Marriages at St Mary's Tullaghobegly/Gweedore in the Parish of Gweedore 1866 - 1876

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The original entries were very hard to read - if you think any of the following are family, please request a scan of the entry so you can check it yourself. I have been as careful as possible with these, but there still may be some errors in names or townlands

Also, where I have been able to, I have filled in missing information from the civil registration of the marriage

Groom Residence Groom Father Bride Residence Bride Father Date
Bonner, Denis Middletown Bonner, Patrick Harkin, Susan Carrickataskin (Ardnagappery) Harkin, John 1872 12 Feb
Boyle, Charles Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Boyle, Bernard McBride, Margaret Meenaduff McBride, Michael 1871 20 Feb
Boyle, Daniel Crolly Boyle, Daniel Boyle, Ellen? Crolly O'Donnell, Ann? 1876 29 Jan
Boyle, Daniel Dore Boyle, Manus McBride, Margaret Magheralosk (Meenaduff) McBride, Thomas 1868 17 Feb
Boyle, Doalty Kincasslagh Boyle, Michael Boyle, Grace Crolly Boyle, Daniel 1872 3 Mar
Boyle, Ferigal Dore Boyle, Manus Boyle, Mary Dore Boyle, John 1871 21 Feb
Boyle, Hugh Sheskinbeg Boyle, John McCole, Bridget Derrybeg McCole, Daniel 1867 19 Feb
Boyle, James Meenaniller Boyle, Bernard Coll, Hannah Cottan (Magheragallen) Coll, James 1872 25 Mar
Boyle, James Meenderrygamph Boyle, Bryan Gallagher, Rose Glentornan Gallagher, Charles 1869 26 Jan
Boyle, James Meenacladdy Boyle, James McCole, Anne Carrickataskin (Ardnagappery) McCole, Bernard 1874 2 Feb
Boyle, James Meend? Boyle, Bernard McGee, Catherine Meenacung McGee, Thomas 1872 12 Feb
Boyle, James Middletown Boyle, Cornelius McMonagle, Ellen Dore McMonagle, Michael 1868 13Jjan
Boyle, James? Magheraclogher Boyle, Patrick O'Donnell, Anne Innishmean O'Donnell, Daniel 1873 6 Feb
Boyle, Maurice Gola Boyle, Fergal Gallagher, Nora Knockastoller Gallagher, John 1872 21 Jan
Boyle, Patrick Sheskinbeg Boyle, Manus Coll, Grace Sheskinbeg Coll, Maurice 1872 8 Feb
Boyle, Patrick/Peter Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) Boyle, Edward McBride, Catherine Magheraclogher McBride, James 1868 18 Feb
Campbell, Patrick Meencorwick Campbell, James Gallagher, Margaret Rosses Gallagher, Edward 1869 28 Jan
Cannon, Michael Bunaninver (Brinlack) Cannon, John McGeever, Mary Glassaghchoo McGeever, Charles 1873 5 Feb
Colgan, William Dunlewey Colgan, Denis Diver, Sara Magheraclogher Diver, Edward 1875 23 May
Coll, ? Meenderrygamph Coll, Daniel Mulligan, Bridget I? Mulligan, ? 1874 9 Feb
Coll, Charles Innishmean Coll, Hugh Coll, Margaret Innishmean  Coll, John 1875 25 jan
Coll, Francis Sheskinbeg Coll, Denis McGee, Anne Meenaniller McGee, William 1869 28 Jan
