Marriage & Death Notices of County Donegal-born Emigrants to the Colony of Victoria, Australia 1871 - 1908

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Personal notices relating to County Donegal emigrants to Victoria and their families extracted from The Argus (Melbourne),

Gippsland Times, Bacchus Marsh Express, Londonderry Sentinel and additional data from the Pioneers’ Index 1837-88,

Federation Index 1889-1901, Edwardian Index 1902-1913, Great War Index 1914-1920 (Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages) (VRBMD)

February 27 1871

GLEDHILL-WILSON. Married on the 22nd inst., by special licence, at Melbourne, Robert Henry, eldest son of William Gledhill, Esq., auctioneer of this city, to EMILY JANE WILSON, youngest daughter of the late J. WILSON, ESQ., of Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


Sept. 30 1871

McMENEMIN-SMITHWICK. Married on the 27th inst., at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Hawthorn, by the Rev. E. Nolan, S.J., assisted by the Rev. W. Kelly, S.J., HUGH McMENEMIN, ESQ., eldest son of the late HUGH McMENEMIN, ESQ., County Donegal, Ireland, to Elizabeth Josephine Smithwick, second daughter of Michael Smithwick, Esq., Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland (Argus)


November 14 1871

BROWN-PALMER. Married on the 9th inst., by licence, at Carlton, by the Rev. James Bickford, Wesleyan minister, Robert Brown, youngest son of the late Mr. Joseph Brown, of Dorsetshire, England, to REBECCA PALMER, second daughter of the late MR. JOHN PALMER, county of Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


September 6 1873

COOPER-MILLIKEN. Married on the 2nd inst., at St. Luke's Church, Emerald hill, by the Rev. R B Dickinson William R. Cooper to ISABELLA, second daughter of JOHN MILLIKIN, retired Coast Guard officer, county Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


June 27 1874

MARTIN-PORTER. Married on the 25th ult., at the residence of Mr. C. Bushell, Chiltern, by the Rev. James Dare, William George Martin, of Corowa, N.S.W., to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late EDWARD PORTER, Letterkenny, and County Donegal, Ireland. Tasmanian and home papers please copy (Argus)


October 16 1874

MORROW. Died on the 21st June, at Laghey, County Donegal, Ireland, the REV. JAMES MORROW, curate of Laghey, and formerly of Trinity College, Dublin, and of Melbourne, Victoria (Argus)


August 30 1876

NICHOLSON-GUBBINS. Married on the 18th inst, at All Saints' Church, Sandhurst, by the Rev. W. Croxton, Robert Nicholson, Esq., to ANNIE J. T. GUBBINS, relict of the late A. B. Gubbins, second son of Blakeney Charles Gubbins, formerly superintendent of police, county Sligo, Ireland, and oldest daughter of the late E. B. TYDD, ESQ., of Melbourne, and granddaughter of the late WILLIAM WRAY, ESQ., high sheriff county Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


Sept. 28 1876

CLARKE. Died on the 20th of July, at his residence, Belmont, Lifford, County Donegal, Ireland, ANDREW CLARKE, ESQ., of Belmont, aged 69 (Argus)


October 9 1877

IRWIN (QUINN).Died on the 8th inst., at East Brighton police station, ROSANNA, the beloved wife of JOHN IRWIN, and beloved eldest daughter of DAVID QUINN, ESQ., Killybegs, Co. Donegal, Ireland, aged 37 years and four months. Home papers please copy. R.I.P. [Parents: David Quinn & Anne Donnery (VRBMD)] (Argus)


September 2 1878

HAMILTON. Died on the 18th ult, at No 4 Chapel street, Richmond MR SAMUEL HAMILTON, late of Tullyown, near St Johnstown, county Donegal, Ireland, beloved father of Mrs G. Day, Clifton Hill, in the 78th year of his age. Home papers please copy (Argus). [Parents Andrew Hamilton & Annie McGill VRBMD)]


February 12 1879

GUNNING. Died on the 10th inst., at Melbourne, JOHN BYERS GUNNING, son of the late JOHN GUNNING, ESQ , Stranorlar, County Donegal, Ireland, aged 39 years (Argus). [Parents: John Gunning & unknown Wilson (VRBMD)]


