1825 Tithe Applotment Book - Templecarn Parish, Co Donegal

This complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Templecarn was transcribed by Len and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



Note: Townlands within the parish as indexed in the tithe applotment book, although it appears that some were either exempt from tithes or omitted:

Co Donegal      
Aghasy Ardnaglass Aughalough Aughnahoo Glebe
Bircog Bannis Ballymackavanny Billary
Borishale Belalt South Belalt North Carn
Carnhugh Carrickrory Carnatressy Crillie
Corley Cashelenny Cullion Croagh
Crockacunny Croaghbrack Drumnawark Drumchrin
Drumgun Drumnascue Drumherrif Drumlongfield
Fincashel Gortnessy Grouse Lodge Glasskeeragh
Kimmid Loughfadd Loughhultan Minninellison
Margay? Minnashafin Middlebrook Oughtcran
Pettigo Portcreevy Russian Seavog
Sessaskilty Tievemore Tullylark Tullycarne
Co Fermanagh      
Aghnablany Brookhill Bow Island Big Wood
Derrin Derrylougher Letter Portnabloy


Index to Tithe Applotment Book


ABRAM Robert (now William) Drumgun Donegal
ABRAM Widow Drumgun Donegal
ACHESON A., Esq. (or H. Clarke) Bridge Park West Donegal
ACHESON A., Esq. Bridge Park East Donegal
ACHESON Alexander ...leve? & Bilberry Parks Donegal
ACHESON Alexander Barley Park Donegal
ACHESON Alexander Curragh Donegal
ACHESON J., Esq. Tievemore Donegal
ACHESON T., Esq. Lawn Donegal
ACHESON T., Esq. Rennpark East Donegal
ACHESON Thomas, Esq. Bridge Park West Donegal
ACHESON W. Lustia More [Lusty More] Island Fermanagh
AIKEN James Drumhariff Donegal
AIKEN James Drumhariff Donegal
AIKIN James (or Gregory) Bircog Donegal
AIKIN James Bircog Donegal
AIKIN James Pettigo Tenements Donegal
AIKIN  James Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
AIKIN John Tullylark Donegal
ALLINGHAM Robert Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
ALLINGHAM Thomas Drumhariff Donegal
ALLINGHAM Thomas Pettigo Tenements Donegal
ALLINGHAM Thomas Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
ARMSTRONG A. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
ARMSTRONG Adam Carne Donegal
ARMSTRONG J. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
ARMSTRONG James Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
BAIRD David Corley Donegal
BAIRD William Aughalagh Donegal
BARCLAY [..?] Tievemore Donegal
BARCLAY William Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
BARTON Colonel ...bnagueeny Waterfoot? Fermanagh
BAXTER Mr. Tievemore Donegal
BEATTY Samuel Drumhariff Donegal
BEATTY Samuel Templecarn Glebe Donegal
BEGLEY Andrew Carrickrory Donegal
BEGLEY John Carrickrory Donegal
BEGLEY Patrick Meenahaltons, part of Boes Hill Donegal
BEGLEY Thomas Carrickrory Donegal
BEGLEY Thomas Croagh Donegal
BELL [..?] Carnhugh Donegal
BELL William ...ancoud? Donegal
BIGLEY H. Minsafin [Meensheefin] Donegal
BIGLEY Thomas Boes Hill Donegal
BIRNER R. Rosscranagh Fermanagh
BLOOMFIELD Major ....nishlute? Fermanagh
BLOOMFIELD Major Aughnablany Fermanagh
BLOOMFIELD Major Portnabloy Fermanagh
BOYD A. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
BOYD Robert Aughalagh Donegal
BRANDON [..?] Tullyveaddy? Fermanagh
BRANDON A. Ardnaglass Donegal
BRANDON Andrew Pettigo Tenements Donegal
BRANDON John Rosscranagh Fermanagh
BRANON Andrew Bircog Donegal
BRENNAN C. Woody Hill Fermanagh
BRITTIN James, Sen. Fincashel Donegal
BRITTON James Aughalagh Donegal
BRITTON James, Jun. Fincashel Donegal
BROWN [..?] Brook Hill Fermanagh
BROWN Andrew Middlebrook Donegal
BROWN James Letter Fermanagh
