Stranorlar RC Graveyard, Stranorlar, Co Donegal

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This is not a complete survey of all the headstones within this graveyard






In Loving Memory of

Patrick Barron died 14th Feb 1938

Bella Barron died 25th Sep 1946

Margaret Barron died 14th Aug 1941

Philomena Barron died 8th Oct 1945

Cassie Barron died 16th Sep 1962

John Barron died 17th Dec 1965

Willie Barron died 28th Dec 1969

Paddy Barron died 12th Jan 1970

Susan Barron died 18th Dec 1980

John Ivan Barron

Died 16th August 2008 aged 78 years




In Loving Memory of

Charles J. Bonar

Died 20th Oct 1969

And his wife Claire

Died 20th March 1992




Erected by Mary Boyle

In Memory of her Beloved Father

Owen Boyle

Who died 9th November 1884 aged 89 years

Also her mother Mary Boyle

Who died 6th February 1891 aged 78 years

Also her sister Annie Boyle

Who died 28th September 1893 aged 43 years

Also her aunt Nelly Boyle

Who died 17th March 1891 aged 78 years

Also Mary Boyle

Died 8th Oct 1927? aged 78 years



(plaque in front of above headstone)

In Loving Memory of

Hannah Boyle relict of Daniel Boyle

Died 12th Jan 1990

Their infants

Daniel died 1931

Anne Jane died 1936



In Loving Memory of

Angela Brennan

Died 30th Nov 1957




In Loving Memory of

Mary A. Bryson, Curraghamone

Died 11 Sept 1975




In Memory of

Francis Callaghan

Died 18 Jan 1951

His Wife Rose

Died 25 Oct 1971




In Loving Memory of

Patrick Cannon

Born 20:2:1869 died 1:4:1939

Aged 70 years

His wife Mary

Died 19:5:1939 aged 73 years




Erected by

Cornelius Carr

In Memory of his Beloved Wife

Rosanne McAnulty

Who departed this life

17th July 1870 aged 28 years

Requiescat in Pace




Erected In Loving Memory of

Daniel Carroll, Ballybofey

Died 3rd May 1972 aged 61 years

His wife Catherine

Died 21st May 1995 aged 84 years

His brother Billy

Died 1st Nov 1993 aged 81 years

Mary (Carroll) Harkin

Died 23rd Sept 2000 aged 82 years

Drew Carroll

Died 15th Nov 2001 aged 55 years



Pray for the Soul of

James Condren, Ballybofey died 1914

His wife Sarah died 1925

Their children

Thomas J. died 1902

Annie M. died 1910

Margaret T. died 1923




Pray for the Soul of

James Connolly (Ballybofey)

Who died 25th Jany 1921

And his wife Annie

Who died 22nd Octr 1919




In Loving Memory of

Bridget Deery

Died 8th September 1906

Thomas Deery died 12th April 1914

Charlotte Deery died 3rd September 1927

Alice Bonar died 23rd February 1965

Winifred Laverty died 12th August 1978

Antionette Tinney died 12th June 1989



In Loving Memory of

John Dillon

Died 7th Feby 1909 aged 64 years

Also his daughters

Mary Agnes

Died 20th Jany 1897 aged 18 years

Lizzie Maud

Died 20th July 1899 aged 24 years

And his son

William Henry

Died 28th March 1898 aged 14 years




In Loving Memory of

Bernard Doherty died 1954

His wife Mary Ellen died 1966

Their daughter Catherine Died 2001



In Loving Memory

Of The W. J. Doherty

And Family, Ballinaglack




Erected by D Gallagher, Ballybofey

In Memory of his Aunt

Catherine Early

Died 10th Feb 1913 aged 70 years

D Gallagher

Died 16th Feb 1931 aged 51 years

Teresa Gallagher

Died 9th March 1943 aged 22 years





Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of

Mary Farncombe died 24th Nov 1993

Also her mother Mary McNulty

Erected by her daughter Maureen


(plaque in same grave)

Sarah Doherty died Nov 1962

Love from your son William




Glory to the Blessed Trinity

Three Devine persons in one God

Lord Jesus Christ have Mercy on the Soul of

Thomas Finnerty

Who died on the 19th May 1926 aged 54

Eternal Father offer thee the precious blood of

Jesus for the redemption of his soul

Blessed Mother of our Redeemer intercede for him

Rest in Peace, Amen.

