St. Anne's Church of Ireland, Ballyshannon

Headstone Inscriptions

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These inscriptions are a compilation of surveys and notes recorded between 1888 and 2008. The sources include:

Submissions to the Fund for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888

A survey compiled by Anthony Begley, 1978

Notes and photographs from individuals 2007 & 2008


The grave numbering is from Anthony Begley's survey. The numbering commences to the right of the main gate.

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St Anne's Church of Ireland churchyard is situated on the high hill of Mullach na Sí (Hill of the Fairies) overlooking the panorama of "Saimer's Green Vale". This ancient hill has a colourful history of its own.

Gaelic tradition makes it the burial place of the legendary High King Hugh; son of Badurn who, we are told was drowned in the falls of Aodh Rua, Assaroe. St. Patrick in the fifth century visited the hill.

The first church of the colonists to be erected here was built in the Market Yard by Sir Henry Folliott, close to his castle. In 1691, a second church was built in Mullaghnashee. The present church was erected in 1841.

In the graveyard beside the church, many distinguished people are buried, including the poet, William Allingham, whose cremated ashes were transported from Woking, England where he died in 1889

The Inscriptions:

7 Erected in loving memory of John MacKintosh, born 15th July 1842, died 9th June 1921

And to his devoted wife Elizabeth MacKintosh born 22nd November 1842, died 23rd June 1927

Also their son Frederick J Hunter MacKintosh born I0th August 1879, died 2nd September 1925.

'Safe in the arms of Jesus'.


10 In loving memory of Robert Renison, Bundoran, who died 29th September 1919 in his 66th year.

Also his wife Alice who died 18th November 1898, in her 45th year.


13 In loving memory of Joseph Renison who died at Bundoran August 25th 1890. Aged 68.

Also his son Joseph William who died 16th April 1921.

'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord'.


14 MDCCCCV Sacred to the memory of William and Eleanor Jones

Also their children Anne, Thomas, William and Minnie.

'Jesus Lives No Longer Now Can the Terrors Death Appal us'.


15 In loving memory of Thomas Family, Portnason. 'The Lord is my shepherd'.


21 In loving memory of Thomas Dixon, who died 29th June 1895.

Also his wife Jane Dixon, who died 4th of August, 1875.

'Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him'. 1 Thess. iv-124.


22 In this enclosed are buried Edward Fletcher who died 1941. Aged 35 years.

Mary A. Fletcher his widow, died 1883, aged 75.

Thomas Thompson, her father, died 1843, aged 84,

Mary Ann, his wife, died many years before him, aged 33.

Elizabeth Wade, their daughter, died 1863, aged 61.

John Wade, her husband, died 1868, aged 68.

Christina, daughter of said Thomas Thompson, died 1881, aged 70.

'Blessed are the merciful'.


23 Erected to the memory of Sarah McAskin late of Clyhore, who died Sept. 9th, 1894. Aged 64 years.


24 Erected by some friends: In loving memory of

William George Coleman, son of John George and Emma Pascoe Coleman of Londonderry and grandson of J. J. Bradley, Clonleigh, who died at Ballyshannon, 9th February, 1900.

With Jesus

'Therefore be ye ready, For in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh'. Matt. 24, 44.


25 In Memory of Wm. A. Forde, who died, 25th July, 1900.


26 Erected by Marianne Caldwell, in memory of her beloved husband, William Caldwell, who departed this life at Bundoran, 25th June 1884, aged 83 years.

'I shall go to him but he shall not return to me'. Samuel.

27 Here lies the body of Thomas, second son of the late Isaiah Oiver, Co. Monaghan. He was born February 21st .... and departed this life Jan. 11th, 1818.

30 Sacred to the memory of James Ormsby West, who departed this life Decmber 25th 1883, aged 88 years.

Also by his aide his only child Hester Jane, who died 15th September, 1885.

'Safe in the arms of Jesus'.

Also Mary his wife. Died September the 4th 1888, aged 75 years

And Edward Griffith West, who died February 15th 1893, aged 87 years.

'Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord'.

34 James Lowery Tighe, M.R.C.S.E, R.F.C.S.E, was born in Ballyshannon 26th August, 1793.

After upwards of 30 years military service abroad and at home, he settled in his native town as a retired surgeon of the 12th Royal Lancers and died on the 1st of February 1868.


36 Erected to the memory of Thomas Cooney, Died at Cashel, 4th July, 1875.

Also his wife Deborah Cooney, died 25th January 1895

And their son-in-law Anthony McIntyre, died 15th March, 1904.

Also their grandson, Samuel Richard Orr, died at Dublin, 13th November, 1909.

Henry Cecil Orr, died at Cashel, 20th March, 1919.

'Because I live ye shall live also', John 14-19.

38 On the 6th of April 1802 John R. Frances M'Leod died as an infant, son of Lieut. and Quarter Master M'Leod of the Northumberland Regiment Fencibles.

43 Erected by W. J. Maunsell, in fond remembrance of their mother, Mary Maunsell, who died 16th June 1899

And her children Francis Anne, died 29th February, 1888.

Frederick, died 16th May, 1889.

Also their father, John Maunsell, who died 11th March, 1927.

'Corruption, earth and worms shall but refine this flesh, Till my triumphant spirit comes to put it on afresh'.


47 Erected in memory of Andrew White, Laheen, died 31st March 1873. Aged 36 years.

Also his wife, Mary J. White, died 14th January, 1913. Aged 80.

And their son William J. White, died 4th Sept. 1891. Aged 32 years.

Also John and Abraham Leslie, infant grandsons died 1st May 1906.

Margaret Leslie died 25th March 1949.

George Leslie died 25th March 1949.

George Leslie died 6th Feb. 1965.

'Thy will be done'.


51 In loving memory of Lizzie Allingham who fell asleep in Jesus, May 5th, 1887. Aged 23 years.

Also her sister Mary Anne Earls, died April 24th, 1896, aged 28 years.

Also their father, Richard Allingham of Tullyhurk, who died 2nd August 1900. Aged 84 years.