BROWN James Reed & partners Gortnessy   Donegal
BROWN James Reed Carne Donegal
BROWN John Letter Fermanagh
BURKE William Tullylark Donegal
BURNSIDE J. Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
BURNSIDE R. Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
BURNSIDE Robert Innismelia [Innishmeely] Island Fermanagh
BURNSIDE W. Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
BURNSIDE William Innismelia [Innishmeely] Island Fermanagh
CALDWELL John Tullylark Donegal
CALGRY H. Drumlongfield Donegal
CALGRY M. Drumlongfield Donegal
CAMPBELL Daniel Pettigo Tenements Donegal
CAMPBELL Thady Belalt North Donegal
CAMPBELL William Stonefort Fermanagh
CAROLIN Pat (or Elliott) Drumawark Donegal
CASHORE Charles Fincashel Donegal
CASHORE John Ardnaglass Donegal
CASHORE John Fincashel Donegal
CASHORE Thomas Pettigo Tenements Donegal
CASHORE W. Tullycarne Donegal
CASHORE William Drumcrin Donegal
CASSIDY J. Belalt North Donegal
CATHCART [..?] Aughnablany Fermanagh
CATHCART [..?] Portnabloy Fermanagh
CATHERS James Pettigo Tenements Donegal
CLENDENNAN [..?] Brook Hill Fermanagh
CLENDENNING A. Letter Fermanagh
CLENDENNING C. Letter Fermanagh
CLENDENNING James Letter Fermanagh
COGHLAN [..?] Drumawark Donegal
COGLAN Andrew Tullylark Donegal
COLWELL James Bannis Donegal
CONE/ CANE? Charles Pettigo Tenements Donegal
CONOGHY [..?] Bannis Donegal
COULTER [..?] Ballymacalony Donegal
COULTER [..?] Belalt North Donegal
COULTER [..?] Belalt South Donegal
COULTER [..?] Carrickrory Donegal
COULTER C. Killian [Cullian] Donegal
COULTER John Bannis Donegal
COULTER William Bannis Donegal
COULTER William Cartressy Donegal
COULTER William Fincashel Donegal
COULTER William Middlebrook   Donegal
COULTER William Tievemore Donegal
CRAWFORD [..?] Carrickrory Donegal
CRAWFORD Isaac Cullen Donegal
CRAWFORD William Pettigo Tenements Donegal
CRAWFORD William Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
CREIGHTON [..?] Casheleny Donegal
CREIGHTON David Casheleny Donegal
CREIGHTON David Rossharborn Fermanagh
CROSCADEN R. Letter Fermanagh
CULLEN James Drumhariff Donegal
CUNNINGHAM William Minsafin [Meensheefin] Donegal
CURRY Joseph Pettigo Tenements Donegal
DALY James Templecarn Glebe Donegal
DAVIS H. Minsafin [Meensheefin] Donegal
DAVIS John Templecarn Glebe Donegal
DAY [..?] Templecarn Glebe Donegal
DEVIT [..?] Derrilogher Fermanagh
DEVIT James Belalt South Donegal
DEVIT Maxwell Drumskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
DEVITT [..?] Portnabloy Fermanagh
DEVITT John Tullyveaddy? Fermanagh
DEVITT William Tullyveaddy? Fermanagh
DICKSON [..?] Cullen Donegal
DOHERTY Ealse? Boes Hill Donegal
DOHERTY Pat. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
DOHERTY Peter Pettigo Tenements Donegal
DOHERTY Widow Oughterbeg Donegal
DOHERTY Widow Oughtermore Donegal
DOLAN [..?] Tievemore Donegal
DOWD [..?] Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
EDWARDS John Drumskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
ELLIOTT James Drumawark Donegal
ELLIOTT John Drumawark Donegal
ELLIS Francis Drumawark Donegal
ELLIS Henry Aughalagh Donegal
ELLIS James Drumawark Donegal
ELLIS William Aughnablany Fermanagh
ELLIS William Drumhariff Donegal
ELLIS William Pettigo Tenements Donegal
FARRELL John Tamnawanea Fermanagh
FARRELL R. Tamnawanea Fermanagh
FARRELL W. Tamnawanea Fermanagh
FARRELL William Stonefort Fermanagh
FILTONAGHAN [..?] Boes Hill Donegal
FITZ R. Bannis Donegal
FITZPATRICK John Gortnessy Donegal
FITZPATRICK Robert ...lisk/ ...leck? Mountain Donegal
