Tithe Applotment Book for the Parish of Templecrone

Signed 22 Oct 1828

This data was compiled by John & Lindel, and forms part of  the Donegal Genealogy Resources website

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Please note the following:
1. The book was transcribed from the original handwritten form - in many places the writing was very difficult to decipher.
2. Some townlands do not appear to exist now - the spelling has stayed the same as the original
3. Names such as O'Donnell and McSweeney are represented as Donnill and McSwine, so you will have to be imaginative when searching for your ancestors name.
4. John McLaughlin was the person who transcribed this book, which contains 1,157 names - I simply copied the original film, looked at it for a year, then checked John's entries, before preparing it for posting to my website. MANY thanks to John!
5. We have tried our utmost to be as accurate as possible with the transcription however, it was a very difficult task.

Surname, First, Townland

Alcorn, Wm., Innisfree Owey
Alcorn, Wm., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Alcorn, Wm., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Begtrow, Dudy, Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Beineen, Nat., Rinnafarset
Boner, Denis, Arlans
Boner, Denis, Illanlahan
Boner, Denis, Innismeel
Boner, Dom., Cloghglass
Boner, Dom., Cloghglass
Boner, Jas., Arlans
Boner, John, Liffin
Boner, Manus, Innismeel
Boner, Manus, Ligonagelpin
Boner, Neale, Arlans
Boner, Niell, Arlans
Boner, Niell, Arlans
Boner, Shane, Cloghglass
Boner, Shane, Innishenny & Meelamore
Boner, Shane, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boner, Widow, TullyEllan
Boyce, Chas., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Boyd, Hu., Carnbouy
Boyd, Jas., Carnbouy
Boyd, Richd, Carnbouy
Boyd, Richd., Dunmore
Boyd, Sut., Carnbouy
Boyd, , Carrickfin
Boyle, ?, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Boyle, Andy, Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Anty, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Anty, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Anty, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Billy, Gortgar
Boyle, Bryan, Meenderagowan
Boyle, Bryn., Dunmore
Boyle, Bryn., Meenderagowan
Boyle, Charles, Anagry East
Boyle, Chas., Brockagh
Boyle, Chas., Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Boyle, Chas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Boyle, Chas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Boyle, Chas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Boyle, Chs., Arlans
Boyle, Chs., Carrickfin
Boyle, Chs., Cronashalag
Boyle, Chs., Glaslugan
Boyle, Chs., Leabgarrow
Boyle, Condy, Arlans
Boyle, Conel, Ballintra
Boyle, Conel, Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Conel, Farmose (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Conel, Glaslugan
Boyle, Conel, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Conel, Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Boyle, Dan, Leabgarrow
Boyle, Danl., Fallagowan
Boyle, Danl., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Danl., Gortgar
Boyle, Danl., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Danl., Lackenagh (Acres)
Boyle, Danl., Leabgarrow
Boyle, Danl., Loughanure
Boyle, Danl., Meenderagowan
Boyle, Danl., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, David, Dunmore
Boyle, David, Farmose (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Denis, Carrickfin
Boyle, Denis, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Denis, Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Denis, Loughaher (part of Ardmeen)
Boyle, Denis, Loughanure
Boyle, Denis, Loughanure
Boyle, Denis, Lower Cruit
Boyle, Do., Cloghcor
Boyle, Don, Clogherdillure
Boyle, Donld., Innishenny & Meelamore
Boyle, Dudley, Gortansate (part of Mullaghderg)
Boyle, Dudley, Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Dudley, Meencrosserdoo
Boyle, Dudly, Derrynamansher
Boyle, Dudly, Lackenagh (Acres)
Boyle, Edw., Augillas
Boyle, Edw., Innisall
Boyle, Edw., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Edw., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Boyle, Edwd., Ballintra
Boyle, Fal., Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Boyle, Fargil, Meenderahork (part of Maghery)
Boyle, Fras., Braad & Mullafind
Boyle, Hu., Lackenagh (Acres)
Boyle, Hu., Leabgarrow
Boyle, Hu., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, Hugh, Deradruel Upper
Boyle, Hugh, Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Jack, Leabgarrow
Boyle, Jack, Owey
Boyle, James, Gortansate (part of Mullaghderg)
Boyle, James, Innisfree
Boyle, Jas., Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Boyle, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Boyle, Jas., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Jas., Farmose (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Jas., Gortgar
Boyle, Jas., Innisall
Boyle, Jas., Meencrosserdoo
Boyle, Jas., Owey
Boyle, Jas., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, Jas., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, Jas. Doo, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, John, Cloghcor
Boyle, John, Drumnacart
Boyle, John, Fallagowan
Boyle, John, Gortansate (part of Mullaghderg)
Boyle, John, Illion
Boyle, John, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, John, Kincaslagh
Boyle, John, Lettercaugh
Boyle, John, Lettercaugh
Boyle, Manus, Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Boyle, Mary, Kincaslagh
Boyle, Mich, Ballintra
Boyle, Mich, Carrickfin
Boyle, Mich, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Boyle, Mich, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Boyle, Mich, Farmose (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Mich, Farmose (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Mich, Illion
Boyle, Mich, Inniskeeragh
Boyle, Mich, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Mich, Kincaslagh
Boyle, Mich, Lettercaugh