Erected in Loving Memory by his sister and brothers.

Also his wife

Bella Finnerty

Who died March 1941 aged 74

And James Shesgreen

Who died 3rd Dec 1954 aged 77

Also his wife

Brigid Shesgreen

Who died 19th March 1955 aged 72

Patrick Shesgreen

Died 24th Aug 1979



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Bridget Friel

Who died 26 July 1962

Ross Parks

Who died 5 June 1977

Jean Parks

Who died 2 Jan 1933

Marion Friel

Who died 15 June 1993



In Memoriam

Conal Furey died Oct 11th 1946

His wife Mary

Died July 12th 1949

Their children

Eithne, Abraham Brigid

Father Joseph S. C. C.

Their son-in-law

Daniel Hugh Quigley

Died Oct 20th 1960

Teresa Lorraine & Paul Gerald Kelly

Infants died 29th April 1970

Mary Teresa Quigley

Died 8th Sept 1996 aged 90 years





Pray for the Souls of

Annie Gallagher

Died ? May 1945 aged 22 years




Pray for the Souls of

Hannah Gallagher died 5th May 1911

John Joseph Gallagher died 3rd April 1944

John Gallagher died 16th Jan 1950

Mary Gallagher died 16th Dec 1956





In Loving Memory of a Dear Father

John Joseph Gallagher died 31st March 1953

His wife Mary Ann died 24th January 1983

Their daughter Bridie

Died 10th February 1969

Their son Hughie

Died 7th July 1995

Their son John James

Died 14th December 2004



In Loving Memory of

Margaret Gallagher died 9th Sept 1960

Her son Seamus died 19th June 1947

James Gallagher died 4th Sept 1986





In Loving Memory of

Sarah Gallinagh, Drumboe

Died 2nd May 1950 aged 67 yrs

Her Husband Anthony

Died 27th May 1958 aged 84 yrs

Also Joe and Jean Gallinagh

Interred in Corrigan, West Australia

And their sons

John J. Gallinagh

Died 4th May 1944 aged 4 yrs

And James F. Gallinagh

Died 9th May 1944 aged 8 months

Rest in Peace




In Loving Memory of

Sarah Gillespie, Chapel St. Stranorlar

Died 14 June 1964

Her son Dilly

Died 9 Sept 1979



In Loving Memory of

Francis Gordon

Died 24th February 1937 aged 48 years

Also his wife

Annie Gordon (nee Boyle)

Died 12th March 1952 aged 65 years

Also other members of the Gordon family.




Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

John Griffin who died 30 June 1945

Also his wife Sarah

Who died 12 September 1965



In Loving Memory of

James Hannigan aged 41 years

His sons

Michael aged 11 years

And Henry John aged 3 years

Also his dearly beloved wife

Bridget Hannigan

Who died Easter Sunday 1918





In Loving Memory of

James Hannigan died 20-8-1931

His wife Bridget died 29-7-1926

Their daughter Kathleen died 21-11-1960

Thomas Young died 28-12-1960

His wife Annie died 28-9-1978




In Loving Memory of

David Henderson died 1-7-1952

His wife Margaret died 6-2-1968


Lulu died 5-1-1966

Maggie died 7-4-1985





In Loving Memory of

Nancy Herron

Died 13th July 1889 aged 36 years

Susan Herron

Died 20th June 1904 aged 19 years

John Herron

Died 13th Dec 1913 aged 30 years

Owen Herron

Died 29th Dec 1917 aged 77 years

Sarah Herron

Died 16th Feb 1921 aged 75 years





In Loving Memory of

Joseph Houston, Ard McCarron

Died 20th March 1983 aged 30 years

Until we meet again



In Loving Memory of

Kathleen Houston, Mullindrait

Died 22nd Feb 1977 aged 22 years

Her father Edward

Died 28th Dec 1983 aged 69 years



In Loving Memory of

Margaret Houston

Died 8th October 1973 aged 84 years

Also her son John

Died 8th December 2008 aged 83 years




In Loving Memory of

John James

17.4.1894 – 22.8.1969

His wife Rose (nee) Travers

25.4.1895 – 25.1.1975

His son Sean

30.9.1925 – 7.6.1979

Brendan 1924 – 1968

Buried Liverpool

Edna 1926 – 1989

Buried Liverpool

Leo 1931 – 1992

Buried Essex

Gabriel 1929 – 1996

Buried Geashill, Co. Offaly

Rest in Peace




In Loving Memory of

John Kennedy

His wife Nellie

Sons John, Joseph, Edward.

Infants Charles, Benedict, Hugh, Eugene

And Kathleen Mary McGrath



Sacred to the Memory of

Patrick Kerrigan

Who depd this life Jany 23rd 1863 aged 75? Years

Also Susan Kerrigan

Who depd this life Dec 3d 1873 aged 75 years

Also Joseph Kerrigan

Who depd this life 21st Decr 1898 aged 57 years

Also Teresa Kerrigan

Who depd this life 19th Feb 1930 aged 78 years


Peter Whitelaw died 29th August 1956?

And his wife

Mary A. Whitelaw died 30th July 1968??




In Loving Memory of

Dan Lyons

Died 21 Jan 1974 aged 66 yrs

His wife Annie

Died 21 Feb 1996 aged 82 yrs




Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of

Patrick Lyons died 8th Dec 1976




In Memory of

Anne Magee, Ballybofey

Who departed this life

18th March 1890 aged 70 years

Also Hugh Magee

Who died 16th January 1899 aged 81 years

Also Teague Magee, J. P.

Who died 3rd October 1905 aged 54 years

Also Mary Magee

Wife of George Magee

Who died 4th April 1910 aged 43 years

Also George Magee, J. P.

Who died 16th Feb 1915 aged 70 years


James Magee

Died 2nd October 1936 aged 72 years

And his wife Ann Jane

Died 24th April 1950 aged 86? Years




In Loving Memory of

Norah Martin, Dooish

Died 10th March 1976

Her husband Neil

Died 18th Oct 1993


To live in the hearts of those

We love, is not to die




In Loving Memory of

William McBrearty

Died 23rd Aug 1930 aged 67 yrs

Catherine McBrearty

Died 3rd April 1936 aged 76 years

Patrick McBrearty

Died 2nd Mar 1977 aged 75 yrs

Bridget McBrearty

Died 18th April 1982 aged 76 yrs

Baby Madeline McBrearty aged 9 months

John McBrearty

Died 6th Dec 2005 aged 64 years




O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

John McClenaghan

Who died 15th Decr 1903

Also his wife Margaret

Who died 15th Jany 1915



In Loving Memory of

The McCool Family


Rest in Peace




Of Your Charity Pray for the Souls of

Mary Anne McCool

Beloved wife of Daniel McCool

Who died 2nd Feb 1928 aged 57 years

Also their daughter

Mary Jane McCool

Who died 18th Jan 1925 aged 22 years

Daniel McCool

Who died 6th Feb 1936 aged 75 years

Also their son

Sean McCool

Who died 1st May 1949 aged 48 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on them




