Tullyaughnish Graveyard, Ramelton, Co Donegal


(Photograph by Jim)

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This page was compiled with the help of both Jim and the Donegal County Library, Letterkenny

The following inscriptions are a combination of a survey of the graveyard undertaken by the Ramelton Community Heritage Project in 1987 and Jim in 2009

The Project group also produced an outline plan of the graveyard, showing the location of the graves they surveyed - view Graveyard Plan (soon)


Also, there are more inscriptions which will be added, as soon as my hand recovers from a burn............



The Tullyaughnish Graveyard and Church ruin (Ordnance Survey ref no 05 46:5:1) are situated on Ramelton's Church Street, to the South of the town. The Graveyard surrounds the Church ruins and is well kept, although some of the headstones have been affected by the harsh elements of the weather. The oldest stones are nearly 300 years old; the earliest is dated 1712. The headstones vary in type and condition. The most common types are white marble, grey sandstone, blue schist, granite and dolerite.


In 1610, Sir William Stewart was granted 1,000 acres of land in Donegal and this included the area around Ramelton. By the time of Pynnar's survey in 1616, he had built a bawn, a thatched house and had almost completed work on the Church of Tullyaughnish. This Church continued in use until 1826. The ivy-clad ruin measures 7.2m by 22.4m internally; the gables all stand to their original height and are surrounded by massive buttrisses. The most interesting feature is the well-preserved window of four lights with rather jumbled mullions. The confused and debased appearance of this window is caused by the inclusion, upside-down, of a tracery dagger from an early medieval Chruch. Above the window, set into the gable, is a decorated 12th century stone taken from the Romanesque Church of St Columba on Aughnish Island. Carved on this stone is a stylised tree flanked by two lion-like creatures. It is decorated with bead moulding. This design is believed to represent the coat of arms of the Abbot of Aughnish.

For an enlarged view of the window, without a frame, click on the image below:

Although this is a Church of Ireland Graveyard, down through the years Presbyterians have been buried here

The graveyard is still in use.




Plaque on outside wall of ruined church

In Loving Memory of

Samuel Aiken, the Ards, Ramelton

Who died 8th August 1912 aged 66 years

Also his children, John Robert

Who died 19th June 1885 aged 3 years

Rosa Matilda

Died 3rd July 1889 aged 7 months

And His Wife Anna Maria

Who died 31st July 1916 aged 67 years

Also Jeannie, wife of Scott Aiken

Who died 14th July 1925

Kathleen H A Stevenson

Wife of John Stevenson

Died 3rd August 1957

Scott, husband of Jeannie

Died 30th April 1974 aged 89 years

His Sister Nan

Died 14th January 1977 aged 86 years

His Son Samuel

Died 17th April 1992 aged 67 years




Sandstone Tablet

Erected by John Alexander of Antrim

In Memory of His Sister

Jane Alexander

Who Departed This Life

On the 1st Day of March 1844

Aged 30 Years

Also His Dearly beloved Children


Died 7th Jun 1848 Aged 2 Years


Died 8th Jun 1848

Aged 8 Years


Died 14 Jun 1848

Aged 4 Years



Flat Stone

This stone was erected by

Rev Edward Batty to the

Memory of his beloved

Wife Mary Ann who departed

This life at Aghnagaddy on

6th of May 1829 in the 33rd

Year of her age and whose Remains

Are deposited underneath

She Lived and died in Faith rejoicing in hope of the Glory of God





To the Memory of

Peter Bayne

Who departed this Life

May 11 1883 aged 60 years




In Loving Memory of

Moses Black

Born February 1838

Died July 25 1921

And His wife Lily Ann

Who Died 6th July 1927

Aged 79 years




Grey Schist Tablet

Thomas Bond

Died 20 Aug 1844

Aged 23 Years

Also The Remains of

George B Philson of Derry

Who Departed This Life

On the 1st Jul 1848

Aged 3 Years

George Bond

Died 22 Mar 1860

Aged ? Years

David Bond

Died 15 Jun 1862

Aged 37 Years

Ann Bond

Died 6 Mar 1864

Aged ? Years



Sandstone Slab

Erected By Her Uncle Robert Stewart, Rathmullan

In Affectionate Remembrance of

Jane A Bovarid

Died 19 Sep 1897

Aged 21 Years



Flat Stone

Underneath are Interred

The Remains of David Brown

Who departed this Life

The 18th August 1810

Aged 49 years 

Also His Son John Brown ..... Student of Divinity

Who Died 20th December 1830

Aged 20 years

Greatly and Deservedly Regretted

Also Margaret Fanny Bayne

Beloved wife of the above

Who departed this life February 17 1891

Aged 92 years

Also their Grandson

James Marshall Aged 6 Months

And Their Son

Rev David Brown MA

Died 28th Jan 1912

For Many Years The Beloved

Missionary of the Presbyterian Church

To the Donegal Highlands

Also Rebecca Jane Marshall

Daughter of the above David Brown

Died 17th Dec 1923

Aged 86 Years

Also His Son Robert

Aged 8 Years

'He Giveth His Beloved Sleep'