Coll, James     Coll, Fanny     1867 13 Feb
Coll, Patrick Gola Coll, Hugh Gallagher, Sara Gola Gallagher, ? 1874 17 Feb
Coll, Thomas Sheskinbeg Coll, Denis Mulligan, Mary Carrick Mulligan, Thomas 1873 30 Jan
Coll, William Middletown Coll, William Heraghty, Bridget Corveen Heraghty, Patrick 1872 11 Feb
Conaghan, Charles Stranacorkeragh Conaghan, Hugh Coll, Catherine Meenaniller Coll, John 1872 8 Feb
Conahan, Manus Meen? (Money Beg) Conahan, Patrick Conahan, Catherine Stranacorcragh Conahan, Hugh 1871 20 Feb
Coyle, Andrew Attatantee Coyle, Connell McGee, Anne Stranabrooey McGee, Patrick 1873 30 Jan
Coyle, Bernard Glashagh Coyle, Patrick Gallagher, Margaret Magheralosk Gallagher, Edward 1871 12 Feb
Coyle, Bernard Bloodyforeland Coyle, Patrick McGinley, Cecilia Carrick McGinley, Michael 1875 11 Jan
Coyle, Charles Crolly Coyle, Patrick Boyle, Bridget ? Boyle, John 1876 1 Feb
Coyle, Daniel Crolly Coyle, John Boyle, Grace Crolly Boyle, Dan 1869 9 Feb
Coyle, Edward Bloodyforeland Coyle, John Ferry, Ellen Bloodyforeland Ferry, Neil 1872 1 Feb
Coyle, Hugh Dore Coyle, Patrick McFadden, Bridget Knockastoller McFadden, Thomas 1870 20 Feb
Coyle, Hugh? Denis? Bloodyforeland Coyle, Owen Gallagher, Bridget Sheskinbeg Gallagher, William 1875 21 Jan
Coyle, James Beltany Coyle, James Coyle, Mary Brinlack Coyle, Bernard 1871 8 Jul
Coyle, John Meenacladdy Coyle, Edward Coyle, Catherine Bloodyforeland Coyle, Owen 1873 20 Feb
Coyle, John Crolly Coyle, Patrick McFadden, Margaret Glentornan McFadden, Hugh 1869 4 Feb
Coyle, Michael Meenderrygamph Coyle, William Boyle, Hannah Crolly Boyle, John 1872 12 Dec
Coyle, Patrick Glashagh Coyle, ? McGee, Bridget Carrick McGee, Thomas 1871 21 Jan
Coyle, William Bloodyforeland Coyle, John Gallagher, Rose Carrick Gallagher, ? 1870 28 Feb
Coyle, William Glashagh Coyle, John Gallagher, Rose Glashagh Gallagher, Daniel 1870 28 Feb
Curran, Daniel Meen? Curran, Edward Gallagher, Catherine ? Gallagher, Patrick 1874 10 Feb
Curran, Manus? Glashagh Curran, Edward Brogan, Ellen Glashagh Brogan, Daniel 1872 7 Feb
Curran, Patrick Meenacladdy Curran, Manus Doogan, Mary Meenacladdy Doogan, William 1873 19 Jan
Curran, Patrick Bunaninver (Brinlack) Curran, Michael Ferry, Grace? Brinlack Ferry, Patrick 1875 4 Feb
Curren, John     Gallagher, Madge     1867 19 Feb
Devir, Tague Lunniagh Devir, Patrick Gallagher, Margaret Stranacorcragh Gallagher, John 1872 14 jan
Diver, Charles Gola Diver, Charles Mulligan, Mary Gola Mulligan, Owen 1872 3 Feb
Diver, Patrick Innishmean Diver, Thomas Gallagher, Sara Derrybeg Gallagher, Thomas 1869 9 Feb
Diver, Patrick Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Diver, Neil McGarvey, Mary Meenaduff McGarvey, James? 1874 10 Feb
