Taughboyne Death Announcements

Transcribed from the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69

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November 7 1829

On Wednesday morning, the 4th inst, in Ferryquay Street (Londonderry), MRS MARTHA ALEXANDER, relict of the late MR SAMUEL ALEXANDER, of this City, aged 60 years. At her end, she had suffered a most acute illness. Her remains were conveyed to Taughboyne Churchyard, on Friday


June 5 1830

On the 23rd ult, MR JOHN MONTIETH, of Crachdoos, parish of Taughboyne, in the 25th year of his age. His death was occasioned by a fracture on the leg, six weeks prior, which was the cause of gangrene


March 26 1831

At Trentaugh, on the 19th inst, aged 62, MARY, relict of the late MATHEW HAMILTON, ESQ.


June 30 1832

 On Monday, the 25th inst, at the Churchtown of Taughboyne, aged 66, ALICIA, wife of MR H. PATTERSON 


November 17 1832

On Sunday last, MR SAMUEL HANNA, of Whitehouse, near St Johnston, aged 61 years


June 28 1834

After a short illness, on the 25th inst, the REV JOHN RANKIN, in the 23rd year of his age. He had been chosen as Pastor of the newly erected Congregation of Ballylennon, and his ordination had been appointed for the month of July


July 26 1834

At Whitehill, in the Parish of Taughboyne, on Tuesday week, MR THOMAS PATTON  


March 7 1835

After a lingering illness, on Wednesday morning, the 25th February last, at his residence in Dromochlagh (Drumucklagh), parish of Taughboyne, county Donegal, MR NATHAN MARTIN, aged 52 years. He was for many years the principal County Overseer for the parish of Taughboyne, under the Most Noble Marquis of Abercorn


January 30 1836

On Wednesday, at Brady (Braade), in the parish of Taughboyne, after a few hours sickness, MR JAMES OSBORNE, aged 72 years, regretted by a large circle of friends and neighbours


February 13 1836

On Tuesday, the 9th inst, at Carrickmore, JAMES CULBERT, ESQ., aged 77, brother of the much late lamented DR WILLIAM CULBERT, of Londonderry


February 27 1836  

At the Churchtown of Taughboyne, on the 22nd inst, MR HAMILTON PATTERSON


April 23 1836

At Castletown, on the 16th inst, aged 82 years, the REV WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, senior Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of St Johnston, which he served for 52 years. As a father and a friend his loss is irreparable


August 20 1836

At his residence, in Moyle, in the county of Donegal, on the 6th inst, after a protracted illness, MR JAMES HOOD, aged 79 years. His remains were followed to the burying ground at Taughboyne by a vast concourse of friends and acquaintances


April 15 1837

At Dromore, near Raphoe, on Sunday last, at an advanced age of 96 years, MR JOHN STEEN, a respectable farmer


May 13 1837  

On Friday 5th inst, at Craghadoes, county Donegal, MR GEORGE MONTEITH, aged 78


August 26 1837

At Castletown, near St Johnston, on Friday, 11th inst, of typhus fever, MATILDA, eldest daughter of SAMUEL PORTER, of that Place, aged 19 years


November 26 1837

At Castletown, near St Johnston, on Friday, the 11th ult, of typhus fever, MATILDA, eldest daughter of SAMUEL PORTER, of that Place, aged 19 years


December 2 1837

At St Johnston, on the 23rd ult, MRS REBECCA FORREST, aged 82 years


December 16 1837

At his residence, Kinnycally, St Johnston, MR JAMES ALEXANDER, aged 55 years


February 3 1838

On Friday, the 26th ult, at Kinnycally, at the house of his paternal uncle, MR RICHARD ALEXANDER, son to the late DOCTOR ALEXANDER, of this City, aged 17 years


November 24 1838

On Wednesday, the 21st inst, at Kinneycally, near St Johnston, SARAH, relict of the late MR ABRAHAM McCRABB, of said Place, aged 75 years


October 5 1839

On Wednesday the 11th ult, at the residence of MR JOHN HOLMES, of Carnone, CATHERINE, eldest daughter of MR ANDREW ALEXANDER, of Kinically, aged 15 years


