1826 Tithe Applotment Book - Taughbone Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Taughboyne, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.  Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


Surname,  Given Name  &  Townland Address


ABERCORN, Marquis of, Woodlands

ALEXANDER, Andrew, Cavanacaw

ALEXANDER, Cairns, Cuttiman Hill

ALEXANDER, Charles, Drummucklagh

ALEXANDER, David, Cloughfin

ALEXANDER, James, Kinnacally

ALEXANDER, James, Mongavlin

ALEXANDER, Robert, Creatland

ALEXANDER, Samuel, Clashygowan

ALEXANDER, Samuel, Rateen

ALEXANDER, Thomas, Dromore

ALEXANDER, Widow, Glentown

ALEXANDER, William, Cavanacaw

ALEXANDER, William, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

ALEXANDER, William, Drummenan

ALEXANDER, William, Rateen

ALLEN, James, Treansallagh

ALLISON, Andrew, Momeen

ALLISON, Chambers, Momeen

ARMSTRONG, Robert, Rateen (comment: formerly Robert & David Smith)

BAIRD, James, Cloughfin

BARNET, William, Ardagh

BARNET, William, Castledooey Park

BARR, Thomas, Ardagh

BLACKBURN, Oliver, Carnshanagh

BOGGS, Joseph, Dundee

BUCHANNON, Samuel, Lettergul

CAMBLE, William, Ardagh

CAMPBELL, Oliver, St Johnston

CAMPBELL, William, St Johnston

CARLIN, Bryan, Carnshanagh

CHAMBERS, Elizabeth, Momeen

CHAMBERS, Mathew, Momeen

CHAMBERS, Solomon, Momeen

CLARK, Edward, Clashygowan

CLARK, William, Clashygowan

CLENDINING, Joseph, Clashygowan

COLHOUN, James, Lettergul

COLHOUN, Mathew, Lettergul

COLHOUN, Robert, Ballylennon

CORRIDAN, John, Ballyboe

COWAN, John, Cloughfin

COWAN, John, Tonagh

COWAN, Samuel, Cross

COWAN, Widow, Tonagh

COYLE, Hugh, Momeen

COYLE, John, Ardagh

CRAWFORD, Mary, Carrickadawson

CULBERTSON, James, Carrickmore

CUNNINGHAM, Rev. William, Castletown

DEVANY, James, Cross

DEVANY, John, Drumbeg

DEVANY, John, Swilly

DEVANY, Pat., Swilly

DEVANY, Patrick, Ferryglass [Feddyglass]

DEVANY, Robert, Cross

DIVEN, Charles, Drummucklagh

DIVEN, Daniel, Drummucklagh

DOHERTY, David, St Johnston

DOHERTY, Michael, Mongavlin

DOHERTY, Patrick, Maymore

DOUGHERTY, John, Mongavlin

DOUGLAS, John, Ardagh

DOUGLAS, William, Ardagh

DUNBAR, James, Kinnacally

ELLIOTT, James, Burnthaw

ELLIOTT, John, Mongavlin

ELLIOTT, William, Cloughfin

FERRY, Thomas, Lettergul

FINLAY, Robert, Tullyrap

FORSYTH, William, Monreagh

FREEL, John, Carrickadawson

GALBRAITH, Harvy, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

GALBRAITH, Hugh, Cavanacaw

GALBRAITH, James, Carrickmore [comment: now Josias]

GALBRAITH, James, Carrickmore

GALBRAITH, Josiah, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

GALBRAITH, Josiah, Swilly

GALBRAITH, Josias, Drumchro [Drumcrow]

GALBRAITH, Prudence, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

GALBRAITH, Robert, Cavanacaw

GALBRAITH, Robert, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

GALLAGHER, Andrew, Kinnacally

GALLAGHER, Hugh, Kinnacally

GALLAGHER, James, Kinnacally

GALLAGHER, James, Burnthaw

GALLAGHER, Michael, Killgorts

GALLAGHER, Michael, Kinnacally

GALLAGHER, Michael, Rockfield

GALLAGHER, Patrick, Carrickadawson

GALLAGHER, Thomas, Ballyboe

GALLAGHER, Thomas, Burnthaw

GAMBLE, David, Clashygowan

GAMBLE, John, Trentamucklagh

GAMBLE, Moses, Ardagh

GAMBLE, Widow, Castletown

GIBSON, Mary, Carnshanagh

GILGORE, Andrew, Ballyboe

GILGORE, Joseph, Ballyboe

GILLASPIE, Moses, Mongavlin

GILFILLAN, Alexander, Lettergul

GILLILAN, John, Monreagh

GILLILAN, John, Tirroddy

GILLILAN, William, Tirroddy

GORDON, John, Lettergul

GORDON, William, Ferryglass

GOURLAY, Samuel, Ballylennon

GOURLEY, Adam, Listannagh

GOURLEY, John, Listannagh

GOURLEY, John, Clashygowan

GOWAN, James, Clashygowan

GRAHAM, Mathew, Momeen

GRAHAM, William, Momeen

GRIER, James, Castlethird (two places)

