Inscriptions - Straid Church and Graveyard, Clonmany, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Faye)

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From The Journal of Irish Memorials Association Vol 12 1927


Inishowen, Its History, Traditions & Antiquities, 1867

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While the old church has very few marked graves, 'the graveyard is literally piled with heaps of the dead;

it is raised many feet in height, and seems to be wholly vaulted underneath'. (Memorials to the Dead Vol. 5, 1901).

Since the Established Church had so few parishioners, these graves are mainly the graves of the Catholic community, priests and laiety,

who continued to use the graveyard even after the opening of the Catholic Chapel in Clonmany.(Straid Church and Associated Material)



Underneath This Stone Are The Remains Of

Catherine Ball

Relict Of Samuel Ball Esq Of Grousehall

And Daughter Of The Rev Arthur Chichester

Who Departed This Life On The 11th Day Of April 1799

In The 49th Year Of Her Age


Underneath This Stone Lieth The Remains Of

Mrs Mary Chichester

The only Duaghter to Henry O'Neill of Shane's Castle

Who Died On The 12th Day Of May 1786

Also Those Of Her Son

Rev Dr Chichester

Who Was For Many Years Rector Of The Parish Of Clonmany

And Who, To The Great Grief Of His Relations

His Friends And His Parishoners,

Departed This Life On The 31st Of August 1815

Aged 72 Years


(Both of the above headstones are on the north side of the church

surrounded by a wall)



The Burying Ground


Edward Doherty Esqr

of Glen House Co Donegal

Herein Buried

Michael Doherty

Died 1855

His Wife Rebecca

Died 1867

Their Son James Walker

Died 1860

Their Son Michael

Died 1893

Their Daughter

Ellen Irvine Died 1888

Her Son

John J Irvine M.D.

Died 1897

And Edward Doherty

Who Died 6th March 1918

Also His Son

James Walker Doherty

Who Died 1st February 1925

Aged 51 Years

(upright marble slab)




Sacred to the Memory of

Neal O'Doherty Esq

Late of Keeloges

Who Departed This Life

On the 14th of December 1823

Aged 78 Years

And Catharine His Wife

Who Died on the 6th December 1829

In Her 80th Year

This Monument To Their Virtues and Piety

Is also Erected That So Long As Its Perishable

Materials Shall Endure

It May Protect The Remains

And Perpetuate The Remembrance of

Their Children

Margery, Wife of Denis O'Doherty



Who Died on the 1st August 1820

In Her 28th Year

Dominick O'Doherty

Who Died on the 25th June 1824

Aged 36 Years

And Mary, Wife of Bernard Farren

Late of Straid

Who Died on the 19th Day of April 1828

In Her 53rd Year

Fraternal Affection Inscribes It Also As

The Cenotaph


Frances, wife of Thomas O'Doherty

Of Muff

Who Died on the 26th January 1824

Aged 43 Years

And of Surgeon William O'Doherty

Who Died at Honduras in the West Indies

On the 23rd of December 1824

In His 34th Year

(table stone)



81229 PTE S Humphries

4th Res Devon Regt

Died 3rd November 1918

(wooden cross)




This Stone Was Erected By

Eneas McFaul

In Remembrance Of His Father and Brother

Here Lies The Body of William McFaul

Who Departed This Life The 15th July 1803

Aged 56 Years

Also His Son Revd Patrick McFaul

Who Departed This Life The 14th of March 1805

Aged 32 Years

(horizontal slab, engraved with a hand, chalice and book)



Erected To The Memory Of

Archibald McMurray

Who Departed This Life Spetember The 18th 1828

Aged 77 Years

'Letrd. By James McMurray'



Here Lyeth The Body Of


Wife Of Mr Henry McNeill

Daughter Of Col Edward Carey

Who Died The 29th Year Of Her Age

And On The 17th Day Of July 1725


Here Lyeth The Body Of

Col Daniel McNeill

Who Departed This Life On The 11th Day Of Spetember 1709

Aged 59 Years


(The stone, of best Italian marble, which is in the southern half of the yard,

is engraved with the figure of a stag)




Colonel McNeill loved at Binion, and owned some property in the neighbourhood;

but his memory is held in the utmost detestation by the inhabitants of the parish.

He led a wild and irregular life, and kept a number of low retainer about him

who aided in procuring him the means of gratifying his odious and immoral propensities

(Maghtochair, 1867)



To The Memory Of

Denis O'Donnell, Gentleman

Who Departed This Life On The 9th April 1778 Aged 78 Years

Also Annie, His Wife

Who Departed This Life On The 13th May 1769

Aged 45 Years

Their Issue 5 Sons And One Daughter




O'Donnell was a poet, and the author of a celebrated son,

entitled 'Playraka-na-bhollon'



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