Tithe Applotment Book

Tromaty, Muff



This Tithe Applotment book has been transcribed by Patrick Ruddy, who has put a lot of work into it - the pages he made are not simply an index to the tithes, but include all the information recorded.


Patrick is researching Ruddy/Roddy in Iskaheen/Muff - if you have similar research interests, please email Patrick.




Page   Surname Given
Tithe1   Callaghan John
  Dixon Samuel
  Blackburn William
  Smyth John
  Steel Alexander
  Bradley Elenor
  Bradley Michael
Tithe2   Harragan Edward
  Harragan Daniel
  Ruddy James
  Loughrey Michael
Tithe3   Steel James
  Gill Thomas
  Maginnis Owen
  Gubbin Patrick
  Gill George
  Carrigan Hugh
  Hughes ?
Tithe4   Gill Daniel
  Steel Robert
  McFeely James
  Steel William
Tithe5   Moonay John
  McGeogheghan Andrew
  Steel Elizabeth
  Cochrane John
  Robinson John
  Power Moynder
  Steel James
  Haty? Mathew
Tithe6   Farren Widow
  Brisland Owen
  Margay Rodger
  McLaughlin Patrick
  Harkin Patrick
Tithe7   Crossan John
  Quigley James
  Margay Roger
  Cairney Patrick
  Harragan Widow