Boyle, Mich A.G., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Mich., Eighter
Boyle, Michl., Arlans
Boyle, Michl., Arlans
Boyle, Michl., Eighter
Boyle, Michl., Fallagowan
Boyle, Michl., Fallagowan
Boyle, Michl., Fallagowan
Boyle, Michl., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Michl., Kincaslagh
Boyle, Michl., Meenalecky with Loughnansian
Boyle, Michl., Meenleckey
Boyle, Mos., Leabgarrow
Boyle, N, Ploghoge
Boyle, N., Arlans
Boyle, Neal, Anagry West
Boyle, Neal, Braad & Mullafind
Boyle, Neal, Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Boyle, Neal, Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Boyle, Neal, Gortgar
Boyle, Neal, Lackenagh (Acres)
Boyle, Neal, Meenderrynasloe
Boyle, Neal, Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Boyle, Ned, Fallagowan
Boyle, Nich., Meenmore
Boyle, Nicho., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, Owen, Anagry East
Boyle, Owen, Braad & Mullafind
Boyle, Owen, Cloghcor
Boyle, Owen, Eighter
Boyle, Owen, Eighter
Boyle, Owen, Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Owen, Loughanure
Boyle, Owen, Meencrosserdoo
Boyle, Owen, Meenderagowan
Boyle, Owen, Rinnafarset
Boyle, Owin, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, Pady, Meencrosserdoo
Boyle, Pady, Meenderagowan
Boyle, Pat, Anagry East
Boyle, Pat, Ballintra
Boyle, Pat, Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Pat, Farmose (part of Crahy)
Boyle, Pat, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Pat, Meenderagowan
Boyle, Pat, Owey
Boyle, Pat, TullyEllan
Boyle, Pat., Anagry East
Boyle, Peter, Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Peter, Loughanure
Boyle, Phil, Leabgarrow
Boyle, Phil, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Boyle, Risin, Ballintra
Boyle, Roger, Loughanure
Boyle, Shane, Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Boyle, Shela, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Boyle, Shela, Lackenagh (Acres)
Boyle, Teague, Eighter
Boyle, Tod, Arlans
Boyle, Torl., Arlans
Boyle, Torl., Glaslugan
Boyle, Torl., Glaslugan
Boyle, Torl., Lackenagh (Acres)
Boyle, Torl., Ligonagelpin
Boyle, Widow, Arlans
Boyle, Widow, Clogherdillure
Boyle, Widow, Crohy & Drimmeene
Boyle, Widow, Innishenny & Meelamore
Boyle, Widow, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Boyle, Widow, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Boyle, Wm., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Boyle , Jack, Leabgarrow
Boyle , John (Nailor) Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Brenan, Andw., Drimlaghdud
Brenan, Danl., Drimlaghdud
Brenan, Domk., Drimlaghdud
Brenan, Edw., Meencross and Fishery
Brenan, Francis, Drimlaghdud
Brenan, Jas., Drimlaghdud
Brenan, Jas., Meencloghcor
Brenan, Jas., Meencross and Fishery
Brenan, Nat., Meencross and Fishery
Brenan, Nat., Rinnafarset
Brenan, Owen, Meencross and Fishery
Brenan, Owen, Roshin Upper
Brenan, Owen, Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Brenan, Peter, Meencross and Fishery
Brenan, Thos., Meenabollagan
Brenan, Wm., Drimlaghdud
Bresland, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Brocone, Pat, Loughsalt
Browne, Fas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Browne, Gallaher Tievegarvla
Browne, Widow, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Byrone, Om, Light House
Campbell, Alexr., Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Campbell, Alexr., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Campbell, Alexr., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Campbell, Andw., Deradruel Upper
Campbell, David, Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Campbell, Denis, Deradruel Upper
Campbell, Fas., Arlans
Campbell, Jas, Roshin Acres
Campbell, Jas., Cloghglass
Campbell, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Campbell, Jas., Glenahilt
Campbell, Jas., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Campbell, Robt., Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Campbell, Widow, Deradruel Upper
Campbell, Wm., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Campbell, Wm., Meenderahork (part of Maghery)
Campbell, Wm., Roshin Acres
Campbell, , Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Canon, Anias, Anagry West
Canon, Bryn., Anagry East
Canon, John, Loughsalt
Canon, Rose, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Cerr, Catto, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Cole, Wid. Moriss, Meenleckey
Cole, Ant., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Cole, Anty., Cruckamore
Cole, Aw., Ballintra
Cole, Denis, Cruckamore
Cole, Denis, Ploghoge
Cole, Edw., Illion
Cole, Jno., TullyEllan
Cole, Mary, Aghort
Cole, Ned., Ballintra
Cole, Pegy, Aghort
Cole, Tully, Illion
Cole, Widow Moriss, Meenalecky with Loughnansian
Collins, Pat, Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Conahan, Denis, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Conahan, Denis, Kincaslagh
Conahan, Gallaher, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Conahan, Hu., Leabranagh
Conahan, Hu., Ploghoge
Conahan, Hu., Ploghoge
Conahan, "Lanty, Widow", Ploghoge
Conahan, Mans., Runrany
Conahan, Manus, Arlans
Conahan, Pat, Dunmore
Conahan, Widow, Runrany
Crampshy, Chas., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Crampshy, Chs., Farmose (part of Crahy)
Crampshy, Denis, Cruckamore
Crampshy, Geo., Meenderrynasloe
Crampshy, Jno., Cruckamore
Crampshy, John, Meenagowna
Crampshy, Manus, Cruckamore
Crampshy, Manus, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Crampshy, Pady, Meenagowna
Crampshy, Shane, Cloghglass
Crampshy, Shane, Cruckamore
Crampshy, , Cloghglass
Cramshy, Danl., Lackenagh (Acres)
Cramshy, Neal, Lackenagh (Acres)
Cramshy, Neal, Lackenagh (Acres)
Cramshy, Neal, Lackenagh (Acres)
Cramshy, Pat, Glenahilt
Crawford, Geo. J., Maghery (oart held by curator)
Devaney, Conel, Meenderahork (part of Maghery)
Devaney, Nat., Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Devany, Conal, Roshin Upper
Devitt, Jas, Lower Cruit
Divany, Conel, Rinnafarset
Dogherty, Aw., Lower Cruit
