Headstone Inscriptions Old Graveyard, St. Johnston, Taughboyne Parish, Co Donegal

(mixed religion)


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Died, December 3rd 1868

Elizabeth BLEE aged 60 years



In Memory of Margaret BOVAIRD

Died 29th June 1937 aged 63 years

Her daughter Nellie died 9th January 1963 aged 59




Sacred to the Memory of My Mother


Died in 1843 aged 41 years

Also brother Thomas

Who died in 1842 aged 7 years

And of sisters

Martha who died in 1844 aged 17? Years

Esther Jane died 1845 aged 7 years

Eliza died in 1845 aged 5 years



In Loving Memory of

Patrick BROWN died 20th October 1945 aged 5 years

Helena died 16th February 1941 aged 6 months

Annie died 19th January 1930 aged 1 month



In Loving Memory of Margaret CASSIDY

Died 28th April 1947 aged 55 years

Her husband Patrick died 6th November 1957 aged 69 years

And their son Joe died 15th March 1998 aged 73 years


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 (slate in front of above headstone)

David COLHOUN who died the

26th June 1884 aged four years and eight months

Also Annie aged one year and nine months



Erected by his son

Thomas, Chicago, U.S.A

In memory of his father




(unable to read first inscription due to growth)

Also the remains of Rachel

His beloved wife

Feb 7th 1840 aged 75 years

Also Alexander CUNNINGHAM

Their son late of Castletown

Eliza Jane Cunningham his wife

And their children

Rachel, William, John, Eliza and James

Also Alexander Cunningham of Castletown

Who died on the 6th day of October 1909 aged 64 years

Also his wife

Louisa Harriet Cunningham

Who died on the 9th day of August 1929




Died 18th April 1957 aged 80 years


(plaque in front)

Matthew DEVINE

(no date or age)



In Loving Memory of

Mary DOHERTY, Ard Baithin

Died 2nd August 1994 aged 48 years



The Burial Ground

Of the DOUGLAS Family

Of Ardagh

(no further info)



In Loving Memory of

Ellen DUGAN, Brockagh

Died 25th November 1941

Her son William died 20th December 1919

And her son Patrick died 9th February 1962

And her husband Robert T. DUGAN

Died 17th May 1978

Sweet Jesus have mercy on their Souls




In Loving Memory of

Thomas DUNLEAVY died 27th July 1946 aged 74 years

And his wife Elizabeth DUNLEAVY

Died 23rd October 1961 aged 82 years

Also their daughter Mary Jane DUNLEAVY

Died 22nd February 1984 aged 71 years

And her sister Margaret DUNLEAVY

Died 30th March 1996 aged 79 years


(stone to left of above)

