Stewarts of Dunduff, alias Coolaghy, Raymoghy, Barony of Raphoe, Co Donegal, 1622 – 1770

Expanded Abstracts of Wicklow Collection # 69

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Some 30 documents in National Library of Dublin, Ireland, Wicklow Collection # 69, bear on the Stewart’s of Dunduff and their collateral lines

The date of the manuscripts abstracted and presented as following “Items”, start in 1622 and go to1753. Names of tenants, witnesses & officials are included.


 The 27 Items cover 33 of the cataloged documents and are in order, earliest to the later date

Spellings are as found in the originals and only occasionally changes for more clarity. Xxx denotes unreadable or incomplete

 [xxx] indicated editor’s completion or addition. Use the Index at the end!


______________Item 1_________________


MS 38,507/1

Date: 1 February 1622

Land Lease of Town Land of Drumbarnet, Parish of Ramoghy, Raphoe Barony, County Donegal, Realm of Ireland..

Grantor: William Stewart, Laird of Dunduff, of said Parish and Barony.

Grantee: Anthony Stewart, younger brother of Grantor, of Drummoghill.

Witnesses: David Kennedy, Anthony Kennedy and James Thos. Mcxxx.

_______________Item 2__________________


MS 38,613 /2

Date: 5 July 1634

Marriage Endowment  for John Stewart to wed Frances Dunbar

Anthony Stewart, Gent., of Drummoghill of Barony of Raphoe, father of John Stewart, and Lt. Robert Dunbar of Carewcashell in Barony of Kilmacrenan, agree that Frances Dunbar is to marry John Stewart, on or about August 1, 1634.

Anthony Stewart, Gent, of Parish of Raymoghy, Barony of Raphoe, a Dunduff Stewart and brother of William Stewart, Laird of Dunduff.

Lt. Robert Dunbar, father of Frances Dunbar.

Witnesses:  at New Stewarton, County Tyrone.

            William Stewart, probably Anthony Stewart’s older brother

            David Sincler

            John Lawnxxx. 

_____________Item 3________________


MS 38,615/11

Date: 14 December 1637

Last Will & Testament of William Stewart of Mountstewart Esq. Parish of Ramoghy, Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal, Realm of Ireland.


George Stewart                    Brother of Testator William Stewart

Anthony Stewart                   Brother of Testator William Stewart

Jean Stewart                        Wife of Testator William Stewart

Children of William and Jean Stewart

            John Stewart                                    Oldest Son b. c, 1626

            William Stewart                                Birth Order unknown

            James Stewart                                  “

            Robert Stewart                                  “                                  

            Margaret Stewart                             [m. Anthony Kennedy c.1643]

            Anna Stewart                                    “

            Elizabeth Stewart                             “

            Agnes Stewart                                  ”

Supervisors Assisting Jean Stewart in Rearing of Children

            William Semple

            George Stewart                            [brother-in-law]

            Anthony Stewart                           [brother-in-law]


Witnesses:   Andrew Semple

                        James Miller

                        Anthony Kennedy (later married Margaret above)

                        Murdock McKenzie

_______________Item 4_________________


MS 38,520/1 (1)

Date: 1 February 1640

Dunduff Estate Settlement, Precinct of Portlough.

Jane Stewart, Widow of William Stewart


            Anthony Stewart, brother-in-law

            John Stewart [relationship uncertain, likely son of Anthony Stewart of Drummoghill].


            William Stewart [2nd oldest son, still a minor in 1640]

            James Stewart

            Robert Stewart

            Margaret Stewart [eldest daughter m, Anthony Kennedy]

            Elizabeth Stewart

            Anna Stewart [2nd eldest daughter]

            Agnes Stewart (Nanny)

 _______________Item 5__________________


MS 38,613/3 (1)

20 August 1643

Marriage of Margaret Stewart, of Dunduff, to Anthony Kennedy

            Anthony Kennedy so/o David Kennedy, of Manclout, Parish of Raymoghy, Barony of  Raphoe, County Donegal

            Margaret Stewart  eldest daughter of William and Jean Stewart of Dunduff, Ramoghy Parish, Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal.