November 16 1839

At Cincinnati, U.S. in the 28th year of his age, WILLIAM M.C. HERON, son of the REV  M. HERON, of Monreagh, county Donegal


December 14 1839

On the 29th ult, at his fatherís residence, Whitehill, near St Johnston, MR JAMES SMYTH, aged 22 years


February 6 1841

At Fiddyglass, near Raphoe, at the advanced age of 96 years, ANDREW LOWRY ESQ.,   Mr Lowry was First Lieutenant of the Taughboyne Rangers, one of the corps of the Irish Volunteers in 1778


March 13 1841

On Wednesday, the 10th inst, at his residence, Ruskey, Taughboyne, MR JOHN McCRABB, in the 28th year of his age


April 10 1841

At Clashagowan, on Saturday, the 3rd inst, MR ANDREW ALEXANDER, aged 34 years



At Kinnecally, on Tuesday, 6th April, JANE, wife of MR ANDREW ALEXANDER, aged 40 years


July 3 1841

In Bishop Street, (Londonderry), on Wednesday morning last, the 30th ult., ESTHER, the wife of MR JAMES JONES. Her remains were conveyed to the burying place at St Johnston


May 8 1841

On the 16th ult, at his residence, Carnshannagh, MR MOSES WALLACE, in the 83rd year of his age. He discharged the relative duties of husband and parent


May 14 1842  

At Monreagh, on the 4th inst, MRS MARGARET McCLEARN, relict of the late MR WILLIAM McCLEARN


September 10 1842

At Lusticle (Listicall), near St Johnston, on the 5th inst, MR JOHN RANKIN, aged 51 years, after a protracted illness


March 11 1843

At Dromore, near Raphoe, county Donegal, in the 82nd year of her age, MRS DUDGEON


March 9 1844

On the 21st ult, after a short illness of seven days, aged 24 years, MR ROBERT GILFILLAN, youngest son of MR JOHN GILFILLAN, of Woodlands, near Raphoe


January 11 1845

At St Johnís, New Brunswick, on the 7th ult, after a painful illness, MR WILLIAM WILSON, in the 82nd year of his age. He was a native of St Johnston, county Donegal, Ireland


April 6 1846

At his residence, Ballougry, on the 26th ult, the REV MATTHEW HERON, senior Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Monreagh, aged 74 years


July 18 1846

At Ballyougry, on the 10th inst., of liver complaint, ELLEN, eldest daughter of the late REV HERON


November 28 1846  

On the 7th inst, at his residence, Durnakelly, MR JAMES McADOO, aged 77 years


May 8 1847

On the 25th ult, MR HARVEY GALBRAITH, of Craighadoes, St Johnston, in the 87th year of his age. Previous to his demise he was a member of the family consisting of four generations


July 31 1847  

At Tyroddy, on the 22nd inst., MR DAVID GILLILAND, in the 55th year of his age


November 6 1847

On Friday, 29th ult, of fever, MR THOMAS ROULSTON, of St Johnston, aged 56 years


April 29 1848

On the 24th inst., at Kinnecally, MR ANDREW ALEXANDER, aged 56 years


May 11 1848

At his fatherís residence, on the 1st inst, of fever in his 12th year, GEORGE FRANCIS eldest son of GEORGE D. OAKLEY, ESQ., Excise Officer, Dundee Cottage, St Johnston


August 12 1848

At Kinecally, on the 2nd inst, ESTHER ANN, youngest daughter of the late ANDREW ALEXANDER, aged 12 years.