July 24 1880

HEGARTY. Died on May 19th, at her residence, Shrove House, Moville, County Donegal, Ireland, SARAH relict of the late CHARLES HEGARTY, ESQ., and dearly beloved mother of JAMES HEGARTY, Parwan View, Bacchus Marsh, also of Eugene and Daniel Hegarty, of Sandhurst, aged 65[?] years. R.I.P. (Bacchus Marsh Express)


September 3 1880

HILL-NICHOLSON. Married on the 30th ult., at the Manse, West Melbourne by special licence, by the Rev. John G. Stobbs, William Richard Hill to ANNIE JANE JOHNSTONE, relict of the late R. NICHOLSON, eldest daughter of E. R. TYDD, formerly of the Police department, Melbourne, and granddaughter of WILLIAM WRAY, ESQ., Oak park, Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


June 2 1881

McINTYRE. Died on the 19th April, at his residence, .....?, Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland, JAMES McINTIRE, (brother of JOHN and EDWARD, drapers, of this city), of fever, after nine days. R I.P. (Argus)


June 29 1881

HAMILTON. Died on the 4th ult., at Mossvill, county Donegal, Ireland, MARIA, widow of the late CAPTAIN WILLIAM HAMILTON, Rifle Brigade, and mother of J. P. HAMILTON, ESQ., Q.C., Recorder of Cork, and of MRS BROWNLESS, Melbourne (Argus)


November 2 1881

STOPFORD-MONTGOMERY.-On the 7th September, at Rathmullan Church, Co. Donegal, Ireland, by the Very Rev, the Dean of Raphoe, assisted by the Rev Charles Boyton, Captain Arthur Bouverie Stopford, R.A., second son of Admiral Stopford, of Richmond, Surrey, England, to Evelyn Fannie, daughter of Lieutenant-General Montgomery, C S T., J. P., of Fort Royal, Rathmullan, Co. Donegal (Argus)


February 15 1882

BIRD-McFARLAND. Married on the 14th inst. at St. Paul's, Melbourne, by the Rev. Dr. Bromby, SIMON J. youngest son of the late MR. ROBERT BIRD, Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew McFarland, Kilcam, Co. Tyrone, Ireland (Argus)


Sept 19 1883

STAVELEY.—Died on 8th August, 1883, at Culdaff House, County Donegal, Ireland, Sarah Letitia, widow of the Rev. Robert Staveley, M.A., Prebendary of St. Munchin’s, Limerick (Gippsland Times)


October 12 1885

McCANN - KISS.--On the 7th inst., at St. Mary's, Maffra, by the Very Rev. J. I. Hegarty, V.F., JOHN, third son of JAMES McCANN, Donegal, Ireland, to Katherine Elizabeth, second daughter of the late William Kiss, Maffra. (Gippsland Times)


October 8 1886

WALLEN. FRANCIS ROBERTSON WALLEN, born at Letterkenny, county Donegal, Ireland, 6th May, 1791, resident in Trinidad, Britain West Indies, from 1815 until 1833, subsequently in Philadelphia, U.S.A., in Londonderry, in Liverpool, and since 1852 in Melbourne, Victoria. Died at Hawthorn 7th October, 1886 (Argus)


April 30 1886

GIBSON-McDONAGH. Married by licence, at St John's Church, Latrobe Street, Melbourne, by the Rev. Richard George Burke, M.A., LL.B., William A. Gibson, eldest son of the late Henry Gibson, of Haxey, Lincolnshire, England, to Jane MARY McDONAGH, eldest daughter of the late JOHN McDONAGH, Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


May 22 1886

ALCORN-GILBERT. Married on the 20th inst., at St Silas’ Church, Albert park, by the Rev. S. C. Kent ANDREW, second eldest son of the late SAMUEL ALCORN, Milford, County Donegal to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Henry Gilbert, Ballybay. County Monaghan, Ireland No cards. Home papers please copy (Argus)


July 3 1886

HEGARTY. Died on 28th June, at his residence, Sailor's Gully, Eaglehawk, EUGENE, sixth son of the late CHARLES HEGARTY, Shrove House, Moville, County Donegal, Ireland, brother of DANIEL HEGARTY of Eaglehawk, and JAMES HEGARTY, Parwan, aged 56 years. R.I.P. (Bacchus Marsh Express)