127 Psalm 2nd Verse


Note: The bottom third of this headstone is now buried




Grey Shist Tablet

Elizabeth Browne

Widow of Thomas Browne

Of This Town

Departed This Life

31 Dec 1850

Aged 74 Years

Her Husband

Whom She Survived 14 Years

Lies in the Church Yard Urney, Co Tyrone

This Stone is also Sacred to the Memory of

Their Son William Browne

Who Died 11 Oct 1880

Aged 64 Years

Also Margaret Elizabeth Browne

Who Departed this Life

22 May 1889

Aged 76 Years





In Loving Memory of

John Buchanan

Died 7th December 1926 aged 56 years

His wife Martha

Died 18th November 1942 aged 64 years

Their Daughter Ellen

Died 28th March 1916 aged 7 years

And Sons, Harold

Died 2nd December 1918 aged 17 years

William Buchanan

Died 19th July 1995 aged 84 years




Blue schist tablet

Sacred to the Memory of

The Revd WIlliam Burke

Who Departed This Life

9 Jan 1803 in the 68th year of his Age

44 of which he was a Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Ramelton

And Discharged the Arduous Duties of his Sacred Office

With Undeviating Fidelity

Warning Everyman and Teaching Everyman

In all Wisdom the He might Present Everyman

Perfect in Christ Jesus

Reader, His Dust Reminds Thee of Thy Mortality

And Bid Thee Prepare to Meet Thy God

Also Four Sons and One Daughter

Of the Above Named

Who Died in Their Mercy



Sacred To The Memory of

Susan Butler Died 2nd April 1885

And Her Husband

John Butler Died 19th May 1883

In Their Lives They Were Loving

And In Death They Were Not Divided

Also Their Only Son

William Who Died at Bombay 5th February 1867

Erected by their Daughters




Grey schist Horizontal Slab

James Campbell

Aged 70



Grey Schist Horizontal Slab

Mary Campbell

Aged 75



Upright White Marble Slab

In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Mother

Rebecca Cheatley

Died at Glentidally July 4 1872

Aged 59 years

Also Our Dear Father

Samuel Cheatley

Who Died October 19th 1882 aged 78 years

Also of Isabella

Kathleen Searight Cheatley

Daughter of David Cheatley

And Grand-Daughter of the Above

Who Died July 25th 1887

Aged 2 years

Martha Cheatley

Who died 7th November 1939

Aged 80 years

Also her Beloved Husband

David Cheatley

Who Died 4th May 1944

Aged 93 years

Martha Cheatley

Died 9th May 1963

Aged 76 years




Upright White Marble Slab

In Loving Memory of

William Cheatley

of Finnanoughan

Who died 16th August 1886

Aged 68 years

'Remember Thy Creator In The Days Of Thy Youth'

Erected By his son William, February 1895




In Loving Memory of

Robert Colhoun

Who Died (26th) December 1930

Also His Wife Catherine

Who Died 22nd March 1940

And Their Son William

Who Died 29th December 1977




Erected By His Wife

In Loving Memory of

George Connell of Kerrykeel

Who Entered into Rest

23rd February 1896

Aged 39 years

He lived beloved and died lamented




Grey Granite Slab Inside Railing

In Memory of

George Cooke

Who Died 6 Jul 1879

Aged 69 Years

Sarah Cooke

Wife of George Cooke

Died 17 Mar 1903

Aged 83

Also Son George

Died 14 Feb 1924    Aged 69 Years



Upright Brown Sandstone Slab Against Northern Wall

Erected by

George Cooke, Ramelton

In Memory of

His Father John Cooke

Who Died 8 May 1856

Aged 80 Years

Also His Wife

Margaret Cooke

Who Died 20 Nov 1864

Aged 78 Years



White Marble Memorial, Broken From Church Wall (1987)