November 25 1848

At Craigadoes, on the 14th inst, of croup, HARVEY GALBRAITH TAYLOR, aged 3 years and 7 months


December 16 1848

 At St Johnston, at the advanced age of 78 years, MISS HANNA MAGILL



January 6 1849

At Kinnecally, on the 26th ult, MR JAMES ALEXANDER, son of the late ANDREW ALEXANDER


January 20 1849

At Lettergull, at the house of his son, MR ROBERT HASTINGS, on Tuesday, the 9th inst, MR JOHN HASTINGS, at the advanced age of 88 years


January 27 1849

At St Johnston, on the 16th inst, MISS MAGILL, in the 81st year of her age


April 21 1849

On the 11th inst, at his residence, Legnathraw, county Donegal, HUGH STEVENSON, ESQ., aged 79


September 7 1849

In this City (Londonderry), on the 2nd inst, at his mother's residence, Fountain Place , MR JOHN HERON, third son of the late REV MATTHEW HERON,  Presbyterian Minister of Monreagh


September 14 1849

On Wednesday morning, the 12th inst, at Monreagh, county Donegal, MR DAVID McCLEARN


January 4 1850

On Saturday, the 29th ult, at Altaghaderry, MR JOHN OSBORNE, aged 88 years, a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church of Monreagh.


January 25 1850  

On the 21st inst, aged 79 years, MR JOHN SMILEY, of Rushbrook, near St Johnston


June 14 1850 

At Carnshanna, near Raphoe, on Monday, the 3rd inst, ANNE, the beloved wife of MR JAMES GOURLEY, aged 26 years


October 4 1850

In Bishop Street, after a lingering illness, MRS FRANCIS HERON, second daughter of the late REV M. HERON, Monreagh


October 18 1850

On the 14th inst, at Rock House, JANE HERON, relict of the late REV MR HERON, Presbyterian Minister of the Congregation of Monreagh, after a lingering illness


November 29 1850

On Thursday the 21st inst, ELIZABETH, wife of MR ALEXANDER MONTEITH, of Carnshanaugh, near Raphoe, aged 86 years


January 31 1851  

At Carnshanagh, near Raphoe, on the 22nd inst, MR ALEXANDER MONTEITH, aged 86 years


March 7 1851

On the 27th ult, aged 84 years, MR ROBERT SMITH, Whitehill, near St Johnston


May 23 1851

On the 17th inst, aged seven months, JOSEPH, son of MR HARVEY TAYLOR, Craighadoes


August 22 1851

On the 4th inst, at the residence of her nephew, MR JAMES C. RISK, Tubber, near St Johnston, MISS MARY MOTHERWELL, in the 61st year of her age


January 2 1852

 At Legnathra, on Tuesday, the 16th December, MISS MARTHA STEPHENSON, aged 48 years


January 9 1852

At Quiney, in the State of Illinois, America, on the 26th of September last, MR WILLIAM SMYTH, formerly of Carrickmore, near St. Johnston, county Donegal, in the 80th year of his age


April 23 1852 

On the 18th inst, at the residence of his brother, Greenhill, (near St. Johnston,) in the 25th year of his age, MR JAMES ROULSTON, brother of MR ALEX ROULSTON, of this City (Londonderry), merchant


April 30 1852

On Thursday, the 22nd inst., at Castletown, St Johnston, county Donegal, JANE, infant daughter of MR ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, aged 13 months


July 30 1852

On the 19th inst, at her residence in Bready, parish of Taughboyne, JANE, the beloved wife of MR WILLIAM LATTA, in the 57th year of her age


March 18 1853

On the 12th inst, at Woodland, near Raphoe, after a short illness, MR ROBERT McCAUSLAND, aged thirty eight years, leaving a wife and five helpless children to deplore his loss


April 8 1853    

 On Wednesday last, at Cloughfin, near Carrigans, aged 73 years, MR JOHN TAYLOR


May 19 1854

On Tuesday, the 16th inst, at his residence, Bready, Parish of Taughboyne, MR WILLIAM LATTA, aged 86 years


June 9 1854

On Thursday, June 1st, at his residence in Taughboyne, the Rev. Samuel Craig, for 49 years Presbyterian Minister of Crossroads, aged 76 years


September 8 1854

On the 1st inst., of consumption, at the residence of MRS WALKER, Bishop Street, in this City (Londonderry), where he had returned but five weeks from Australia, MR JOHN ALEXANDER,  youngest son of the late ANDREW ALEXANDER, ESQ., of Kinnycally, near St Johnston, county



July 27 1855

On the evening of the 23rd inst., at Dernakelly, Mr. Robert McAdoo, aged 77 years


