Townlands Poem

Written by a Teacher at the Drumoghill School in the 1940s-50s

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A is for Ardagh away up on the brae.

Bs for Beleighan its down near the sea.

C is for Corkey with a footpath so grand and

D for Drumardagh where thereís lots of great land.


E is for Errity up on a hill.

F is for food of which we get our fill

G is for Grawkey a short mile from here and

H is for honey, which we take to our tae.


I is for Isles all along the loughside.

J is for Johnstown where the foyle is so wide.

K is for Keenaghan where all buses stop and

L is for Labadish where they make the strong drop.


M is for Manor it has a Main Street.

N is for Newtown a place hard to beat.

O is for Omagh a long way from here and

P is for Pluck a sure its brave and near.


Q is for Quarry, which Glentown once had.

R is for Ruskey where the roads are quite bad

S is for Sallybrook a great butter name and

T is for Trimragh where itís bridge gives it fame.


U is for Ulster where all of us live

V is for the Veagh it near had a spive

W is for Whitecross where you can get beer

Y is for you people all gathered here.




This Poem makes reference to some local industries now gone, but which were in existance in the 1940s-50s -.
There was butter making at Sallybrook creamery
 Buses use to stop at Kenneghan going to and from Letterkenny to Derry, now that doesn't happen
 There was an alcohol factory at Labbadish - local potatoe crops supplied there

Corkey Row of houses was built (possibly) to house people who worked in the factory
 Glentown had a slate quarry, but it's now disused - it gave employment to men in the locality at that time.
 The Whitecross was famous for Tourish's Pub at the Whitecross, it was going until about five years ago.
 The pub was a whitewashed building as were many others in that area - this was where the main Lifford to Letterkenny road met at the pub with the Drumucklagh to Raphoe road, hence Whitecross.
 Some other houses there are still old style whitewash houses although some have been burned by fire lately, as has the pub.

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