Also their son Andrew DUNLEAVY

Died 25th July 1998 aged 88 years

And their daughter Annie Elizabeth HEPBURN

Died 4th September 1999 aged 90 years



In Loving Memory of

Humphrey DUNN, Porthall

Died 24th October 1943 aged 72 years

Also his wife Letitia died

26th June 1975 aged 94 years







In Memory of Patrick GALLAGHER

Of Burnthaw who died

23rd February 1887 aged 87 years



In Loving Memory of


Died 1st Jan 1937 aged 10 years

And Patricia Gibson

Died 9th Jan 1937 aged 6 years




 In Loving Memory of

Samuel and Margaret GILFILLAN, Lettergull

Their sons

David died 1907

John died 1932

Alex died 1960

Thomas GILFILLAN died 6th March 1963 aged 64 years

His daughter Eileen died 31st March 1950 aged 16 months

Moses GILFILLAN, Castletown

Died 14th April 1975 aged 77 years

His wife Annie died

13th March 1982 aged 73 years

In Heavenly Love Abiding




David GILFILLAND of Altaughaderry

Died 19th March 1887 aged 60 years

Also his sons

Thomas and David who died young

Also his daughter Mary Jane

Beloved wife of

Thomas McCORKELL, Altaughaderry

Died 28th November 1893

Rebecca wife of

The above David Gilfilland

Died 1st February 1903



Erected by


In Loving Remembrance of their mother

Rebecca Gourly of Craigadooish

Who died 3rd May 1882

Also her daughter

Rebecca Gourly

Who died at Craigadooish

On the 3rd of March 1900

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord



In Memory of

William GRAMES who died

Dromore  30th November 1888

Aged 88 years



Erected in Memory of

Esther HAMILTON the beloved wife

Of James McKean of Carrickmore

Died 1st September 1908

Also Edith Annie daughter of

William MCKEAN who died

23rd November 1940

And the above


Who died 1st April 1927 aged 98 years



In Loving Memory of

Anthony HANAHOE, Carrigans

Died 17th Sept 1930 aged 54




In Fond Remembrance of

Haslett HASTINGS of Lettergull

Died 2nd January 1913 aged 74 years

Also his wife Rebecca

Died 22nd Sep 1958 age 89 years


Their Daughter


Died 22nd Aug 1925 aged 36 years

And their son

Robert John

Died 20th Sept 1957 aged 64 years

And their son


Died 20th Dec 1977 aged 80 years

Also his wife, Letitia

Died 17th April 1989 aged 85



Also his sisters

Mary Jane died 21st March 1897 aged 71 years

Eliza Ann

The beloved wife of


Died 23rd May 1900 aged 65 years


Died 8th May 1901 aged 72 years



In Loving Memory of

Margaret KEYS died on 10th December 1938 RIP

Also her daughter Mary

Died 1963 aged 44 years

And her husband John

Died 1963

And his brother William KEYS died 1963



In Memory of Sarah LECKY

The beloved wife of Samuel ALEXANDER of Rateen

Who died on the 9th September 1872 aged 42 years

Also James ALEXANDER of Rateen

Who died 24th March 1872 aged 80 years

Also James ALEXANDER second son of

Samuel ALEXANDER of Rateen

Who died 21st Decr 1884 aged 21 years



In Loving Memory of

Daniel LYNCH

Who died 15 Dec 1950

And his daughter Nellie

Who died 14 Jan 1960

Also his brother Richard

Who died 17 Nov 1955




In Loving Memory of


Died 29th May 1960 aged 70 yrs

Also his wife Alice

Died 10th Dec 1989 aged 88 yrs



In Loving Memory of

William LYNCH died 6th October 1968

His wife Margaret died 1st February 1973

Their daughters

Margaret died 15th January 1948

Bridie died 22nd October 1935

Their son James died 31st August 19?6




In Loving Memory of

Joe MCCARRON died 6th July 2003 aged 68 years

Christopher MCCARRON died

12th November 1943 aged 18 months

James MCCARRON died 28th July 1948 aged 19 years

Frank MCCARRON died 4th April 1958 aged 20 years



In Affectionate Remembrance of

Joseph McCAUSLAND of Lettergull

Who died 8th March 1887 aged 78 years

And of his children

Margaret died 14th July 1876 aged 7 years

Joseph died in infancy on 16th July 1876

Sarah died 12th July 1883 age 21 years

And also of his brother

Chambers McCausland

Who died at Lettergull

On 17th September 1897 aged 80 years



In Fond and Loving Memory

The members of the





Who are buried here

“Grant them Eternal Rest O Lord”



In Loving Memory of

Ellen MCDERMOTT, Dunmore

Died 24th September 1979 aged 41 years

And also her Beloved husband

Lawrence (Larry) MCDERMOTT

Died 30th January 2002 aged 66

St. Martin Pray for them.








