1740 Protestant Householder's Return - Inishowen Parishes

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A census of Protestant Householders was conducted in 1740, which recorded the names of the heads of the Protestant Households.

The original documents were destroyed in 1922 however, some transcripts survived.

No further information, other than that recorded below, exists.

Clonca, Clonmany, Culdaff, Desertegny, Donagh, Fahan, Moville, Templemore

Surname First Townland
Adams John Miltowne
Alexander Arsble Letter Oar
Alexander Mr Lag
Alexander Widow Culoort
Beggs William Knockglass
Bind Jonathan Drumcarbit
Boggs Francis Killin
Boggs John Killin
Boggs Ninian Ballagh
Boggs Widow Killin
Browne Mathew Knockamany
Calhoon David Drumcarbit
Calhoon James Ballagh
Calhoon Margaret Drumcarbit
Calhoon Patrick Evishnagirr
Calhoon Robert Ballycramsy
Callwell William Laraghirril
Campbell Arsbell Bree
Camron James Goorey
Carrolan John Knockglass
Carswell John Drumcarbit
Clindinnan John Ballagh
Cooper Robert Redwood Glebe
Crawford Hugh Goorey
Crawford John Knockamany
Crockett John Meedanmore
Crow John Umgall
Elder James Drumcarbit
Elder John Culoort
Elder Robert Meedanmore
Elwood Mr Redwood Glebe
Fulton John Balleeghan
Fulton Mr Balleeghan
Fulton Thomas Evishnagirr
Fulton Widow Evishnagirr
Hamilton William Drumcarbit
Harvey Mr Balleeghan
Henderson Joseph Culoort
Heslit William Ballagh
Houston Lodowick Ardmalin
Houton William Evishnagirr
Hunter John Ballycramsy
Hutchinson John Miltowne
Johnston Thomas Drumcarbit
Jones Edward Redwood Glebe
Loam Robert Laraghirril
Long Robert Laraghirril
Macky James Norrira
Macky John Norrira
Maguire Phillip Keenagh
McAntire Andrew Dunross
McAntire James BellyLynn
McAntire James Dunross
McAntire John Dunross
McAtire Andrew Balleeghan
McAtire George Dunross
McAtire John Balleeghan
McAtire Samuel Dunross
McAtire Walter Laraghirril
McConohy James Drumcarbit
McCorkill Joseph Goorey
McDonnall Randle Dunross
McElean William Laraghirril
McFarlan Robert Norrira
McKeag John Drumcarbit
McKenry Francis Carrowmore
McKinly Walter Laraghirril
McNeil Widow Laraghirril
McNeill John Laraghirril
Merchant James Umgall
Merchant John Umgall
Mercht Mathew Culoort
Miller Robert Bree
Miller Thomas Bree
Molloy John Bree
Montgomery Mr Goorey
Moore Alexander Evishnagirr
Moore Alexander Umgall
Moore David Letter Oar
Moore John Ballycramsy
Moore John Bree
Moore Mr Keenagh
Moore Widow Carrowmore
Moore William Evishnagirr
Murra Mathew Balleeghan
Neelson Alexander Keenagh
Neelson James Keenagh
Nutt John Balleeghan
O'Carrolan William Keenagh
Park Hugh Balleeghan
Patterson John Carrowmore
Patterson Mathew Carrowmore
Platt George Bree
Platt John Bree
Platt Mathew Drumcarbit
Porter Patrick Carrowmore
Porter William Evishnagirr
Read James Clonca
Read William Clonca
Richy Alexander Culoort
Richy John Norrira
Scott Henry Evishnagirr
Scott John Ballagh
Scott John Carrowmore
Scott Joseph Norrira
Scott Richard Drumcarbit
Smith John Ballagh
Starrot Robert Drumcarbit
Strawbridge John Drumballycaslan
Turner John Knockamany
Willson Robert Drumcarbit
Baldrige James Annagh
Baldrige John Bellychallin
Baldrige Mr Annagh
Baxter Daniel Tullynabratilly
Baxter Doogall Ballyliffin
Baxter Neal Ballyliffin
Beard James Bellymagilhan
Beard William Bellymagihan
Benson Daddy Gaddyduff
Davenport Thomas Tyrnslega
Dohardy John Rossonagh
Kickly Abram Magheramore
Kickly George Magheramore