Dogherty, Dan, Lower Cruit
Dogherty, Edw., Beal Criut
Dogherty, Hugh, Beal Criut
Dogherty, Jas., Lower Cruit
Dogherty, Jas., Lower Cruit
Dogherty, John, Beal Criut
Dogherty, John, Guduechaor
Dogherty, John, Keadew Moor
Dogherty, Josh., Drumnacart
Dogherty, Ow., Meenbanitt
Dogherty, Owen, Beal Criut
Dogherty, Pat, Beal Criut
Dogherty, Pat, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Dogherty, Shane, Meendrain
Dogherty, Torl., Meenderagowan
Dogherty, Widow, Lower Cruit
Dogherty, Widow, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Donnill, Alexr., Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Andrew, Glaslugan
Donnill, Ant., Cloghcor
Donnill, Anthy, Meenalecky with Loughnansian
Donnill, Anty., Ballintra
Donnill, Anty., Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Donnill, Anty., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Anty., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Anty., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Anty., Fallagowan
Donnill, Anty., Innisfree
Donnill, Anty., Loughaher (part of Ardmeen)
Donnill, Anty., Meenleckey
Donnill, Anty., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Donnill, Auby, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Donnill, Brid., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Donnill, Bryn., Arlans
Donnill, Bryn., Ballintra
Donnill, Bryn., Ballintra
Donnill, Bryn., Ballintra
Donnill, Bryn., Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Donnill, Bryn., Inniskeeragh
Donnill, Bryn., Ploghoge
Donnill, Chs., Illion
Donnill, Conel, Ballintra
Donnill, Conel, Ballintra
Donnill, Conel, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Donnill, Conel, Ploghoge
Donnill, Conel, Ploghoge
Donnill, Connell, Fallagowan
Donnill, Cor., Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Donnill, Dan, Aghort
Donnill, Dan, Cronamadow
Donnill, Dan, Leabeanagh
Donnill, Dan, Owey
Donnill, Danl., Ballintra
Donnill, Danl., Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Danl., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Donnill, Danl., Leabgarrow
Donnill, Danl., Meenderrynasloe
Donnill, Danl., Meendrain
Donnill, Denis, Cloghuoley
Donnill, Denis, Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Denis, Meenmore
Donnill, Denis, Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Domk., Innisfree
Donnill, Donell, Eighter
Donnill, Dud, Duck Island
Donnill, Edw., Brockagh
Donnill, Edw., Cloghuoley
Donnill, Edw., Meendrain
Donnill, Edwd., Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Fargel, Ballintra
Donnill, Fas., Innishenny & Meelamore
Donnill, Fer., Glaslugan
Donnill, Francis, Cruckamore
Donnill, Fras., Braad & Mullafind
Donnill, Geo., Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Hu., Arlans
Donnill, Hu., Ballintra
Donnill, Hu., Ballintra
Donnill, Hu., Ballintra
Donnill, Hu., Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Hu., Clinderry
Donnill, Hu., Cloghuoley
Donnill, Hu., Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Donnill, Hu., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Donnill, Hu., Leabgarrow
Donnill, Hu., Lettercaugh
Donnill, Hu., Lettercaugh
Donnill, Hu., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Donnill, Hu., Rinnafarset
Donnill, Hu., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Donnill, Hugh, Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Hugh, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Donnill, Hugh, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Hugh, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Hugh, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Hugh, Glaslugan
Donnill, Hugh, Innisfree
Donnill, Hugh, Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Hugh, Tievegarvla
Donnill, Hugh, Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Donnill, J, Ballintra
Donnill, Jack, Gortgar
Donnill, Jack, Kincaslagh
Donnill, Jas, Roshin Lower
Donnill, Jas, Roshin Upper
Donnill, Jas., Augillas
Donnill, Jas., Ballintra
Donnill, Jas., Ballintra
Donnill, Jas., Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Jas., Cloghglass
Donnill, Jas., Deradrul Lower
Donnill, Jas., Gortgar
Donnill, Jas., Innisall
Donnill, Jas., Innisfree
Donnill, Jas., Innisfree
Donnill, Jas., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Donnill, Jas., Lackenagh (Acres)
Donnill, Jas., Loughsalt
Donnill, Jas., Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Jas., Rinnafarset
Donnill, Jno., Cloghglass
Donnill, Jno., Cruckamore
Donnill, Jno., Meenmore
Donnill, John, Cruckamore
Donnill, John, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, John, Eighter
Donnill, John, Innisall
Donnill, John, Innisfree
Donnill, John, Lackenagh (Acres)
Donnill, Kate, Ballintra
Donnill, Lewis, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Manus, Aghort
Donnill, Manus, Aghort
Donnill, Manus, Anagry East
Donnill, Manus, Cruckamore
Donnill, Manus, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Manus, Loughanure
Donnill, Mary, Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Mary, Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Mary, Lackenagh (Acres)
Donnill, Mary, Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Mich, Ballintra
Donnill, Mich, Ballintra
Donnill, Mich, Innisfree
Donnill, Mich, Leabranagh
Donnill, Mich, Meenmore
Donnill, Miche, Ploghoge
Donnill, Michl., Leabgarrow
Donnill, Michl., Leabgarrow
Donnill, Michl., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Donnill, Miles, Anagry East
Donnill, N, Lackenagh (Acres)
Donnill, N, Roshin Acres
Donnill, Nat., Leabgarrow
Donnill, Nat., Loughsalt
Donnill, Nat., Loughsalt
Donnill, Neal, Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Neal, Cloghcor
Donnill, Neal, Cloghcor
Donnill, Neal, Cloghglass
Donnill, Neal, Innisfree
Donnill, Neal, Innisfree
Donnill, Neal, Rinnafarset
Donnill, Neal, Rinnafarset
Donnill, Neal, Roshin Lower
Donnill, Ned, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Donnill, Nic, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Owen, Arlans
Donnill, Owen, Cronamadow
