Ray Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Raymoghy, Co Donegal

(2nd Ray Meeting House)


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In Memory of

Clarke Houston Allen

18 years Government C.E. India

Died while on a visit with

His sister Mrs. Aiken, Manorcunningham

31st Oct 1895 aged 39 years

Also John Houston

Son of J. F. & the above M. J. Aiken

Died 3rd May 1906 aged 18 years

Also John Floyd Aiken

Died 14th April 1918 aged 65 years

Also his wife Margaret Jane

Died 24th March 1925 aged 71 years



Erected in Memory of

Elizabeth Armour

Who departed this life

24th February 1870 aged 75 years




71666 Private

J. Barnhill

27th Bn. Canadian Inf.

14th August 1916 age 27

Thy will be done



(stone worn)

John Barnhill

Who died 30th May 1868 aged 80 years

Also Joseph Barnhnill of ?

Who died  22nd Feby 1867 aged 21 years

Also in Loving Memory of

Alexander and Margaret Barnhill, Ballylawn

Also their son David……



In Memory of

William Barnhill aged 61 years

Also Eleanor Hamilton his wife aged 47 years

Both departed this life May 1st 1846

Alexander Barnhill

Who died 13th September 1873 aged 37 years




In Loving Memory of

A Dear Father

John Alexander

Died 3rd Feb 1969 aged 67

And a loving mother

Elizabeth Chambers

Died 12th Jan 1996 aged 83

The Lord is my Shepherd



Erected by

John Birnie

In Memory of his

Beloved wife Eliza Ann

Who died 22nd January 1894 aged 29 years




(no further details)


In Loving Memory of the

Brooks – Lyons families



Erected by James Brown, Drumadoan

In Memory of his beloved wife Jane

Who died 4th February 1868 aged 68 years

Also the above named James Brown

Who died 28th November 1876 aged 73 years

Nancy Brown

Who died 29th February 1908 aged 73 years

David Brown

Who died 22nd November 1913 aged 82 years



Erected in Loving Memory of

William A. Campbell, Balleighan

Who died 24th June 1898 aged 74 years

Also his wife Jane Park

Who died 28th Aug 1896 aged 76 years


Until the day break and

The shadows flee away


A few more years shall roll

A few more seasons come

And we shall be with those

Doth rest asleep within the tomb



Erected by Matthew Chambers, Galdonagh

In Memory of his beloved wife

Sarah Chambers

Who died 20th Nov 1904 aged 75 years

Also the above

Matthew Chambers

Who died 30th June 1909




Carricknamart and Glenmaquin



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Clarke,

Who died at Kenaghin Cottage, Manorcunningham

15th January 1884 aged 75 years

Also his wife

Fanny Gibson

Who died 16th November 1902




(no further details)



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Cochrane

Died 1st Feb 1955

William A Cochrane

Died 29th Dec 1956

Elisabeth M Cochrane

Died 19th Sept 1974



(flat stone)

Here Lieth the remains of

James Colhoun

Late of Lismoghery

Who departed this life

April the 8th 1852

In the 78th year of his age




In Memory Of

Robert Cunningham

Of Drumbarnett

Who Died 23 Feb 1916

Aged 89 Years

Also Of His Father

Samuel Cinnungham

Of The Forth

And Other Members Of His Family




In Memory of

Saml Cunningham

Late of Dunduffs Fort

Formerly of Tullybogley

Who died 27th May 1893



In Loving Memory of

David George Davis

Died 16th July 1968 aged 66 years

Also his wife Sarah

Died 12th February 1974 aged 71 years

“The Lord is my Shepherd”



In Memory of

William Alexander Davis

Son of James Davis, Letterkenny

Who died at Portview Cottage

25th Febuary 1875 aged 11 years



To the Memory of

The Davis Family

Montclink and Drumbarnett




The Devenney Family

Errity, Manorcunningham

The Lord is my Shepherd







The Duncan Family


The Lord is my Shepherd



Duncan, Doorable

In Loving Memory of James

Died 26th Dec 1993 aged 91 years

His wife, Susan

Died 5th Jan 1994 aged 90 years

Their daughter Mollie

Died 23rd Jan 2006 aged 79 years




In Loving Memory of

John James

Died 27th April 1983 aged 87 years

And his wife Christina

Died 11th Jan 1993 aged 87 years



In Loving Memory of

William Fletcher, Aughlihard

Who died 6th October 1870

Also his wife

Margaret Reed Cunningham

Who died 12th January 1903

And their son Robert (no dates)