            Capt. John Stewart  Bondsman, of Drumm-Oghill [s/o Anthony Stewart]

            James Squire           tenant             of Drumbarnett, Ramoghy

            John Gilmore           tenant             ) townlands of Monymore, Killybarren

            John Allison             tenant             ) Parish of Ramoghy, Raphoe

            Thomas Allen           tenant             )

            John Rankin             tenant             )

            James xxowston      tenant             )                                  

       Rory McLain             tenant            )

_______________Item 6 _________________


MS 38,520/1 (2)

MS 38,613/3 (2)

15 OCTOBER 1650

Land Indenture and Marriage: Jean Stewart, daughter of Archibald Stewart, Esq., Agent,  Ballintoy, Antrim, to Major John Stewart of Dunduff, [Mount Stewart] Donegal & Aryshire, Scotland. Actual Marriage is dated 17 October 1650.

[These two manuscripts spell out certain conditions arising out of heirs of sd. Jean and Maj. John Stewart as well of any  male heirs of Archibald, none being named herein.

            Robert Kennedy                   Witness

            Alexander Stewart               Witness                     

            David Fraser                         Witness

________________Item 7_________________


MS 38,515/18 (1)

11 May 1652

L W & Testament: Lieut.-Colonel Robert Galbreath of Douish within the Barony of Raphoe in the county of Donegall, stating his desire to be buried in the Parish church of Taughboyne.

            Jane Galbreath, alias Cunningham, wife of Robert.

            Capt. James Galbreath, sole son at the time of writing.

            Rebecca Galbreath, daughter who later marries Alexander Stewart

            Anna Stewart, daughter & wife of Capt. James Stewart [son of William Stewart of            Dunduff.]

            Archibald Galbreath, deceased son of Robert.

            Humphrey Galbreath, brother of Robert.

            Andrew Galbreath, brother of Robert.

            Humphrey Galbreath, son of Humphrey bother of Robert.     

            Sir Audrey Mervin, Knight & Col. of 8th Regt. Of Foote.

            Witnesses:  Thomas Ramsey, John Ewing & Alexander MacClintocke



__________Item 8______________


MS 38,546 (1)

25 JAN 1661

BOND OF £300 Given to John Stewart of Mount Stewart by William Stewart of Dramohell [Drumoghill] of County dunnygall [Donegal].

            Witness:         James Stewart [possibly brother of William Stewart

                                  Archi [Archibald] Douglas

            Tenant:          Patt. Thomson of Killovery Killyverry]     


________________Item 9________________


MS 38, 615/15 (2)

8 AUG 1665

LAST WILL & TESTAMENT of Major John Stewart of Dunduff.

Jean Stewart, spouse and executrix of John Stewart and daughter of Archibald1 Stewart, Esq. of Ballintoy, Antrim.

Archibald2 Stewart, oldest son of Major John and Jean Stewart

John Stewart, Clerk, relationship not stated

Capt. John Stewart, Uncle of Jean Stewart

Faerd Mccher, minister at Ballycastle in the County Antrim.   )           mentor for children

Capt. Robert Hamilton of Cladieford                                     )                       “

Lord Marquees of Montrose                                                )                       “

John Montgomery                                                               )                       “

John Everinford                                                                  )                       “                                                                                  

Mr. Colvil, Writer

John Moore, witness.

_____________Item 10________________


MS 38,513 (1)

20 August 1666

Land Lease; John Stewart, son of Anthony Stewart, brother to William Stewart, Baron of the manor of Mount Stewart, deceased, original patentee of the lands of Cooleghy, Dunduffs Fort, Parish of Ray, Raphoe of Barony, County of Donegal],  to his son Francis Stewart, leased land of Drummoghill and Drumbarnet.

Robert McKey, of Aimish, Barony of Kilmacrenan.


______________Item 11_________________


MS 38,556

10 January 1669

Legal Brief, [permitting the following genealogical abstract ]

Sir James Cunningham died in 1620. His wife’s name was Katherine.

George Cunningham was Sir James’ son and Heir.