FITZPATRICK Thomas (now Francis Gallagher) Drumgun Donegal
FLEMING David Bircog Donegal
FLOOD [..?] Tievemore Donegal
FLOOD Denis Meenanilasan  (Meenellison) Mountain  Donegal
FLOOD F. Minsafin [Meensheefin] Donegal
FLOOD P. Meenloughfad Mountain Donegal
FOSTER James Middlebrook Donegal
FOSTER John Rosefield Donegal
FOSTER William Middlebrook Donegal
FREEBORN William Drumawark Donegal
FUNSTON John Tullycarne Donegal
GALLAGHER [..?] & partners Glasskeeragh East Town Donegal
GALLAGHER Abraham Brook Hill Fermanagh
GALLAGHER Barney Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GALLAGHER Charles Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GALLAGHER Christopher Firtory? Mountain Donegal
GALLAGHER Denis Bircog Donegal
GALLAGHER Denis Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GALLAGHER F. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GALLAGHER Fargle Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GALLAGHER H. Firtory? Mountain Donegal
GALLAGHER H. Meenloughfad Mountain Donegal
GALLAGHER H. Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
GALLAGHER J. Croagh Donegal
GALLAGHER James Cartressy [Carnatressy] Donegal
GALLAGHER James Middlebrook Donegal
GALLAGHER John Cartressy [Carnatressy] Donegal
GALLAGHER John Corley Donegal
GALLAGHER John Croaghbrack Donegal
GALLAGHER Michael Tievemore Donegal
GALLAGHER Owen Corley Donegal
GALLAGHER Pat. Bannis Donegal
GALLAGHER Pat. Middlebrook Donegal
GALLAGHER Pat. Leghorry? Mountain Donegal
GALLAGHER Patrick Cartressy [Carnatressy] Donegal
GALLAGHER Patrick Croaghbrack Donegal
GALLAGHER Terence Cartressy [Carnatressy] Donegal
GALLAGHER William & sons Rusheen Donegal
GALLAGHER William Bircog Donegal
GALLAGHER William Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GINN J. Bannis Donegal
GINN William Tievemore Donegal
GLACKIN H. Brookhill Fermanagh
GONDY [CONDY?] J. Belalt North Donegal
GORMAN [..?] Belalt South Mountain Donegal
GORMAN John Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GORMAN John Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GORMLEY [..?] Drumlongfield   Donegal
GRAHAM J. Letter Fermanagh
GRAHAM R. Letter Fermanagh
GRAHAM W. Letter Fermanagh
GRAHAM William Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
GRAHAM William Tullylark Donegal
GRAME Christopher Tullycarne Donegal
GREEN David Drumcrin Donegal
GREGG E. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
GREGG Thomas Drumskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
GREGORY A. Aughnablany Fermanagh
GREGORY John Aughnablany Fermanagh
HALL G. Ardnaglass Donegal
HAMILTON H. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
HAMILTON Hazl. [Hazlett] Bircog Donegal
HANON N. Casheleny Donegal
HARMON Michael & partners Causeway Hill Donegal
HARRORIN James Crocknacunny Donegal
HAUGHEY N. Rush Hill Donegal
HAUGHEY Neal & sons Crilly Donegal
HAUGHEY Neal Lettercran Donegal
HEATLY [..?] Templecarn Glebe Donegal
HEATLY Thomas Templecarn Glebe Donegal
HEATLY William Bircog Donegal
HEATLY William Pettigo Tenements Donegal
HENDERSON A. Bannis Donegal
HENDERSON James Drumawark Donegal
HENDERSON James Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
HERRORIN [..?] Kilgormly Donegal
HERRORIN James Saints Island Loughderg Donegal
HERRORIN James Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
HERVY? Patrick Corley Donegal
HILL [..?] Tievemore Donegal
HILLIARD George Gortnessy Donegal
HILLIARD James Cullen Donegal
HILLIARD James Drumawark Donegal
HILLIARD Thomas Drumawark Donegal
HILLY J. Point Hill Donegal