52 In loving memory of Isobel J. Moor, of Four Rosemount Gardens, Belfast, who died 19th November, Aged 49 years.

'Peace, perfect peace'.

56 Here lies the body of William Bean - late private in the 79th Company who departed this life Jan. 7th 1801, Aged 22 years.

As a token of regard for their deceased comrade this stone was erected by the Non-Commissioned officers and privates of the company.


58 Erected in loving memory of John Potter who died at Ballyshannon 9th April, 1901, Aged 53 years.

Also his sons J. Norman, died 21st August 1884, Aged 5 months.

And Lyle, died 11th Oct. 1899, Aged seven years.

'I know in whom I have believed'.


59 In memory of my beloved wife Mary Anne Wilson, who died 6th January 1889. Aged 80 years.

Also in memory of our beloved father Thomas Wilson, husband of the above. Died 25th June 1891. Aged 80 years.

Also John Wilson son of the above who died 23rd July, 1898. Aged 53 years.

Also their daughter Margaret Jane Huey, who died 15th May, 1923, Aged 54 years.

All the above lived and died at Bundoran.

'He giveth his beloved sleep'.


69 Underneath are deposited the remains of Lieutenant James Plowman of the Carlow Regiment who died on the 23rd April 1814, aged 26 years.

Much regretted by his brother officers by whom this stone has been erected as a testimony of their regard for his memory.


70 In memory of Mary Lamont who departed this life at Bundoran, 10th October 1883, aged 63 years.

Complete in Him. Col. 2310.

Also Archibald Lamont, died 4th of February 1901, in his 87th year.

'Till the day of the weak and the shadows flee away'.


74 Erected in loving memory of John......March 15th ......? Departed this life on the 10th April, 1827.


75 This stone was erected by Stephen Coulston, Donegal

To the memory of Captain Regan and sister-in-law, Miss Mary Higgins, who departed this life the 8th day of December, 1826 Aged 15 years.

'Not lost but gone before'.

76 Sacred to the memory of Moses Smith, Ballyshannon, who died 3rd January 1816. Aged 60 years.

77 In loving memory of Elizabeth Teevan who died 18 .... 1888. Aged 29 years.

78 Returned to his native land lieth all that was mortal of Lieutenant Taffe McGovern, late of Northumberland Regiment of the Fencible Infantry.

He fell in a duel on the 2nd March 1802, in the 23 year of his age.

If the esteem and regard of his brother officers who have erected this stone to the memory could assist his soul in its flight to heaven, its ascent must have been rapid and its reception good.


From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888


Returned to its Native Earth Lieth

All That Was Mortal Of Lieut. Taaffee McGauran

Late of the Northumberland Regt

Of Fencible Infantry

He Fell In A Duel On The 2nd

Of March 1802 In the 23

Year of His Age


('McGauran was shot by an attorney named George Henderson, Owing to a dispute at a theatrical performance. Probably a lady, as usual, was in it')



79 SIC ITUR AD ASTRA. In loving memory of William Limerick Martin, District Inspector Royal Irish Constabularly

who was cruelly murdered at Derrybeg, Gweedore, whilst nobly doing his duty on Sunday 3rd February 1888, aged 44.

'Faithful unto death'.


From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888


In the Churchyard, at the east end of the the Church, is a fine monument to Me Martin :-

In Loving Memory Of

William Limbrick Martin

District Inspector

Royal Irish Constabulary

Who Was Cruelly Murdered

At Derrybeg, Gweedore

Whilst Nobly Doing His Duty

On Sunday, 3rd February, 1889

Aged 44

Erected By His Widow

(Polished granite obelisk on square base)


Inside Memorials:

On the end (west) wall, is a splendid modern brass, about 5 feet by 3 feet, with crest, arms, and supporters, two Royal Irish Constabulary, in full dress :-

Erected By Public Subscription

To Perpetuate The Memory Of

William Limbrick Martin

District Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary,

For Some Years Stationed In Ballyshannon

Who Was Foully Murdered At

Derrybeg Chapel, Gweedore

In This County, On Sunday, The 3rd February 1889,

In The 43rd Year of His Age.

A Brave Officer, Loyal To His

Queen And Faithful To His Country.

He Died Doing His Duty.

Faithful Unto Death


Newspaper Report of Inspector Martin's death



80 William Urquhart. Late captain in the Royal Essex Regiment of Infantry. Son of late William Urquhart of Meldrum, Esq., Aberdeenshire, Scotland, died September 29th 1798, aged 42 years.

This memorial was erected by his disconsolate widow.

'How loved, how honoured once, avail thee not To whom related or by whom begot; A heap of dust alone remains of thee, Tis all thou art and all the great shall be.'


81 This tomb was erected by the officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of the 91 Argyleshire Regiment as a mark of their esteem and respect.

In memory of Private David McIntosh who was drowned near Ballyshannon on 28th June 1832, Aged 38 years. Having served in the regiment at home and abroad during a period of 21 years.

82 Erected to the memory of John Neely who departed this life November 19th, 1872. Aged 23 years.

83 In loving memory of our dear mother Eliza Miller, wife of William Miller who fell asleep in Jesus, 12th June 1917. 'Sorrow vanquished, labour end'. Jordan past. Also her daughter Selina aged 5 weeks died September 1877.

Also Agnes our darling pet whom God called to rest 4th Nov. 1923.

'She is not dead but sleeping also'.

William Miller father Died 18th July 1931.

88 Erected by Jane Corscadden of Ballyshannon in memory of her beloved husband, John Corscadden, who departed this life on the 18th day of March, 1856, aged 69 years. Also his widow, Jane Corscadden, died 3rd December, aged 88 years.

103 In loving memory of Frances Berkerly Couch, born 25th October, 1884. Died 9th October, 1957. 'The souls of the just are in the hands of the Lord'.

104 In loving memory of Arthur Austin of Bangor who died 10th June, 1883. Aged 22 years.

119 In loving memory of Emily, wife of William Alexander Hamilton and daughter of Thomas Troubridge Stubbs. Died January 9th, 1891. John XI, verse 27.