Leeper Robert Maghrylaan
Lindsay John Ballyliffin
Linn Robert Clehagh
Mathew Linn ?
McMullan Mr Dristrinn
McNeil Henry Binnion
McNeill John Ballyliffin
Park John Maghrylaan
Porter Andrew Meenteoghs
Porter William Meenteoghs
Sinclair Arsble Tullynabratilly
Smith Thomas Carrickabraghy
Speer John Straws
Wallace Thomas Clehagh
Alcorn George Lisdarragan
Alcorn John Lisdarragan
Alcorn William Cashel
Belfore James Trean Tubber
Bonnettan Alexander Drumalee
Browne Mr Cragnasole
Butler Mrs Baskill
Butler Walter Tyrrywee
Carr Mark Calhean
Caruthers Adam Ahaglassan
Caruthers Sam Ahaglassan
Caruthers William Ahaglassan
Chittock George Dristernan
Clerk William Ballycharry
Crawford James Ballycharry
Crawford Samuel Tirmacroragh
Crawford William Tirmacroragh
Flinn Thomas Kindroghed
Gill George Dristernan
Gill John Kindroghed
Gill Mathew Kindroghed
Gillin Widow Kindroghed
Guttry James Straroddin
Hamilton William Goorey
Hemphill Mathew Calhean
Hood David Carrowmore
Hutchinson William Ahaglassan
Johnston Alexander Drumalee
Johnston John Dristernan
Lawson Thomas Baskill
Lawson William Garrowleane
Magee Thomas Ballycharry
McAntire Andrew Ballycharry
McAtire Robert Tirmacroragh
McCala John Baskill
McCala Samuel Goorey
McCalay Donnall Baskill
McCanles George Drumalee
McCanles Widow Drumalee
McClintock Widow Baskill
McFarlan John Tyrenerry
Mitchell James Kindroghed
Mitchell Robert Kindroghed
Moore Moses Goorey
Morrison Alexander Cashel
Morrison Thomas Cashel
Newcome Charles Tirmacroragh
O'Carolan Michael Baskill
O'Carolan Patrick Baskill
O'Carrolan Daniel Cashel
O'Gillin Art Kindroghed
Ridles Alexander Baskill
Smith Alexander Ballycharry
Thomson John Baskill
Tomson Andrew Baskill
Wallace Widow Ballycharry
Wilson John Straroddin
Wilson William Straroddin
Wison William Calhean
Young Robert Culdaff
Alkin John Gortleck
Beaty Andrew Gortleck
Benson Mr Linsfort
Buchannan George Keeloges
Buchannan William Keeloges
Davis John Linsfort
Dohardy James Sharagore
Gwinn Thomas Ahaweell
Hibbits William Gortleck
Houton James Linsfort
Houton James Meenalooban
Logan George Leahound
Logan James Leahound
Maglahlin James Sharragore
Maglahlin Mr Meenalooban
Maglahlin William Sharragore
McCrakan Patrick Gortleck
Monthomery John Leahound
Murrin William Meenalooban
Rankin James Leahound
Rankin John Leahound
Thomson Robert Ahaweell
Vance Alexander Ahaweell
Vance John Sharragore
Weer Patrick Leahound
Anderson Joseph Magheradrumman
Armstrong David Magheradrumman
Atchinson John Carrickafodan
Baker Henry Ballylosky
Beaty Alexander Carrickafodan
Buhanan James Caarn
Campbell James Ballylosky
Campbell John Carrickafodan
Campbell John Cashel
Campbell John Church Towne
Campbell William (1) Caam Doagh
Campbell William (2) Caam Doagh
Cary Edward Carrickafodan
Cary Francis Cashel
Cary George Tyrnaleage
Cary Robert Caarn
Coningham John Church Towne
Dohardy Andrew Carrickafodan
Dohardy Hugh Church Towne
Donnall Hugh Carrickafodan
Donnall Robert (1) Carrickafodan
Donnall Robert (2) Carrickafodan
Dowlans William Tyrnaleage
Doyle John Caarn
Duncan Mathew Magheradrumman
Duncan Robert Carrickafodan
Duncan Robert Magheradrumman
Duncan Thomas Magheradrumman
Duncan William Magheradrumman
Dunkin George Magheradrumman
Dutton William Caarn
Eady Michael Magheradrumman
Forgy James Miltown
Forgy Mary Carrickafodan
Gamble William Carrickafodan
Gibson William Carrickafodan
Grace John Caam Doagh
Greear Aron Carrickafodan