HINDMAN [..?] Carnhugh Donegal
HINDS J.  Point Hill Donegal
HOINS [..?] Drumgun Donegal
HOINS Thomas Middlebrook Donegal
HOLMES James Drumhariff Donegal
HOLMES James Pettigo Tenements Donegal
HURST A. Lettercran Donegal
HURST John Gortnessy Donegal
HYNES Thomas Fincashel Donegal
IRVINE Henry Letter Fermanagh
IRVINE John Letter Fermanagh
IRVINE John, Jun. Letter Fermanagh
IRVINE R. Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
IRVINE Robert Bircog Donegal
IRVINE Robert Templecarn Glebe Donegal
IRVINE Thomas Scobblestown Donegal
IRVINE William & partners Drenans Fermanagh
IRVINE William Templecarn Glebe Donegal
JACOB Rev. R. Templecarn Glebe Donegal
JAMESON J. & partners Rosscranagh Fermanagh
JERVIS A. Drumhariff Donegal
JERVIS W. Drumhariff Donegal
JOHNSTON [..?] Rush Hill Donegal
JOHNSTON [..?] Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON A. Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON A. Cullen Donegal
JOHNSTON B. Point Hill Donegal
JOHNSTON Christopher Templecarn Glebe Donegal
JOHNSTON E. Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON Ellen Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON F. Cullen Donegal
JOHNSTON G. Cullen  Donegal
JOHNSTON George, Jun. Drumhariff Donegal
JOHNSTON George, Sen. Drumhariff Donegal
JOHNSTON Henry Lettercran Donegal
JOHNSTON J. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
JOHNSTON James Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON James Cullen Donegal
JOHNSTON James Gortnessy Donegal
JOHNSTON John Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON Martha Cullen Donegal
JOHNSTON R. Cullen Donegal
JOHNSTON William Boes Hill Donegal
JOHNSTON William Casheleny Donegal
JOHNSTON William Corley Donegal
JOHNSTON William Cullen Donegal
JOHNSTON William Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
JUDGE H. Cullen Donegal
KANE O. Ballymackilvany Donegal
KANE Peter Ballymackilvany Donegal
KEARNS Alexander Cullen Donegal
KEENAN Owen Drumawark Donegal
KELIN [..?] Casheleny Donegal
KELIN Bryan Leghorry? Mountain Donegal
KELIN D. Kilgormly Donegal
KELIN J. Kilgormly Donegal
KELIN James Carne Donegal
KELIN James Casheleny Donegal
KELLY [..?] Drumgun Donegal
KELLY James Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
KELLY John Meenloughfad Mountain Donegal
KELLY Neil Aughalagh Donegal
KELLY Terence Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
KENNEDY [..?] Glasskeeragh West Town Donegal
KENNEDY A. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
KENNEDY David Scobblestown Donegal
KENNEDY G. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
KENNEDY Thomas Gortnessy Donegal
KENNEDY Thomas Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
KERRIGAN Thomas Ballymacalony Donegal
KILPATRICK John Point Hill Donegal
KIRKPATRICK Thomas Belalt South Donegal
KNOX A. Belalt North Donegal
KNOX A., Jun. Belalt North Donegal
KNOX J. Belalt North Donegal
KNOX John Fincashel Donegal
KNOX John Tullycarne Donegal
KNOX Robert Drumawark Donegal
KNOX Thomas Tullycarne Donegal
KNOX William Tullycarne Donegal
KYLE M. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
LANNEN John Drumawark Donegal
LAWN William Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
LAWN William Templecarn Glebe Donegal
LINDSAY [..?]  Drumcrin (Bog) Donegal
LINDSAY John Drumcrin Donegal
LIPSETT G. Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
LOAN Christy (now White Robinson) Drumgun Donegal
LOAN Fr. [Francis?] Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
LOUGHLAN A. Woody Hill Fermanagh