Donnill, Owen, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Donnill, Owen, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Donnill, Owen, Innisall
Donnill, Owen, Meenderrynasloe
Donnill, Owen, Rinnafarset
Donnill, Owen, Roshin Acres
Donnill, Owen, Runrany
Donnill, Own., Meenmore
Donnill, Pady, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Pady, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Pady, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Donnill, Pady, Meenmore
Donnill, Pady, Roshin Acres
Donnill, Pat, Anagry East
Donnill, Pat, Braad & Mullafind
Donnill, Pat, Carrickfin
Donnill, Pat, Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Pat, Cronamadow
Donnill, Pat, Meenalecky with Loughnansian
Donnill, Pat, Meenderagowan
Donnill, Pat, Meendrain
Donnill, Pat, Meenleckey
Donnill, Pat, Ploghoge
Donnill, Pat, Rinnafarset
Donnill, Pat, Rinnafarset
Donnill, Peter, Cruckamore
Donnill, Peter, Glaslugan
Donnill, Peter, Loughnanoran
Donnill, Phelim, Cloghcor
Donnill, Phelim, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Donnill, Phil, Anagry East
Donnill, Roger, Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Donnill, Roger, Ughtmeen (with Meenatota)
Donnill, Rose, Meenleckey
Donnill, Shane, Cloghcor
Donnill, Shane, Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Donnill, Shane, Innisall
Donnill, Shane, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Donnill, Shane, Loughnanoran
Donnill, Shane, Meendrain
Donnill, Shane, Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
Donnill, Shane, Rinnafarset
Donnill, Shane, Roshin Acres
Donnill, Shane, Roshin Upper
Donnill, Shane, Tievegarvla
Donnill, Torl., Meenalecky with Loughnansian
Donnill, Tu., Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Donnill, Widow, Innisfree
Donnill, , Braad & Mullafind
Donnilly, Nat., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Doogan, Anty, Innisfree
Doogan, Bartly, Innisfree Owey
Doogan, Conel, Meenderrynasloe
Doogan, J., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Doogan, Jas, Keadew Moor
Doogan, Jas., Guduechaor
Doogan, Marcus, Loughaher (part of Ardmeen)
Doogan, Michl., Anagry East
Doogan, P., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Doogan, Pailan, Meenderagowan
Doogan, Pat, Meenderrynasloe
Doogan, Paul aw, Meenderrynasloe
Doogan, Paulaw, Meenderrynasloe
Doogan, Roh., Killendaragh
Doogan, Torl., Lettercaugh
Doogan, Widow, Gortansate (part of Mullaghderg)
Doogan & Duffey, , Innisfree
Dougherty, Shane, Aghort
Dudgeon, John, Innisfree
Dudgeon, John, Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Dudgeon, Richd., Innisfree
Dudgeon, Thos., Carrickfin
Dudgeon, Thos., Innisfree
Dudgeon, Thos., Mullafind (part of Braad)
Dudgeon, Wm., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Duffey, Andrw., Anagry West
Duffey, Anty. Widow, Anagry East
Duffey, Bryn., Anagry East
Duffey, Bryn., Ardmeen
Duffey, Co, Lettercaugh
Duffey, Connel, Anagry West
Duffey, Denis, Anagry East
Duffey, Hugh, Anagry East
Duffey, Hugh, Ardmeen
Duffey, James, Innisfree
Duffey, Manus, Anagry East
Duffey, Michl., Anagry East
Duffey, Michl.`, Braad & Mullafind
Duffey, Nola, Ardmeen
Duffey, Owen, Meenderrynasloe
Duffey, Owen, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Duffey, Owen, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Duffey, Owen, Rinnafarset
Duffey, Pat, Anagry East
Duffey, Pat, Meenderrynasloe
Duffey, Peter, Anagry East
Duffey, Peter, Anagry West
Duffey, Widow, Ardmeen
Duffey, Widow, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Durmon, Bridget, Crohypatrick
Durmon, Fargil, Crohypatrick
Durmon, Jas., Crohypatrick
Durmon, Pat, Crohypatrick
Durnion, Pat, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Durnion, Shane, Meenderrynasloe
Durnion, T.?, Lettercaugh
Durnion, Teague, MiddleTown (part of Crohypatrick)
Dwarty, owen, Braad & Mullafind
Ealy, Mat., Braad & Mullafind
Ellis, Henry, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Farquar, Alexr., Anagry West
Farquar, Alexr., Anagry West
Farquar, Chs., Carrickfin
Farquar, Chs., Dunmore
Farquar, Chs., Dunmore
Farquar, John, Anagry West
Farquar, John, Glenahilt
Ferry, Danl., Cruckamore
Ferry, Michl., Meendrain
Ferry, Moriss, Meenderrynasloe
Ferry, Pat, Cruckamore
Ferry, Widow, Rinnafarset
Forster, John, Carnbouy
Foster, Francis, Crohy & Drimmeene
Foster, Jno., Carrickfin
Foster, K.?, Eddernish
Foster, N., Lackbeg
Foster, Rich., Carrickfin
Foster Esq., Nat., Sheep Park - Arranmoss
Gallagher, Antg., Kincaslagh
Gallagher, Anty., Aghort
Gallagher, Anty., Meenamaragh (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, Anty., Meenderagowan
Gallagher, Anty., MiddleTown (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, Bryn., Ballintra
Gallagher, Chrs., Mutlaghuff Scotch
Gallagher, Chs., Clinderry
Gallagher, Chs., Ploghoge
Gallagher, Chs., TullyEllan
Gallagher, Conel, Arlans
Gallagher, Conel, Meenamaragh (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, Corns., Gortgar
Gallagher, Dan, Illion
Gallagher, Dan, Ploghoge
Gallagher, Danl., Aghort
Gallagher, Danl., Ballintra
Gallagher, Danl., Meenderagowan
Gallagher, Danl., Meenmore
Gallagher, Danl., MiddleTown (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, Darby, Innishenny & Meelamore
Gallagher, Darby, Roshin Lower
Gallagher, Denis, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Gallagher, Denis, Gortgar
Gallagher, Denis, Gortgar
Gallagher, Dermot, Meenderrynasloe
Gallagher, Domk., Cloghcor
Gallagher, Domk., Glenahilt
Gallagher, Domk., Gortgar
Gallagher, Domk., Innismeel
Gallagher, Fas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Gallagher, Fer., Gortgar
Gallagher, Geo., Gortgar
Gallagher, Hu., Aghort
Gallagher, Hu., Gortgar
Gallagher, Hu., Leabgarrow
Gallagher, Hu., Leabranagh
Gallagher, Hugh, Aghort
Gallagher, Hugh, Aghort
Gallagher, Hugh, Derrynamansher
Gallagher, Hugh, Gortgar
Gallagher, Jack, Owey
Gallagher, James, Cloghglass
Gallagher, James, Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Gallagher, Jas., Cloghcor
Gallagher, Jas., Cruit Upper (consisting of Alleecassan?)