Has since been reinstated into the wall

In Loving Memory of

Annie Helena Corry

Daughter of Mathew and Matilda Corry

Who died 16th August 1898 aged 16 years

Matilda, Beloved Wife of Matthew Corry

Who Died 13th October 1935 aged 84 years

And Matthew Corry

Who Died 27th September 1937 aged 86 years




White Marble Slab

In Loving Memory of

Rebecca, wife of

Robert Corscadden

Died 7th February 1865 aged 38 years

Robert Corscadden

Died 15th December 1879 aged 75 years

Also Their Son Robert

Died 22nd October 1927 aged 69 years




In Loving Memory of

Robert Curran


Died 8th February 1950

And His wife Barbara

Died 22nd June 1961




Upright White Marble Slab

In Memory of

James Davidson

Who Died 10 Dec 1887

Aged 68 Years



Flat Welsh Grey Slate (originally upright)

Erected By William Davis


In Loving Memory of His

Sister Catherine

Who died 13th October 1876 aged 18 years


His Father James Davis

Who Died 25th July 1883 aged 56 years


His Brother George Who

Died 25th January 1913 aged 52 years




Flat Stone, overgrown

(- - - - -) (- - - - - )

Died December 1821 Aged ?

Fanny Best His Wife

Died 20th (October) 1832 aged ?

Fanny Davison their Daughter

Died 13th October 1815 aged 21 years

Thomas Davison their Son

Died 7th September 1837 aged 53 years

His Wife Catherine

Died 10th January 1827

Remainder covered




Flat Stone, overgrown

(- - - - -)

....... Martha Reid, wife of

Samuel Davison, Ramelton

Died on the 3rd February 1836

Aged 34 years

Samuel Davison his Son

Died on the 27th May 1850

Aged 12 years

? McIlwaine?

Second Wife of Samuel Davison .....

Remainder covered



Samuel Davison married Martha Reid 5 Aug 1819 at the Ramelton 1 Presbyterian Church