LYNCH Andrew Gortnessy Donegal
MADDEN [..?] Tievemore Donegal
MAGEE [..?] Rush Hill Donegal
MAGEE C. Boes Hill Donegal
MAGEE H. Ballymackilvany Donegal
MAGHER M. Croagh Donegal
MAGHER P. Croagh Donegal
MAGRATH [..?] Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
MAGRATH John Woody Hill Fermanagh
MAGUIRE P. Fincashel Donegal
MANUS [McMANUS] Owen Meenloughfad Mountain Donegal
MANUS [McMANUS] Pat. Meenloughfad Mountain Donegal
MARTIN A. Belalt South Donegal
MARTIN F. Belalt South Donegal
MARTIN H. Belalt South Donegal
MARTIN J. Belalt South Donegal
MARTIN W. Belalt South Donegal
MAXWELL [..?] Belalt South Donegal
MAXWELL A.   Derrilogher Fermanagh
McBARRON D. Lettercran Donegal
McBARRON James Lettercran Donegal
McBARRON P. Drumlongfield Donegal
McBARRON Thomas Lettercran Donegal
McCABE James Boe Island Mullins  Fermanagh
McCABE Thomas Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
McCAFFERTY [..?] Belalt North Donegal
McCAFFERTY [..?] Belalt South Mountain Donegal
McCAFFERTY [..?] Glasskeeragh West Town Donegal
McCAFFERTY [..?] Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
McCAFFERTY H. Belalt South Donegal
McCAFFERTY H. Kilgormly Donegal
McCAFFERTY J. Belalt South Donegal
McCAFFERTY J. Croagh Donegal
McCAFFERTY J. Kilgormly Donegal
McCAFFERTY James Middlebrook Donegal
McCAFFERTY P. Belalt South Donegal
McCAFFERTY T. & sons Belalt South Donegal
McCAFFERTY Thomas Belalt South Donegal
McCAFFRAY Patrick Ballymackilvany Donegal
McCAFFRAY William Ballymackilvany Donegal
McCAFFREY [..?] Carrickrory Donegal
McCAFFREY Christopher Crocknacunny Donegal
McCAFFREY James Loughulton Donegal
McCAFFREY John Loughulton Donegal
McCAFFRY [..?] Carne Donegal
McCAFFRY William Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
McCAIN [..?] Seavog [Seadavog] Donegal
McCANN Michael Woodhill Fermanagh
McCAY M. Cartressy Donegal
McCLEARY [..?] Derrilogher Fermanagh
McCLELAND Widow Drumawark Donegal
McCLELLAND [...?] Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
McCORMACK James Tamnawanea Fermanagh
McCRAE [..?] Middlebrook Donegal
McCRAE John Corley Donegal
McCREA [..?] & partners Rosscranagh Fermanagh
McCREA [..?] Aughnablany Fermanagh
McCREA James Drumhariff Donegal
McCREA James Pettigo Tenements Donegal
McCREA James Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
McCREA John Derrians Fermanagh
McCREA  John Innishkeeragh Fermanagh
McCREA John Tamnawanea Fermanagh
McCREA John Tullyvenan Fermanagh
McCREA Mary Tamnawanea Fermanagh
McCREA William Boe Island Mullins Fermanagh
McCUE A.   Derrilogher Fermanagh
McCUE Frank Barley Park Donegal
McCUE Frank Rennpark East  Donegal
McCUTCHEON [..?] & partners Rosscranagh Fermanagh
McCUTCHEON Francis Ardnaglass Donegal
McCUTCHEON Francis Pettigo Tenements Donegal
McCUTCHEON Frank Bircog Donegal
McCUTCHEON Robert Templecarn Glebe Donegal
McELWAN James Templecarn Glebe Donegal
McGARRIGLE Terence Fincashel Donegal
McGEE [..?] Seavog [Seadavog] Donegal
McGEE James B. Lettercran Donegal
McGEE James Croagh Donegal
McGINNIS James Tullylark Donegal
McGINTY [..?] Tievemore Donegal
McGOLRICK [..?] Brook Hill Fermanagh
McGOLRICK Bryan Crockacunny Donegal
McGOLRICK John Ardnaglass Donegal
McGOLRICK O. Ballymacalony Donegal
McGOLRICK Peter Ballymacalony Donegal
McGOLRICK W. Ballymacalony Donegal
McGOLRICK W. Rennpark East Donegal
McGRANAGHAN [..?] Tievemore Donegal
McGRATH [..?] Cartressy Donegal
McGRATH A. & partners Cartressy Donegal
McGRATH A. Cartressy Donegal
McGRATH Bernard Templecarn Glebe Donegal
