Tromaty, Moville Upper, Tithe Applotment Book 1826

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Page Surname Given
Tithe1 Bromwell Mrs
McLaughlin Daniel
Coyle John
Doherty John
Coyle John
McCallion Owen
Harley Hugh
Quigley Rodger
McShane Peter
McLaughlin John
McLaughlin Bridget
Quigley Rodger
Quigley William
Doherty James
McCallion Dominick
Quigley William
Quigley Patrick
Logue John
McLaughlin Patrick
Coyle James
McDaid John
Brisland Patrick
Brisland William
Brisland Unity
Tithe2 Coyle William
McLaughlin Daniel
Hanson Owen
Brisland Daniel
McLaughlin William
Bradley Denis, snr
Bradley Denis, jnr
Bradley Anthony
Gill William
Brown John
McLaughlin Anthony
Coyle Bridget


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