Taughboyne Births Registered Sep - Dec 1879

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Date Place Surname First Father Occupation Mother Registrar's District
1879 Oct 21 Mongavlin Alexander Thomas Samuel Farmer Shaw, Jane Raphoe
1879 Dec 13 Momeen Buchanan Robert Samuel Farmer McDade, Sarah Jane Raphoe
1879 Oct 19 St Johnston Colhoune David Robert Currier McGlaughlin, Eliza Raphoe
1879 Oct 12 St Johnston Doyle Charles James Labourer Carson, Eliza Raphoe
1879 Aug 24 Treantagh Giblin Teresa     Giblin, Eliza Raphoe
1879 Dec 13 Carnshannagh Hineman Sarah Thomas Labourer Bell, Margaret Raphoe
1879 Oct 8 Creaghadoos Johnston Ann Isabella David Schoolmaster Cooke, Jane Raphoe
1879 Nov 11 Lettergul Kincaid James     Kincaid, Eleanor Raphoe
1879 Aug 15 Lettergul McCausland Samuel Joseph Farmer Buchanan, Lilley Ann Raphoe
1879 Nov 25 Creatland McClintock Rebecca Robert Farmer McKay, Matilda Raphoe
1879 Sep 17 St Johnston McGirr Ann Isabella Thomas Carpenter Park, Mary Jane Raphoe
1879 Dec 13 Moness McGlinchy Mary Jane Hugh Labourer Connor, Jane Raphoe
1879 Sep 15 Gillstown McNulty Hugh Neil Labourer Cole, Maria Raphoe
1879 Sep 15 Drumcrow Quinn Mary John Labourer Gillespy, Letitia Raphoe
1879 Nov 9 St Johnston Roulston Jane Andrew Scutcher Killen, Jane Raphoe
1879 Sep 18 Magheracloy Roulston Matthew     Roulston, Mary Jane Raphoe
1879 Nov 10 Drumcrow Shalee Daniel Daniel Labourer Donnell, Eliza Raphoe
1879 Oct 23 Dromore Steen Mary Matthew Farmer Devenny, Margaret Raphoe
1879 Dec 14 Tullyrap Toorish Ellen William Labourer Brogan, Ellen Raphoe
1879 Oct 27 Lettergul Wilkey Rebecca William Labourer McGlaughlin, Martha Raphoe

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