September 14 1855

September 6, at Trentamucklagh, REBECCA, relict of the late MR JOSEPH ROULSTON,  aged 93 years


January 25 1856

On the 24th inst, at Trentaghmucklaugh, near St Johnston, MR ALEXANDER McCLINTOCK. aged 26 years


May 30 1856

On the 19th inst, at Woodland, near Raphoe, after a protracted illness, JEAN, the beloved wife of MR WILLIAM GORDON, in the 57th year of her age


August 29 1856  

On the 23rd inst, at Trensallagh, Parish of Taughboyne, MARTHA, wife of MR JAMES McCLINTOCK, aged 81 years


September 12 1856  

At Lettergull, near Raphoe, on Monday, the 8th inst, MR ROBERT HASTINGS, aged 58 years


January 16 1857

At her father's residence, Dernakelly, on the 14th inst, MARY RANKIN, aged 21 years


January 30 1857

At Tullyowen, near St Johnston, on Saturday last, MR R. CAMPBELL


February 27 1857

On the 23rd inst., at Cross, St Johnston, in the 22nd year of his age, MR SAMUEL CHAMBERS


April 24 1857

At St Johnston, on the 21st inst, JAMES STEWART DONAGHY, aged four months


May 1 1857

At Clashegowan, near St. Johnston, on Saturday last, CATHERINE, wife of MR. ALEXANDER WHITE, of said place


May 15 1857 

At Baltimore, United States, on Sunday, the 22nd March, ELEANOR, relict of the late MR GEORGE HAMILTON, of Castletown, near St Johnston, at the advanced age of 90 years


June 5 1857

At Legnathraw, on the 22nd ult, HANNAH, relict of the late JOSEPH PORTER, ESQ., of Ballymoney, Burt, aged 56 years


July 10 1857

On the 7th inst, at Carnshanagh, county Donegal, aged 5 years, CATHERINE SINCLAIR, eldest daughter of JOHN G. THOMPSON, ESQ.


September 18 1857

At Hobart Town, N.S.W. (Australia), to which she had been removed to be contiguous to her medical advisers, on the 20th May, MRS JANE GAULT HAMILTON, the beloved wife of MR SAMUEL HAMILTON, formerly of Tullyowen, in the county Donegal, Ireland


September 25 1857

At Clashegowan, near St Johnston, on the 22nd inst., MR WILLIAM CALLON, aged 76 years


October 23 1857

Suddenly, of disease of the heart, at Strabane, on the 20th inst, Dr Baird, Cloughfin, Carrigans, county Donegal


July 9 1858

At Cragadoes, Ballindrate, on Sunday last, MR HARVEY TAYLOR


July 16 1858

On the 13th inst, at his residence, Monreagh, Mr John Osborne, in the 52nd year of his age


October 8 1858

On the 3rd inst., at her residence in Churchtown, Taughboyne, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. William Rankin, in the 56th year of her age


November 12 1858

On the 8th inst, at Castletown, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late REV WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, P.M., of St Johnston, aged 64 years


December 10 1858

On the 4th inst, at his residence, Lustikill (Listicall), St. Johnston, MR SAMUEL RANKIN, aged 67 years


April 15 1859 

On Sunday, the 10th inst, JOHN, second son of the late MR ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, of Castletown, near St Johnston


May 20 1859

At Ardagh, near St. Johnston, on Monday last, MR JOHN WRIGHT, after a short illness, aged 52 years


September 2 1859

August 17, at New York, after a long illness, ELIZABETH, widow of the late ROBERT SPEARS, formerly of St. Johnston, aged 60 years and five months


September 9 1859

At her father's residence, Dernakally, on the 4th inst, HANNAH RANKIN, aged 2 ľyears


October 21 1859

At Dromore, near Raphoe, on Wednesday last, MR JAMES LOWRY, aged 71 years



On Monday last, at Carrickmore, of whooping cough, MISS REBECCA ANNE WILSON, aged nine months


October 28 1859

On the 24th inst, at Legnathraw, near St. Johnston, MARGARET, widow of the late MR DAVID SMITH, aged 77 years