Grey Sandstone Tablet

To Mark the Spot Where

On the 4th of October AD 1801

Was Deposited Among His Forefathers

The Body of Florinda

The Excellent and Beloved Wife of the Revd Alex. Delap of Ray

And Here Also on the 9th April 1829

Was Deposited in the same Grave

The Body of her Husband

The Revd Alexander Delap

And on the 12th September 1880

Ann Delap

Their Daughter in her 94th Year

Also Interred on 23rd April 1925

Their Great Grandson Revd Alexander H Delap

Cannon of Derry Cathedral

Aged 66

And Evelyn His Wife

Lady Day 1943

Their Eldest Son

Commander Bredin Delap RN

Died 28 September 1970

In Nova Scotia



Horizontal Grey Schist Slab

Here Lieth the Body of

Matthew Delap

Who Departed this Life

The 1 October 1832 Aged 29 Years

Also James Delap

Who Died Oct 31st 1838 Aged 35 Years

Also William Delap

Who Died 18th ? 1839 Aged 28 Years

Prudence Delap

Who Died March 31st 1848 Aged 76 Years

Also Rebecca Delap

Who Died Sept 6th 1860 Aged 30

Also James Delap Senr

Who Died Dec 11th 1864 Aged 80 Years



Grey Sandstone Tablet

Under This Stone

Beside Their Parents

Are Laid the Remains of

Robert Delap

Who Died on the 15th November 1826

And Jane Delap

Who Died on the 11th November 1828

And Andrew Bredin Delap

Who Died on the 26th March 1844

And Eliza Delap

Wife of Andrew Bredin Delap

Who Died on the 28th Septmeber 1870

And Their Niece Jane Delap

Who Died on the 26th March 1856



Blue Schist Tablet

In Memory of

John Dill, Rossreagh

Who Died Feb 26 1849

In the 76th Year of his Age

Also Anne

His Wife

Who Died 10 Oct 1837 Aged 89 Years

Also Alexander S Dill

Their Son

Who Died 27 Jan 1886 Aged 82 Years

Also Susanna Dill

Their Daughter

Died 13 Mar 1896 Aged 88 Years



Grey Schist Tablet

Henry Dormer

Who Departed This Life

15 Dec 1818 Aged 73 Years

Also Margaret, His Wife

Who Died 28 Mar 1821 Aged 71 Years



Upright Grey Limestone Slab with White Marble Inset

In Loving Memory of

Mary Duncan

Who Died 25 Jan 1904 Aged 23 Years

William Duncan

Died Mar 9 1881 Aged 35



Grey Sandstone Slab with Marble Insert

In Memory of

John Elliott

Who died 13th February 1877

Aged 68 years

His Son, George Elliott

Died 6th June 1876

Aged 35years

His Wife Isabella

Died 23rd February 1891

Aged 79 years




Upright White Marble Slab

God Is Love

Sacred to the Memory of

Samuel Floyd of Ards

Who died 5th February 1845

Aged 99 years

Also Jane Floyd His Wife

Died 3rd June 1808

Aged 60 years

And Samuel Floyd Their Son

Died 17th July 1859 Aged 76 Years

And Mary Morrison Floyd

Died 13th November 1866 Aged 86 years

Also John Floyd

Died 19th February 1949 Aged 29 years

Andrew Floyd

Of Ards and Breachy

Died 18th April 1905

Aged 81 years

Also His Wife

Catherine Hunter Floyd

Died 27th May 1914 aged 84 years

Samuel Floyd, Breachy

Died 9th January 1952 Aged 88 years

Moses Floyd of Ards

Died 15th May 1959 Aged 86 years

Annie, wife of Moses

Died 24th March 1964 Aged 77 years





Upright White Marble Slab

Erected in memory of

William Floyd of Ards

Who Died 23 Dec 1873 Aged 84 Years

Robert Floyd

Who Died 15 Sep 1898 Aged 60 Years

Nathan Floyd

Who Died 2 Feb 1902 Aged 66 Years

Mary Floyd

Who Died 20 May 1913 Aged 79 Years

Mary Floyd

Who Died 11 Feb 1937 Aged 72 Years

David Floyd

Who Died 27 May 1945 Aged 79 Years

Jane Floyd

Who Died 8 Aug 1948 Aged 77 Years

John Floyd

Who Died 10 Mar 1952 Aged 78 Years

Elizabeth J Floyd

Who Died 31 Aug 1962 Aged 80 Years



Grey Sandstone Tablet

Here Rests the Remains of

Robert Fullerton of Cairn

Who Died AD 1765 Aged 70 Years

His Wife Victoria Uri

Who Died AD 1760 Aged 65 Years

Their Sons Seth

Who Died AD 1780 Aged 11 Years

Samuel Fullerton

Died AD 1800 Aged 69 Years

His Wife Martha Watt

Died AD 1782 Aged 20 Years

John Fullerton

Who Died AD 1828 Aged 66 Years

His Wife Hester Crawford

Died AD 1840 Aged 67 Years

Their Son Robert Hugh

Died AD 1804 Aged 6 Months

And Hester, Daughter to

William Forsythe of Wheatfield, Belfast, Esq

Who Died AD 1839 Aged 10 Months

Samuel Fullerton

Son of James Watt Fullerton MD

Died AD 1848 Aged 4 Years



Horizontal Brown Sandstone Slab

Jane Gallagher

Died Dec 9 1862 Aged 89

"The Lord Gave and the Lord Taketh Away"

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord



Erected to the Memory of

James Frazer Glover

Of Castledawson

Who Departed this Life

31st January 1866

Aged 82 years

We Shall Meet I Trust In Joy

When Time And Trouble

Are Passed Away




Upright Slate

Here Rests the Body of

James Gordon

Also his wife Margaret

And His Children


And Margaret

Also David

Who Departed this Life

13th March 1869 aged 64 years




Horizontal Grey Schist Slab

Here Lies The Body of

Andrew Grier

Who Died Apr 2 1910

Aged 66 Years



Upright White Marble Slab with railing surrounding

In Loving Memory of

James Grier, Aughnish

Who Died 31 Jan 1900 Aged 45 Years

Emma Grier

Who Died 3 Oct 1891 Aged 16 Months

Fanny Grier

Wife of James Grier

Who Died 3 Feb 1891 Aged 68 Years

Isabella BCF Grier

Died 21 Feb 1949 Aged 55 Years

Newton Grier

Died 4 Jun 1945 Aged 17 Months

Sarah Jane Grier

Wife of TW Grier

Died 7 Feb 1953 Aged 65 Years

Also TW Grier

Husband of the above IBCF Grier

Died 3 Dec 1960

Thomas William Newton Grier

Son of James and Jean Grier

Died 4 Jun 1945 Aged 17 Months

(back of slab)