Doherty, Denis Magheraclogher Doherty, John Coyle, Bridget Carrick Coyle, William 1870 10 Feb
Doherty, Henry Magheraclogher Doherty, Neil McGee, Winifred Cottan (Magheragallen) McGee, Connell 1873 1 Mar
Doherty, Hugh Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Doherty, John Boyle, Sara Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Boyle, Bernard 1871 17 Feb
Doherty, James Magheraclogher Doherty, John Brogan, Bridget Lunniagh Brogan, John 1870 17 Feb
Doherty, John Magheraclogher Doherty, James Gallagher, Sara Dore Gallagher, James 1868 25 Feb
Doogan, James Dore Doogan, Daniel McFadden, Catherine Dore McFadden, Thomas 1875 4 Feb
Doogan, Patrick Gola Doogan, Charles Gallagher, Madge Magheraclogher Gallagher, Roger 1873 23 Feb
Doohan, Michael Meenaniller Doohin, John Boyle, Grace Meenaniller Boyle, Denis 1869 17 Feb
Duffy, Charles     McBride, Mary     1870 26 Feb
Duffy, John Middletown Duffy, John Mulligan, Anne Stranakilmartin Muligan, Thomas 1868 4 Mar
Duffy, Michael Annagary Duffy, Michael Boyle, Catherine Dore Boyle, John 1873 26 Jan
Duffy, Patrick Carrickataskin Duffy, Michael Peoples, Margaret Magheraclogher Peoples, Cornelius 1867 2 Feb
Duggan, James Dore Duggan, Daniel Gallagher, Catherine Glentornan Gallagher, Hugh 1872 13 Feb
Duggan, John     Coll, Anne     1867 25 Feb
Duggan, John Rosses (Mullaghderg Mtn) Duggan, Bartly Doherty. Cecilia Magheraclogher Doherty, John 1870 20 Feb
Duggan, John Meenacladdy Duggan, Patrick O'Donnell, Mary Glassaghchoo O'Donnell, Michael 1869 7 Feb
Ferry, Daniel Bunaninver (Brinlack) Ferry, Thomas Curran, Grace Bunaninver (Brinlack) Curran, John 1870 14 Feb
Ferry, Francis Brinlack Ferry, Edward Coyle, Mary Glashagh Coyle, Hugh 1871 21 Feb
Ferry, Hugh Stran?   Diver, Catherine     1870 6 Feb
Ferry, Hugh Carrick Ferry, Hugh McGee, Anne Stranacorcragh McGee, Hugh 1872 11 Jan
Ferry, James Meen? Ferry, Neal Diver, Mary Ballin? Diver, John 1868 27 Dec
Ferry, James ? Ferry, Daniel Ferry, Anne Meenacung Ferry, Myles 1872 8 Feb
Ferry, James Brinlack Ferry, Neil McFadden, Mary Brinlack McFadden, Charles 1867 5 Feb
Ferry, John Meenduff Ferry, John Gallagher, Ellen Meenaduff Gallagher, Hugh 1869 24 Jan
Ferry, Michael Brinlack Ferry, Patrick McBride, Cecilia Meenaduff McBride, Michael 1867 15 Feb
Ferry, Owen Brinlack Ferry, Patrick Ferry, Margaret Bunaninver (Brinlack) Ferry, Patrick 1873 22 Jan
Friel, Daniel Carrick Friel, Paddy (decd) Coll, Sophia Strakeenagh Coll, Dominick 1867 9 Feb
Friel, Daniel Lunniagh Friel, Daniel McFadden, Winifred Lunniagh McFadden, Patrick 1872 17 Oct
Gallagher,  Stranabrooey Gallagher, Hugh McGarvey, Catherine Stranabrooey McGarvey, William 1869 11 Feb?