120 In loving memory of Anna, wife of Robert Crawford and daughter of the late Thomas Troubridge Stubbs, born May 31st, 1834, died December 11th, 1880. 'Blessed are the pure to heart for they shall see God'.

121 In Memory of Ann Jane Wark, a faithful and devoted servant and friend for 50 years. Born 12th June, 1818, died 6th May, 1897

(Ann Jane is a sister of John Wark of Behey, nr. Balllyshannon. Ann Jane stayed behind when the rest of he family emigrated to Canada in 1847 and 1848. Researcher - John - Email)


123 In hope eternal life beneath this stone lies all that is mortal of Thomas Troubridge Stubbs who departed this life the 12th of April A.D. 1872 aged 68 years. 'Looking unto Jesus'. 'There remaineth a rest to the people of God'. Heb. i.v. 9.

By his side lies his infant daughter Eleanor who died the 17th of May A.D., 1843


124 In affectionate remembrance of Phoebe, wife of Rev. C. A. Stubbs, Rector of the parish of Camus-Juxta-Bann, who died suddenly in Dublin, October 2nd 1886

Also to the memory of their infant daughter, Emily Chinnery, who died May 1st 1875


126 In loving memory of Richard Likely, L.R.C.S., Kildoney House, Ballyshannon. Died 28th July 1889, aged 53, and his wife Jane died 28th (July) January 1914, aged 66,

and her daughter Janetta Elizabeth wife of Richard Tate, Deerpark, Manorhamilton, died 13th June, 1927, aged 51.


127 In loving memory of James Likely of Wardtown, died 19th November 1905, aged 71 years. Marianne Likely his wife, died 2nd November 1896 aged 65 years.

Also their children: Meta Likely, died August 1876, aged 16 years. James M. Likely, Died 5th October, 1892, aged 27 years


129 Underneath are the remains of Capt. Thornley, formerly of the Lord Essex Fencibles and later a Barrack Master. He served in the army upwards of 60 years and died on the 11th day of January 1829, aged 83 years

His character through life was that of an upright honest man, and he died in the faith of his divine redeemer. Also the remains of his son, Thomas, who died the 9th day of July. 1840, aged 63 years


130 Beneath are deposited the remains of Miss Elenor Thornley, daughter of Captain Thomas Thornley, who departed this life on the 21st day of July 1826, aged 38 years.

Also the remains of Elenor Mary Thornley daughter of Mr. James Thornley. She died 13th April, Aged 24 years.

131 Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Frances Thornley, wife of James Thornley, of Ballyshannon, died on 23rd Jan 1824, aged 52 years. Also of Frances Thornley, daughter of the above, born 2nd Nov. 1809, died at Templenew, 1st of Jan., 1885.

132 Beneath this tomb lie the mortal remains of Anne McCloskey, wife of Mr. Hush McCloskey, who departed this life of the.....February 1828, aged 43 years.

133 In memoriam. Elizabeth Welsh, wife of J. Welsh, M.D., died April 12th 1891, aged 76 years. Also John Welsh, Esq., M.D., husband of the above who died at Weeley, Essex, April 19th 1894, aged 85.

134 In memory of Robert Albert Cook Flower, only son of Robert Glover Cook Flower, district inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary, and Rose Ellen Fetherstonehaugh, his daughter born 13th January 1891, died 23rd September 1895.

'Is it well with the child it is well'.

136 This stone was erected to the memory of Olivia Lawder by her brother Lancelot. She died the 15th September 1792, in the twenty first year of her age. 'Invidious Grave now'.

137 Sacred to the memory of Peggy Stark, wife of Capt. David Stark of the London ... who departed this life on the 7th of November 1793, aged 27 years.

139 Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Ann Barclay who departed this life on the 25th day of January 1798, aged .... years.

140 PARKE. 142 PATTON. 143. CHISM. 144 LEWERS.

147 Wm Clarke departed this life the 23rd of October, 1815.

148 Here lieth the body of Mary Cummins, wife of John Cummins, who departed this life May 19th 1797,aged 45 years.

151 Here lies the body of William Coane, Esq., who departed this life .... day of April 1789. Also the body of Frances Dominick Coane died the 10th January, 1791. Aged 80 years.

152 Here lieth the body of Robert Coane, Esq., who departed this life on June 22nd 1772, aged 48 years.

162 Erected in memory of Ewd. H. Brien, Esq., Surgeon, who departed this life on the 7th Oct., aged 89. Born mdccix.

'By one man sin entered into the world and death by sin and so death passed upon men for that all have sinned,' Jesus said. 'This is the will of Him that sends he here'.

167 To the memory of Anne Brandon wife of M. Edward Brandon, of Ballyshannon. She died the 1st of Jan. 1801, aged 36 years.

174 In Loving Memory of Margaret E. Mulholland, born May 21st 1888, died May 27th 1929. Also her brother Thomas Edward, born July 8th 1882, died February 1883.

178 In Loving Memory of Robert Lipsett, born 29th May 1836, died 27th May 1906, And his wife Martha Elizabeth 1854-1947, and his son Robert Lewis, born 22nd July 1875, died 10th May 1877.

And of his fourth son, William Alfred Lipsett, B.L., born 29th January, 1886. Killed in action at the battle of Ypres, 23rd April 1915.

And of their son Arthur Harold 1884-1967.

'I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in me though he were dead yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die'. John X11, 25-26.

 In loving Memory of Lewis Lipsett, born 26th August, 1799, died 28th January 1887.

And of his wife Eliza Jane born 1812, died 19th February, 1890.

Lewis Lipsett, O.B.E., Q.C., M.A., L.L.D., son of Robert and Martha Lipsett, 1876-1957.


179 In Loving Memory of Richard Lipsett of Ballyshannon, born 18th April 1832, died 6th January, 1880. And Elizabeth Ethel Mary, born 29th October 1876, died 24th February 1877.

And Francis Mary Ethel, born 15th August 1879 died 29th May 1880, infant daughter of Richard and Etty Lipsett.