Geoffrey Fenton Grier

Son of James and Jane Grier

Died 3 Jan 1953 Aged 6 Months



Horizontal Grey Schist Tablet

Arthur Hamilton



Brown Sandstone Tablet

Here Lyeth the Body of

Charles Hamilton

Of Fortstewart

Who Departed this Life

On May 22 1777 Aged 84 Years

Here Lyeth the Remains of

James Hamilton

of Fortstewart

Who Departed this Life

The 31st Day of Mar 1819 Aged 93 Years

Also the Remains of

Mary Ann Hamilton

Wife of C Hamilton

19 Mar 1814 Aged 39 Years



In Loving Memory of

David Hamilton


Who died 29th July 1929

Aged 82 years

Also his beloved wife

Matilda Hamilton

Who died 11th January 1947

Aged 82 years

Elizabeth Young

Who Died 10th August 1976

James Hamilton

Who Died 14th February 1984

His Wife Catherine

Who Died 14th December 1986




White Marble Wall Plaque on Church Wall

To the Memory of

Hugh Hamilton

For 2 Years Teacher of

Ramelton Male National School

This Tablet is the Loving Tribute of his Friends

He was a Successful and Popular Teacher

Was Esteemed by all Creeds and Classes

Was a Special Favorite With Young Men

Leading The in all Out Door Sports

And Was a Christian Gentleman

Born at Artnacross, Kilrea, 1868

Died at Ramelton 1893


His Body Rests Till the Resurrection Morn




Grey Slate Tablet

Here Lie the Mortal Remains of

Robert Haynes

Eldest Son of Robert Haynes Esq of

Thimbleby Lodge, Yorkshire

He was Drowned in Cairn Lough

13th February 1855

In His 32nd Year

"In the Midst of Life We are in Death"




Horizontal Grey Sandstone Slab

Beneath This Stone Are Deposited the Remains of

Robert Hazlett of Tyroddy

Who Departed This Life

The 3rd Feb 1837 Aged 73 Years

Also His Son

William Hazlett

Who Departed This Life

The 3rd Nov 1833 Aged 26 Years

Also of His Daughter

Mary Anne Hazlett

Who Departed This Life

28 May 1842 Aged 31 Years



Upright Grey Granite Monument, in low iron railed enclosure

In Memory of

Samuel Hazlett, Tyroddy

Died 17 May 1912

His Wife Catherine

Died 6 Oct 1883

Also Their Sons John

Died 3 Jun 1876


Died 18 May 1877

James Reid and William

Died in Colorado USA

Also Their Daughter Marion

Died 3 Apr 1890

Also Their Daughter

Jane G Hazlett

Died 12 Sep 1921

Also Their Son Robert

Died 19 May 1926


Wife of David Starritt

Died 7 Sep 1931

David A Starritt

Died 3 Jul 1938 Aged 82 Years



Upright White Marble Slab

In Memory of

Hudson Carlisle Henderson

Who died 15th April 1899

Aged 74 years

Also His Beloved Wife

Anne died 17th October 1903

Aged 80 years

Also Their Youngest Daughter


Who died 3rd November 1911

Aged 62 years

Also Their Eldest Daughter


Who Died 14th October 1925

Aged 80 years




Flat Stone

To Memorize the Spot Where

Are Deposited the Remains of the

Well Beloved Samuel and Isabella Hezlatt

Late of Tyroddy

She Departed this Life on the

2nd of September 1799 aged 76 years

He on the 19th December 1809

Aged 88 years

Also their Grandson William Hezlatt

Who departed this Life

5th November 1833 aged 26 years

(There may be more inscription under the grass)




Flat Stone adjacent to Mary Ann Mitchell, below

Sacred in the Memory of

Jane Anna Hogben

Who Died October 25 1858 aged 7 months

And Alice Jane Hogben

Who died November 12 1858 aged 4 years




Grey Sandstone Tablet

Alicia Murray Hume

Died 28 Jun 1790 Aged 9 Years

Daughter of the Revd Hume


The Revd Geo.Vaughan of Glenalla

Rector of Castlebar, Co Mayo

Born 22 Sep ?

Died 29 Mar 1835

Also His Wife

? Murray Hume

Eldest Daughter of

Revd John Hume

Dean of Derry

Born 3 Feb 1771

Died 19 Jan 1840



Grey Slate Tablet

To the Memory of

John Hunter

Who Departed this Life

On the 27th July 1842

In the 58th Year of his Age

His Anxiety and Benevolent

Exertions to afford Medical

Relief to the Afflicted

Hastened the Close of his Useful Life




Upright Marble Slab with railed enclosure

In Loving Memory of

William H Hunter, New-Mill

Who Died 14th November 1884

Aged 59 years

And of Sarah Spratt, His Wife

Who Died 14th April 1901

Aged 75 years

Also Their Son

Andrew Spratt Hunter

Who Died 11th June 1919

Aged 50 years

Also Annie D Hunter

Who Died 24th April 1937

Aged 71 years

And Sarah J Hunter

Who Died 24th April 1948

Aged 84 years

Daughter Chryssie Isabella

Wife of Andrew S Hunter

Died June 4th 1968

Aged 84

"The Weary Are At Rest"




