Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from St. Eunans Church of Ireland, Raphoe
Surnames: Lowry, Stevenson, Rogers, Colhoun 

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Baptisms, 1771-1783

27 Sep 1774 Catherine Robert Lowry Broadlee

20 Apr 1770 Alexander James Colhoun & Mary Hay Ballyholy

15 May 1770 Mary Thomas Colhoun & Mary Colhoun Glenmaquin

24 Sep 1778 Margaret James Colhoun & Mary Hay Dromore Labourer

2 Feb 1780 Josiah James & Mary Anne Stephenson Raphoe Marshall

4 Jan 1783 Margery James & Mary Anne Stephenson Raphoe Marshall


Lowry Baptisms, 1808 - 1893.

14 May 1826 Rebecca Robert & Mary Lowry Taughboyne


11 Jan 1829 Eliza Alexander & Sarah Lowry Drumcrow

20 Jan 1833 Eliza Jane Hugh & Catherine Lowry Drumfad, Taughboyne

11 May 1834 Anne Hugh & Catherine Lowry Drumfad, Taughboyne

26 Oct 1834 George George & Anne Lowry Tullyrap, Taughboyne

24 Mar 1837 Thomas John & Catherine Lowry Dromore, Taughboyne

26 Jun 1840 Margaret John & Catherine Lowry Dromore, Taughboyne

Marriages, 1771-1783

15 Oct 1772 Colhoun Thomas Raphoe Margaret Colhoun Taughboyne

20 Feb 1773 Colhoun William Glencairn Rebecca Hay Bonnygee

30 Dec 1774 McCrea James Leck Griffith Colhoun Clonkeigh

18 Dec 1775 Colhoun John Raphoe Margaret Lafferty Raphoe

11 Jun 1776 Lockhart William All Saints Rebecca Rogers All Saints

31 May 1777 Stevenson Edward Raphoe Elizabeth Hart Donaghmore

2 Oct 1777 Colhoun Thomas Taughboyne Sarah Donnell Taughboyne

29 Jan 1778 Colhoun Andrew Taughboyne Susanna Cunningham Leck

20 Aug 1778 Rogers Andrew Raphoe Rebecca Barr Raphoe

20 Feb 1778 Ralston Joseph Raphoe Martha Rogers Raphoe

12 Dec 1778 McIntyre Patrick Raphoe Anne Lowry Donaghadey

28 Feb 1778 Colhoun Tristram Taughboyne Mary Paterson Taughboyne

23 Jan 1779 Stevenson Hugh Leck Margaret McConnell Raymoghy

1 Nov 1779 Stevenson William Taughboyne Margaret Semple Urney

12 Dec 1781 Lynch Alexander Raphoe Jane Colhoun Raphoe

27 Apr 1781 Stevenson Robert Raphoe Anne Doherty Raphoe

28 Apr 1781 Stevenson William Raphoe Elizabeth Graham Raphoe

4 Feb 1782 Lowry Robert (1 Reg of Horse) Jane Kelso Raphoe

18 Jan 1782 Colhoun William Raphoe Margaret Knox Donaghmore

26 Feb 1783 Hamilton James Raphoe Anne Stevenson Raphoe

12 Jul 1783 Scott James Raphoe Martha Lowry Raphoe

17 Jul 1783 Alexander William Taughboyne Isabella Rogers Ardstraw


Lowry Marriages, 1800-1896.

Catherine Lowry of Taughboyne to Alexander McConnell of Raphoe, on 23rd October 1820

Anne Lowry of Raymochy to George Bonnar of Convoy on 23rd August, 1823

Mary Lowry of Ballyholey to Andrew Sheldon of Magherasollus on 2nd October 1850

Jane Lowry (daughter of Andrew Lowry) to William Sheldon on 19th January 1854

Rebecca Lowry (daughter of Hugh Lowry) to David Scott on 18th October, 1874


Burials, 1771-1783

Stevenson, Elizabeth, widow - Died July 1773. Buried 1773/07/05 - Spouse, Neil - Donegal

Stephenson, William John, - Died Mar 1775. Buried 1775/03/07 - Connaught Donegal

Colhoun, Jane, married - Died Feb 1777. Buried 1777/02/26 - Ray GYD - William, Innkeeper, Raphoe, Donegal


Lowry Burials, 1800-1900

Thomas Lowry of Carnshannagh, 15th July, 1828. Aged 76

Catherine Lowry of Carnshannagh, 5th February, 1832. Aged 74

James Lowry of Binion, Taughboyne. 21st September, 1851. Aged 95.

Gawaine Lowry (widower) of Tullyrap, Taughboyne, 21st February, 1853.

Andrew Lowry (unmarried) of Carnshannagh, 4th April, 1854. Aged 70

William Lowry (unmarried) of Carnshannagh, 27th September, 1854. Aged 54.

Eliza Lowry of Binion, Taughboyne, 26th November, 1857. Aged 86.

William Lowry of Binion, Taughboyne, 26th November, 1857. Aged 65.

Alexander Lowry of Carnshannagh, Taughboyne, June 7th 1869. Aged 82.

Jane Lowry of Binion, Taughboyne, 28th January, 1874. Aged 75.

Robert Lowry of Carnshannagh, Taughboyne, 3rd November 1875. Aged 85.

Alexander Lowry of Dromore, Taughboyne, 14th April, 1879. Aged 10

Alexander Lowry of Dromore, Taughboyne 28th May, 1879. Aged 54.

Catherine Lowry of Dromore, Taughboyne, 21st May, 1880. Aged 22.

James Lowry of Trentamucklagh, 2nd December, 1881. Aged 75

Hugh Lowry of Drumfad, 25th March, 1883. Aged 87.

Jane Lowry of Taughboyne, November 26th 1887. Age unknown.

Catherine Lowry of Drumfad, 16th July 1892. Aged 88.

Eliza Jane Lowry of Drumfad, 19th March 1895. Aged 52.


Lowry, Stevenson, Rogers and Colhoun Burials from the Gravestone inscriptions compiled in 1970.

1. Sacred to the memory James Lowry of Drummocklar who died 18 August 1908 aged 71 yrs. Also his wife Jane who died 12 April 1925. (safe in the arms of Jesus)

2. In memory of Hugh Lowry, PLC, Drum, who died 28 March 1883 aged 81 yrs, also his wife Catherine War... [letter missing] who died 14 July 1892 aged 88 yrs. Also their daughter Eliza Jane who died 16 March 1895 aged 57 yrs. Also their son Alexander who died 23 July 1911 aged 70 yrs. Also their daughter Catherine who died 26 February 1928 aged 89 yrs.

3. In loving memory of Sarah Lowry, wife of Thomas Hayes who died 1903 aged 69 yrs. Also her husband Thomas Hayes died 1912 aged 85 yrs, and their two children Sarah and Alexander who died in infancy. John Hayes died 27 December 1952 aged 85 yrs.

4. Here lieth the body of Andrew Rogers aged 91 years. [no death year given]

5. Erected by the Rev. W. A. Russell, Strabane, in memory of his dear mother Mary Stevenson who died December 1844 aged 56 years, also Mary Dill Campbell his dearly beloved and truly affectionate wife who died 15 February 1856 age 29 years, also his infant children Samuel, Marcus and Mary Dill.

6. Sacred to the memory of Josiah Stevenson Esq., who departed this life in sure hope of a joyful resurrection on Friday 29 June AD 1881 in the forty first year of his age, beloved, esteemed and regretted by all who knew him.

7. In memory of the late Samuel Stevenson who died 14 August 1919 55 years.



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