November 10 1886

BARRON-SHAW. Married on the 8th inst., at Tallarook, by the Rev. T. B. Swift, Andrew Barron, of Grange Park, Toolamba, farmer, second son of the late Mr. Robert Barron, of the County Down, Ireland, to MARY ANNE SHAW, of Pranjyip, eldest daughter of MR DAVID SHAW, of the County Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


June 8 1888

HAY-RODGETT. Married on the 6th inst., by the Rev. D. Kinsman, D.D., ROBERT, eldest son of ROBERT HAY, ESQ., Springfield House, Donegal, Ireland, to Harriet Emily Rodgett, youngest daughter of the late Captain John Lord Rodgett, of England (Argus)


July 20 1888

LAYARD. Died on the 18th July, at Lansdowne street, Sale, JOHN LAYARD, late of Co. Donegal, Ireland, aged 87 years. (Gippsland Times). [Parents’ names unknown (VRBMD)]


August 24 1888

COCHRANE. Died on the 15th ult., at the parsonage, Ballyshannon, Ireland, the residence of her son, REV. S. G. COCHRANE, in her ninetieth year, REBECCA, widow of THOMAS COCHRANE, late of Ballinasloe, Ireland, and mother of MRS. ROBERT POTTER, of St. Mary's Parsonage, North Melbourne (Argus)


February 1 1890

HAMILTON-ATKINSON. Married on December 3, at Beaumont, Belfast, by special license, by the Rev. T. J. Welland, M.A., assisted by the Rev. H. W. Stewart, M.A., and the Rev. J. Armstrong, M.A., THOMAS HAMILTON, R.M., Salt Hill, county Donegal, to Mary, elder daughter of Robert Atkinson, Esq., J.P., Beaumont, Belfast, and cousin of Mrs. Frank J. Jones, Seamount, Elsternwick (Argus)


June 23 1892

KELLY. Died on the 22nd inst., at 102 High-street, Windsor, ANTHONY, dearly beloved husband of MARGARET KELLY, after a long and painful Illness, aged 57 years, late of Castlefin, Co. Donegal, Ireland. R. I. P. (Argus). [Parents’ names unknown (VRBMD)]


April 14 1893

LATTA. Died at his residence, Ballinakill, County Wexford, Ireland, ALEXANDER LATTA, in his 72nd year, formerly of Bready, St. Johnston, County Donegal (near Londonderry), Ireland (Argus)


October 30 1893

COANE .Died on the 15th ult., at her brother’s residence Higginstown, near Ballyshannon, Ireland, JANE MADELINE younger daughter of the late HENRY COANE B. L. , and sister of J. M. COANE, of Brighton, and DR. J COANE of Malvern, Victoria. (Argus)


Sept. 10 1897

McCLURE. Died on the 9th September at his late residence, Indiana, Avenue Road Camberwell, DAVID the beloved husband of MARGARET McCLURE and for 26 years police constable of Hawthorn, aged 57 years Native of Donegal Ireland (Argus). (Parents: William McClure & Sarah McAlivein (VRBMD)]


October 16 1897

GOULD-STEELE. Married on the 7th September at the residence of the bride’s parents, Rossylongan House Wangaratta, by the father of the bridegroom, George Gould of the-Education Department, eldest son of Rev. W. Gould and cousin of J. Gould Wilkinson, of lvy Bank, Limerick, Ireland to EDITH second daughter of A. L M STEELE, late of Victorian Police, and granddaughter of the late LIEUTENANT ROBERT BALL STEELE, of Rossylongan Estate, Donegal, Ireland. Home and colonial papers please copy (Argus)


December 5 1898

MARTIN. Died on the 3rd December, at the residence of her sister (Mrs. W. J. Mulready), 1 Darebin Road, Northcote, CHARLOTTE EMILY, widow of the late Dr. L. J. Martin, M.D, Collins Street, Melbourne, and eldest daughter of the late Rev. George Simpson Benson rector of Killenny, Queen's County, Ireland, and granddaughter of the late REV. HILL BENSON, rector of Kilcar, Donegal, Ireland. Passed peaceably away after a long and patient illness (Argus). [Parents: George Simpson Benson & Ann Lloyd Jones (VRBMD)]