November 11 1859  

At Pheddyglas, near Lifford, on Wednesday last, MISS MARY ORR


January 6 1860

December 31, at Listanagh, near Lifford, MR ADAM GOURLY


January 20 1860

On the 3rd inst, ANNIE, daughter of ALEXANDER WHITE, ESQ., Clashygowan, St. Johnston, aged 6 years and 10 months


February 24 1860   

February 20, at his residence, the Cross, Taughboyne, MR JOHN DEVENNY, aged 68 years


March 2 1860 

February 20, at his residence, the Cross, Taughboyne, MR JOHN DEVENNY, aged 78 years


March 9 1860

At Ballylennon, Parish of Taughboyne, on the 24th ult, of consumption, MARY JANE GORDON


May 18 1860

 May 15, at his father's residence, Lusticle (Listicall), ROBERT, second son of MR ALEXANDER SCOTT, aged 12 years


August 3 1860

August 1, at Castlethird, MATTHEW, Matthew, son of MR ROBERT PARKER, aged 10 years


December 7 1860

December 1, at Carrickmore, St Johnston, at the advanced age of 85, MARGARET, relict of the late MR ALEXANDER McMILLEN


January 4 1861

December 31, at his residence, Castlethird, MR THOMAS GRIER, aged 36 years



January 1, at St. Johnston, MR MATTHEW PARK, aged 66 years



December 28, at Carrickmore, county Donegal, in the 40th year of his age, WILLIAM WILSON, ESQ.


January 25 1861

January 10, at St. Johnston, MARY, daughter of MR GEORGE PINKERTON, aged 18 years


February 1 1861 

January 18, at his father's residence, Cross, MR ROBERT JOHN DEVENNY, aged 33 years


April 11 1862

April 9, at his residence, Trentamucklagh, MR WILLIAM ROULSTON, aged 17 years


April 25 1862

April 12, at his residence, Trentamucklagh, JOHN GILLESPIE, aged 94 years



April 11, ALEXANDER, infant child of MR ALEXANDER LATTA, of Bready, St Johnston



April 20, at her residence, Derrymore, CATHERINE CAMPBELL, aged 44 years


May 9 1862

On the 8th May, at Gartan Lodge, Church Hill, county Donegal, SAMUEL MARSHALL, ESQ. His remains will be removed for interment in the burying-ground of Taughboyne, on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock


June 6 1862

June 5, at St Johnston, MR JOHN WHITE, JUN., aged 21 years


June 13 1862

June 12, at Clarendon Street, Derry, suddenly, of inflammation, MR WILLIAM RANKIN, aged 31 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Taughboyne Burying-ground, on Monday morning at ten o'clock


July 4 1862 

July 3, at Castlethird, county Donegal, MRS MARY ROULSTON, aged 87 years


August 15 1862

August 7, at Classeygowan, MR DAVID WHITE, JUN., in the 20th year of his age


September 26 1862 

September 5, at Lettergull, near Raphoe, ALEXANDER, eldest son of MR JOHN GILFILLAN, aged 22 years



September 21st, at Lettergull, near Raphoe, MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR JOHN GILFILLAN, in her 24th year


October 3 1862

September 12, ELIZABETH, wife of MR DAVID RANKIN, of Derrymore, in her 72nd year


November 7 1862

November 5, at Classeygowan, near St Johnston, MR. DAVID WHITE, aged 88 years


February 6 1863

January 23, at Clasheygowan, ISABELLA, relict of the late MR JOSEPH CLENDINAN, aged 85 years


February 20 1863

February 14, at his residence, Trentamucklagh, WILLIAM ROULSTONE, aged 74 years


March 6 1863

On the 1st March, at Maymore, Parish of Taughboyne, MRS REBECCA McGEE


March 13 1863

March 11, at Trensallagh, near St Johnston, MR THOMAS SHAW


March 27 1863

March 17, at Kildrum, near St Johnston, MR JOHN OíDONNELL


August 14 1863 

August 13, at Drumenan, MARTHA ROBINSON, aged 23 years


August 18 1863

August 11, at St Johnston, MRS ELIZABETH RANKIN, aged 80


August 25 1863

August 24, at his residence, Stedevage(?), near St. Johnston, MR JOSEPH HARRIGAN, aged 64 years