Gallagher, Anthony Dore Gallagher, Frank Boyle, Hannah Dore Boyle, Patrick 1868 13 Feb
Gallagher, Anthony Carrick Gallagher, Denis Curran, Rose Carrick Curran, John 1868 4 Feb
Gallagher, Charles Magheraclogher Gallagher, Hugh Duggan, Bridget Meenaniller Duggan, T? 1872 12 Feb
Gallagher, Charles Magheraclogher   Ferry, Fanny     1870 26 Feb
Gallagher, Charles? Knockastoller Gallagher, John Gallagher, Kate Dore Gallagher, Cornelius 1872 30 Jan
Gallagher, Cornelius Dunmore Gallagher, Cornelius Boyle, Mary Dore Boyle, Edward 1869 28 Jan
Gallagher, Cornelius Dore Gallagher, Anthony Boyle, Mary Dore Boyle, Charles 1873 25 Feb
Gallagher, Daniel Carrick Gallagher, Denis Conaghan, E? Carrick Conoaghan, James 1875 20 Jan
Gallagher, Daniel Middletown Gallagher, James (decd) McCole, Margaret Middletown McCole, Bernard (decd) 1868 12 Jan
Gallagher, Dominick Mullaghduff Gallagher, Dominick Gallagher, Mary Magheraclogher Gallagher, Thomas 1869 25 Jan
Gallagher, Dominick? Sheskinbeg Gallagher, Dan Gallagher, Mary Derrybeg Gallagher, Manus 1870 13 Feb
Gallagher, Edward Glentornan Gallagher, Charles James Gallagher, Mary Meenabol Gallagher, John 1875 21 Jan
Gallagher, Francis Carrickataskin Gallagher, Roger Mulligan, Nora Gola Mulligan, John 1870 26 Jan
Gallagher, Francis Meenaduff Gallagher, Dan Sweeney, Mary Carrick Sweeney, Patrick 1871 13 Feb
Gallagher, Hugh Meenaniller Gallagher, Hugh Gallagher, Mary Meenaniller Gallagher, Hugh 1875 11 Jan
Gallagher, Hugh Stranacoreragh Gallagher, Patrick O'Donnell, Catherine Innishmean  O'Donnell, Michael 1874 17 Feb
Gallagher, James Brinlack Gallagher, Hugh Coyle, Rose Bloodyforeland Coyle, John 1871 18 Feb
Gallagher, James ? Gallagher, Daniel Gallagher, Catherine Knockastoller Gallagher, Charles 1874 7 Feb
Gallagher, James Dore Gallagher, Francis McGinley, Bridget Gola McGinley, Patrick 1872 3 Feb
Gallagher, John Gola Gallagher, Charles Coll, Frances Gola Coll, Hugh 1873 30 Jan
Gallagher, John Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Gallagher, John Coll, Rose Meenderrygamph Coll, Daniel 1871 21 Feb
Gallagher, John Dore Gallagher, John Coll, Sara Dore Coll, Tully 1875 6 Feb
Gallagher, John     Coyle, Fanny     1870 22 Feb
Gallagher, John Glashagh Gallagher, James Curran, Sara Glashagh Curran, John 1873 13 Feb
Gallagher, John Meenlaragh Gallagher, John Doogan, Sara Currans Port Doogan, Edward 1871 11 Feb
Gallagher, John Stranabrooey Gallagher, Charles Gallagher, Anne Sheskinbeg Gallagher, Daniel 1872 11 Feb
Gallagher, John Stranabrooey Gallagher, Hugh Gallagher, Catherine Strakeenagh Gallagher, Charles 1871 21 Feb
Gallagher, John Knockastoller Gallagher, ? Gallagher, Margaret Knockastoller Gallagher, Hugh 1872 25 Jan
Gallagher, John Carrick Gallagher, John McGee, Kate Carrick McGee, John 1873 25 Feb
Gallagher, Manus Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Gallagher, Daniel McGarvey, Mary Magheralosk (Meenaduff) McGarvery, James 1870 22 Feb
Gallagher, Manus Meenala Gallagher, Denis Sharkey, Mary Meenabol? Sharkey, John 1872 26 Nov