Major General L.J. Lipsett, C.B.E., M.C., younger son of Richard Lipsett, killed in action in France, October 16th 1918.


180 In Loving Memory of John Myles of Ballyshannon, who died 20th November 1896, aged 68 years, and his wife Isabella Sproule, Who died 4th January 1922.

Their daughter-in-law, Florence Louisa, wife of Robert Myles, who died 25th April, 1952.

And the above Robert Myles, who died 3rd November 1958.

181 In Loving Memory of Rebecca Sproule, wife of the late James Sproule, The Holme, Co. Tyrone. Died January 27th 1890, at Ballyshannon, aged 83. Amy Myles, wife of Sproule Myles, died 1st December, 1942.

182 This stone was erected by Robert Myles of Ballyshannon in memory of his beloved wife Jane Myles, who died 20th May 1869 aged 76 years. His own mortal remains lie buried here. He died the 18th April 1870 aged 83 years old.

James Sproule Myles M.C. Major, Royal Inniskilling Fusilliers, died 13th February 1956. Greatly loved.

'O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory?'


184 Beneath are deposited the remains of William Crawford of Ballyshannon, who departed this life on the 31st of May, 1806. Aged 61 years. And of his wife Catherine Crawford, who entered into eternal rest on the 29th June aged 72 years.

Also of their son William, who died on the second of December aged 37 years.


185 In Loving memory of Frances Sophia, widow of Simon Sheil, J.P. She died June 21st 1881, aged 79, and was buried here with their children, William, late of the 42nd Regiment M.N.I., died in 1850, at the age of 24 years.

Also Simon, aged 23 years, died 1852. Also Anne Olivia aged ...,died 1852. Also Jane, eldest daughter, died 5th February 1888. Also Eliza, second daughter, died February 20th 1895.


188 To the memory of my dear adopted child, Annie, who fell asleep in Jesus on Tuesday Morning, 12th April, 1881, aged 16 years.

'He hath done all things well'.


191 In loving Memory of Louise-Mary Allingham, Catherine Everline Allingham, Maud-Isabella Allingham. 'He prayeth best who loveth best all things both great and small, for the dear God who loveth us, he made and loves us all.

'God is Love.'

192 In loving memory of Louise, wife of Hugh Allingham, who spent the greater part of her life in this parish, while following him who went about doing good. She was called home on the 29th November 1806.

Her only son, William Herbert, also rests beneath, 1st July 1886. 'In Jesus' keeping we are safe and they'. And Hugh Allingham who died 14th April 1922. 'Abide with me'.

Maude-lsabella Allingham, Catherine Everina Allingham, Louise-Marie Allingham.


193 Erected in loving memory of Andrew Green of Ballyshannon who died on 3rd February 1883, aged 74 years, and his wife Jane Johnston, who died 16th February, 1878, aged 76.

(Side one): Andrew Green, eldest son of Finlay Green, who departed this life 23rd May, 1900, aged 11 months.


194 Sarah Stewart, the beloved wife of Finlay Green, fell asleep in Christ, 1st January, 1862, aged 61 years. i Corinthians 11-9. Finlay Green, born 30th November, 1797, died 1st April, 1873.

Relying on the all sufficient merits of the Redeemer (Romans C.24) Anne Jane Green, only daughter of the above, died 28th April 1871, aged 80 years

199 Deacon.

200 To the memory of Maria Delap, wife of Ed. Allingham. She died on the 3rd Sept. Also to the memory of Edward Aillingham who died on the 10th Dec. 1861, aged 75. 'Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God'.

201 William Allingham, Poet, born at Ballyshannon March 19, 1824. Died in London, November 18, 1889.

 (Pencil drawing by his wife, Helen Patterson, on his deathbed. Submitted by Muriel)


"Poems" by William Allingham, 1861 (PDF file 3.2mb)


202 In memory of Thomas Allingham, a distinguished scholar and a humble Christian. He died at Raphoe, 20th May, 1863,aged 25 years. Also his sister, Elizabeth, who died 2nd March 1906. 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord'.

203 In memory of William Allingham, who after a life of welldoing fell asleep in Jesus, Oct. 7th 1866, Aged 77. This tablet is erected by his widow as a tribute of affectionate remembrance. Isabella, relict of the above, died August 12th, 1875, aged 72.

204 Jennings. 'I know that my Redeemer liveth'.

205 Beneath this stone is buried David K. Maguire, who departed to be with Christ Feb. 9th 1879, Aged 70 years. His daughter, Sarah Ann, fell asleep in Jesus 14th March 1862. Aged 13 years, young in years but ripe for heaven.

Also his wife Eliza Maguire, died 1882, Aged 73. Also close at hand are laid the remains of his parents in law, John Jennings, Aged 86 who died 10th July 1864, and Sarah Jennings, Aged 72 years who died 12th Aug., 1852.

'These all died in faith'.

206 Maguire

209 To the memory of our dear child, Joseph C. Andrews, who fell asleep in Jesus, 18th April 1886, Aged 14 years. Also his father, John Andrews, who died 21st December 1900, Aged 77.

Also our dear mother, Sarah Andrews, who died 1st March 1911 in her 81st year. 'Being dead get speacheth'.


210 Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Mr. Archibald Murray who departed this life 22nd day of April 1798, Aged 67 years.

Also the remains of Mrs. Florinda Murray, relict of the above Archibald Murray, who departed this life the 17th day of April 1799, Aged 66 years.

211 Strain.

214 In memory of Florinda Anderson, who died 10th January, 1917, Aged 70 years.

216 In memory of John Campbell who departed this life the 19th of May 1796, aged 74 years. Also to that of Jane Campbell his wife who changed this life for immortality on the 16th March 1800 ,aged 75 years.

The heartfelt and general affliction occasioned by their deaths is the best record of their virtues which were truly Christian.


218 Erected in memory of the Rev. Roberts Mussen A, M. incumbent of Drumclamp (Diocese of Derry) died June 29th, 1875 aged 55 years.