Also their daughter

Martha Fletcher, Castletorrison, Convoy

Who died April 1935




Ballyboe and Carrick

In Heavenly Love Abiding


(flat stone in front of above)

Underneath are deposited the remains of

Samuel Galbraith of Ballyboe

Who died 14th December 1854 aged 85 years




Gallagher, Fahan

John Gallagher

Died 28th June 1976 aged 84 years

His wife Matilda Mary

Died 29th October 1978 aged 84 years



Gamble, Castlethird

“In Heavenly Love Abiding”.



(flat stone)

Erected by Prue Clarke

In memory of her father

John Gibson

Who departed this life

28th April 1868 aged 88 years




Erected to the Memory of

Robert Gregg of Galdanagh

Who departed this life

28th Feby 1858

In the 84th year of his age

Also Rebecca his wife

Who departed this life

4th May 1855

In the 73rd year of her age

Also Jane Gregg

Who died 27th March 1856 aged 76 years



In Loving Memory of

The Hamilton Family

Whitehill, Manorcunningham

“The Lord is my Shepherd”



In Loving Memory of

Mary Elizabeth

Widow of James Hay, Trimragh

Died 29th July 1958

Also her son

David Cunningham Hay

Died 6th Jan 1972

And her daughter

Margaret A. M. Hay

Died 13th February 1990



Erected in Loving Memory of

Robert Hay

Who entered into rest on Sabbath

18th Aug 1912 aged 84 years

Also his wife Martha Hay

Who died 20th Feb 1915 aged 82 years

And their daughter Jane Wright

Died 16th Nov 1898 aged 26 years


(LHS of above stone)

Annie Martha Montgomery

Died 2nd November 1919

Margaret Knox Laird

Died 22nd July 1944

James W.K. Hay

Died 12th March 1941

William P.D. Hay

Died 4th May 1932

And his wife Jeannie E.

Died 22nd January 1925



Hetherington, Errity

The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

Elsie Houston

Who died 31st May 1944

Also her sister

Jane Houston

Who died 28th March 1960

“Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty”



In Loving Memory of

Annie S. Aiken

Wife of Robert Hunter

Who fell asleep in Jesus

6th July 1910

Also his sister Mary A.

Died 20th Jany 1917

And his sister Isabella Baird

Died 28th Nov 1951

Also the above Robert Hunter

Died 11th Sept 1952

Also his wife Elizabeth (Lily)

Died 29th Novr 1954

Good-night and in some fairer clime

Bid us Good-morning



In Loving Memory of

Thomas Thompson Hunter

Leslie Hill, Manorcunningham

Died 15th January 1987 aged 84 years

And his wife Edith Wilhelmina

Died 17th May 1989 aged 90 years

“The Lord is my Shepherd”



21971 Private

A. Hutcheson

Royal Inniskilling Fus.

1st May 1918

He gave himself for Freedom



In Loving Remembrance of

Frederick James Irwin

Errity House, Manorcunningham

Who died 18th October 1922

And his father

Dr. William Irwin

Who died 7th January 1924

Also Margaret Augusta Irwin

Who died 31st May 1934

and was laid to rest in Belfast City Cemetery



In Loving Memory of

John Keatley, Strabane

Who died 20th April 1947

Also his sisters

Charlotte Elizabeth Keatley

Who died 5th October 1961

Florence Gertrude Keatley

Who died 5th November 1961







In Memory of

James King

Died 7th Dec 1896 aged 88 years

Also Margaret his wife

Died 17th March 1863

And their children

Catherine died 10th Oct 1868

Sarah Maria died 21st May 1884

Rebecca died 13th May 1913

William died 10th Dec 1927

Margaret died 6th August 1928



The Family Burying Ground of

William Laird

Red Brae



Lecky, Pluck

The Lord is My Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

William Leckey

Who died at Woodside

September 1852 aged 46 years

Also his wife Jane Clarke

Of Carricknamart

Who died at Strabane

16th August 1877 aged 74 years

And his brother

Andrew Leckey

Who died at Woodside

23rd November 1869 aged 52 years

Also his wife

Margaret Fletcher of Lurgy

Who died at Londenderry

29th August 1881 aged 52 years

And their youngest daughter

Grace Clarke

Who died at Londonderry

19th November 1882 aged 20 years


(stone in front of above)