Gallagher, Jas., Innismeel
Gallagher, Jas., Leabgarrow
Gallagher, Jas., Meenamaragh (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, Jayd, Meenamaragh (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, John, Arlans
Gallagher, John, Arlans
Gallagher, John, Inniskeeragh
Gallagher, John, MiddleTown (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, M, Roshin Acres
Gallagher, M., Mutlaghuff Scotch
Gallagher, Mahan, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Gallagher, Manus, Arlans
Gallagher, Manus, Innisfree
Gallagher, Mich, Gortgar
Gallagher, Mich, Lackenagh (Acres)
Gallagher, N.?, Glenahilt
Gallagher, Nat., Drumnacart
Gallagher, Nat., Fallagowan
Gallagher, Nat., Leabgarrow
Gallagher, Nat. , Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Gallagher, Neal, Leabgarrow

Gallagher, Neal, Loughanure
Gallagher, Neal, TullyEllan
Gallagher, Neal, TullyEllan
Gallagher, Owen, Arlans
Gallagher, Owen, Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
Gallagher, Owen, Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Gallagher, Owen, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Gallagher, Owen, Innismeel
Gallagher, Owen, Meenderrynasloe
Gallagher, Owen, Rinnafarset
Gallagher, Owen, Roshin Acres
Gallagher, Pat, Cloghglass
Gallagher, Pat, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Gallagher, Pat, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Gallagher, Pat, Gortgar
Gallagher, Pat, Inniskeeragh
Gallagher, Pat, Liffin
Gallagher, Pat, Meenamaragh (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallagher, Pat, Meenderrynasloe
Gallagher, Pat, Roshin Acres
Gallagher, Pat, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Gallagher, Pat widow, Ballintra
Gallagher, Pat. , Cloghcor
Gallagher, Peter, Inniskeeragh
Gallagher, Peter (widow), Gortgar
Gallagher, Phelim, Cloghcor
Gallagher, Robt., Arlans
Gallagher, Teague, Carrickfin
Gallagher, Ted, Ploghoge
Gallagher, Tim, Inniskeeragh
Gallagher, Widow, Gortgar
Gallagher, Widow, Illanlahan
Gallagher, Widow, Meenderagowan
Gallagher, Widow - Jno, Aghort
Gallagher, ?, Leabgarrow
Gallagher, Hugh, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Gallagher, Jas., Meenamaragh (part of Crohypatrick)
Gallaher, Ant., Cruckamore
Gallaher, Anty., Aghort
Gallaher, Anty., Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Anty., Loughanure
Gallaher, Chs., Owey
Gallaher, anl., Tievegarvla
Gallaher, Darby, Clogherdillure
Gallaher, Darby, Cruckamore
Gallaher, Darby, TullyEllan
Gallaher, Denis, Cruckamore
Gallaher, Dom., Ballintra
Gallaher, Dom., Illion
Gallaher, Edw., Rinnafarset
Gallaher, Ferdy, Loughanure
Gallaher, Fredk., Illanlahan
Gallaher, Geo., Cloghglass
Gallaher, Geo. & mother, Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Hu., Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Hu., Leabranagh
Gallaher, Jack, Rinnafarset
Gallaher, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Gallaher, Jas., Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Jno. & son, Ballintra
Gallaher, John, Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Mich, Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Mich., Cruckamore
Gallaher, Mich., Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Nat., Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Nat., Meenderagowan
Gallaher, Nat., Mutlaghuff Scotch
Gallaher, Neal, Cloghglass
Gallaher, Neal, Cloghglass
Gallaher, Neal, Lackenagh (Acres)
Gallaher, Owen, Ballintra
Gallaher, Owen, Cloghglass
Gallaher, Owen, Cloghglass
Gallaher, Owen, Leabgarrow
Gallaher, Owen, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Gallaher, Pat, Ballintra
Gallaher, Pat, Ballintra
Gallaher, Pat, Carrickfin
Gallaher, Pat & Jas., Cloghcor
Gallaher, Peter, Ballintra
Gallaher, Phil, Meenderrynasloe
Gallaher, Phne., Ballintra
Gallaher, Shane, Glaslugan
Gallaher, Teague, Meenderrynasloe
Gallaher, Tod, Cruckamore
Gallaher, orl., Drumnacart
Gallaher, Wid., Owey
Gallaher, Widow, Cloghglass
Gallaher, Wm., Ballintra
Galy, Henry, Meenderrynasloe
Gildea, Conel, Braad & Mullafind
Gilespey, Bryn., Clinderry
Gilespey, Bryn., Gortgar
Gilespey, Danl., Braad & Mullafind
Gilespey, Pvy., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Gilespey, Shane, Ploghoge
Gilesppy, Bry., Aghort
Gilespy, Bryn., Aghort
Gilespy, Bryn., Aghort
Gilespy, Dom., Clinderry
Gilespy, Edw., Braad & Mullafind
Gilespy, Widow, Loughaher (part of Ardmeen)