219 In loving memory of Eliza Fawcett of Rowantree Hill, Wife of Francis Fawcett, died 10th March 1892.

225 Entered into rest May 25th, 1880, Hessie Annie, aged 59 years, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Cochrane, of Ballinasloe. 'Thy will be Done'.

226 In loving memory of Robert Oliver Francis Stack, who died 22nd Feb 1876. Maurice Fitzwilliam Stack, who died 24th March 1876, and Helen Mable Elizabeth Stack, who died March, 1891.

'He Shall gather the Lambs with his arms and carry them on his bosom'.

228 In loving memory of Sara H., eldest daughter of Tom Lipsett. She died 5th May, 1882, aged 72 years. Also his son, William, who died June 5th 1892.

230 Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Patrick Haly, Esq.,who departed this life on the 26th April 1813, aged 65 years.

231 Here lies the body of Thomas Faukin who departed this life 20th November 1786,aged 38 years and who for friendship, hospitality and benevolence some might equal, but Few could Excel.

233 Beneath this stone are buried the remains of the Reverend Henry Major, A. B., rector and vicar of the United Parishes of Killireran and Knockmoy in the diocese of Tuam and vicar of the Parish of Kilbarron in the diocese of Raphoe.

He was born in the year 1770 and died in the year 1819. Beneath are also interred the remains of a beloved daughter, Anne Major, who was born in the year 1810 and died in the year 1828.

'Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring them'.

249 In memory of Jamie Madeline, younger daughter of the late Henry Coane of Higginstown, Ballyshannon, who died 15th September 1893, also of James Coane youngest son of Henry Coane, who died November 13th 1915.

250 In loving memory of Henry Coane of Higginstown who died September 11th 1877 aged 64 years and of his eldest son Henry Coane who died August 12th 1913 and of his eldest daughter Anne Elisbeth Mary, who died July 13th 1936.

251 To the memory of John Montgomery of Ashbrook who departed this life April 6th 1849 aged 52 years also of Jane the wife of Henry Coane of Higginstown. The eldest daughter of John Montgomery above named who departed this life June 5th 1858 aged 39 years.

252 In memory of Anne Martha wife of David Crawford, Ballyshannon, and younger daughter of the late John Montgomery of Ashbrook who died December 31st 1883. Erected by her son Robert M. Crawford, also of Ellen daughter of David and Anne Martha Crawford who died 27th of May 1918.

253 In loving memory of James Myles who departed this life 20th February 1913 aged 81 years, and his wife Anne who died 8th November 1922 aged 87. 'Them also which sleep in Jesus Will God bring with Him'.

254 Erected by Mary Vaughan in memory of her beloved husband David Vaughan of Ballyshannon, who died 1st October 1884 aged 51 years. Her own mortal remains are buried here. She died 28th September 1920 aged 67 years, also her eldest son David who died 5th June 1920 aged 40 years.

256 In remembrance of David Vaughan who died 12th January 1877, aged 17 years. Also his sister Mary who died 8th January 1877 aged 11 months and also their brother A. Lowry who died 9th February 1876 aged 6 years.

260 In memory of Elizabeth Adams Sullivan, youngest daughter of William Sullivnn of Tullylease House, Co. Cork, born June 5th 1849, died January 19th 1933.'Thou shalt answer for me, O Lord my God'.

262 Erected by Thomas Griffith of Carricknahorna, in memory of his wife Anne, who died 13th August, 1878, aged 50.

Also his second wife, Letita, who died 9th February 1903, aged 71.

'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord'.


263 Beneath are deposited the remains of William Stephenson who departed this life November 30th 1820, aged 61 years.

Also his wife, Elizabeth Stephenson, who departed this life February 3rd 1812, aged 49 years.


266 Erected by the children of George Nixon, who died 3rd June 1900 aged 64 years.

Also Mary Annie his wife who died 20th July 191l, aged 54 years.

Also Matilda, their daughter, who died 16th June 1894, aged 8 months.

'Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord'.


268 In loving memory of Robert Archer Ross Tobb, born 20th May, 1856. Died 19th January 1912.

Erected by his son, loving wife and family.

'When thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee'.


278 In loving memory of Eliza Jane McCready, died 2nd July, aged 87 years.

Also her father Andrew McCready and her mother Eliza Stevenson McCready.


280 Erected in loving memory of Thomas Morrow, The Abbey, who died 3rd July 1886, and his wife Margaret who died 13th March 1904,

and their daughter Meta who died 20th April 1897, Ina who died 20th June 1922, Charlotte who died 27th August, 1927,

Rachel who died 15th Jan. 1937 and their son John Patterson who died 8th March 1940,

and their daughter Annie who died 30th Jan. 1946.

Also their son William George who died 27th Feb. 1951.


283 Erected in memory of William Killen of Ballyshannon, Born 1808 died July 1875.

Also his wife Frances who died 24th March, 1900 aged 84 years.

And their children Mary Frances, Jane Lydia, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, Joseph, Henry, William and Lucy.

'OH grave where is thy victory?' 'Oh death, where is thy sting?'


290 Here lies the body of Margaret Lockhart who departed this life 22nd Nov. 1790 aged 59 years.

Also David Lockart who died April A.D. 1817 aged 18 years.

Also James Lockhart who died April 1848 aged 89.

Also his beloved wife Helen Lockhart who died in May 1854 aged 40 years.


292 Sacred to the memory of William Patterson, Carricknahorna, who died 6th Jan. 1879 and Sarah the wife of the above who died 17th Dec. 1886.

Also their daughter Susan who died 3rd Feb. 1889.

Also their son John who died 20th Sept. 1900.

'An honest man's the noblest work of God'.


310 Erected in memory of Jane MacDonagh the dearly beloved wife of Charles MacCartney of Ballyshannon who fell asleep in Jesus on the 22nd September aged 70 years.

By her side lies her eldest daughter Eliza Jane MacCartney who died on the 8th day of March 1837 aged 14 years.

Also here lie the remains of our dear father Charles MacCartney who died at Monaghan 18th October 1884. Aged 78 years.