In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth McGILL, Classeygown

Died 19 Oct 1930 age 44 years

Also her husband Mick

Died 9 Oct 1949 age 62 years

Also James McGill, Kinnycally

Died 7 Nov 1932 age 1 year

Ann McGill

Died 26 Aug 1938 aged 79 years

Also John McGill

Died 8 May 1945 age 62 years

Also Ellen McGill

Died 1st April 1955 age 70 years

Thomas McGill

Died on 7th Feb 1933 aged 72 years



Underneath are interred the remains of the late

Samuel MAGILL of St. Johnstown

Who departed this life the

19th of December 1815 in his 89th year

And Mary his daughter

Who died 9th September 1819 aged 44 years

Also Margaret wife of said Samuel Magill

Who died the 15th Feb 1821 in her 85th year

Also his daughter Hannah

Who died the 6th Dec 1848 aged 78 years

And his daughter Elizabeth

Who died the 6th Janry 1849 aged 81 years

Also of Martha relict of

The late William HUTCHINSON died 25th Jan 1872 aged 96 years

William Hutchinson

Died in 1843 aged 66 years

And was also interred here




In Loving Memory of

Mary MARTIN, Cloon

Died 7th October 1974 aged 72 years

Her husband Barney died 8th June 1993 aged 89 years

Their daughter Kathleen KELLY

Died 12th June 2004 aged 73 years

(interred in Glasgow



Matthew MARTIN

Died 20th Jan 1932 aged 90 years

Also Elizabeth O’DONNELL

Died 5th June 1950 aged 54 years

Also Jim O’Donnell R.I.P

Also James O’Donnell died Sept 1979


(cross in same grave as above)

In Loving Memory of


Died 14th May 2008 aged 85 years

Rest in Peace



Erected by James MCKEAN

In memory of his Father

Robert MCKEAN of St Johnston

Who died 16th Decr 1902

Also his mother Mary Jane

Who died 14th Feby 1903



In Loving Memory of

Mary MCKENNA, Maymore

Died 30th May 1930 aged 72

Philip Lynch died 6th July 1953 aged 64 years

His wife Elizabeth died 1st December 1977 aged 83 years



In Loving Memory of

John MOODY, Glentown

Died 19th February 1901

His wife Annie Moody

Died 20th May 1955



Erected by James MOORE

To the memory of his son

Robert Moore

Who departed this life

9th July 1861 aged 37 years





In Loving Memory of Robert James (Bobby)

Died 22nd July 1995 aged 73 years

Also his father Alex died 20th August 1970

His mother Margaret died 20th November 1934

Also their daughter Annabella died 4th November 1956

Her husband John Patterson died 21st October 1987

Also his grandparents

Alex and Elizabeth (Trentagh)

Also Alexander (Sandy) NESBITT

Died 7th June 1998 aged 77 years

Also the infant son of

Mervyn and May NIXON died 1947

The Lord’s My Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

Thomas NESBITT, Galdonagh

Died 11th January 1980 aged 72 years

His wife Isabella

Died 15th July 1973 aged 58 years

His brother Robert John

Died 1st February 1975 aged 69 years



In Loving Memory of

Bridget O’DONNELL, Railway Road

Died 23rd June 1970 aged 88 years

Also her husband John died 3rd September 1933 aged 54 years

And is interred in Rye




To the Memory of

Catherine PARK who departed this life

25th Decr 1861 aged 58 years




April 8th 1863

To the Memory of

Marget PARK

Died Aut 27th, 1854

T.P. Tren




In Loving Memory of

John PEOPLES, Rockfield

Died 26th March 1913

His wife Ellen died 18th May 1923

Alex PEOPLES, Dundee, died 5th December 1927

His wife Mary died August 1935

Maggie PEOPLES died 16th December 1916

Kathleen PEOPLES, Ard Baithin

Died 13th February 1965

Her son Johnny, died 19th October 1981

And her husband George

Died 16th August 1988

Her daughter Bridget died 30th May 1999

(interred in Drumboe)

Her son Ned, died 22nd January 2003



In Loving Memory of Shiela PEOPLES

Died January 1943 aged 2 years

Alex PEOPLES died 3rd July 1971 aged 75 years

His wife Cassie died 23rd November 1986 aged 80 years

Jesus called you home


(old cross in same grave to the left of above)


