Robert Roulston b. 1825, Taughboyne Parish Church
His father is Galbraith Roulston, I've never found anything on him. I haven't been able to look at the Taughboyne C of I Parish Records, there may be something there.

I have searched the St. Johnston, 1st and 2d Ballylennon, 1st Ray, 2d Ray, and Newtowncunningham Presbyterian Church records on microfilm and the Crossroads PC records on the Internet. Unfortuntately, the Church of Ireland records are harder to get permission to get. My friend is working through the Monreagh PC records now. Also I have obtained many civil birth, marriage and death registrations from the time periods they are available, especially up to 1879.

Robert Roulston (above) m 1856 at Ballylennon PC to Susan Moore (b. abt 1831) , had the following children:

1. Margaret Anne Roulston b. 1856, St. Johnson PC, (my great grandmother), she married Samuel Colhoun in 1875 and had 5 children, I have all the records. She left her family behind in Ireland in 1885 and went somewhere, possibly to Australia, and "died young", whatever that means. I have never found her. I have tried the on-line Australia info, but have not looked in NZ. I have tracked the 5 children, and have made contact with all but one. Margaret (Maggie) (Martha) b. 1885 married William Finlay in 1916 in Crumlin. She is said to have descendents living near St. Johnston today. I have not yet found them. My mother, Jane (Jennie) Patterson Colhoun, went to the USA ending up near San Francisco. Robert John Colhoun went to Canada. Susan Colhoun went to New Zealand (Is there a death index in NZ? I'm trying to find her husband's and daughter's husbands deaths). Andrew Colhoun went to Philadelphia, USA.

2. Andrew Roulston b. 1858, married Margaret Elizabeth Parke in 1883 at Newtowncunningham PC. I haven't tried to track them further yet.

3. Catherine Roulston, b. 1859, died 1928, never married, records at St. Johnston PC.

4. Margaret Jane Roulston, b. 1861, married Aaron Boak in 1887, I have info on their children who were born near St. Johnston. They went to Saskatchewan, Canada and I have contacted the family there recently.

5. Susan Roulston, b. 1862, d. 1865, never married.

6. James Galbraith Roulston, b. 1864,
7. James Roulston b. 1866.

One of these James' went to the USA, Minnesota, and I have traced his family. I just don't know yet which one it was, and don't know if one died or what happened to the other... I'm looking now for his naturalization records which may clear that up. 

8. Elizabeth Roulston, b. 1865, married John McCracken in 1897 at St. Johnston PC. I know there are still McCrackens in St. Johnston today but haven't yet tracked them down.

9. Susan Roulston, b. 1868, d. 1868, St. Johnston PC, never married

10. Prudence Roulston, b. 1869, d. 1898, St. Johnston PC, never married

I have a large binder filled with Roulston families that are NOT related to me, and I am willing to share what I have. I just started collecting everything I could on Roulstons in the St. Johnston area. I am hoping that some day someone else will be looking as I am.

On the other side,
Samuel Colhoun b. abt 1817. His father was James Colhoun, his mother Jane Patterson? They also lived near St. Johnston, some records are at Ray.
I know of one other brother Joseph Colhoun or Colquhoun, who was born about 1815, and I have traced his family, they still live in St. Johnston. There may have been a child who died young. There may have been another child (girl) that married a Logan. There may have been more children. I also have a binder full of unlinked Colhouns from the area.