Isabella Porterfield

4th Feb 1936

John Porterfield

1st Aug 1936

Annie Porterfield

3rd Sept 1941

Samuel A. McClintock

22nd May 1962

Mary Isabella McClintock (Maybelle)

Died 5th Dec 1989 aged 85 years



Erected by

Andrew Logan

In Memory of his beloved wife Isabella

Who died 17th April 1893 aged 36 years

Also his father James Logan

Who died 29th Oct 1883 aged 66 years

And his mother Jane

Who died 11th May 1873 aged 46 years

Also Andrew Logan

Who died 10th April 1912 aged 57 years

Also his son James Logan

Who died 14th Dec 1918 aged 31 years

Also Rachel

Wife of the above

Andrew Logan

Who died 30th November 1933 aged 69 years




In Memory of

Mary Jane McCandless

Wife of Leslie McCandless of Corkey

Who died 24th April 1873 aged 30 years

Also his infant son Thomas Leslie

Also the following children

Isabella H. McCandless

Died 6th April 1884

Leslie H. McCandless

Died 6th January 1885

Margaret G. McCandless

Died 14th September 1888

Annie G. McCandless

Died 6th April 1893

Also the above Leslie McCandless

Died 29th August 1909

And his second wife

Annie J. McCandless

Died 26th September 1914



See 1901 Census Corkey

Researcher: May - Email


Thomas McCandless

Died 12th September 1937







In Loving Memory of

John McClean

Died 27th May 1953 aged 63 years

His wife Annie

Died 6th February 1982 aged 76 years

Their son Jim

Died 13th February 2005 aged 77 years



In Memory of

The McConnell family

Moneyhaughley, Manor

At Rest



In Loving Memory of

Our dear Father

Alexander McConnell

Died 4th Dec 1943

Also our dear mother Matilda

Died 31st July 1977

Their infant sons

Andrew, Frederick, James, Andrew

Mabel McConnell

Died 3rd June 1981

Alex McConnell

Died 11th December 2006

Willie John McConnell

Died 4th October 1985

The Lord is my Shepherd



McConnell, Manorcunningham

Also Frank A. McNutt, “Swillymount”,

Called home 11th April 1969

In thy Presence is fullness of Joy

In Memory of

Fred & Gavin & Adam



(flat stone)

Sacred to the memory of

Thomas McCrea

Son of John McCrea of Rylands

Who died April 18th 1852

In the 10th year of his age

Also his father

John McCrea

Who died April 30th 1884

In the 77th year of his age

Also his mother Isabella

Who died May 20th 1895

In the 87th year of her age




In Loving Memory of

William McCrea of Aughliard

Who died 28th May 1920 aged 76 years

Also his wife

Catherine Noble

Who died 24th Oct 1911 aged 56 years





“The Lord is my Shepherd”



In Loving Memory of

McElhinney family


The Lord is my Shepherd

Erected by the family



In Loving Memory of

John (Jack) McGirr, Trimragh

Died 10th June 1984 aged 75 years

Also his wife Rebecca  (Ruby)

Died 28th June 2002 aged 92 years

At Rest



In Loving Memory of

Rachel W. McGirr

Who died 4th February 1922

And her husband

William McGirr

Who died 25th August 1947

Safe in the arms of Jesus







D. McKinley

(no further details)



In Loving Memory of

My dear  husband

Samuel David McKinley

Who died 1st May 1938

“At Rest”



In Loving Memory of

John McKinley

Died 11th March 1961

Also his beloved wife Mary Jane

Died 4th Oct 1965

The Lord is my Shepherd



McKinley, Veagh

In Loving Remembrance



In Loving Memory of

Mabel McKinney

Died May 1939 aged 24 yrs

John died 12th Nov 1960 aged 84 yrs

Isobel wife of John

Died 21st June 1963 aged 76 yrs

Jim died 12th Aug 1979 aged 66 yrs

William died 20th Aug 1979 aged 59 yrs

David died 1st Jan 1983 aged 72 yrs

Annie Elizabeth wife of William

Died 19th Sept 2000 aged 73 yrs



In Loving Memory of

David McNair, Lisclamerty

Died 5th June 1962

His daughter

Agnes Tinney

Died 22nd December 1974

His son

David Alexander (Alex)

