Headstone Inscriptions, St. Mary's, Sessiagh (O'Neill), Co Donegal

Roman Catholic, Stranorlar RC Parish


(Photograph by Bernie)

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In Loving Memory of

Annie M Birnie

Died 8 Nov 1994 (1984?)

Rest in Peace



Photograph submitted by Patricia Lee




In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Father

Charles Cannon, Navenny Street

Died 11th Feb 1969 aged 52 yrs

Our dear mother

Cassie Cannon

Died 29th Dec 1991 aged 76 yrs




In Loving Memory of

James Cannon, Ballybofey

Died 19th March 1956 aged 83 years

Also his infant Children

Patrick J. and Brigid

Charles Cannon

Died 11th Feb 1969 aged 52 years

Hannah Cannon

Died 11th Dec 1969

Jim Cannon

Died 4th July 1972 aged 53 years




In Loving Memory of

Francis Joseph Doherty, Corefrin

Died 28 Sept 1958

His mother Catherine

Died 15 June 1964

Her husband John

Died 2 Nov 1967

Mick Doherty

The Carpenter

Died 4 April 2006 aged 85 years




Sacred to the Memory of

Patrick Dunnion

Who departed this life

The 10th day of July 1848 aged 65 years




In Loving Memory of

Patrick Dunnion

Died 16th August 1943 aged 85 years

His wife Catherine

Died March 1930 aged 57 years

Their sons

Patrick died October 1915 aged 11 yrs

James died October 1917 aged 15 yrs

Joseph died January 1946 aged 33 yrs

Michael died December 1975 aged 67 yrs

Interred in The Cross

Their daughter Grace

Died February 1919 aged 17 yrs

His sister Ellen

Died November 1941 aged 75 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Sarah Dunnion

Died 27th May 1980 aged 64 yrs

Her husband Peter

Died 20th March 1992 aged 91 yrs




This Monument was erected

At the instance of

Con Gallagher

By his sons as a record to perpetuate

The Memory of their brother

John Gallagher

Who died 18th Jany 1877 aged 29 years

Patrick McGowan

Died 16th May 1967

His wife Bridget

Died 4th May 1972

Requiescant in Pace


LHS of above

In Memory of

Maggie Gallagher aged 15 days

Also Annie Gallagher aged 8 days

Also Joseph Gallagher aged 15 years

Also Cornelius Gallagher

Who died June 1st 1861 aged 6 years

Also Ann Gallagher

Who died April 1st 1881 aged 27 years

Margaret Gallagher

Died May 1933

Andrew Bonar

Died 24th Aug 1998


RHS of above


Patrick Herbert Bonar

Michael Thomas McGowan



In Memory of

Andrew Hughes

Who died 21st Dec 1893 aged 55 years

Also his wife Eleanor

Who died 1st Jan 1900 aged 63 years


Died 5th June 1940 aged 60 years


Died 6th Dec 1951 aged 83 years

Son James

Died 18th Sep 1981

Andrew Hughes

Died 1st Dec 1989

Seamus Hughes

Died 10th Sep 1996

Brigid Hughes

Died 28th April 2008



In Loving Memory of

Michael Lafferty

Died 11th May 1942 aged 60

His wife Mary

Died 28th May 1945 aged 62

Their sons Neil

Died 10th Feb 1962 aged 47


Died 28th Jan 1975 aged 65

His wife Mary Kate

Died 4th August 2003 aged 92

Their son Charles

Died 21st December 2008 aged 58



In Loving Memory of

Stephen Lafferty

Died March 1921 aged 75 years

Sarah Lafferty

Died June 1926 aged 75 years

Stephen Lafferty

Died August 1928 aged 35 years

John Lafferty

Died Sept 1969 aged 76 years

Stephen Lafferty

Died May 1989 aged 68 years

Nellie Lafferty

Died June 1991 aged 94 years

John Lafferty

Died Dec 1995 aged 70 years

Annnie Lafferty

Died January 2001 aged 75 years




They Will be Done

In Loving Memory of

Margaret McGowan, Dreenan

Died 19th April 1989 aged 71 yrs

Her children

John Joseph and Susan

Died in infancy

Her husband John

Died 24th March 1991 aged 85 yrs




In Loving Memory of

Thomas McGowan

Died 12th June 1958 aged 87 years

His wife Catherine

Died 14th March 1969 aged 93 years

Their sons


Died 17th January 1998 aged 80 years


Died 14th August 1997 aged 86 years



Erected by John Sweeney

In Memory of his beloved Wife

Bridget McLaughlen?

Who departed this life

On the 15th of February 1857 aged 47 years

And Catherine Byrne

Died Jany 1911 aged 71 years

And her son Hugh Byrne

Beloved husband of Mary Byrne

Died 18th June 1949 aged 76 years




Erected by Michael Martin of Edinmore

In Memory of his son John

Who died 2nd June 1877 aged 28 years

Also Edward Martin

Died Aug 1932 aged 22 years

Peter Martin

Died June 1935 aged 86 years

Mary Martin

Died June 1945 aged 70 years

Patrick Martin

Died Aug 1954 aged 54 years

Peter Martin

Died July 1956 aged 53 years

Mick Martin

Died Mar 1985 aged 89 years




In Memory of

Very Reverend James Canon Meehan

Archdiocese of Glasgow

Born 9th September 1902

Ordained 9th June 1929

Died 30th July 1995





Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Souls of

Ellen Quinn, Goland

Died 9th March 1929

Her sons

James died 16th Dec 1939

John died 27th Jan 1965

Also her daughter

Sister Ange De St. Martin

Died in U.S.A. 14th Sept 1914

And Sarah

Wife of James Quinn

Died 8th Feb 1968

Their son John

Died 6th October 2006





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