, of scarletina, SARAH ANN, the beloved child of REV A. RENTOUL, D.D., aged five years and nine months


January 18 1861 

On the 14th January, at Drumbarnett, MR ALEXANDER EWING, aged 86 years


April 5 1861  

On the 10th March, at his father's residence, Dunduff's Fort, Manorcunningham, in his 19th year, MR JAMES R. BOAL 


On the 4th April at his residence, Dunduff's Fort, MR SAMUEL CUNNINGHAM, SEN., His remains will be removed for interment in Errity burying ground on Saturday morning, 6th. inst., at 10 o'clock precisely


November 15 1861 

November 6, ANDREW CUTHBERT, of Bellaghan, near Manorcunningham, drowned, whilst fishing on the shores of Lough Swilly. He is survived by a wife and six children


March 28 1862 

March 25, at Drimoghal, Manorcunningham, MR WILLIAM GALLAGHER, aged 87 years


April 25 1862 

April 21, at Castledooey, MARGARET COCHRAN, aged 16 years


June 27 1862 

June 18, at Cannes, France, ELIZABETH JESSY, fourth daughter of the VEN. ARCHDEACON GOOLD, Sharon Rectory, county Donegal


April 17 1863

At his father's residence, Rusky, Parish of Raymochy, JOHN, son of MR JOHN COLHOUN, aged 19 years


May 5 1863 

April 24, at Grawkey, MR WILLIAM CLYDE, aged 78 years


June 16 1863 

June 8, at Aughliard, near Manorcunningham, MRS ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, aged 85 years, the last of the family of the late REV ROBERT REED, of Ray


June 7, at Corkey, county Donegal, ANN, the beloved wife of MR JAMES McCREA, aged 74 years


January 29 1864 

January 26, at Errity House, Manorcunningham, the REV A. RENTOUL, D.D..The funeral will take place on Tuesday next, 2nd February at 12 o'clock


August 4 1863  

July 30, at her residence, Galdonagh, MRS MARY McMENAMIN


November 17 1863 

November 11, at his residence, Killyverry, MR JOHN HOUSTON, aged 80 years


March 4 1864 

February 28, at Errity, ELIZABETH STEEL, aged 62 years


March 18 1864 

March 13, at Galdonagh Glebe, JANE P. LOGAN, aged 8 years


April 26 1864 

April 20, at Dooish, ROBERT GLENN, aged 64 years


May 17 1864 

May 12, at Galdonagh, REBECCA, wife of MR JOHN CLARKE, aged 34 years


May 20 1864 

May 17, at Galdonagh, near Manorcunningham, WILLIAM JOHN, only son of MRS McCLELLAND, relict of the late CONSTABLE ROBERT McCLELLAND, of Dungannon, county Tyrone


October 7 1864  

On the 21st September, of apoplexy, after a very short illness of two days, JANE, the wife of MR JOHN RUSSEL, of Ballybolother, near Letterkenny, and only daughter of the late MR SAMUEL KING, of Manorcunningham


November 22 1864 

November 15, at Aughliard, near Manorcunningham, MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR JOHN DAVIS


December 30 1864  

December 28, at Dunduff's Fort, SUSAN DONNELL, relict of the late CHARLES DONNELL, aged 88 years


January 6 1865 

On the 24th December, at Galdonagh, NANCY, wife of MR CHARLES WATSON, aged 73 years


March 31 1865 

March 26, at Galdonagh, MR ANDREW LARKEY


April 25 1865 

April 17, at Manorcunningham, JANE MAYNE, widow of the late MR JOHN ROULSTON, Castlederg [Co Tyrone]


June 6 1865 

May 30, at Errity, DAVID HUNTER, aged 20 years


July 14 1865 

July 8, at Ballyshannon, FRANCES BESSIE, third daughter of REV. J.W. IRVIN, Manorcunningham, aged 4 years


January 2 1866  

December 31, at Galdonagh, JAMES, eldest son of MR JOHN PATTERSON


January 16 1866 

January 13, at the Manse, Ballymoney [Co Antrim], LIZZIE, second daughter of the REV JOHN L. RENTOUL. Her remains will be removed from the Railway Terminus of the Northern Counties Railway, Waterside [Londonderry], on Wednesday morning, the 17th inst., at ten o'clock, for interment in the Errity Burying Ground, Manorcunningham


March 20 1866 

January 22, at the house of MAJOR MERCER, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Magistrate, Sealkote, India, JOHN MONTGOMERY, ESQ., of Ray, agent for Indian Flax Company, Belfast


April 3 1866 

April 2, after a short illness, MR JOHN GALLAGHER, Diamond, Londonderry. His remains will be removed for interment in Raymoghey Burying Ground, county Donegal, on Thursday morning, the 5th April, at the hour of ten o'clock


May 15 1866 

May 9, at Linsford, near Buncrana, the residence of her son, MR JOHN TAYLOR, JANE, relict of the late MR THOMAS TAYLOR, of Sharon, near Newtowncunningham, aged 85 years


October 2 1866 

September 18, at Drumbarnett, JAMES, aged 6 years and 10 months, of diptheria, the beloved son of MR JOHN ALEXANDER 


October 2 1866 

On the 15th September, at Drumbarnett, REBECCA JANE, aged 1 year and 11 months, of diptheria, the beloved daughter of MR JOHN ALEXANDER 


December 7 1866 

On the 1st December, at Galdonagh, Parish of Ray, MR NATHANIEL RODGERS


January 1 1867 

On Christmas morning, at the residence of his uncle, Sharon, Newtowncunningham, county Donegal, MR ALEXANDER PHAYRE, aged 20 years


January 29 1867 

January 24, EMMA, wife of JOHN PHAYRE, ESQ., of Sharon Glebe, Newtowncunningham, Derry, and beloved sister of E. HAMILTON, of 22 Ranelagh Road, Dublin


March 1 1867 

February 22, Joseph, seventh son of MR JOHN BARNHILL, Ballylawn, Manorcunningham


March 19 1867 

March 10, at Green Cottage, near Manorcunningham, SAMUEL, eldest son of E. EWING, ESQ 


May 3 1867 

April 29, MR JOHN MILLS, Lismoghery, aged 84 years


June 4 1867 

May 30, at her residence, Killyverry, JANE, wife of MR JOHN HOUSTON, aged 83 years


July 16 1867 

July 11, at Drumbarnett, MRS BARBARA EWING, relict of the late ALEXANDER EWING, aged 76 years


August 23 1867 

August 20, at Drumatoland, near Raphoe, JOHN eldest son of MR ANDREW MUNN, aged 22 years


February 2, at the residence of her sister, MRS NICHOLSON, Cumberland Store, Chiltern, Victoria [Australia], ELIZABETH VANCE, aged 20 years, youngest daughter of JOSEPH VANCE, Sharon, Newtowncunningham


February 21 1868 

February 15, at Sharon Glebe, BARBARA, the beloved wife of MR J.W. BALL, and fifth daughter of the late CAPTAIN J. LEWIN, of her Majesty's 30th Regiment, Mill View Lodge, county Galway


June 2 1868

May 30, at Ballylawn, county Donegal, MR JOHN BARNHILL, aged 80 Years


September 15 1868 

September 11, at her father's residence, Galdonagh, MATILDA RODGERS


November 3 1868 

October 28, at Ruskey, parish of Ray, county Donegal, JOHN DOHERTY, aged 55 years


October 26, at Aughliard, Manorcunningham, ELIZA KING, aged 82 years


January 1 1869 

At her residence, Magheraboy, MARY, the beloved wife of MR JAMES PHILSON, aged 62 years

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