Died 23rd August 1983

Maude Josephine

Wife of Alex

Died 5th June 1994



To the Memory of

The McNair Family




McNair, Veagh



The McNutt Family


The day thou gavest Lord is ended



 (flat stone)

Sacred to the Memory of

Hugh Montgomery of Ballybegley

Who died 12th July 1851aged 94 years

Also of Margaret Montgomery

His beloved wife

Who died 21st August 1852 aged 70 years

Also of Elizabeth Holmes

who died 1st June 1857 aged 2 years

Also of John Holmes of Ballybegley

Who died 13th July 1918




(flat stone beside above)

Sacred to the Memory of

Eleanor Montgomery of Ballybegley

Who died 2nd September 1847 aged 84 years

Also of Doctor Montgomery of Ballybegley

Who died 20th April 1848 aged 27 years

Also his sister Jane Holmes

Who died 31st January 1873

Beloved wife of Charles Holmes of Rossgier

Who died 18th May 1895

Also members of their family

Mary Crammond 28th July 1866

Ellen Shaw 14th August 1928

Rebecca Jane Houston

Who died 6th November 1931

Annie Foster Keatley of Strabane

Who died 9th March 1938

Hugh Montgomery Holmes of Rossgier

Who died 17th July 1938



In Loving Memory of

A Dear Wife

Mary Moore, Ballyboe

Died 19th September 1967

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



Erected in Memory of

The Moore Family




In Loving Memory of

William Morrison of Aughliard

Who died 6th Dec 1892 aged 60 years

Also Elizabeth his wife

Died 20th December 1912 aged 69 years



(flat stone)

Here lieth the remains of

Samuel Noble

Who died 28th May 1856 aged 50 years

Also Prudence his wife

Who departed this life on the

17th August 1867 in the 46th year of her age

Also John Noble, their son

Who departed this life

8th May 1870 aged 19 years




Erected by Samuel Park, Drumerdagh

In loving memory of his father

William Park died 15th Jany 1853

Also his mother

Martha Park died 15th Nov 1873

Also his sister

Eliza Park died 10th June 1847

And his brothers

William Park died 11th Jan 1850?

Hugh Park died 15th August 1872

James Park died 27th August 1897

Also the above Samuel Park

Died 2nd August 1899



The Patterson Family,




Here lie the remains of

John Patterson

Late of Galdenagh

Who departed this life

The 8th of January 1851

In the 75th year of his age







Erected In Memory of

Elizabeth Hammond Phillips

Who died at Drumcairn

23rd January 1930

Also her son Alexander

Who died 9th November 1973

And his wife Margaret

Who died 21st June 1971



Platt, Drean



Platt, Ray




(no further details)



In Loving Memory of

Joseph Rankin, Magherabuoy

Died 5th April 1931 aged 57 years

Also his wife Sarah Mary

Died 12th August 1926 aged 51 years

Also their daughter Isobel Matilda Rankin

Died 14th April 1984 aged 70 years

And daughter Elizabeth Maud

Died 11th June 1999 aged 84 years

“Until the day break”



Erected by

Samuel Reed of Ellistron

In memory of his wife

Isabella P Clarke

Who died Nov 15th 1861 aged 28 years



The Revd Alexr Rentoul

In memory of

Jane Thompson his wife

Who died March 2nd 1848 aged 36 years

Here is also interred the body of

Revd Alexr Rentoul M.D., D. D.,

For 25 years minister of

2nd Ray Presbyterian Church

Who died January 26th 1864 aged 68 years



Underneath this Stone rest

The remains of

The Rev. James Rentoul

Who departed this life

May 30th 1839 in the 78th year of his age

And 50th of his Ministry

In life a faithful laborious and devoted

Servant of Jesus Christ

In death triumphant through his

Beloved Master

The Righteous shall be in

Everlasting remembrance



In Loving Memory of

Andrew Robinson

Died 25th January 1917

His wife Elizabeth Margaret

Died 27th December 1946

Their sons

William John died 24th Sept 1961

Andrew Joseph died 7th Jan 1974



In Loving Memory of

James Rodgers, Mondooey

Died 14th Dec 1962 aged 69 years

His wife Rebecca

Died 29th Nov 1958 aged 61 years

Their sons

George Rodgers

Died 1st May 2005 aged 72 years

And his wife Rebecca (Rae)

