Ray National School, Raymoghy, Co Donegal

Pupil Photograph with Names 1929

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Back Row (from left) : Ms McFarland (Teacher, originally from Fermanagh), Mollie McKnight, Willie McElhinney, Henry McElhinney, ?, Doughlas McElhinney, Frederick McCrossan, Fred McCauley, Charles Doran, Evy McElhinney, Eileen McLaughlin, Ms Alcorn (Teacher, originally from Dunfanaghy).


Third Row (from left) : Minnie Arthur, Georgie Gibson, Edith Crowe, Jean Duncan, Mae Allen, Hessie Duncan, Isa Stevenson, Maggie McElhinney, Meta Wallace, Katie Galbraith, Cissy McCrossan.


Second Row (Sitting on Bench, from left) : Hessie Arthur, Jim Moore, Lena Doran, Edwin Moore, Mable Stevenson, Robert Leckey (Grants Brae), Lizzie Leckey, John Coyle, Nellie Allen, David Wallace, Elsie Rutherford,

Fred Stevenson.


Front Row (from left) : ? Lecky (Grants Brae), Sam Arthur, Willie Lecky, Sandy McElhinney, Dixon McElhinney, Charlie McElhinney, Robbie Stevenson.


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