In Loving Memory of

Peter McCool, Woodland, Dooish

Died 4th November 1972

His wife Mary Anne died 18th April 1984

Their son Peter died 23rd November 1998

Their son-in-law

Michael Lafferty, Donegal Road,

Died 6th February 2004

Rest in Peace



In Memory of

James McCormick

Also his wife Mary McCormick

And their children

Frederick & Mary

May they Rest in Peace




In Loving Memory of

Michael McDermott died 16th June 1947

Mary Anne McDermott died 29th Nov 1956

Michael McGinty died 11th Aug 1958

Margaret McGinty died 7th Jan 1988

Gregory McGinty died 16th July 1983




In Loving Memory of

The McDevitt Family




Pray for

J. C .T. (Chris) MacDonagh

Founder of the Co. Donegal Historical Society

Died April 28th 1960 aged 53 years

His wife Betty

Died Dec 19th 2003 aged 85 years

May they rest in peace together




In Loving Memory of

Joseph McGilloway, Drennan

Died 24th Aug 1977

1890 – 1977




In Memory of

Mary McGillaway

Who died May 23rd 1872 aged 34 years

Also her son Patrick

Who died April 23th 1887 Aged 17 years

Also her son James

Who died Decr 23rd 1888 aged 19 years

Also her Huaband Patrick McGillaway

Who died May 24th 1890 aged 60 years

Erected by Maryann Sharkey





In Loving Memory of

Mary E McGinty

Died 7th January 1897 aged 26 years

Also my infant son

James who died May 12th 1898

And my baby

Winifred who died September 10th 1903

And my son Patrick

Who died August 16th 1916 aged 15 years

Also Michael McGinty

Who died April 6th 1930 aged 78 years

Baby Michael McGinty 1948

Winifred McGinty 8-10-60

Mary Ellen McGinty 1962

Annie B. McGinty, 23-5-1981


Agnes McGinty

Died 26/11/1994 aged 82 years

Also her husband

Michael F. McGinty

Died 3/2/1996 aged 93 years

St. Anne Pray for us




In Loving Memory of

Willie McGinty, died 28 Sept 1918

His parents

Annie died 3 Aug 1943

Robert died 23 Jan 1949

His brothers

Patrick died 2 April 1963

Joseph died 3 Sept 1967

John died 16 July 1968

Erected by his sister Annie




In Loving Memory of

Bernard McGlinchey

Died 30 March 1975 aged 37 yrs

His son Damien

Died 9 April 2006 aged 36 years





In Loving Memory of

Ellie McGlinchey died 29 Dec 1940

Hugh McGlinchey died 15 Aug 1963

The Bonar Family

Patrick died 1959

Bridget died 1970

William died 1975

Winifred Tourish died 1942



In Loving Memory of

William McGlynn, Dooish

Died 8th April 1922

His wife Mary McGlynn

Died 6th September 1910

And their son

Charles McGlynn

Died 8th July 1919

Also John and Brigid Timoney, Ironworks?