September 11 1863

September 7, at her fatherís residence, Monreagh, ANNE NEELY, aged 16 years



September 8, at Kildrum, JANE, daughter of MR THOMAS GILFILLAN, aged 4 years and 6 months


September 25 1863

September 24, at Kildrum, SARAH ANN, daughter of MR THOMAS GILFILLAN, aged 2 years and 9 months


November 24 1863

November 19, at his residence, Derrymore, MR DAVID RANKIN, aged 78 years


December 11 1863

December 9, at Drumenon, St. Johnston, ELIZABETH, relict of the late, MR JOHN ALEXANDER, aged 73 years


December 24 1863

December 22, MRS FULTON, relict of the late JAMES FULTON, ESQ., of Gortinleave,

aged 76 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in the burying ground of Taughboyne, on this, Thursday, morning, at ten o'clock


March 1 1864

February 25, at Legnathraw, MARGARET MILLS, aged 94 years


September 9 1864

On the 7th September, at his residence, 19 Clarendon Street, Derry, JOHN LITTLE ESQ., of the firm Messrs. Little & Long, Ironmongers. His remains will be removed for interment in Taughboyne burying ground on Saturday morning, the 10th inst., at the hour of ten o'clock


September 20 1864   

September 18, at Legnathraw, MR DAVID SMYTH, aged 48 years


November 4 1864

October 29, at St Johnston, ESTHER PINKERTON, aged 50 years


May 30 1865

At Moville, on Sunday, the 28th inst, MR ANDREW COLHOUN. His remains will be removed from his late residence, Pump Street, Londonderry, for interment in Taughboyne burying ground, on Wednesday morning, the 31st inst., at half-past ten o'clock


June 13 1865   

June 11, at Dromore, near Raphoe, WILLIAM, second son of MR WILLIAM GRAHAM, aged 21 years


August 18 1865

August 14, at his residence, Burnthaw, MR JAMES McCONNELL, aged 66 years



August 12, at his father's residence, Trentamucklagh, MR WILLIAM ROULSTONE, aged 28 years


December 29 1865

December 28, MR JOHN RANKIN, JUN., merchant, of this City, aged 32 years. His remains will be removed from his residence at Carrigans, for interment at Taughboyne burying ground


January 12 1866

January 7, at his residence, Castletown, St Johnston, ANDREW McCONNELL, aged 98 years


February 23 1866  

February 13, at Cloughfin, MR DAVID ALEXANDER, aged 85 years


April 17 1866

April 12, at his residence, Clasheygowan, MR ROBERT PARKER, SEN., aged 82 years


June 5 1866

May 31, at his residence, Kinneykally, MR JOSEPH WILSON, aged 82 years


July 10 1866

July 9, at his residence, Swilly, MR SAMUEL DEVENNY, aged 78 years. His remains will be removed for interment in the Burying Ground of Taughboyne, on Wednesday morning, the 11th inst, at 10 o'clock, a.m.


August 17 1866

July 27, after a short illness, at her sonís residence, Lakeville, New Loch Lomond Road, ANN, widow of the late FRANCIS WALLACE, of St Johnston, county Donegal, aged 72 years


September 25 1866 

September 21, at his residence, Monreagh, MR WILLIAM JOSEPH McCLEARN, aged 52 years


December 4 1866

November 27, at her residence, Brockagh, ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, aged 66 years


February 5 1867

February 3, at Castletown, St Johnston, JAMES, youngest son of the late ALEXANDER HAMILTON, ESQ.