Gallagher, Patrcik Cruickaghmore Gallagher, Manus McGee, Mary Magheragallen McGee, Cornelius 1876 14 Jan
Gallagher, Patrick Cashelnagor Gallagher, James Ferry, Anne? Meen? Ferry, Hugh 1875 9 Feb
Gallagher, Patrick Meenabol Gallagher, John Gallagher, Anne Moneymore? Gallagher, Edward 1875 20 Jan
Gallagher, Patrick Dore Gallagher, Connell McFadden, Margaret Dore McFadden, Teague 1867 3 Feb
Gallagher, Patrick Bloodyforeland Gallagher, Patrick McFadden, Mary? Bloodyforeland McFadden, Patrick 1875 21 Jan
Gallagher, Patrick Gola Gallagher, Charles Roarty, Anne Gola Roarty, Charles 1873 24 Feb
Gallagher, Peter Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Gallagher, Daniel Coll, Catherine Cottan (Magheragallen) Coll, Thomas 1873 24 Feb
Gallagher, Philip Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) Gallagher, Hugh Sweeney, Bridget Carrick Sweeney, Patrick 1870 26 Feb
Gallagher, William Sheskinbeg Gallagher, Denis Gallagher, Catherine Carrick Gallagher, John 1873 23 Feb
Gillespie, Hugh Stranabrooey Gillespie, Daniel Boyle, Catherine Stranabrooey Boyle, Hugh 1872 4 Feb
Harkin, Daniel Derryconnor Harkin, Michael Coyle, Margaret Corveen Coyle, Patrick 1868 2 Feb
Harkin, James Middletown Harkin, Daniel Boyle, Nora Sheskinbeg Boyle, John 1873 28 Jan
Harley, Hugh ? Harley, James Gallagher, Grace Dore Gallagher, James 1872 4 Feb
Harley, James Rosses Harley, John Coll, Nora Stranacorcragh Coll, Maurice 1871 21 Feb
Heraghty, Denis Brinlack Heraghty, Denis Doohan, Mary Brinlack Doohan, Patrick 1873 23 Jan
Heraghty, Hugh Brinlack Heraghty, Denis McGeady, Giles Brinlack McGeady, Michael 1871 8 Jun
Herraty?, P? Glasserchoo Herraty?, Daniel Ferry, Bridget Glassaghchoo Ferry, John 1873 24 Feb
Kenedy, Charles Gweedore Hotel Kenedy, Joseph (Derry) Duggan, Mary Meenacung Duggan, James 1872 28 Apr
Martin, Michael Derryconnor Martin, John McFadden, Fanny Bunaninver (Brinlack) McFadden, Thomas 1873 3 Feb
McBride, Charles Meen? McBride, Owen ?, Mary ? ?, John 1874 9 Feb
McBride, Charles Middletown McBride, Charles Coll, Bridget Magheraclogher Coll, Toal 1868 9 Feb
McBride, Charles Carrick McBride, Manus (decd) Doogan, Margaret Crolly Doogan, Patrick (decd) 1869 24 Jan
McBride, Cornelius Middletown McBride, Michael Doogan, Margaret ? Doogan, Hugh 1874 10 Feb
McBride, Cornelius Glashagh McBride, Patrick McGee, Mary Glashagh McGee, Patrick 1873 26 Jan
McBride, Daniel Magheraclogher McBride, John O'Donnell, Mary Innishmean  O'Donnell, Daniel 1875 9 Feb
McBride, Edward Magheralosk (Meenaduff) McBride, Thomas McBride, Sara Magheralosk (Meenaduff) McBride, Manus 1871 27 Feb
McBride, Edward Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) McBride, James O'Donnell, Mary Glentornan O'Donnell, Patrick 1871 15 Feb
McBride, Francis Middletown ? Duggan, Bridget Middletown Duggan, Cornelius 1866 24 Dec
McBride, Hugh Magheraclogher McBride, John Sweeney, Cecilia Gola Sweeney, James 1870 3 Jan
McBride, John Carrickataskin McBride, Hugh Coll, Catherine Bunbeg Coll, Toal 1871 9 Feb