Upright White Marble Slab

In Loving Memory of

Thomas Irwin

Died Feb 12 1882 Aged 89 Years

His Son John Irwin

Died May 21 1907 aged 79 Years

Also His Great-Grandchild

Thomas Henry Irwin Gordon

Died Mar 22 1917 Aged 5 Weeks

Also Mary Ann

Wife of The Above John Irwin

Died 9 Feb 1922

Aged 81 Years



Upright Black Granite Slab

In Loving Memory of

James Jacobs

Died 1 Jun 1912

Aged 63

And His Wife

Hessie Jane

Died 5 Apr 1926 Aged 75

Their Children


Died Jan 1886


Died 5 Jun 1936

"Until The Day Break"



Grey Schist Tablet

Beneath This Stone are Deposited the Remains of

John Kelso

Who Died 22 Nov 1839 Aged 78 Years

Also of Jane Kelso

Wife of John Kelso

Who Died 29 Mar 1829 Aged 68 Years

And the following Children

Robert Kelso

Died in the Year 1803 Aged 18 Years

James Kelso

Died the 15th Jun 1807 Aged 15 Years



Upright Grey Sandstone Slab

Sacred to the Memory of

John Knox

Who Departed this Life

The 22nd August 1829

Aged 89 Years




Brown Sandstone Tablet

In Memory of

George Kyle, Commander RN

Died 1 May 1856 Aged 80 Years

And Mary Irwin, His Wife

Who Died 8 Mar 1869 Aged 83 Years



Upright Grey Sandstone Slab

Erected in Memory of

Richard Laird, Ranney

Who Died Nov 3 1868

Aged 36 Years


Upright White Marble Slab

In Memory of

Henry Lee

Who Died at Drumnaskea

On the 20th Apr 1856

Aged 50 Years

His Wife Margaret

Who Died 21 May 1894

Aged 87 Years

Their Children


Died 9 Aug 1897 Aged 48 years


Died 4 Apr 1910

Aged 67 Years

And John

Died 23 Nov 1936

Aged 84 Years

"Until The Day Break"



Plaque on wall of ruined church

Sacred to the Memory of

Mary Hunter Leech

Beloved wife of the Late

Charles Blackwood Leech

Of Pittsburgh, PA U.S. America

Formerly of Crieve, Letterkenny

Who Died at Breaghy, Ramelton

16th October 1912

Aged 94 years




In Loving Memory of

Alexander McClintock

Of Ramelton

Who died 23rd March 1880

Aged 62 years

Also of His Children

Samuel, David, Mary

And Thomas

Also his wife Catherine

Who died 12th September 1892

Aged 52 years




Flat Stone

In Memory of

Jane and Margaret

McCoard, Ramelton




In Loving Memory of

Our Grandparents

William James McFadden

1877 1958

Isabella McFadden nee Roulstone

1884 1960

And Our Mother

Isabella Ramsey nee McFadden

192(.) 2001




Erected By

Robert J McIlwaine

In Memory of His Father

William McIlwaine

Who Died 3rd September 1845


Jane McIlwaine

His Wife who Died

25th April 187(6) aged 94 years



Jane's civil death registration states she died 1871 aged 90 years

Milford Registration District, 1871, Age 90, vol 7, pg 168




Flat Stone

Here lie the Remains of

Mary Jane Mitchell

Died 11 Septr 1852

Aged 22 years

David Mitchell Died 25th July 1861

Aged 4 Days

George Mitchell Died 22nd September 1864

Aged 5 years

Walter Mitchell died July 31 1878

Aged 63

Alexander Mitchell died May 5 1886

Aged 68

Caroline P Mitchell died September 9 1886

Aged 16 Years

Christiana W B Mitchell died September 16 1886

Aged 18 years

Asleep in Christ




White Marble Plaque on back (western) wall of churchyard

In Tenderest Loving Memory of

Our Dear Little


Ernest Dormer Mitchell

Who Fell Asleep 20th November 1894

Aged 1 years

'With the Morn, those Angel Faces Smile

Which We Have Loved Long Since and Lost Awhile'