McGRATH Bryan Lettercran Donegal
McGRATH H. Loughulton Donegal
McGRATH J. Cartressy Donegal
McGRATH J. Lettercran Donegal
McGRATH James & partners Tullyliss Donegal
McGRATH James Carrickanoran Donegal
McGRATH James Crilly Donegal
McGRATH James Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
McGRATH James Lettercran Donegal
McGRATH John Causeway Hill Donegal
McGRATH John Loughulton Donegal
McGRATH M. Loughulton Donegal
McGRATH P. Loughulton Donegal
McGRATH Patrick   Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
McGRATH Teague Cartressy Donegal
McGRATH Thomas Cartressy Donegal
McGRATH Thomas Woodhill Fermanagh
McGRATH W. Loughulton Donegal
McGRATH Widow Owen Cartressy Donegal
McGRORY [..?] Portnabloy Fermanagh
McGRORY Barny Belalt North Donegal
McGRORY John Drumgun Donegal
McHUGH Frank Boes Hill Donegal
McHUGH John Lettercran Donegal
McINTIRE A. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
McINTIRE Alexander Pettigo Tenements Donegal
McINTIRE Andrew Drumhariff Donegal
McINTIRE J. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
McINTIRE L. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Upper Donegal
McINTIRE Robert Bircog Donegal
McINTIRE Thomas Belalt North Donegal
McKANE Darby & sons Boes Hill Donegal
McKANE Mick Boes Hill Donegal
McKEAN [..?] Croagh Donegal
McKEAN John & sons Croagh Donegal
McKINLEY [..?] Brook Hill Fermanagh
MCKINLEY F. Letter Fermanagh
McKINLY [..?] Derrilogher Fermanagh
McLOUGHLIN James Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
McMAHON Pat. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
McMANUS Edward Corley Donegal
McMANUS P. Drumlongfield Donegal
McMULLEN John Tullylark Donegal
McNALLY Francis Causeway Hill Donegal
McNULTY David Ballymackilvany Donegal
McNULTY Pat. Drumgun Donegal
McNULTY Patrick Templecarn Glebe Donegal
McPAKE John Ballymackilvany Donegal
McQUAID James Rennpark East Donegal
McSHARRY Owen & partners Glasskeeragh West Town Donegal
McSHEE Maxwell Brook Hill Fermanagh
McSORLEY James   Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
McSORLEY Roger   Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
MEALLY William Rosscranagh Fermanagh
MILLS A. Drumawark Donegal
MILLS F. Aughnablany Fermanagh
MILLS George Belalt South Donegal
MILLS James Aughnablany Fermanagh
MILLS James, Sen. Tullyveaddy? Fermanagh
MILLS John Belalt South Donegal
MILLS John Derrians Fermanagh
MILLS Robert Aughnablany Fermanagh
MILLS Thomas Aughnablany Fermanagh
MOFFIT James Drumawark Donegal
MONAGHAN [..?] Aughnablany Fermanagh
MONAGHAN [..?] Belalt North Donegal
MONAGHAN [..?] Drumlongfield Donegal
MONAGHAN Cormick Drumgun Donegal
MONAGHAN Denis Ballymackilvany Donegal
MONAGHAN E. Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MONAGHAN Edward ...tcreery? Mountain Donegal 
MONAGHAN F. Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MONAGHAN James & partners Loughowen? Donegal
MONAGHAN James Rossharborn Fermanagh
MONAGHAN James Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MONAGHAN John ...tcreery? Mountain Donegal
MONAGHAN M. Cartressy Donegal
MONAGHAN Mick Belalt South Mountain Donegal
MONAGHAN N. Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MONAGHAN Owen Cartressy Donegal
MONAGHAN Owen Minsafin [Meensheefin] Donegal
MONAGHAN P. Kilgormly Donegal
MONAGHAN R. Cartressy Donegal
MONAGHAN Terence Gortnessy Donegal
MONAGHAN Thomas Minsafin [Meensheefin] Donegal
MONGAN J. Woodhill Fermanagh
MONGAN P. Woodhill Fermanagh
MONTGOMERY John Letter Fermanagh
MOORE [..?] Brook Hill Fermanagh