McBride, John Carrick McBride, Manus Coyle, Catherine Glashagh Coyle, Patrick 1872 11 Feb
McBride, John Meenaniller McBride, John McBride, Hannah Carrickatskin McBride, Bernard? 1870 6 Feb
McBride, Michael Middletown McBride, Hugh McMonigle, Mary Middletown McMonigle, John 1875 8 Feb
McCafferty, ? Carrickataskin McCafferty, Patrick Boyle, Mary Dore Boyle, James 1874 17 Feb
McCafferty, Charles Lunniagh McCafferty, Owen Coll, Mary Lunniagh Coll, Denis 1875 20 Jan
McCole, Bernard Derrybeg McCole, Daniel O'Donnell, Margaret Glentornan O'Donnell, Patrick 1868 13 Feb
McCole, Cornelius Meenaniller McCole, Michael Coll, Ellen Sheskinbeg Coll, Denis 1874 5 Feb
McCole, John Bunawhack McCole, Charles Ferry, Mary Bunawhack Ferry, John 1873 25 Feb
McColgan, William Falcarragh McColgan, Denis Roarty, Sara Moneybeg Roarty, Neil 1872 1 Dec
McCormick, Patrick Middletown McCormick, John Doherty, Charlotte Bunbeg Doherty, Dominick 1870 28 Feb
McFadden, Daniel Carrick McFadden, Edward McBride, Bridget Magheraclogher O'Brien, James 1875 28 Jan
McFadden, Daniel Bunaninver McFadden, Patrick (decd) McGee, Cecilia Stranabrooey McGee, Patrick 1868 25 Feb
McFadden, John Brinlack McFadden, Charles McHugh, Catherine Brinlack McHugh, James 1869 16 Feb
McFadden, John Carrick McFadden, John O'Donnell, Mary Stranabrooey O'Donnell, Hugh 1871 18 Feb
McFadden, Manus? Bloodyforeland McFadden, Patrick McFadden, Ann? Bloodyforeland McFadden, Patrick 1875 21 Jan
McFadden, Philip Bloodyforeland McFadden, James Ferry, Sara Brinlack Ferry, Manus 1871 21 Feb
McFadden, Thomas Inishirer McFadden, Patrick McGinley, Catherine Meenacung McGinley, Neil 1869 31 Jan
McFadden, Thomas     O'Donnell, Cecilia     1867 3 Feb
McGarvey, Edward Brinlack McGarvey, Hugh Gallagher, Sophia Brinlack Gallagher, James 1868 18 Feb
McGarvey, Hugh Lunniagh McGarvey, William Coll, Fanny Lunniagh Coll, Manus? 1870 28 Feb
McGarvey, John Brinlack McGarvey, Hugh Sweeney, Hannah Innishmean Sweeney, Neal 1873 25 Feb
McGarvey, William Magheralosk (Meenaduff) McGarvey, James McBride, Margaret Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) McBride, John 1872 21 Jan
McGee, Charles Meenaniller McGee, William Boyle, Catherine Meenaniller Boyle, Bernard 1870 22 Feb
McGee, Daniel Carrick McGee, Condy McCafferty, Mary Carrick McCafferty, Peter 1869 7 Dec
McGee, Edward Glasserchoo McGee, Denis Curran, Bridget Currans Port Curran, Manus 1870 26 Feb
McGee, Edward Rubbleshinney McGee, Cornelius Gallagher, Bridget Cottan (Magheragallen) Gallagher, Alexander 1871 21 Feb
McGee, Hugh Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) McGee, Patrick Doogan, Catherine Crolly Doogan, Peter? 1874 25 Jan
McGee, James Stranabrooey McGee, Pat Boyle, Mary Stranabrooey Boyle, Hugh 1870 15 Feb
McGee, James Killult McGee, James (decd) Doohan, Ellen Meenacladdy Doohan, Shane 1868 9 Feb
McGee, John Magheraclogher McGee, Thomas Coll, Grace Derrybeg Coll, Thomas 1869 31 Jan
McGee, John Lunniagh McGee, Cormick Coll, Mary Lunniagh Coll, Maurice 1868 25 Feb