Here also lie the remains of our dear mother Sarah Condell who died 23rd of September 1901.


314 Sacred to the memory of Frances McDonagh who departed this life the 26th day of February 1796 aged 75 years.

Also Mary his wife who departed this life the 16th day of October 1796 aged 64 years.

322 Erected by Robert Lipsett in memory of his brother Almer Hugh Lipsett (sho) who departed this life 25th December 1869 aged 18 yrs.

326 Erected by John Mullen, Springfield, County Sligo, in memory of his eldest son John who was drowned in the 21st year of his age at Coolmore on the 27th day of July 1859.

Also of his brother-in-law John Lipsett of Cashel who died in the 38th year of his age at Springfield April 1859.


332 Here layeth the body of Hugh Finch who died September 1st 1782 aged 84 years.

Also to the memory of his son William who departed this life the 14th of June aged 46 Years.


338 Erected by Margaret Jane Armstrong of Philadelphia in loving memory of her father and mother James and Jane Armstrong of Park Hill

And of her dearly loved sister Charlott Armstrong, June 1900.


348 In loving memory of James Black who died 24th January aged 78 years.

Also his wife Esther who died 23rd February 1900, aged 66 Years and their son William James who died 4th September 1917, aged 54 years.

Erected by their children.

'Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord'.


359 In loving memory of Robert McVitty who died 24th Oct. 1880 Aged 62 years.

Also his wife Jane McVitty who died 20th April 1918 Aged 82 years.

Their son William died 28th March 1957 Aged 90 Years

His wife Isabella died 21st Dec. 1965 Aged 80 years.

'Peace Perfect Peace'.

361 Here lyes the body of Robert Delap who departed this life the 64 year of his age in May the first.

364 Sacred to the memory of Rev. Caldwell many years dissenting minister of this parish, who departed this life the 6th day of Feb. 1790 Aged 53 years.

Also to the memory of Mrs. Margaret Caldwell wife of the above Robert Caldwell, who departed this life the 20th day of Feb. 1796. Aged 69 years.


366 Sacred to the memory of David Crawford, Esq., J.P., who departed this life the 8th Nov.,1825, Aged 64 years. A kind husband and affectionate father and a steady friend.

Also to the memory of Mrs. Sarah Crawford, otherwise Caldwell, his wife, who died the 18th of Feb. 1853, Aged 84 years.

Also their grandson Robert Crawford, C.E., D.L., of Stonewold, born 2nd June, 1831. Entered into rest 31st May 1914,

And his son, Henry Arthur, husband of Mollie Crawford, died the 3rd of June 1939.


367 Beneath are interred the remains of David Crawford, who died 3rd Oct., 1820, Aged 23 years.

Also of Samuel Crawford, Solicitor, born 6th of April, 1795. Died 28th of March 1881.

And of Margaret Crawford, his wife, born 19th June, 1799, died 20th of June, 1876.


368 To the memory of Robert Crawford who being kept by the power of God through faith unto Salvation entered into his eternal rest on the 26th day of Oct., 1824, in the 33rd year of his age.

His body rests here waiting the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when it shall be raised IMMORTAL AND INCORRUPTIBLE

369 In memory of Elizabeth Crawford who died Jan. 11th 1885, aged 74. Erected by her sister, Mary Warren.

370 'I am the Resurrection and the life saith the Lord. He that believeth in me though he be dead yet shall he live'. John xi 25.

In memory of John Coulter who died Feb. 28th 1868, aged 57 years.

Also his wife Isabella who died Sept. 15th 1868, aged 46.

Also his son William Coulter, who died 31st October 1884, aged 34.

Also his son Thomas Coulter, who died the 9th of April 1882, aged 41,

And of his widow ... who died the 4th .. 1921, Aged 84 years.


372 Here Rests the Remains of ELIZABETH HERDMAN who exchanged the pains of death for the hopes of immortality on the 2nd day of Feb. 1835 Aged 24 Years.

'Her life which with Christ in God'.

Also Robert MEGELDY ... of Ballyshannon son-in-law of John Atkinson J.P., M.A.,who died on 15th Jan, 1887, Aged 57 years.


373 Erected to the memory of the Rev. James Atkinson who was called from the service of the Lord ... entered into eternal Rest on the 2nd day of March 1851, aged 24 years.

Also James Atkinson M.D, aged 60 years, and departed this life 17 March, 1897.

374 Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth wife of Thomas John ATKINSON of Cavangarden, Esq., died 23rd May, 1860.

To the memory of her beloved husband T. J. ATKINSON who departed this life 25th March 1881, aged 99 years.

'Them also will sleep in Jesus; God be with him'.

From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888

Inside Monuments:

Marble (mural) on left of communion table :-

Thos. John Atkinson, ESQre, JP, d 25 March, 1881

Aged 99 Years


Elizabeth His Wife, d 23 May 1860



375 Erected to the memory of CATHERINE, eldest daughter of T. J. ATKINSON.

She died at LIVERPOOL, 11th July, 1881, aged 24 years

As a just tribute to filial duty and affection this stone was erected by her afflicted parents

Also her sister LETITA ATKINSON, Cavangarden, born 1875 died June 18th 1899.

382 Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant James Gibson of H.M. 68th Regiment who departed this life 2nd August, 1845, aged ...

384 Under this stone are placed the mortal remains of Hessy Marley daughter of T. W. Crawford of Rockville, Esq., Surgeon of the Donegal Regiment, who died on the 8th day of July 1833. Aged...

385 Underneath are deposited the remains of Thomas William Crawford, late surgeon of the Donegal Regiment, who departed this life 24th of July 1842. Aged 59 years

Also of Margaret his wife who died 4th July 184l, aged 58 years.

Also of their daughter Mary Anne who died 16th July 1842, aged 17 years.