In Loving Memory of

Patrick Murray

Died 4th November 1901

Aged 75 years

Also His Wife Martha Murray

Died 21st July 1915

Aged 73 years

And Their Son

William John Murray

Died 6th June 1896

Aged 28 years

Also Their Son

Thomas Pinkerton Murray

Died 16th November 1942

Aged 71 years

Also His Wife Mary Murray

Died 18th April 1951 aged 67 years

Gregory Murray

Died 12th December 1992 aged 80 years




Upright White Marble Slab

Severed Only Till He Comes

In Memory of

Our Beloved Daughter

Sarah Jane Gregg Murray

Died 30th April 1896

Aged 16 years

James H Murray

Died 27th June 1924

Aged 79 years

Peace Perfect Peace With Sorrow Surging Round

On Jesus Bosom Nought But Calm Is Found

Peace Perfect Peace With Loved Ones Far Away

In Jesus Keeping We Are Safe And They



In Loving Memory of

David Noble, Aughnish

Who Died 13th April 1896

Aged 84 years

Also His Wife Mary Ann Noble

Who Died 28th August 1905

Aged 85 years

Also His Son, David H Noble

Who Died 23rd August 1929

Aged 73 years

And His Wife Hester Gamble

Who Died 25th September 1916

Also Sarah Matilda Noble

Who Died 5th October 1942

Aged 78 years

Also John Noble

Who Died 22nd February 1945

Aged 93 years

Erected by their son John




Plaque on wall inside ruined church


In Loving Memory of

Frances Alexander

Widow of the Late

Robert J Alexander, of Londonderry

Who Died 15th March 1916 aged 73 years

"Until the Day Break and the

Shadows Flee Away"

Erected By Her Devoted Children




Upright Sandstone Slab with Purple Slate inset

In Memory of

George Peoples

Who Died 11th July 1896

Aged 45 years

Erected by his

Sorrowing Wife




Upright Green Schist Slab

In Memory of

Rebecca Peoples

Died 31st Dec 1897

Aged 70 years




Purple Slate Table Stone

Here Lieth the Body of

Samuel Persse MD

Who departed this life

5th March 1837 aged 21 years

Also Dominick Persse

His Father Died 16th April 1860 Aged 76 years

Also Catherine Wife of

Dominick Persse who died 24th January 1867

Aged 73 years

Also Henderson their Son

Who died 27th October 1866

Aged 37 years

Merrick Shawe their Son

Died 11th December 1869 aged 46 years

Also William Nassau, son of Henderson,

Died 7th December 1869 aged 10 years

Also Elizabeth Monroe his Daughter

Who Died 22nd February 1870 aged 14 years

Caroline Isabella Persse

Died 24th November 1884 aged 64 years

Also Patrick Robert Persse

Died 5th July 1894 aged 76 years




Upright Grey Slate Slab

In Memory of

Richard Purdon

Who departed this Life

July 2 1869

Aged 12 years

And 6 Months




Slate Table Stone

To the Memory of

Miss Catherine Reid, sister of the late

Rev Edward Reid of Ramelton

Who died 20th August 1842

In the 63rd year of her age


Mary Reid, Mother of the above

Catherine Died 5th February 1825 aged (left blank)


Mary Ann Reid her Granddaughter

Died 15th January 1807

Aged 6 months


Elizabeth Reid 1st Wife of

The Rev E Reid died 14th March 1816

In the 30th year of her Age




Flat Grey Sandstone Tablet

To the Memory of

The Rev Edward Reid

Who having for 32 years

Faithfully Discharged the Duties of

Minister of The First Congregation of

The Presbyterian Church of Ramelton

Died deeply regretted 11th day of February 1838

In the 57th year of his Age




In Loving Memory of


The Beloved Wife of

William Robinson M.P. Si

Who Died 3rd April 1919

Aged 26 years

And Maureen,

Beloved Wife of

Trevor Jackson

And Darling Only Child of

William and

Henrietta Robinson

Who died 30th April 1951

Aged 28 years

Henrietta Robinson

Who Died 1st June 1968

William Robinson

Who Died 17th July 1970

Isaiah 35 V.10




Upright Black Granite Slab

In Memory of

John Spence


Died 18th December 1884

Aged 81 Years

Also His Wife Martha

Died 10th December 1889

Aged 80 Years

And Their Son Robert

Died 1st June 1921

Aged 75 years

And Their Daughter


Died 1st June 1926

Aged 78 years




In Memory of

Jane Stevenson


Died 30th October 1929

Also Her Husband

William Stevenson

Died 18th November 19(2)9

And Their Son Joseph Stevenson

Died 16th October 1942

Annie M Ferguson

Died 4th January 1932

Her Son Thomas Ferguson

Died 21st November 193(1)

Aged 21 years

Also Elizabeth A Mahon

(nee Ferguson)