John Forward was son and heir of Robert Forward, Dean of Dromore.

George Cunningham died c. 1640. [George Cunningham’s daughter Hannah, after 1840, married John Spicer who died before July 1672]

John Cunningham was son and heir of James Cunningham, George Cunningham’s trustee. 

George Cunningham’s wife was Hannah, d/o Henry Sutton, Dean of Limerick.

John Cunningham died w/o issue. His heirs were Katherine and Pennuel ”who are sisters by the father but not the mother” and “daughters and heires to Ann, the daughter to the said Sir James and sister to George”[Cunningham].

Giles and Frances were :sisters of the whole blood to the late deceased John Cunningham.

Hannah, relict of George Cunningham, married John Bridges.


______________Item 12_________________


MS 38,500

3 April 1679

Land Sale; John Stewart of Dromoghill [Ramoghey] sold/leased land in Ards, Parish of Convall, Barony of Kilmacrenan, to David Stewart. [no known relationship] Alexander Stewart was a Witness, along with Robert Chambers. Lessors on the land were; Robert Belvard, John Euwing and Jeams Bochaman.

_____________Item 13________________


MS 38, 517

4 February 1683

Land Lease & Release: William Stuart of Fort Cunningham leased / rented Tuck (cloth) Mill in townland of Killeverry, Raymoghy Parish, Barony of Raphoe,  John Wilinson (Wilkins) Chirgeon of Coleraine County of Londonderry.



_____________Item 14________________

MS 38,534

21 April 1684

Indenture; John Wilkison, Chirgeon from Colerane, Derry, and  William Stewart, Esq. of Mountstewart from Fortcunningham in the county of Donnegall. Sale and release of a Tuck and Cloath Mill in the townland of Killeverrie. Anciently belonging to John Stewart, Esq. deceased father of sd. William Stewart.


_____________Item 15______________


MS 38,536

I October 1684

Land Lease; Between Jean Stewart of Mount Stewart widow and relict of John Stewart of Dundufe within the Parish of Raymoghy, Barony of Raphoe and county of Donegall and William Stewart of Dunduff. Jean Stewart stands in actual possession of the Land of Moundowy and Quarter of Land of Mountclink and part of Menniemore. [Monnymore]

____________Item 16_______________


MS 38,615/19

21 April 1689

Last Will & Testament of John Wilkinson of Coleraine, Londonderry.

Names “deare wiffe Alice Wilkison” and daughter Joan Wilkison. Overseers of the will; Thomas Adames  Apothhhicarey & James Oushane, both of Coleraine. Witnesses; William Davidson and Katherine McAulay.


____________Item 17_______________


MS 38,546 (4)

28 December 1687

£600 Bond. By John Stewart, Esq. of Mount Stewart in the Parish of Ramoghy & Barony of Raphoe & County of Donegal to Mrs. Jean Stewart of Mount Stewart of Parish and Barony aforesaid. [Likely mother to John].Property is referred to as that released from mortgage  of Archibald Thomson on the land of Drumbarnet, “of the Mainor of Mount Stewart”.


___________Item 18_______________


MS 38,616/2

29 October 1691

Last Will & Testament of John Stewart of Dunduff Esquire:

Asks burial at family lot at Church of Ramoghy. [ There is a large monument in the church ruins bearing the name John Stewart]

John Stewart leaves total of his Estate to Sister Isabella, with failure of her lack heirs to.

Sister Alice Wilkinson, [alias Stewart], failing in lack of her heirs, to his nearest male heirs of my family:

William Stewart, my cousin germane eldest son of Capt. James Stewart, assigns all his arrears in pay from the Regiment of Colonel William Stewart,

Matthew Stewart my cousin, the younger. Two suits of clothing,

Rebecca Killane 10 gold guinneas, [relationship unknown]

My uncle Charles Stewart of Ballintoy Esq. my black gelding,

My cousin Matthew Stewart of Lismoghry 10 Guinneas

Susan Stewart, servant 5 Guinneas,

My cousin William Stewart to be my sole Executor. Witnessed by William Stewart and Matthew Stewart.

