Raymunterdoney Parish, Co Donegal

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Available Records

Tithe Applotment Books
Griffith's Valuations
1901 and 1911 Census

Tithe Applotment Books


Raymoghy - Rosenallis LDS 256680

Griffith's Valutions


Dunfanaghy Electoral Division, 1858-1

Errarooey Beg
Errarooey More
LDS 833553 Items 2 - 3 


Cross Roads Electoral Division, 1909-1947

Ballyboe Mountain
Devlin or Barr of Ballyconnell
Drumnatinny Barr
Moyra Glebe
LDS 832535

1901 and 1911 Census


1901 D.E.D. 26/5-16, 17c LDS 824871

1901 D.E.D. 33/24-25  LDS 824873 Item 2 


1911 Cross Roads D.E.D. 26/5-15 Townlands: Ballyboe, Ballyboe Mountain, Ballyconnell, Carrowcanon, Derryreel, Devlin or Barr of Ballyconnell, Drumnatinny, Drumnatinny Barr, Dunmore, Meencoolasheskin, Moyra Glebe  LDS 2081088   

1911 Cross Roads D.E.D. 26/16-17 Townlands: Ray, Crossroads Town (part of)  LDS 2081089   

1911 Dunfanaghy D.E.D. 33/25-26 Townlands: Errarooey Beg, Errarooey More  LDS 2081095   

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