Sleegan Births and Baptisms

This page contains names and information submitted by Margaret Bonar as part of a Mini Thesis for the completion of the Certificate Course in Genealogy at the University College, Dublin. Tutor Sean Murphy MA


If you have any connection to any of the follow and would like to have your email address linked to them, please feel free to email me  Lindel


The abbreviations are as follows - TPR = Tullaghobegly Parish Register, CR = Civil registeration


Name Parents Sponsors Date Type
Gallagher Denis / Sleeghan John / Anna Gallagher John O'Donnell / Maria McBride Dec 23 1877 / Dec 30 1877 TPR
Gallagher John / Sleeghan John Gallagher / Catherine Coll Daniel Gallagher / Honora Coll Oct 6 1875 / Oct 10 1875 TPR


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