Died 12th Dec 2004 aged 67 years

William A Rodgers

Died 16th Jan 2006 aged 76 years

In Heavenly Love Abiding



In Loving Memory of

Joseph Roulston, Manorcunningham

Died 16th Oct 1961

His wife Adelaide Jane

Died 5th May 1977

Their son James Cyril

Died 5th May 2003

Peace Perfect Peace



In Loving Memory of

John Smyth of Manorcunningham

Who died 6th June 1889 aged 69 years

Also his wife Margaret

Who died 24th December 1888 aged 71 years

Also their eldest daughter Annie

Who died 8th June 1912



In Memory of

The Smith Family


The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

James Steele,

Who died 30th April 1885 aged 72 years

Also his wife Elizabeth

Who died 10th February 1909 aged 62 years

Erected by their son James



Stevenson, Aughliard

The Lord is my Shepherd




Erected by the family

In Loving Memory of our dear father

John Erskine Stevenson

Who died at Aughliard 16th August 1923

Also our dear mother

Margaret Baird

Who died 13th October 1951

And their son William John

Who died 18th July 1974

Also their daughter Sadie

Who died 16th May 1991

“Until we meet to part no More”.




In Loving Memory of

William Stevenson, Lower Aughliard

Died 31st May 1968

His wife Maggie

Died 29th Nov 1963

Safe in the arms of Jesus



Stuart, Mondooey

In Loving Memory of

Alexander Stuart

Died 8th April 1954

His wife Sarah Jane

Died 30th December 1955

Their sons

William Joseph Henry

Died 29th February 1922

Frederick George

Died 12th November 1992

The Lord is my Shepherd



The Tinney Family


The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

William Turner

Died 4th January 1955 aged 84 years

Hester Turner

Died 19th February 1966 aged 84 years

Ellen Turner

Died 22nd July 1987 aged 65 years

William Turner

Died 6th November 1991 aged 75 years

Safe in the arms of Jesus



In Loving Memory of

Mary Jane Walker

Died 20th June 1942 aged 64 years

Her son Robert

Died 3rd December 1947 aged 38 years

Also her husband Adam

Died 27th June 1953 aged 75 years

And her son Andrew

Died 2nd February 2002 aged 79 years

Also her daughter Margaret

Died 7th August 2003 aged 87 years

The Lord is my Shepherd








Of Railway View



In Loving Memory of

William Alexander Wilkie

Died 5th September 1968 aged 71 years

His wife Francis Kathleen Wilkie

Died 19th March 1999 aged 86 years

Elizabeth Margaret Wilkie

Died 7th February 1951 aged 10 years

Their daughter Violet Wilkie

Aged 1 year old

And their son

Billie Wilkie aged 6 months

Erected by daughters & sons-in-law

The Lord Giveth

And the Lord taketh away



In Loving Memory of

James Wilkie, Ballyholey

Died 13th July 1991 aged 88 yrs

His son Noel

Died 13th Oct 1949 aged 11 months

And John WiIlkie

Died 1st April 1991 aged 84 yrs

Gertrude Mary Wilkie

Wife of James

Died 25th Jan 1997 aged 80 yrs

“The lord is my Shepherd”



(front of stone)

In Memory of

John Wilson of Errity

Who died 27th Jany 1855 aged 88 years

Also his wife Catherine

Who died 30th March 1841 aged 56 years

Also their son

Robert Wilson

Who died at Ballylawn

21st January 1904 aged 90 years


(RHS of stone)

In Memory of

Alexander Wilson

Elder in 2nd Ray Presbyterian Church

And for over 40 years teacher

In the Congregational Sabbath School

Who died 30th March 1875 aged 62 years

Also his sister

Mary Anne Wilson

Who died 26th Jany 1875 aged 58 years

Blessed are the Dead

Which die in the Lord



In Loving Memory of

John James Wray

Died 15th Dec. 1925

His wife Jane Wray

Died 28th Sept 1937

Their son Alexander

Died 16th Aug 1964

Daughter Janie

Died 12th Jan 1975




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