Gillespey, Rory, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Gilspey, Jas., Aghort
Given, Chas., Cronamadow
Given, Jas., Cronamadow
Glackin, Chas., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Glackin, Chs., Clinderry
Gallagher, Mich., Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Gallaher, John, Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
Grant, Chs., Tubberkeen
Green, Morris, Derrynamansher
Green, Morris, Derrynamansher
Greene, Daniel, Anagry West
Greene, Danl., Rinnafarset
Greene, Danl., Rinnafarset
Greene, Jas., Rinnafarset
Greene, Mau., Rinnafarset
Greene, Michl., Rinnafarset
Greene, Nat., Rinnafarset
Greene, Nat., Rinnafarset
Greene, Rich., Rinnafarset
Greise, Chs., Fallagowan
Greise, Jas., Cloghcor
Greise, Mich, Ballintra
Greise, Michl., Fallagowan
Griese, Peter, Leabgarrow
Hailey, Bryn., Loughanure
Hamilton, Andw., Tubberkeen
Hamilton, Hans, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Hamilton, J, Tubberkeen
Hanion, Audy, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Hanley, Conel, Rinnafarset
Hanley, Conel, Rinnafarset
Hanley, Shane, Rinnafarset
Hanlon, Abraham, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Hanlon, Anty., Meenabollagan
Hanlon, Anty., Meenabollagan
Hanlon, Con., Tubberkeen
Hanlon, Jas, Roshin Upper
Hanlon, John, Tubberkeen
Hanlon, Pat, Rosnagurragh (part of Maghery)
Hanlon, Richd, Calf Park (Part of Maghery)
Hanlon, Susan, Salt Pans
Hanlon, Thos., Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Hanlon, Thos., Tubberkeen
Hanlon, Thos., Tubberkeen
Hanlon, Wm., Tubberkeen
Hanlon, Wm., Tubberkeen
Harkin, Andrew, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
Harley, Denis, Dunmore
Harley, Ferd., Braad & Mullafind
Harley, Marg., Derrynamansher
Harley, Mary, Derrynamansher
Harley, Pat, Braad & Mullafind
Harley, Pat, Braad & Mullafind
Harley, "Pat, Widow", Anagry West
Harley, Shane, Rinnafarset
Harly, Hugh, Derrynamansher
Harly, Owen, Derrynamansher
Kelly, James, Meenmore
Kelly, Pat & Jas., Deradruel Upper
Kelly, Rob., Leabgarrow
Kenedy, Arthur, Tievegarvla
Kenedy, Nat., Tievegarvla
Kenedy, Roger, Clinderry
Kenedy, Roger, Tievegarvla
Kenedy, Widow, Clinderry
Kerney, Max., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Kerr, Conel, Lackenagh (Acres)
Laber, Hinny Esq., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Langan, Jas., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Laughlin, Doctor, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Leader, H. Esq., Illy (part of Crory)
Leader, Henry, Loughanish (part of Croey)
Loughry, Jas., Ploghoge
Magee, Bryn, Rinnafarset
Magee, Con, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Magee, Conel, Meenderagowan
Magee, Hu., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Magee, Jas., Meenmore
Magee, Mathew, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Magee, Owen, Meenmore
Magee, Thoas., Drumnacart
Magee, Widow, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Maheen, Jas., Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Mahon, Geo., Mullaghderg  (with Gortlasayd & Runrohile)
Mahon, Geo., Mutlaghuff Scotch
Mahon, Jo., Mullaghderg  (with Gortlasayd & Runrohile)
Mahon , Geo., Mullaghderg  (with Gortlasayd & Runrohile)
M'Auley, Ned., Cloghcor
M'Bride, John, Drumnacart
M'Bride, John, Meenderrynasloe
M'Bride, Manus, Meenderrynasloe
M'Bride, Neal, Meenderrynasloe
M'Bride, Shane, Derrynamansher
M'Bride, Tim, Meenderrynasloe
Mc?, Jno., Tubberkeen
M'Cafferty, Denis, Derrynamansher
M'Cafferty, Jno., Leabeanagh
M'Cafferty, John, Leabeanagh
M'Cafferty, Owen, Derrynamansher
M'Calvy, Jas., Derrynamansher
M'Caran, Owen, Clinderry
M'Caran, Roger, Clinderry
M'Cauly, Dady, Leabranagh
M'Cauly, Danl., Cloghcor
M'Cauly, Danl., Owey
M'Cauly, Denis, Deradruel Upper
M'Cauly, Fras., Cloghcor
M'Cauly, Geo., Ballintra
M'Cauly, Jas., Cloghcor
M'Cauly, Jas., Eighter
M'Cauly, Jas., Fallagowan
M'Cauly, Jas., Fallagowan
M'Cauly, Mich, Leabgarrow
M'Cauly, Mich., Leabgarrow
M'Cauly, Owen, Cloghcor
M'Cauly, Paty, Ballintra
M'Cauly, Paty, Ballintra
M'Cauly, Peter, Leabgarrow
M'Cauly, Risin, Ballintra
M'Cauly, Rosa, Owey
M'Cauly, Shane, Fallagowan
M'Cauly, Shane, Leabgarrow
McBride, Maurice, Lower Cruit
McBride, Maurice, Lower Cruit
McBride, Widow, Innisfree
McCafferty, Jack, Rinnafarset
McCaran, Bryn., Salt Pans
McCaran, Bryn., Salt Pans
McCarran, Bryn., Salt Pans
McCarran, Thos., Salt Pans