Died 31st May 1945 Aged 33 years

At Rest

Erected By

Her Loving Husband



See 1901 Census Clooney, Tullyfern Parish



Large marble plaque on churchyard wall




Catherine Curran nee Stevenson, wife of Patrick Curran, Clooney, died 14th May 1914 and is buried here

See 1901 Census Clooney, Tullyfern Parish




Upright White Marble Slab

Erected By

The Members of Ministers

Bible Class

In Connection With

Great James Street

Presbyterian Church Londonderry

In Memory Of

Thomas Stevenson

Who Died 16th September 1899

Aged 35 years

 For Many Years He Acted

As Secretary of the above Class

Was a member of the

Congregational Committee and

A Teacher in the Sabbath School

He was a Gifted Worker and a

Faithful, Earnest and Devoted

Follower of the Saviour





In Loving Memory of


Died 3rd October 1990 aged 83 years

Wife of Charles H H Swiney

Died 2nd October 1991 aged 85 years




In Memory of

Mary E Swiney

Wife of Daniel Swiney

Who Died February 18 1907

Aged 82 years

Also Daniel Swiney

Died .. .. 1915

Aged 89 years.



Mary Evans Swiney d aged 82 yrs in 1907

Her death was registered in the Milford District 1907 vol 2 pg 201

Daniel Swiney d aged 89 yrs in 1915

His death was registered in the Milford District 1915 vol 2 pg 157




Sidney Frank Swiney of

Moyagh and Aughnagaddy

Late Captain The Royal Irish Rifles

Born 16th July 1904 Died 6th June 1988

And His Wife

Araminta Pamela Mary


Born 25th December 1913 Died 2nd September 1992

Daughter of

Brigadier General R M Ovens

of Aughnagaddy




Horizontal Grey Sandstone Slab

Here Lieth the Body of

John Tagart

Who Departed this Life the

17 June 1824 aged 55 years

Here Lieth the Body of

Robert Clark

Who Died 10th August 1829

Aged 28 years




Horizontal Grey Sandstone Slab in Church

Sacred to the Memory of

Captain James D Thompson 87th Reg

Who died October 15th 1829

Aged 42 years

And of Mary Anne Thompson his Wife

Who Died July 28 1881

Aged 82 years




Horizontal Grey Sandstone Slab in Church

Beneath this Stone

Are Deposited the Remains of

Cornelius Henry Ussher DD

Formerly Fellow of (Trinity) College Dublin and 22 years

Rector of this Parish

Departed this Life 8th March 1836

Aged 69 years



Stone now broken across date and age at death

In 1794 Cornelius Henry Ussher was a Fellow of the University of Dublin

1812. CORNELIUS HENRY USSHER, D. D. a Scholar and Fellow
of Trinity College, Dublin ; instituted July 6 (FF.) ; installed September 29. He died in 1836.
(From "Fasti ecclesiae Hibernicae : the succession of the prelates and members of the Cathedral bodies of Ireland")

Grey Sandstone Boxed Tomb in Church

Underneath, in the Grave of his Relations

The Longs of Aughnish

Is Deposited the Body of Samuel Watt

Son of James Watt of Claragh

Who Died 20th February 1826

Florinda Watt Eldest Daughter of

The above named James Watt

Died 23rd July 1862

Aged 89 years

Anne Scott

Died 8th May 1873

Aged 69 years

James Watt of Claragh

Eldest Son of A.A. Watt of Derry

And Grandson of the above named James Watt

Died 22nd January 1862 Aged 47 Years

"In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death"

Mary Watt of Claragh

Wife of the above named James Watt

Died 24th November 1868 Aged 48 Years

Their Grandson

James Watt

Died 7th May 1893 Aged 4 Years

Their Son

James Watt

Died 7th Aug 1920 Aged 63 Years

His Son

David Montgomery Watt

Died 12 Sept 1923 Aged 33 Years

"Until The Day Break And The Shadows Flee Away" Cant 11:17

Kathleen Mary

Wife of Geoffrey Watt

Daughter of Sir Harry and Lady Stewart


Died 24th December 1941 Aged 43 Years

"In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death"




Grey Schist Boxed Tomb

Underneath is Deposited

Mary Wray Aged 65 Years

Died August 1830

Also Her Two Daughters, Margaret

Aged 23 years and Mary aged 17 years

Also Edward Wray

Who Departed this Life March 24 1860

At the Advanced Age of 103 years

Also His Son Matthew Wray

Who Died on the 24th November 1877

Aged 70 years

And his Wife Mary Wray

Who Died on the 3rd December 1877

Aged 72 years

Also their Daughter Margaret Wray

On the 29th April 1924

Aged 83 years




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