April 17 1899

MEALEY. Died on the 21st March, at the Melbourne Hospital, JOHN MEALEY, of Essendon, herdsman, native of co. Donegal, Ireland, aged 65 years R.I.P. (Argus). [Parents’ names unknown (VRBMD)]


June 2 1899

WHITEHEAD In sorrowing remembrance of my dearest sister, ELLEN, youngest daughter of the late HUGH MORRISON, of Killabags, Co. Donegal, Ireland, who died at Collingwood, 2nd of June, 1895. (Inserted by her loving sister, Mrs. Mickleborough, Armadale) (Argus)


July 22 1899

CAMPBELL-GILLIS. Married on the 28th June, at the home of the bride's sister, Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, by the Rev. James Beattie, of St. Andrew's, Queenscliff, Lewis B. Campbell, V.P.S., to ELIZABETH JANE GILLIS, daughter of the late ROBERT GILLIS, Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland (Argus)


December 29 1899

MARTIN. Died on the 17th December, at his residence, 'Springvale,' Thoona, IRVINE MARTIN, beloved husband of FRANCES MARTIN, and eldest son of the late CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, Pettigo, Co. Donegal, Ireland, aged 81 years. Home papers please copy (Argus). [Parents: Christopher Martin & Mary Collins (VRBMD)]

January 18 1902

McGLINCHEY. Died on the 13th January, through injuries accidentally received on the Peak Hill Gold-fields, W.A. [Western Australia], DAN McGLINCHEY, beloved son of the late D. and S. McGLINCHEY, Co. Donegal, Ireland, and brother to J. McGLINCHEY, Liddiard Street, Hawthorn. Deeply regretted. Age 39. R.I.P. (Argus)


May 28 1902

CALLAN. Died on the 26th May, at his residence, Seymour, JOHN CALLAN, a native of Donegal, Ireland, aged 84 years. A colonist for 50 years (Argus). [Aged 84. Parents: John Callan & Isabella Little (VRBMD)]


August 9 1902

McLAUGHLIN. Died on the 3rd June, at the residence of his uncle, Mr. George Hegarty, Brooklyn, U.S., America, MICHAEL, only son of CAPTAIN McLAUGHLIN, Greencastle, Moville, county Donegal, Ireland, nephew of the late MR. JAMES HEGARTY, Parwin View, Bacchus Marsh, also of the late Mr. DANIEL and EUGENE HEGARTY, of Bendigo, R.I.P. (Argus)


April 22 1903

COCHRANE. Married on the 13th April, at Holy Trinity, Kew, by Rev. F. C. Anderson, THOMAS, second son of the late CANON COCHRANE, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland, to May Grattan Thompson, second daughter of J. Henning and Louie Thompson, of Kew (Argus)


August 20 1903

TYDD (WRAY). Died on the 19th August, at 629 Rathdown Street, Carlton, BARBARA, relict of the late E. B. TYDD, and youngest daughter of the late WILLIAM WRAY, ESQ., Oak-park, county Donegal, Ireland. Home papers please copy (Argus). [Aged 76. Parents: William Wray & Hannah Jane Johnston (VRBMD)]


August 3 1903

MOORE-BOND. Married on the 8th July, by the Rev. C.H. Nash, CHRISTOPHER, eldest son of late A.W.J. MOORE, of Pettigo, county Donegal, Ireland, to Mary Saunders, eldest daughter of Thomas Bond, of Hawthorn, and granddaughter of the late William Carpenter Bond, of Benalla, and of the late Arthur Rider, of Albert Park (Argus)


August 22 1903

INGRAM. Died on the 3rd July, at her residence, 13 Wellington Road, Dublin, ELIZA, younger daughter of the late REV. WILLIAM INGRAM, of Co. Donegal, Ireland, and beloved aunt of Mrs. A. H. Hempson, Kerang, Victoria (Argus)


October 29 1903

FAIRMAN-McLEOD. [Silver Wedding.] On the 22nd October, 1878, at the residence of the bride's sister, the late Mrs. W. J. Fairman, Yalca, ROBERT JOHN, eldest son of the late JOHN FAIRMAN, Drumkeen Stranorlar, Co. Donegal, Ireland, to Julia Richardson, fourth surviving daughter of the late Roderick McLeod, of Wallan Wallan. Present address, Rylands, Nathalia (Argus)