McCauly, Bryn, Roshin Upper
McGarvy, Bryn, Rinnafarset
McNellis, Harry, Roshin Acres
M'Cole, Bryn., Ardmeen
M'Cole, Hu., Lettercaugh
M'Cole, Jnt., Arlans
M'Cole, Neal, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
M'Cole, Owen, Bunnawack (Part of Ardmeen)
M'Cole, Owen, Cashelmore (part of Cruit)
M'Cole, Pat, Ligonagelpin
M'Cole, Toole, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
M'Cole, Torl., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
M'Collagh, Aidg., Cruckamore
M'Collagh, Chs., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
M'Collins, Denis, Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
M'Cormick, Ralph, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
McSwine, Danl., TullyEllan
McSwine, Nat., Meenmore
M'Cue, Mich, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
McWard, Con, TullyEllan
McWard, Pat, TullyEllan
McWard, Shane, Cloghglass
M'Deade, Widow, Meenmore
M'Elcar, Hugh, Deradruel Upper
M'Elcar, Torl., Deradruel Upper
M'Elean, Magh., Meenmore
M'Fadden, Ths., Lower Cruit
M'Faden, Pady, Clinderry
M'Faden, Roger, Clinderry
M'Garowy, Shane, Rinnafarset
M'Gawcen, Edw., Meenderagowan
M'Gawey, Hu., Loughanure
M'Ghee, Pat, Loughsalt
M'Ghee, Roger, Meencloghcor
M'Ginlay, Chs., Mutlaghuff Scotch
M'Ginlay, Danl., Mutlaghuff Scotch
M'Gladerry, Chs., Burtonport
M'Gladerry, Chs., Lackenagh (Acres)
M'Gowan, Denis, Ballintra
M'Gowan, Ned., MiddleTown (part of Crohypatrick)
M'Gowan, Pat, Ballintra
M'Greise, Anty., Rinnafarset
M'Greise, Patk., Rinnafarset
M'Grory, Anty., Meenderagowan
M'Grory, Anty., Meenderrynasloe
M'Grory, Edw., Braad & Mullafind
M'Grory, Edw., Innisfree Owey
M'Grory, Edw., Mutlaghuff Scotch
M'Grory, Ferg., Ballintra
M'Grory, Hu., Crohyboyle (part of Sheskinarone)
M'Grory, Jas., Derrynamansher
M'Grory, Jas., Innisfree Owey
M'Grory, Moriss, Ballintra
M'Grory, Morris, Ballintra
M'Grory, Mortagh, Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
M'Grory, Nat., Derrynamansher
M'Grory, Owen, Ballintra
M'Grory, Pat, Drumnacart
M'Grory, Pat., Braad & Mullafind
M'Grory, Peter, Braad & Mullafind
M'Grory, Sarah, Mutlaghuff Scotch
M'Grory, Terce., Illion
M'Grory, Tos.?, Anagry East
M'Grory, , Braad & Mullafind
M'Guire, A., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
M'Mongle, Owen, Loughsalt
M'Mongle, Pat, Ardmeen
M'Nelis, Henry, Arlans
M'Nellis, Henry, Lackenagh (Acres)
M'Nellus, Sam., Cruckamore
Mooney, Jas., Inniskeeragh
Mooney, Thos., Ballintra
Moony, Jas., Ballintra
M'Shee, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
M'Swine, Anty, Ballintra
M'Swine, Bridget, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
M'Swine, Edw & Ow., Meenmore
M'Swine, Edw., Inniskeeragh
M'Swine, Geo. & Bryn., Meenmore
M'Swine, John, Cruckamore
M'Swine, John, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
M'Swine, Ma?, Ligonagelpin
M'Swine, Mave, Mullaghcarrick (part of Cruit)
M'Swine, Miles, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
M'Swine, Morgan, Meencloghcor
M'Swine, Neal, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
M'Swine, Neal, Meencloghcor
M'Swine, Owen, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
M'Swine, Owen, Inniskeeragh
M'Swine, Pady, Meencloghcor
M'Swine, Pat, Deradrul Lower
M'Swine, Shane, Inniskeeragh
M'Swine, T, Farcorb & Murraghmeelan
M'Swine, Widow, Bunnawack (Part of Ardmeen)
M'Swine, Widow, Meencrosserdoo
Mulhern, Bryn., Clinderry
Mulhern, Danl., Cruckecragh (part of Maghery)
Mulhern, Jas., Arlans
Mulhern, Jas., "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Mulhern, Pat, Clinderry
Mulhern, Shane, Clinderry
Mullow, Nelly, Leabeanagh
Mulloy, Edw., Leabranagh
Mulloy, Edw., Ploghoge
Mulloy, Hu, Roshin Acres
Mulloy, Hu, Roshin Acres
Mulloy, Jack, Ballintra
Mulloy, John, Ballintra
Mulloy, John, Illion
Mulloy, Owen (Dermott), Ballintra
Mulloy, Owen (Pat), Ballintra
Mulloy, Peter, Cloghcor
Mulloy, Wid., Leabeanagh
Mulloy, Wid., Leabranagh
Mulloy, Widow, Leabeanagh
Murray, Chrs., Mullaghduff (Irish with Drumnacart)
Murray, Hu., Mutlaghuff Scotch
M'Ward, Danl., Meencrosserdoo
M'Ward, Geo., Meencrosserdoo
M'Ward, Hu., Meencrosserdoo
M'Ward, Pat, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
M'Ward, Pat., Arlans
Penfold, S?, Carrickfin
Phillips, R.S. Esq., Innishean (part of Tarmon)
Phillips , R. S.  Esq., Island Goan (part of Tarmon)
Phillips, R.S., Tangyvane & Meenlicknalon
Phillips, R.S., Tarmon