GRIER, James, Castlethird

HAMILTON, Andrew, Castletown

HAMILTON, John (ors.) Samuel, Trentagh

HAMILTON, Samuel, St Johnston

HAMILTON, Samuel, Tullyowen

HAMILTON, Thomas, Maymore

HARKIN, Owen, Carrickadawson

HARKIN, William, Carrickadawson

HARRIGAN, Bryan, St Johnston

HARRIGAN, Hugh, Ballyboe

HARRIGAN, John, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

HARRIGAN, Joseph, St Johnston

HARRIGAN, Widow, Dundee

HARVY, Miss, St Johnston

HAW, James, Drumfad

HAW, Neil, Drumfad

HEASTY, John, Lettergul

HERON, Rev. Arthur, Haw

HUTCHESON, William, Whitehill

JACKSON, William, Dundee

JAMES, William, Rockfield

JORDAN, John, Ballyboe

KELLY, William, Carnshanagh

KENNEDY, Conel, Dundee

KILDEA, William, Castletown

KINCAIDE, Robert, Ardagh

LARKEY, Mathew, Legnatraw

LATA, James, Castlethird

LATA, John, Castlethird

LATA, William, Brady

LATA, William, Castlethird

LOWRY, Andrew, Ferryglass [Feddyglass]

LOWRY, James, Binion

LOWRY, James, Drumfad

LOWRY, John, Drimchroe [Drumcrow]

LOWRY, Robert, Drumfad

LOWRY, Thomas, Carnshanagh

LYNCHAHAN, Hugh, Sen., Ballyboe

LYNCHAHAN, Hugh, Jun., Ballyboe

LYNCHAHAN, James, Maymore

LYNCHAHAN, James, St Johnston

LYNCH, Phil., St Johnston

McADOO, James, Dernakilly

McADOO, John, Ardagh

McADOO, John, Derrymore

McADOO, John, Durnakilly

McADOO, Robert, Durnakelly

McBREARTY, Mathew, Dundee

McCAIN, Andrew, Dundee

McCALLA, Margaret, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

McCANE, Moses, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

McCANE, James, Drummenan

McCANE, John, Burnthaw

McCANE, Joseph, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

McCANE, William, Dundee

McCAUSLAND, James, Mongavlin

McCAUSLAND, William, Lettergul

McCLERSON David, Monreagh

McCLINTOCK, Andrew, Ardagh

McCLINTOCK, James, Treansallagh

McCLINTOCK, James, Trentamucklagh

McCLINTOCK, Joseph, Trentamucklagh

McCLINTOCK, Robert, Gillistown

McCLINTOCK, Rosanna, Drummenan

McCLINTOCK, Thomas, Creatland

McCLINTOCK, Thomas, Gillistown

McCLOUD, James, Cuttiman Hill

McCONNELL, Alexander, Carnshanagh

McCONNELL, Andrew, Ballyboe

McCONNELL, John, Carnshanagh

McCONNELL, Samuel, Lettergul

McCRAB, Abram, Kinnacally

McCRAB, Robert, Kinnacally

McCREA, James, Ballylennon

McCREA, John, Ballylennon

McCREA, Moses, Ferryglass [Feddyglass]

McGARR [McGIRR], John, Rockfield

McGARR, [McGIRR] Robert, Castletown

McGETTIGAN, Hugh, Ballyboe

McGETTIGAN, Thomas, Ballyboe

McGHEE, John, Cuttiman Hill

McGHEE, Patrick, Maymore

McGINLEY, James, Dundee

McGINLEY, James, St Johnston

McGLINCHY, William, Maghricloy

McGOANE, Bryan, Carnshanagh

McGOMERY John, St Johnston

McGOWAN, Charles, Cuttiman Hill

McILHINNY, Noher, Mongavlin

McKIMM, John, Tirroddy

McLAUGHLIN, John, Mongavlin

McMONIGLE, Daniel, Mongavlin

McMONIGLE, Patrick, Carrickadawson

McMORRIS, John, Cloughfin

McMULLEN, Alexander, Carrickmore

McNAUGHT, Thomas, Castlethird

McNULTY, John, Legnatraw

McSWINE, William, Cuttiman Hill

MAGILL, Miss, St Johnston

MAHAFFY, Robert, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

MALOWNEY, Charles, Burnthaw

MARSHAL, John, Derrymore

MARSHAL, John, Haw

MARSHAL, Samuel, Ballycushion

MARSHAL, Samuel, Tober

MARSHAL, Samuel, Castlethird

MARSHAL, Widow, Tober

MARSHAL, William, Ballycushion

MARSHAL, William, Tober

MILLS, John, Legnatraw

MONIGLE, Pat, Dundee

MONTEITH, Alexander, Carnshanagh

MONTEITH, George, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

MOODY, John, Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]