McGee, John Bloodyforeland McGee, James McGee, Margaret Glassaghchoo McGee, John 1875 1 Feb
McGee, Michael Carrick McGee, Bernard McFadden, Frances Brinlack McFadden, Owen 1875 20 Jan
McGee, Michael Glasserchoo McGee, Daniel McLeigh, Mary Glassaghchoo McLeigh, Denis 1873 15 Jan
McGee, Thomas Meenacladdy McGee, James Curran, Catherine Glentornan Curran, John? 1869 2 Feb
McGeehin, Hugh Glenleighin, I? McGeehin, Charles McFadden, Mary Carrick McFadden, John 1874 15 Dec
McGinley, John/Owen Mullaghderg (duff?)   Sweeney, Grace     1869 4 Feb
McGinley, Patrick Carrick McGinley, James Coyle, Anne Carrick Coyle, Patrick 1875 4 Feb
McGrenra?, John Letterkenny McGrenra?, John Coll, Grace Dore Coll, Toal 1869 21 Nov
McGuire, Charles Glasserchoo McGuire, Charles Heraghty, Catherine Glassaghchoo McGee, ? 1876 27 Jan
McHugh, ? Brinlack McHugh, Patrick McFadden, Mary Brinlack McFadden, Charles 1875 3 Feb
McHugh, John Brinlack   Gallagher, Cecilia     1870 10 Feb
McHugh, John Brinlack McHugh, Hugh McHugh, Hannah Brinlack McHugh, James 1871 18 Feb
Mooney, Michael Meenaniller Mooney? Neil McGee, Grace Meenaniller McGee, Owen 1875 21 Jan
Mulherin, Hugh Keeldrum Mulherin, James McFadden, Isabella Bun? (Brinklack) McFadden, Martin? 1871 18 Feb
O'Brien, Henry Bloodyforeland O'Brien, Bernard O'Donnell,Anne Knockastoller O'Donnell, Hugh 1868 24 Feb
O'Brien, Denis Knockfola O'Brien, Henry Doogan, Margaret Meenacladdy Doogan, Neil 1875 20 jan
O'Brien, Denis Derryconnor O'Brien, John McGee, Mary Glassaghchoo McGee, Philip 1873 22 Feb
O'Brien, John Meenacladdy O'Brien, Donal Coyle, Hannah Meenacladdy Coyle, Ned (decd) 1867 9 Mar
O'Brien, Michael Meenacladdy O'Brien, Daniel O'Brien, ? Meenacladdy O'Brien, James 1873 25 Feb
O'Brien, Patrick Meenacladdy O'Brien, Patrick Duggan, Hannah Meenacladdy Duggan, John 1870 28 Feb
O'Brien, Patrick Meenacladdy O'Brien, John Heraghty, Mary Glassaghchoo Heraghty, Hugh 1870 28 Feb
O'Brien, Patrick Meenacladdy O'Brien, James Mulherin, Ellen Glassaghchoo Mulherin, ? 1874 9 Feb
O'Donnell, ? ? O'Donnell, Hugh O'Donnell, ? Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) O'Donnell, Michael 1874 12 Feb
O'Donnell, Anthony Dore O'Donnell, Francis (decd) Gallagher, Cecilia Dore Gallagher, Anthony 1867 19 Feb
O'Donnell, Anthony Meenalecky O'Donnell, Anthony McGee, Bridget Cottan (Magheragallen) McGee, Connell 1871 24 Jan
O'Donnell, Anthony Dore O'Donnell, James O'Donnell, Rose Dore O'Donnell, Daniel 1872 2 Nov
O'Donnell, Anthony Meenalecky O'Donnell, John Sweeney, Mary Tor Sweeney, James 1871 18 Feb
O'Donnell, Bernard Innishmean O'Donnell, Anthony Duggan, Grace Dore Duggan, Hugh 1869 28 Jan
O'Donnell, Connell Brinlack O'Donnell, Patrick McHugh, Mary Brinlack McHugh, Patrick 1873 30 Jan
O'Donnell, Daniel Innishmean? O'Donnell, Connell Ferry, Bridget Sheskinbeg Ferry, Manus 1874 21 Jan
O'Donnell, Daniel Bunaninver (Brinlack) O'Donnell, Neil Ferry, Ellen Bunaninver (Brinlack) Ferry, Patrick 1872 1 Feb
O'Donnell, Daniel Meenaniller O'Donnell, Anthony Green, Bridget Cronaguigy Green, Francis 1875 28 Jan