Quigly, Nat., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Quinn, Aidy, Glaslugan
Roarty, Andw., Meenderrynasloe
Roarty, Shane, Tievelargan (part of Maghery)
Rogers, Anty., Dunmore
Rogers, Chs., Aghort
Rogers, Chs., Aghort
Rogers, Chs., Bunnawack (Part of Ardmeen)
Rogers, Chs., Inniskeeragh
Rogers, Hugh, Gortgar
Rogers, Hugh, Kincaslagh
Rogers, John, Gortansate (part of Mullaghderg)
Rogers, John, Illion
Rogers, John, Illion
Rogers, Mary, Owey
Rogers, Mich, Gortgar
Rogers, Neal, Fallagowan
Rogers, Paty, Illion
Rogers, Peter, Fallagowan
Rogers, Peter, Illion
Rogers, Phil, Anagry East
Rogers, Shane, Gortansate (part of Mullaghderg)
Rogers, Unity, Illion
Rogers, Widow, Burtonport
Rogers, , Kincaslagh
Ross, Doctor, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Ross, Michl., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sharkey, Anty., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sharkey, Anty., Leabgarrow
Sharkey, Anty., Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Sharkey, Bryn., Drumnacart
Sharkey, Bryn., Dunmore
Sharkey, Bryn., Meenmore
Sharkey, Bryn., Mutlaghuff Scotch
Sharkey, Bryn., Mutlaghuff Scotch
Sharkey, Cahil, Anagry West
Sharkey, Chas., Lackenagh (Acres)
Sharkey, Danl., Roshin Acres
Sharkey, Denis, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Sharkey, Denis, Sheskinarone (with Crohy Boyle)
Sharkey, Fal., Anagry West
Sharkey, Irial, Mills & Farm
Sharkey, Jack, Owey
Sharkey, Jas., Cruckamore
Sharkey, Jas., Drumnacart
Sharkey, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sharkey, Jas., Owey
Sharkey, Jas., Rinnafarset
Sharkey, John, Owey
Sharkey, Mat., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sharkey, Neal, Drumnacart
Sharkey, Owen, Anagry West
Sharkey, Owen, Braad & Mullafind
Sharkey, Owen, Kincaslagh
Sharkey, Pat, Anagry West
Sharkey, Pat, Meenderrynasloe
Sharkey, Pat, Mutlaghuff Scotch
Sharkey, Peter, Anagry West
Sharkey, Peter, Anagry West
Sharkey, Phelim, Cruckamore
Sharkey, R., Dunmore
Sharkey, Sarah, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Sharkey, Shane, Cooldooy (part of Cruit)
Sharkey, Torl., Braad & Mullafind
Sharkey, Widow, Braad & Mullafind
Sharkey, Widow, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sharkey, , Braad & Mullafind
Sharkey & Boyd, , Dunmore
Sleeven, Chas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Solon, John, Deradrul Lower
Solon, Mich, Deradrul Lower
Sproule, Wm., Inniscoo
Stewart, Jas., Mills & Farm
Summers, Mary, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sweeny, James, Mills & Farm
Sweeny, Miles, Crohyboyle (part of Sheskinarone)
Sweeny, , Lower Cruit
Sweney, Bryn., Innishenny & Meelamore
Sweney, Bryn., Lackenagh (Acres)
Sweney, Bryn., Lackenagh (Acres)
Sweney, Danl., Inniskeeragh
Sweney, Farly, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sweney, Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sweney, Jas., Farcreg (part of Crahy)
Sweney, Jno., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sweney, John, Lackenagh (Acres)
Sweney, Pat, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Sweny, Bryn., Lackenagh (Acres)
Sweny, Dan, Meenmore
Sweny, Jas., Farmose (part of Crahy)
Sweny, Mich, Meenderrynasloe
Sweny, Wid. Jas., Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Swney, Reoin, Meenmore
Tolan, , Meencloghcor
Walsh, Michl., Anagry East
Walsh, Nichs., Augillas
Ward, Bryan, Clogherdillure
Ward, Danl., Cloghglass
Ward, Danl., Cloghglass
Ward, Garry, Meenagowna
Ward, Garry, TullyEllan
Ward, Gorry, Meencrosserdoo
Ward, Hu, Roshin Lower
Ward, Hu, Roshin Lower
Ward, Hugh, Clogherdillure
Ward, Hugh, Innishenny & Meelamore
Ward, John, Cruckamore
Ward, John, "Keadew (with Parkmore, &c.)"
Ward, John, Lackenagh (Acres)
Ward, John, MiddleTown (part of Crohypatrick)
Ward, Mic, Arlans
Ward, Michl., Roshin Acres
Ward, Mossy, Meencrosserdoo
Ward, Neal, Crohyboyle (part of Sheskinarone)
Ward, Neal, Roshin Lower
Ward, Owen, Cloghglass
Ward, Owen, Cruckamore
Ward, Pady, Lower Cruit
Ward, Pat, Cloghglass
Ward, Pat, Cloghglass
Ward, Pat, Cruckamore
Ward, Pat, Dunglow with Crocknageeragh
Ward, Pat, Roshin Acres
Ward, Shane, Cloghglass
Ward, Shane, Cloghglass
Ward, Shane, Lackenagh (Acres)
Ward, Shane Manus, Cloghglass
Ward, Shane Noher, Cloghglass
Ward, "Shane, Widow", Roshin Lower
Ward, , Illanlahan
Ward, , Illanlahan
Welsh, Widow, Ardmeen

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