MOODY, John, Momeen

MOODY, Samuel, Momeen

MOORE, John, Ferryglass [Feddyglass]


MOTHERAL, [MOTHERWELL] William, St Johnston

NELIS, Pat., Carnshanagh

NELIS, Timothy, Carnshanagh

NOBLE, John, Castledooey Park

O’DONNELL, Henry, Killgorts

ORR, George, Clashygowan

ORR, Isaac. Ferryglass [Feddyglass]

ORR, John, Castletown

ORR, Matt., Legnatraw

OSBURN, Henry, Monreagh

OSBURN, James, Brady

OSBURN, Samuel, Castlethird

PARK, Alexander, Lettergul

PATTEN, Thomas, Whitehill

PATTERSON, Hamilton, Brady

PATTERSON, Hamilton, Haw

PINKERTON, Martha, St Johnston

PINKERTON, Mathew, Dundee

PINKERTON, Mathew, St Johnston

PINKERTON, Miss, St Johnston

PORTER, Dr., Listicall

PORTER, Hugh Carnshanagh

PORTER, Hugh, Carrickadawson

PORTER, John, Carnshanagh

PORTER, John, Carrickadawson [Comment: formerly Mary Crawford]

PORTER, Robert, Carrickadawson

PORTER, Samuel, Castletown

PORTERFIELD, Alexander, Lettergul

RANKIN, Alexander, Dundee

RANKIN, Alexander, St Johnston

RANKIN, David, Derrymore

RANKIN, David, Tonagh

RANKIN, James, Dromore

RANKIN, James, Tonagh

RANKIN, John, Durnakelly

RANKIN, Robert, Altaskin,

RANKIN, Robert, Ballyboe

RANKIN, Samuel, Listicall

RODDEN, James, Ferryglass [Feddyglass]

RODGERS, Andrew, Woodlands

RODGERS, Mathew, Woodlands

RODGERS, Rev. Nathan, Momeen

RODGERS, Thomas, Sen., Woodlands

RODGERS, Thomas, Jun., Woodlands

RODGERS, William, Momeen

ROULSTON, Andrew, Sen., Trentamucklagh

ROULSTON, Andrew, Jun., Trentamucklagh

ROULSTON, Archibald, St Johnston

ROULSTON, John, Dundee [Comment: was Smiley]

ROULSTON, John, Gortinmore

ROULSTON, John, Glentown

ROULSTON, Joseph, St Johnston

ROULSTON, Joseph, Trentamucklagh

ROULSTON, Robert, St Johnston

SCOTT, Samuel, Castletown

SEMPLE, Joseph, Carrickmore

SHANNON, Daniel, Dundee

SHAW, Robert, Kinnacally

SMILEY, John, Tonagh

SMITH, Alexander, Trentamucklagh

SMITH, Andrew, Ferryglass [Feddyglass]

SMITH, David, Legnatraw

SMITH, James, Clashygowan

SMITH, William, Carrickmore

SMYTH, Robert, Whitehill

SPEAR, Elenor, St Johnston [comment: now Daniel Doherty]

STEEN, James, Dromore

STEEN, John, Dromore

STEEN, Josiah, Dromore

STEEN, Mathew, Dromore


STEPHENSON, Hugh, Kinnacally

STEPHENSON, Hugh, Legnatraw

STEPHENSON, James, Ardagh

STEPHENSON, James, Kinnacally

STEPHENSON, John, Ardagh

STEPHENSON, Samuel, Ardagh

STERRAT, Adam, Momeen

STERRAT, Widow, Momeen

STEWART, Alexander, St Johnston

STIRRET, Widow, Ballylennon

SWEENY, Neil, Maymore

TAYLOR, James, Cloughfin

TAYLOR, James, St Johnston

TAYLOR, John, Dundee

THOMPSON, Anthony, Lettergul

THOMPSON, James, Clashygowan

THOMPSON, Joseph, Brady

THOMPSON, Samuel, Lettergul

THOMPSON, William, Ballylennon

TORRENS, James, St Johnston

VANCE, Mathew, Momeen

VANCE, Robert, Momeen

WARK, Henry, Tirroddy

WASON, Samuel, Trentamucklagh

WATSON, Mathew, Lettergul

WEST, James, Carnshanagh

WHITE, David, Clashygowan

WHITE, Oliver, Clashygowan

WILCOCK, Robert, Cloughfin

WILCOCK, Robert, Dundee

WILEY, John, Rockfield

WILKINSON, William, Lettergul

WILLSON, Joseph. Kinnacally

WILLSON, Robert, Carrickmore

WILLSON, Thomas, Carrickmore

WILLSON, Thomas, Swilly

WILLSON, Thomas (or Widow), Drumcrow

WRIGHT, John, Ardagh

YOUNG, Robert, Dundee

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