November 16 1903

McDONAGH. Died on the 14th November, at Gunnedah, New South Wales, STEWART HUGH, third son of the late JOHN and MARTHA MCDONAGH, of Ballyshannon, Ireland (Argus)


January 23 1904

THOMPSON. Died on the 2nd January, at Kaarimba, SAMUEL THOMPSON, SEN., eldest son of the late JAMES THOMPSON, County Donegal, Ireland, aged 65 years. Home papers please copy (Argus). [Parents: James Thompson & Catherine Fairman (VRBDM)]


January 26 1907

McKNIGHT-DUNLOP. [Golden Wedding] On the 15th January, 1857 by the Rev. John Thomson in the presence of John Jamison and Elizabeth Dunlop, ALEXANDER McKNIGHT of Gortaquigley, Raphoe, to SARAH JANE DUNLOP of Cow park, Raphoe, both of the First Presbyterian Congregation, Raphoe. “Burnside”, Langley, near Kyneton (Argus)


May 9 1908

REID-BOORMAN. Married on the 18th April, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev. A. Wheeler, THOMAS WILLIAM, younger son of the late ROBERT REID, of Rathmelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland, to Mary (Mab) eldest daughter of the late Charles Spencer Boorman, of Stanford- le-Hope, Essex, England. Home papers please copy (Argus)


June 13 1908

Married on the 27th April, 1908, at Melbourne, JAMES SMITH, eldest son of the late THOMAS TAYLOR, Donegal, Ireland, to Margaret Esther, second eldest daughter of William Donaldson, grazier of Tooborac, and granddaughter of the late Mark Hayes, of Tooborac (Argus)


March 13 1915

CLARKE. Died on the 6th March, at Brighton, JAMES LANGTON CLARKE, of "Belmont." Donegal, Ireland, aged 70 years. [Parents: Andrew Clarke & Susan McCrea (VRBMD)]


Jan 8 1916

COANE Died on the 13th November, 1915, at Ballyshannon, Ireland, DR. JAMES COANE, formerly of Hamilton and Brighton, Victoria. (Argus)


January 22 1916

EATON-LOADER. Married on the 8th January, 1915, at Mepunga, Allansford, by the Rev. A. R. Cocks, EPHRAIM, second son of JAMES EATON, of Raphoe, Ireland, to Ada May, younger daughter of Mrs. C. Loader, Warrnambool. (Argus)


January 7 1920

KEY. Died on the 30th December, 1919, at 78 Patterson street, Middle Park, MARGARET JANE KEY, the beloved sister of MARTHA, ANDREW and WILLIAM KEY, the eldest daughter of the late WILLIAM and HANNAH KEY of Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland. (Interred Presbyterian portion Springvale Cemetery, on 2nd Jan. 1920) (Argus)


May 1 1929

PORTER. On the 29th April, 1929 (suddenly), at Braeside, No. 2 Suffolk Road, Surrey Hills, JAMES, the dearly beloved husband of MARGARET and loving father of May (Mrs. C. B. Lydserff), Ted, Jim, Alex, Robert (deceased), late A.I.F., late of Bairnsdale, from Letterkenny, county Donegal, Ireland, and late Victorian Railways, aged 84 years. Peace, perfect peace. (Argus)


April 9 1923

MITCHELL. Died on the 7th April at the residence of his brother James, Tasma, Loch Ave., St. Kilda, GEORGE, third son of the late GEORGE KIRKPATRICK and REBY SUSAN MITCHELL Kindroyhead, Moville, Ireland (Argus)


Sept 14 1929

WRIGHT. Died on the 6th September, at her residence, 31 Finsbury Street, Flemington, ELIZABETH, younger daughter of the late JAMES and ELEANOR HOUSTON, of Raphoe, Ireland, sister of the late Rachel (Mrs. Fisher), James, John, and Samuel, aged 85 years and one day. Arrived ship Tornado, 1862 (Argus)


January 2 1934

MITCHELL. Died on the 27th December at the Jessie McPherson Hospital, KATHLEEN MARY BOND younger daughter of the late ALEX. MITCHELL, J P Bridge House Ramelton Co Donegal and MRS. MITCHELL 79 Orlando Street, Hampton (Argus)


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