______________Item 19_______________


MS 38,584/15

MS 38, 613/4 (3) copy

28 September 1693

Marriage Indenture: William Stewart of Dunduffe, Gent and Mrs. Alice Wilkins of Dunduffe widow. Wedding sanctioned by Charles Stewart of Ballintoy of Antrim, Gent and Mr. James Stewart Minister of Coleraine. [ William Stewart and Alice Wilkins, nee Stewart are blood cousins.] In addition of conditions should there be failure of heirs, sums of money to be guaranteed, Lands pledged for rental income includes Killeverry, a house in Coleraine, William Stewart’s land in Leitrim and land in Barony of Raphoe called Clandehurka


____________Item  20_______________


MS 38,538 /1

8 January 1694/5

Marriage Indenture Between William Hamilton of Clady and Isabella Stewart, Widow, daughter of Mrs. Jean Stewart, widow, of Mount Stewart, Parish of Ramoghy, Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal. Qtr Land of Drumbarnett being settled on Isabella Steuart.

Capt. William Steuart, brother-in-law of Mount Stewart.

Cat. John Steuart of Mount Steuart, deceased.

Witnesses:    John Parke

                     Walter Smyly

                     J. A. Knox

Trustees serving Mrs. Jean Stewart:        Capt. Charles Steuart, of Ballintoy, Antrim.

                                                              Reverend James Steuart, Rector of Killibeggs.            

Joseph Young Sr., tenant of Drumbarnett          )

John MCNaughton                                           ) recipients of monetary gifts

Neal McNeall. Of Belfast                                   )


___________Item 21____________


MS 38,522/8 (1)

MS 38,557

13 February 1694

Land Indenture: Parties: (1) William Hamilton and his wife Isabella,  William Stewart of Kilmacrenan and his wife Alice, Jane Stewart of Mount Stewart, widow, (2) John Lesley of Terkermehan in the Co. of Tyrone Esq. &John Sinckler of Strabane, Clke [cleric?] (3) Robert Mortimer, Gent. of Ramelton of Donegal & John Stewart of Manorcunningham, Gent, of Donegal, (4) Henry Coleman, Gent of the city of Dublin. Their arrangements involve land ownership in the Manor of Mount Stewart, aka Cooleaghy, including portions or all of: Drumbarnad, Monnymore, Killibarry, Menclout, Dromoghill, Mondowy, Dromalis, said parcels are in the Precinct of Portlough, Parish of Ramoghy, Barony of Raphoe, County of Donegal.


___________Item 22_____________


MS 38,522/2 (1)

Easter 1695

Assignment This is a latin document presenting a final concord in the court of his majesty the King, fifteen days before Easter in the Seventh year of the reign of William the 3rd. It concerns the affairs of Henry Coleman, gent, querent [plaintive?], William Hamilton Esq. & Isabella his wife & William Stewart Esq and his wife and Jean Stewart, deforciant [defendants?] of the manor of Mountstewart or Coolaghy. This is a presumed resolution of the issues touched on in Item 17 of this presentation.

_____________Item 23_______________


MS 38,515

13 January 1703

Indenture: Charles Moore & Alice Stewart involving land at Little Malin, Barony of Raphoe, Donegal. [Transcription pending]


_____________Item 24_____________


MS 38,616/3 (2)

14 February 17008/9

Last Will & Testament: John Forward of Castle Forward, son of Rev. Robert Forward, Portlough Precinct, Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal.

Property cited: 11 Qtrs,  Burt, Innishoven; Woodstorme County Meath?.

                          4 Qtrs, Tougboyne, Barony Raphoe, county Donegal.

                          Also Kilmacrenan.

Family:           Wife, Ann Forward

                        William Forward       son of John & Ann forward

                        Isabella Forward      daughter of John & Ann forward

                        Letitia Forward                                  “                                  

                        Eleanor Forward                              “

                        Elizabeth Forward                           “

Officiating:     Andrew Hamilton, Archdeacon of Raphoe.

                        Michael Sampson of Dublin, possibly legal counsel.

                        Witnesses: John Gee, Robert Houston & William Patterson.