From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888

Inside Monuments:

On the west wall (white marble) :-

Thomas William Crawford, MD

Surgeon Of Donegal Regiment Of Militia

D 24 July 1842 Aged 64 Years


Crest - An otter (?) above gules, and fesses ermine for Crawford. 2. or, a fesse indented charged with 3 mullets (or estiles)? a mullet (3rd or) for difference

A figure weeping, and an urn are below



386 This stone was erected by Thomas William Crawford Esq., Surgeon of the Donegal Regiment, to the memory of his beloved son Samuel Peile Crawford.

He died 3rd of June, 1825, aged 19 years.

Beside him are the remains of his brothers Edward Pakenham Crawford, Thomas William Crawford and his great aunt Miss M. Ward.

387 Here Rests the Remains of Andrew and Rebecca McIntyre.

388 Beneath this stone is interred all that is mortal of Sarah Emily, widow of the Rev. Walter (Riky), born 23rd Feb. 1826, died 21st July 1883.

'Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord'. REV. XIV 13.


390 Beneath are deposited the remains of Thomas Atkinson of Cavangarden, Esq. he departed this life the 11th of May 1768, aged 70 years.

 Also the Rememberance of his daughter Rebecca. She died the 17th Jan. 1768, aged 12 years.


391 In loving memory of Mabel Angela Wray Atkinson, 3rd daughter of T.J. Atkinson, D.L., of Cavangarden. Born 23rd Oct. 1888 died 15th April 1911.

Also of his youngest daughter, Artherina Josephine, born 26th Feb. 1891, died 16th April 1949.

Also his eldest daughter Charlotte Elizabeth, 1884-1964, and his second daughter Elizabeth Artherina, 1886-1967.


392 Sacred to the memory of John Atkinson of Cavangarden, Esq., who died the 19th day of May 1833, aged 79 years.

There is a rest for the people of God and he hath entered therein.

Also of his grandson buried here John Atkinson, J.P., A.M., Barrister at law, eldest son of T.J. Atkinson, Cavangarden, who departed this life 26th May 1879, in his 63rd year.

Beloved by all who knew him

And his wife, Ellen, who died 12th May, 1900, aged 77 years.

393 Here lies the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Atkinson, wife of Jn. Atkinson of Cavangarden, Esq. She died 16th Nov. 1807. Aged 58 years.

394 In loving memory of Thomas J. Atkinson, J.P., D.L, of Cavangarden.

Born 14th February, 1845, died 5th August, 1921

and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of A.M Day, born 7th December 1856, died 22nd June 1938.

'Death is swallowed up in victory'.

395 Here lies the body of George Henderson who departed this life the 10th of August 1776. Aged 56 years.

401 Erected by Andrew Clarke of Clyhore in memory of his daughter Dorothy Clarke who departed this life, June 27th 1870, Aged 23 years.

Also his daughter Elizabeth Clarke who departed this life January 14th 1871, Aged 33 years.

They were lovely and pleasant in their lives. In death they are not divided. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Also to the memory of Andrew Clarke, their father, who died March 17th AD. 1883. Aged 74 years and was buried in the same grave.

'O grave where is thy victory?'

Also Jane Love the beloved wife of the above named Andrew Clarke who died the 10th January 1899 aged 91 years.

And their daughter Mary Jane who died April 16th 1925. Aged 86 years.

402 Thomas Clarke ... died 1801.

403 Erected to the memory of Dorothy Clarke who departed this life the 1st day of February 1816 aged 77 years.

406 Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Elizabeth Kerr who departed this life 6th of October 1804, Aged 6 years.

408 Here lieth the body of Edward Scanlan, Esq.,who departed this life October 1789. Aged 65 years.

412 In loving memory John Moore who died 4th May 1887. Aged 80 years.

Also his wife, Rebecca J., who died 18th March 1929. Aged 93 years.

Also their son James who died 30th August 1949. Aged 78 years.

'Safe in the arms of Jesus'.


416 In memory of Louisa Hewan wife of the Rev. J. N. Dickson who fell asleep in Jesus, March 16th 1891.

Jesus said: 'Father I will that those whom thou may give me be with me where I am that they may behold my glory'. John 17:24.

Also of her husband the Rev. Joseph William Dickson A.B., T.C.D., Rector of Castle Archdale, who died 1st April 1900, Aged 81 years.


417 In loving memory of John William Dickson, Lt. Col. D.L.I. Born November 19th 1802, died November 7th 1899.

Also Thomas Hyacinth Dickson, Commander R.N., Born Sept. 11th 1844, died September 12th 1888.

419 In loving memory of Clara Dickson, wife of John Reynolds Dickson, born September 23rd 1817, died May 15th 1879.

420 John Reynolds Dickson of Woodville, born August 13th 1808, died June 7th 1880.

421 Sacred to the memory of Susan, the beloved wife of Francis Cotton Esq., of Allenton, County Dublin, who departed this life on the 3rd day of February 1813, in the 37th year of her age.

'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord'.


422 Erected in the memory of William McIntyre, who died September 25th 1894, aged 89 years.

Also his son James who died June 19th 1894, aged 18 years.

Also his wife Jane McIntyre who died July 15th 1903, aged 80 years.

'Absent from the body present with the Lord'. 2 Cor. V.8.

Also Emily Mary McIntyre who died the 18th March 1903, aged 59 years.

Also Andrew McIntyre who died 11th December 1937 aged 73 years.

426 Here lies the body of James Moore who departed this life 29th of September 1723. Aged 62 years. Also the body of Magaret Stout wife to James Moore who departed this life 19th November 1746. Aged 95 years.

427 Erected to the memory of Anthony Stewart who departed this life 12th March 1759 aged 59 years, and also his wife Anne Stewart who departed this life 14th May 1785, in the 87th year of her age.

There is also interred here their son Anthony and his wife Jane and also David Stewart who died 3rd February 1882 aged 72 years.

Also his son David Stewart who died on the 4th November 1901 aged 45.

Also his son David Stewart who died 29th February 1904 aged 7 years.

'Of such is the kingdom of God'. Mark 10 ch: 14 verse.

428 Erected to the memory of John Vaughan who died 28th November 1874 aged 83 years. Also to his wife Mary Vaughan who died 26th November 1874 aged 79 years.