Josephine McGlynn died 23rd Sept 1975





In Loving Memory of

Mary MacLean died 30-6-1918

Her husband Hugh died 25-9-1943

Their daughter

Marion MacGilloway

Died 10-2-1991

Her son Patrick McGilloway

Cied 6-1-2003

Her daughter

Maureen McGilloway died 12-2-2009

Rest in Peace




In Loving Memory of

Aliza, Sarah and Owen McMenamin,

Woodland, Dooish

Also Mary Madden

Erected by Brigid French





Pray for the Souls of

Susan McMenamin, Millbrae, Stranorlar

Died 8th September 1949

Her husband Patrick

Died 8th May 1965

Their sons


Died 28th September 1938

Fr. Hugh P. McMenamin

Died Devonport, Australia

11th December 1955




In Loving Memory of

Thomas McMenamin, Kilross

Who died 28th July 1955

And his daughter Kate

Who died 27th May 1931

His wife Margaret

Who died 3rd January 1964

and his son

Father John, C. C., Glenfin

Who died 2nd February 1965

Annie McMenamin

Died 18th July ? aged 74 years

William McMenamin

Died 5th March 1987 aged 79 years



In Loving Memory of

John McNulty

Died 9th Oct 1958 aged 64 yrs

His mother Margaret McNulty

Died 6th June 1938 aged 82 yrs

His father Daniel McNulty

Died 25th April 1940 aged 86 yrs

Catherine McNulty

Died 6th Nov 1991 aged 96 yrs

Noel McNulty

Died 21st April 1990 aged 54 yrs

John Patrick McNulty

Died in infancy 30th July 1977


Noel McNulty 21-4-1990




Pray for the Souls of

Patrick Molloy and his wife Alice

Their daughter Bridget who died 27th March 1951

Their son Hugh who died 11th Nov 1955

James died 3rd Sep 1960

Peter died 5th Dec 1962

Patrick died 22nd Mar 1968

John Bonnar died 27th April 1976

Daniel Molloy died 13th June 1985

His wife Mary A. died 13th Oct 1992

Catherine Molloy died 14th Feb 1991




In Loving Memory of

Sarah Murphy

Died 16th April 1871 aged 9 years

Also Mary Anne Murphy

Died 4th Nov 1873 aged 13 years

Also Bridget Murphy

Died 12th June 1895 aged 25 years

J. T. Murphy

Died 6th Sep 1935

His daughter Ada Patricia

Died 19th Nov 1954

His wife Elizabeth

Died ? April 1959





In Loving Memory of

Seamus Murphy, Ballybofey

Who died 28th July 1937 aged 14 years

Margaret Murphy, Ballybofey

Died 11th December 1969

Frank Murphy

Died 25th December 1971

Grandaughter Lisa Murphy

Died 26th April 1971 aged 10 years




Of Your Charity

Pray for the Soul of

Patrick Murray

Who died 14th January 1899 aged 68 years

Also his wife Rose A Murray

Who died 15th Dec 1917 aged 84 years

Susan Murray

Died 6th Feb 1928 aged 42 years

Her husband Matt Murray

Died 20th Feb 1938 aged 62 years

Joseph Murray

Died 6th Mar 1983 aged 69 years

Agnes Murray

Died 14th June 1987 aged 77 years

Children Edward and Gerard

Mary Murray died 6th June 1935

Lily Murray died 2nd April 2007 aged 90 years





In Loving Memory of

Bridget O’Donnell

Died 1st January 1960

Hugh O’Donnell

Died 14th October 1974





In Loving Memory of

Annie Quinn

Died 7th January 1974 aged 67 years

Her husband Hugh Quinn

Died 22nd September 1987 aged 81 years



In Loving Memory of

James Quinn, Cappry

Died 7th Jan 1951 aged 85 years

His wife Brigid

Died 12th Aug 1958 aged 89 years

Their daughter Cassie

Died 7th Aug 1987 aged 84 years




Cherished Memories of

Charles Bernard Sweeney

Died 10th May 1951 aged 49 years

His loving wife Annie

Died 15th March 1975 aged 64 years

Their daughters

Sarah died 2nd March 1940 aged 2 years

Helen died 27th December 1962 aged 12 years

His brother Joseph Sweeney

Died 24th January 1972 aged 73 years

And his nephew Frank Dunnion

Died 15th July 1949 aged 38 years

Gone from Our Home

But not from our Heart



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Charles Temple died 12 Sept 1975

Also his grandchildren

John Terance and Angela aged 3 months

His son Phonsie

died 8th Nov 1985

His wife Bridget

Died 24th Jan 2001




In Loving Memory of

Catherine Thompson died 23rd March 1960

Her husband Francis

Died 23rd Feb 1966

Rose Thompson died 31st Jan 1981

William (Liam) Thompson

Died 21st Nov 1986

Lily Thompson died 25th Aug 1985

Alicoque Thompson died 22nd Sept 1997

Catherine (Kitty) Bonner

Died 7th May 2005



In Fond Remembrance of

Chrestina Thompson,

Donegal Rd., Ballybofey

Died 21 May 1978 aged 11 yrs

Erected by her parents and family



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Margaret Thompson, Ballybofey

Died 10th Feb 1977 aged 66 years

Her husband Frank

Died 5th Jan 1990




In Loving Memory of

Vincent Thompson, Ballybofey

Died 12th Feb 1962 aged 52 years

His father James

Died 10th Nov 1955 aged 84 years

Ruby Thompson, wife of Vincent

Died 12th Dec 1987

Ala Thompson

Died 12th Feb 1991 aged 78 years




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