___________Item 25_____________


MS 38,548

5 July 1716

Claim Release: Quit Claim Deed to Mount Stewart, aka Coolaghie. Parish of Ramoghy, Barony of Raphoe, county Donegal. John Maxwell, of College Hall, Co. Armagh, release to Alice Stewart of Dunduff in the county of Donegal, widow, and Isabella Stewart, only daughter of the said Alice Stewart. Officiating were Dr. Andrew Hamilton  of Strabane, Tyrone, Notary Samuel Setton and Witnesses, Charles Stewart and Edward Matthews.


_____________Item 26_______________


MS 38,616/5 (2)

21 July 1724

L W & Testament of Isabella Stafford alias Stewart Dunduff, Barony of Raphoe, Kingdom of Ireland. Executors; Archibald Stewart of Ballentoy, Dr. of Divinity and Alexander McNaughton, Dr.. of Physics. Manor of Mount Stewart in the Barony of Raphoe.

Beneficiaries: Ann Stafford, daughter of my deceased husband, [Edmond Stafford]

                        Jane Stewart, Cousin

                        Bartholomew McNaughton

                        William Stewart, son of Capt. [John] Stewart of Inch.

                        Mary Moore alias Creighton

                        Rose Stewart, servant.

                        Mr. Alexander Stewart of Ballentoy.

                        Edmund Mc Naughton

                        Samson Hamilton. Godson.

                        William Hamilton

                        Mrs. Jane Moore, couzen.

                        Aunt Rebecca Killthomas

                        Anne Killthomas, d/o Aunt Rebecca.

                        William Forward, Minister.

                        John Maxwell of College Hall, Armagh.

                        Thomas Cudmore of Garvagh, Co, Londonderry.

                        Jonathan Ayelworth Xr to Cotton Cutters Hall, London.

 __________Item 27_______________


MS  38,639/23 (2)

1732 or after

Title Opinion regarding Manor of Mount Stewart, alias Coolaghy, Parish of Ramoghy, Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal. William forward m. Isabella Stafford [alias Stewart] otherwise Lady Stewart of Manor of Dunduff, originally belonging to William Stewart [after receiving a 1000 acre Plantation grant for the described land of Coolaghy. That estate descended to Isabella Forward in the ensuing three generations.


_________Item 28______________


MS 38, 617/6 (3)

18 May 1753

Last W. & Testament of Isabella Forward (nee Stewart). A fine describing the Mount Stewart properties called Cooleaghy, Isabella inherited in the precinct of Portlough, Barony of Raphoe, County Donegal. Husband William Forward (alias Howard) is sole named heir.

Witnesses: William Patterson, George Dewar and Jonathan Hanigan.


[In 1770, William Forward died and Isabella Forward having named The Right Honorable Ralph Howard as her successor to this estate, after her decease. [Isabella’s daughter Alice, b c 1755, later is the Countess Wicklow.]