(no further info)



In Loving Memory of

Robert PORTER, Cavan, Ballindrait

Died 28th December 1916 aged 76 years

His wife Catherine died 27th October 1942 aged 76 years

Their sons

Thomas died 24th February 1944 aged 42 years

Richard died 13th September 1974 aged 78 years

Henry died 21st May 1972 aged 81

And his wife Annie died 13th January 1975 aged 82 years

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



Erected in Memory of

Samuel A. PORTER, Castletown

Died 29th February 1908

Also his father Samuel Porter

Died 28th February 1847

Also Martha, his mother

Died 13th March 1873



In Loving Memory of Joseph ROBINSON

Who died 20th December 1917 aged 62 years

Also his son Albert who died 26th May 1900 aged 10 years

And Charles who died 6th July 1903 aged 1 year

Also Ernest who was lost with H.M.S. Indefaticable

In the Jutland battle 31st May 1916 aged 24 years

And his wife Anna Eliza who died

23rd June 1950 aged 86 years




Erected in Loving Memory of


Who died 10th April 1875 aged 79 years

Also his wife Martha HAYES

Who died 5th September 1873 aged 70 years

And his sister Margaret

Who died 10th November 1849 aged 60 years



In Memory of

Joseph ROULSTON, St. Johnston



Sacred to the memory of


Who departed this life February 16th 1849

Also of his son

William Semple

Who died 22nd August 1866 aged 35 years

Beloved and respected by all who knew him

Also the body of

Margaret Semple

Who died 7th April 1870 aged 78 years



Sacred to the memory of

Alexander SMITH of Trentamucklagh

Who departed this life

4th Jan 1876 aged 68 years

Also his wife Eliza Smith

Who departed this life

26th Apr 1893 aged 73 years

Also Margaret

Beloved wife of James Smith

Who died 27th Aug 1902

In memory of James Smith

Who died on the 31st May 1928



In Loving Memory of

Andrew SMITH

Died 27th November 1891

Also his wife Margaret

died 27th June 1910



In Loving Memory of my dear parents

James A. WARD

Died 20th May 1921 aged 52

His wife Mary Jane

Died 2nd September 1971 aged 91


On their souls sweet Jesus have Mercy



Photograph of headstones submitted by Barbara

 See 1911 census Whitehill



In Loving Memory of

Annie Frances WILSON

Died 23rd January 1982

Her husband Joseph

Died 18th December 1938



In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth WILSON, Cavanacaw, St. Johnston

Died 8th October 1934 aged 10 years

Margaret WILSON, infant,

Lower Craighadoes, St. Johnston

Died 13th June 1957



Erected by

Daniel WILSON in memory of

Joseph, Hugh, Kate, Ann and Hannah Wison

Also Daniel Wilson

Died March 1923? aged 67 years



Erected by R. J. VANCE, Carnshana

In Memory of his mother

Died 12th September 1899

His father died 29th January 1938

His sister Minnie died 20th December 1906

At Pretoria, South Africa

While serving as a nurse

His brother William died 27th June 1953

At Helena USA

Also brother George died 11th July 1955

At Durbin, South Africa

Also his sister Kathleen died

4th December 1967 at Durbin, South Africa.

Robert James VANCE died

16th July 1976 aged 90 years

His friend Andrew MCCONNELL died

15th May 1978 aged 57 years



In Memory of Ellen WHITE

Who died 19th August 1935 aged 89 years



In Loving Memory of my dear Grandparents

Mary WHITE died 22nd March 1899 aged 25 years

Her husband Robert died 4th July 1931 aged 70 years

Their granddaughter Elizabeth

Died 15th April 1937 aged 2 years

And their daughter in law

Sarah died 24th February 1942 aged 42 years

Also their son Robert died

3rd November 1953 aged 61 years

Their great granddaughter Mary

Died 28th September 1992 aged 44 years

Their grandson William

Died 24th August 1998 aged 64 years

Abide With Me



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