March 1 1867

February 24, at his residence, Mongavlin, CAIRNS ALEXANDER, aged 65 years


March 5 1867

March 4, at Carrigans, MRS ELIZABETH RANKIN, aged 70 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in Taughboyne Burying Ground, on Wednesday morning next, at ten o'clock


April 16 1867

April 13, at Dromore, near Raphoe, MR THOMPSON McCONNELL, aged 67 years


April 30 1867

April 29, at her fatherís residence, Monreagh, of inflammation of the brain, ELIZA MITCHELL, daughter of the REV ANDREW LONG, aged 11 years


May 10 1867

May 1, at Castletown, near St Johnston, MR WILLIAM KILDAY, aged 88 years


May 31 1867

May 28, at Drumenon, St Johnston, JAMES F. ALEXANDER, ESQ., Manager, Provincial Bank, Omagh


June 14 1867 

June 6, at Craghadoes, MR ROBERT DUNN, aged 90 years


June 14 1867

June 10, at his residence, Listanna, county Donegal, JOHN GOURLEY, ESQ., aged 43 years


July 9 1867

On the 1st July, at Drumearn, near St Johnston, JAMES HILL, ESQ., aged 84 years


August 13 1867

August 8, at Tullyowen, MRS ELIZABETH ALLEN, aged 83 years


September 3 1867  

On the 25th August, at Craighadoose, MR JOSEPH GALBRAITH, SEN., aged 93 years


September 24 1867

September 18, at Carnshanna, county Donegal, ELLEN, wife of JAMES GOURLEY, ESQ., aged 40


January 7 1868   

 December 30, at her residence, Dernakally, MISS LETITIA WARK, aged 74 years


January 10 1868   

 At Milltown, Clashagowan, JANE MILLER, aged 29 years


January 17 1868

On January 15, at Dernakelly, MR JAMES McELHINNEY, aged 87 years


January 21 1868

January 16, at her residence, Carrickmore, ELLEN WILSON, daughter of the late WILLIAM WILSON, aged 19 years


January 24 1868

January 23, at Mongavelin, St. Johnstone, ANNE McLAUGHLIN, aged 28 years


April 17 1868

On the 13th April, at his residence, Cross, WILLIAM CHAMBERS, aged 71 years


April 24 1868

April 18, at Creatland, MR ROBERT ALEXANDER, aged 75 years


May 1 1868

April 29, at Legnathraw, MR ROBERT SMITH, aged 60 years


May 26 1868

On the 24th May, at Brickfield Lodge, REBECCA LAVENS, aged 85 years. Her remains will be removed for interment in Taughboyne burying ground, on Thursday morning, the 28th inst, at eleven o'clock


June 9 1868 

June 3, at his residence, St Johnston, MR. THOMAS McGIRR, aged 62 years



June 7 at Castletown, St Johnston, of whooping cough, MARY, youngest child of MR JOHN HALL, aged one year and two months


September 8 1868

September 6, at Classeygowan, St Johnston, OLIVER, son of MR. ALEXANDER WHITE, aged 18 years


November 6 1868

November 1, at his residence, St Johnston, MR MATTHEW CAMPBELL, aged 90 years


December 4 1868  

November 21, at Swilly, REBECCA, relict of the late MR SAMUEL DEVENNY, aged 64 years


January 5 1869

December 24, at her residence, Cross, SARAH DEVENNY, aged 69 years


February 19 1869 

February 12, at her residence, Ballyboe, FANNY JORDAN, aged 90 years


February 23 1869

February 21, at her residence, Legnathraw, MRS ABIGAIL GOURLEY, aged 70 years


March 2 1869

February 25, at his late residence, St Johnston, MR ROBERT BROWN, aged 29 years


March 5 1869

Feb 27, at Carnshanagh, near Raphoe, MR ANDREW McCONNELL, aged 84 years


April 9 1869

April 5, at his residence, Trensalaugh, JAMES CHAMBERS, aged 25 years


May 14 1869

May 10, at Cloughfin, MR JAMES MOORE


June 4 1869

June 2, at St Johnston, MR. WILLIAM McGIRR, aged 58 years


July 6 1869  

July 2, at her father's residence, Carnshanagh, after a short illness, REBECCA, second daughter of MR JAMES GOURLEY, aged 24 years


July 20 1869

July 16, at Lusticle (Listicall), GEORGE, second son of MR SAMUEL RANKIN, aged 6 years


October 8 1869

October 2, at his residence, Cross, MR WILLIAM LATTA, aged 68 years


December 21 1869

December 17, at her residence, Trensallagh, ELIZA McCLINTOCK, aged 59 years



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