430 In memory of Ann the gentle and beloved wife of John Graham who sleeps in the Lord aged 21 years, October 5th MDCCCXLIV.

432 Anna, March 13th 1822. Sacred also to the memory of James Forbes, Esq.

433 Beneath are deposited the remains of Elizabeth Dickson, relict of the late Robert Dickson, Esq, of Ballyshannon. She departed this life the 7th day of May 1806 aged 82 years.

438 This stone erected by Frances Fawcett widow of the late Edward Fawcett Esq., of Rowantree Hill, in memory of her dearly beloved husband who departed this life May 20th 1826 in the 53rd year of his age

and also his father Francis Fawcett and Christiana his mother.

439 Here lies the body of Elizabeth Caldwell wife to Francis Irvine who departed this life the 30th day of June. ANNO DOMINI 1711

440 Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann O'Neill relict of the late John O'Neill (sen) Esq.,of Parkland Hill who departed this life on the 19th January 1832, aged 72 years.

Also Captain Charles O'Neill, son of the above who departed this life 21st March 1852, aged 66 years.

Also Mary relict of Captain Charles O'Neill died 25th July, aged 68 years.


From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888


Inside Monuments:

On side wall (white marble) :-

Mary O'Neill

Widow of Captain Charles O'Neill

Of Rockville and Parkhill

And daughter of the late Samuel Dobson, Esqre

Of Newton Heath, Lancashire

Born June 1st mdccxcii (1792)

Died July xxviiith (28th), mdccclx (1860)


On south wall (white marble)

In Memory of Charles O'Neill, of Rockville

Formerly Captain in the 83rd Regiment

Second Son of the Late John O'Neill of Parkhill, ESQre

Having Served Through the Peninsular War

In the Conquering Arms of his Country

On 24 Victorious Battle Fields.

He Died in the Peaceful Retirement of Private Life.

Beloved Honoured and Lamented

OB XXI Mar MDCCCLII Aetat LXVI (21 Mar 1852 aged 66)

(O'Neill arms underneath)


441 Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of James McClean, Esq., Surveyor of excise, who departed this life September 3rd, 1817, aged 46 years, deservedly registered. This stone has been erected by the collector and officer of surveyor as a token of regard for his memory.

443 Erected in memory of Edward Fletcher who departed this life March 6th 1799, aged 80 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Fletcher.

447 Here lyes Jean Banerman, alias Forbes, who dyed, September the seventh, 1681, aged 65.

448 Sacred to the memory of Ann Reynolds relict of Captain William Reynolds and daughter of Colonel Thomas Wood, C.B., of the Bengal Engineers who departed this life at Barryburn near Derry, on the 18th day of October 1836, aged 43 years.

Observation from 1888 - 'This is a box tomb'

(Researcher: Lena - Email)

449 Here lieth the body of Coyne Reynolds who departed this life the 21st day of May, 1839, aged 51 years.

451 Arthur J. Mann, born October 1st 1843, died December 18th 1873. Also Adah Marion only child of the above, who died August 29th 1877, aged 6 years.

460 In loving memory of Catherine, wife of David Hanna, Ballyshannon who fell asleep in Jesus 19th September 1882.

461 In loving memory of Captain Knox Montgomery who departed this life October 17th 1837, aged 30 years.


From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888

Captain Knox Montgomery, died Oct 27 1837, aged 50 years


469 Beneath are deposited the remains of Elizabeth daughter of Henry Major Esq., and wife Ann. And wife of William Hassard. She died February 17th 1802. In the thirty fifth year of her age.

Ah could we doubt, that when life's sojourn ends,

The infirmity should to some bright realm ascends.

More, more than grief would agonize the heart,

Would rend its core when those we love depart.

Hassard farwell, sure many a weeping eye

shall view the spot where thy cold ashes lie.

Thy early death, thy kindred friends deplore,

Till thee rejoin'd the grave shall fractch no more.

Go loveliest friend thy rapturous anthem ring

Where wondring angels laud their heavenly king.

Go act thy part in some congenial sphere

Though short thy life thou'st done thy duty here.

470 To the memory of John Allingham and Jane Hamilton his wife who, with many of their ancestors and descendants are interred underneath these walls. This monument is affectionately dedicated by their sons

Anno Domini 1841


From Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland - 1888

Noted that the monument is on the south wall inside the Church. The Crest over the monument still remains. The shield and arms are gone.

Joseph Irwin Walsh, MD

The Only Child of Doctor Walsh, Of Ballyshannon

Who Died At Gurteen, County Sligo

Of Scarlet Fever, 22nd April 1866

Aged 21 Years

Inscription Notes:

Robert Crawford

Of Ballyshannon, born 6th October 1792, in Ballyshannon, who married, 29th September, 1823, At St Anne's Church, Ballyshannon, Frances, daughter of James Forbes, Esq., of Danby, Ballyshannon.

He died at Ballyshannon, 26th October 1824, and was buried in the graveyard there; leaving an only child by said marriage, a daughter :- Sarah Frances, baptized at St Anne's Church, Ballyshannon, August 22nd, 1824.

Sarah Frances married the Rev. Robert Ellis - children: one daughter (Mary Frances), and four sons (Robert Hawkes, Frederick George Moore, Francis Forbes, and William Hastings)


Anne Reynolds

Anne was born 24 July 1793 and baptised 25 May 1805 in Calcutta. She was married in India in 1822 to Captain William Reynolds - there were no children. He was a sea captain and is buried in South Park street Cemetery, Calcutta.

She as a daughter of Col Thomas Wood of the Bengal Engineers. Her family were originally from Largo, Scotland.

Her siblings were -

James b: 1798,  possibly married Mary Birmingham     

Robert b: 1801 married Elizabeth Clayton

William b: 1807 possibly married Emmeline Clayton 

George b:1810                    

Henry b:1817 (Bombay engineers) m: Rosetta D'Arbley Burney died in London

Margaret b:1819 Margaret (sister of Henry) married Major Moor RSA and JP of Oixton Hill Sussex

Jane b:1822


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