Index of Surnames



Surname           First Name       Item #

Allen                  Thomas            5

Allison               John                5

Ayelworth          Jonathan          26

Bochannan        Jeams              12

Bridges             John                11

Chambers          Robert             12

Coleman            Henry               21

Colvill                Mr.                   9

Cudmore           Thomas            26

Cunningham       Anna                11

Cunningham       Frances            11

Cunningham       George            11

Cunningham       Giles                11

Cunningham       Hannah            11

Cunningham       John                11

Cunningham       Katherine          11

Cunningham       Pennuel            11

Cunningham       Sir James         11

Dewar                George            28

Douglas            Archibald         8

Dunbar              Robert, Lt.        2

Euwing              Robert             12

Everinford         John                9

Ewing                John                7

Forward             Anna                24

Forward             Eleanor            24

Forward             Elizabeth          24

Forward             Isabella            24, 27

Forward             John                11, 24

Forward             Latitia               24

Forward             Robert             11

Forward             Robert, Rev      24

Forward             William             24, 25, 26, 27,28

Fraser                David               6

Galbreath           Andrew            7

Galbreath           Archibald         7

Galbreath           Humphrey        7

Galbreath           James, Capt.    7

Galbreath           Jane                7

Galbreath           Rebecca          7

Galbreath           Robert, Lt- Col. 7

Gee                   John                24

Gilmore             John                5

Hamilton            Andrew, Cleric  24, 25

Hamilton            Isabella            21, 22

Hamilton            Robert, Capt.   9

Hamilton            Samson           26

Hamilton            William             21, 26

Hamilton            William, Esq     22

Houston            Robert             24

Kennedy            Anthony           1

Kennedy            Anthony           3, 5

Kennedy            David               1

Kennedy            Robert             6

Killane               Rebecca          18

Kilthomas          Anne                26

Kilthomas          Rebecca          26

Knox                 J. A.                20

Lawnxxx            John                2

Lesly                 John                21

Matthews           Edward            25

Maxwell             John                25, 28

McCher              Faerd               9

McClintocke       Alexander         7

McKenzie           Murdock           3

McKey               Robert             10

McLain              Rory                5

McNaughton      Bartholomew    26

McNaughton      Edmond           26

McNaughton      John                20

McNeall             Neal                 20

Mervin               Sir Audrey        7

Miller                 James              3

Montgomery      John                9

Montrose           Lord                 9

Moore               Charles            23

Moore               Jane                26

Moore               John                9

Moore               Mary                26

Mortimer            Robert, Gent    21

Parke                 John                20

Patterson           William             24

Ramkin              John                5

Ramsey             Thomas            7

Sampson           Michael            24

Semple              Andrew            3

Setton               Samuel            25

Sincler               David               2

Sincler               John                21

Smyly                Walter              20

Spicer               John                11

Squire               James              5

Stafford            Anna                26

Stafford            Isabella            26

Stewart/Stuart    Agnes              3

Stewart/Stuart    Alexander         6, 12, 26

Stewart/Stuart    Alice                21, 23, 25

Stewart/Stuart    Anna                3, 7

Stewart/Stuart    Anthony           1, 2, 3, 4, 10

Stewart/Stuart    Archibald         9

Stewart/Stuart    Archibald, DD  26

Stewart/Stuart    Charles            18, 25

Stewart/Stuart    Charles, Capt.  20

Stewart/Stuart    Charles, Gent   19

Stewart/Stuart    David               12

Stewart/Stuart    Elizabeth          3

Stewart/Stuart    Frances            10

Stewart/Stuart    George            3

Stewart/Stuart    Isabella            20, 25

Stewart/Stuart    James              3, 8

Stewart/Stuart    James, Capt.    18

Stewart/Stuart    James, Cleric   19

Stewart/Stuart    James, Cleric   20

Stewart/Stuart    Jane                21, 26

Stewart/Stuart    Jean                3, 4, 6, 9, 15, 17, 22

Stewart/Stuart    Jean , Widow   20

Stewart/Stuart    John                2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 15, 17, 21

Stewart/Stuart    John, Capt.      5, 9, 18, 20, 26

Stewart/Stuart    John, Maj.        6, 9

Stewart/Stuart    Margaret          3, 6

Stewart/Stuart    Matthew           18

Stewart/Stuart    Matthew, Sr.     18

Stewart/Stuart    Robert.            3

Stewart/Stuart    Rose                26

Stewart/Stuart    Susan              18

Stewart/Stuart    William             1, 2, 3, 8, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20,21, 22, 26, 27

Stewart/Stuart    William             2

Stewart/Stuart    William             3

Stewart/Stuart    William             3

Stewart/Stuart    William             8

Stewart/Stuart    William             13

Stewart/Stuart    William             15

Stewart/Stuart    William             18

Stewart/Stuart    William             19

Stewart/Stuart    William             20

Stewart/Stuart    William             21

Stewart/Stuart    William             22

Stewart/Stuart    William             26

Stewart/Stuart    William             27

Stewart/Stuart    William, Col.     18

Sutton               Henry               11

Thomson           Archibald         17

Thomson           Patt.(erson)      8

Wilkinson           Alice                18, 19

Wilkinson           John, Surgeon  13, 16

Young               Joseph, Sr,      20



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