MOORE John Gortnessy Donegal
MOORE William Gortnessy Donegal
MORRIS [..?] Lettercran Donegal
MORRIS Rose Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MORRISON M. Tievemore Donegal
MORRISON P. Tievemore Donegal
MORROW [..?] Tievemore Donegal
MORROW [..?] Tievemore Donegal
MULDOON [..?] Seavog [Seadavog] Donegal
MULDOON D. Ballymacalony Donegal
MULDOON Edward Tievemore Donegal
MULDOON John Lettercran Donegal
MULDOON John Pettigo Tenements Donegal
MULHARTAGH [..?] Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MULHARTAGH Owen Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MULLIGAN H. Sassakeelagh [Sessiaghkeelta] Lower Donegal
MULLIGAN James Boes Hill Donegal
MULLIGAN William Boes Hill Donegal
MULMONA John Bridge Park West Donegal
MULMURRAY Denis Legmulmurray Mountain Donegal
MULREAN Owen Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal
MURPHY [..?] Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
MURRAY [..?] Belalt South Donegal
MURRAY Hugh Boes Hill Donegal
NIXON Captain Carrickrory Donegal
NIXON Captain Drumhariff Donegal
NIXON Captain Gortnessy Donegal
NIXON James, Esq. Carrickrory Donegal
OWENS [..?] Brook Hill Fermanagh
OWENS John Rosscranagh Fermanagh
OWENS Terence Templecarn Glebe Donegal
PARKER?  Thomas Tamnawanea Fermanagh
PATTERSON R. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
PATTERSON Widow Belalt North Donegal
PETERS [..?] Tievemore Donegal
PHUNSTON [FUNSTON] David Fincashel Donegal
PHUNSTON [FUNSTON] John& partners Carne Donegal
PHUNSTON [FUNSTON] Joseph Belalt North Donegal
PHUNSTON [FUNSTON] Joseph Fincashel Donegal
PORTER [..?] Tullyveaddy? Fermanagh
PORTER William Derrilogher Fermanagh
QUIN [..?] Woody Hill Fermanagh
QUIN Denis & partners   Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
QUIN Samuel Innishkeeragh Fermanagh
QUIN Samuel Stonefort Fermanagh
REED Adam& partners Tievemore Donegal
REED David Drumskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
REED David Tullycarne Donegal
REED David, Jun. Drunskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
REED George Tullycarne Donegal
REED James Drumskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
REED James Tievemore Donegal
REED James Tullycarne Donegal
REED John (late Vartue)   Drumskew [Drumnascue] Donegal
REED John Cullen Donegal
REED Thomas Ardnaglass Donegal
REED Thomas Pettigo Tenements Donegal
REED Thomas Rosefield Donegal
REED William Kimid Donegal
REED William Tullylark Donegal
RENNICK Lieut. Point Hill Donegal
RINN William Cartressy Donegal
ROAN John Cartressy Donegal
ROBE J. & partners (1) Tullylark Donegal
ROBE J. & partners (2) Tullylark Donegal
ROBINSON Anne Tievemore Donegal
ROBINSON D. Ardnaglass Donegal
ROBINSON D. Aughnablany Fermanagh
ROBINSON D. Pettigo Tenements Donegal
ROBINSON David Kimid Donegal
ROBINSON David Pettigo Tenements Donegal
ROBINSON David Pettigo Town & Parks Donegal
ROBINSON David Rosefield Donegal
ROBINSON J. Gortnessy Donegal
ROBINSON James Kimid Donegal
ROBINSON John Bircog Donegal
ROBINSON John Drumgun Donegal
ROBINSON Robert & partners   Kilrossan/ Kilconan? Causeway Hill Donegal
ROBINSON Robert Kimid Donegal
ROBINSON Robert Rosefield Donegal
ROBINSON Sally Kimid Donegal
ROBINSON W. Rossharborn Fermanagh
ROBISON John, Jun. Kimid Donegal
ROONEY P. & partners Glasskeeragh East Town Donegal
ROONIAN James Rusheen Donegal
ROONIAN Pat. Rusheen Donegal
ROSS [..?] Belalt South Donegal
RYAN Rev. Mr. Rosefield Donegal
SCOTT Mrs Drumhariff Donegal
SHALLOW B. Tamlet [Tawlaght] Donegal