O'Donnell, Denis Innishmean O'Donnell, Michael McGarvey, Catherine Lunniagh McGarvey, Patrick 1874 10 Feb
O'Donnell, Hugh Glentornan O'Donnell, Patrick Mulligan, Sara Meena? Mulligan, John 1873 13 Feb
O'Donnell, James     Ferry, Hannah     1869 7 Feb
O'Donnell, James Dore O'Donnell, Manus Gallagher, Margaret Dore Gallagher, Anthony 1869 28 Jan
O'Donnell, John Dunlewey O'Donnell, John Gallagher, Bridget Cottan (Magheragallen) Gallagher, James 1871 21 Feb
O'Donnell, John Innishmean O'Donnell, Anthony Gallagher, Bridget Meenduff Gallagher, Dan 1870 15 Feb
O'Donnell, John Dore O'Donnell, Daniel Gallagher, Sara?  Crolly Gallagher, Denis 1872 6 Feb
O'Donnell, John Meenaniller O'Donnell, Anthony Gallagher, Susan Carrick Gallagher, Owen 1873 23 Jan
O'Donnell, Neil Magheraclogher O'Donnell, Francis Roarty, Hannah Magheraclogher Roarty, James 1869 9 Feb
O'Donnell, Pat Meenalecky O'Donnell, John Gallagher, Bridget Glentornan Gallagher, James 1872 23 Jan
O'Donnell, Patrick Meenalecky O'Donnell, John Boyle, Mary Crolly Boyle, Daniel 1875 25 jan
O'Donnell, Patrick ? O'Donnell, ? Doogan, Catherine ? Doogan, John 1874 5 Feb
O'Donnell, Patrick Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) O'Donnell, Michael Ferry, Mary Meenacung Ferry, Myles 1869 31 Jan
O'Donnell, Patrick Kincasslagh O'Donnell, James Gallagher, Madge Meen? Gallagher, Edward 1868 10 Dec
Roarty, Charles Meen? (Money Beg) Roarty, Neal Roarty, Ellen Meen? (Money Beg) Roarty, Bernard 1870 26 Feb
Roarty, Hugh Gola Roarty, Charles Mulligan, Mary Magheraclogher Mulligan, John 1872 13 Feb
Roarty, James Mah? Roarty, James Gallagher, Mary Carrickataskin (Ardnagappery) Gallagher, Roger 1875 2 Feb
Roarty, Patrick Meenaniller Roarty, Manus Gallagher, Madge Meenabol? Gallagher, John 1870 17 Feb
Sharkey, John Braade Sharkey, John O'Donnell, Anne Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) O'Donnell, Michael 1868 19 Feb
Sweeney, Anthony Tor Sweeney, James McGinley, Mary Glashagh McGinley, Patrick 1874 4 Feb
Sweeney, Charles Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Sweeney, Dominick Gallagher, Anne Dore Gallagher, James 1875 6 Feb
Sweeney, James Gola Sweeney, James McCafferty, Ellen Carrick McCafferty, Patrick 1874 1 Feb
Sweeney, James Ballindrait (Knocknastoller) Sweeney, Manus McFadden, Ellen Currans Port McFadden, Timothy 1872 4 Feb
Sweeney, John Meencorwick Sweeney, John Doherty, Mary Magheraclogher Doherty, Daniel 1870 23 Jan
Sweeney, John Magheralosk (Meenaduff) Sweeney, Hugh Gallagher, Bridget Dore Gallagher, Michael 1873 24 Feb
Sweeney, John Tor Sweeney, Hugh McGinley, Mary Meenacung McGinley, James 1872 4 Feb
Sweeney, Patrick Brinlack Sweeney, Daniel Sweeney, Alice Brinlack Sweeney, Neal 1873 24 Feb
Ward, John Bunaninver (Brinlack) Ward, George McFadden, Ellen Brinlack McFadden, Patrick 1872 21 Mar
Ward, Thomas Bunaninver (Brinlack) Ward, George Cannon, Anne Bloodyforeland Cannon, D? 1872 7 Feb

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