Guttry Robert Ballylosky
Haggarty John Caarn
Hutchinson John Miltown
Johnston John Carrickafodan
Keys George Ballylosky
Lepper James Ballylosky
Logan Henry Ballylosky
Magee Samuel Miltown
Magee Thomas Carrickafodan
Magreggar John Ballylosky
McAntire Moses Altashane
McClay James Caam Doagh
McElhenny Robert Trean Can
McIhenny Patrick Magheradrumman
Mitchell James Gortyarran
Mitchell John Gortyarran
Moore Robert Tullyard
Neelson John Miltown
O'Carrolan Phillip Gortyarran
Patten Mathew Carrickafodan
Reynolds Mr Glebe
Smith Alexander Glassalls
Speer James Church Towne
Strawbridge Mr Carrickafodan
Wallace Frederick Carrickafodan
Young William Caarn
Adams Hans Buncrana
Allen Patrick Tullywoony
Ash Mr Buncrana
Atkison Thomas Trillick
Baker Mr Buncrana
Balmer John Buncrana
Banks Thomas Buncrana
Barclay Henry Buncrana
Barclay Widow Buncrana
Barr John Buncrana
Barr John Clattycrislogh
Beaty Archibald Miltowne
Beaty James Sladran
Beaty Robert Gransha
Beaty Widow Gransha
Bell Joseph Tullywoony
Benson Peter Birdstown
Boggs Widow Femilia
Boyde Robert Tullywoony
Brown Patrick Gortscrabah
Buchanan Jennett Lisatunney
Burnside George Buncrana
Carson James Luddan
Carswell John Aghilly
Carswell Michael Aghilly
Carswell Robert Glebe
Carswell Robert Tooban
Carswell Samuel Tooban
Cartar Arthur Lisfannan
Chamberlin Arthur Tullydush
Chamberlin John Tullydush
Chambers Andrew Luddan
Clerk William Femilia
Clinging Edward Sladran
Clinging James Sladran
Clyde James Letter
Cochran George Buncrana
Cochran Thomas Tondragee
Cook Edward Ballymagan
Cook Edward Lisgall
Cook William Minyoory
Cooke Widow Buncrana
Crochran Mr Crislogh
Cumming John Buncrana
David Alexander Carramullin
Davis Andrew Magherabeg
Davis James Tooban
Davis Widow Magherabeg
Dawson Henry Fahan Level
Delap Thomas Letter
Dinnin Nathaniel Buncrana
Dixon William Garvary
Donnall Moses Buncrana
Donnan Andrew Craigtown
Donnohy Charles Roosky
Downes Mr Fahan Level
Duffy Laurence Buncrana
Edgar Jacob Buncrana
Ellot James Tullywoony
Ellott William Clattycrislogh
Falknder James Letter
Ferguson John Crislogh
Finlay Alexander Lisfannan
Finny Arsble Gransha
Flemming Alexander Ballynahone
Freelan Andrew Tullywoony
Freeland James Tullywoony
Fulton John Garvary
Fulton Samuel Gortnaskea
Gibson Alexander Magherabeg
Gibson James Crislaghkeel
Gibson James Garvary
Gibson Widow Trillick
Gillespy Donnall Sladran
Gillespy Edward Listakelly
Gillespy Frank Letter
Gillespy Peter Corrinashinna
Gillyham James Roosky
Gilmer William Clattycrislogh
Glenn Robert Ballynahone
Glenn Samuel Carramullin
Gordon Nathaniel Luddan
Granger John KillmaIvenny
Gregory Mr Buncrana
Haggarty Patrick Craigtown
Hamilton Mr KillmcIvenny
Hamilton Patrick Femilia
Harper James Buncrana
Harrott John Roosky
Harrott Joseph Roosky
Hasty John Buncrana
Hibbits Henry Luddan
Hogg John Lisgall
Johnston James Buncrana
Johnston Mr Buncrana
Keons John Buncrana
Kirkland James Buncrana
Langwell James Lisfannan
Lesly Mr Fahan Level
Logan David Luddan
Logan George Buncrana
Logan Mathew Buncrana
Longwell Robert Buncrana
Longwell Robert Garvary
Lyghton John Luddan
Macky John Tullywoony
Magowan Edward Tullywoony
Magowan James Tullywoony
McCain Widow Craigtown
McCala William Garvary
McCallaser Gorry Buncrana
McCartar Charles Garvary
McCartar John (1) Tullywoony
McCartar John (2) Tullywoony
McCay Patrick Buncrana
McChennett William Fahan Level
McClea Andrew Crislaghkeel
McClea William Crislaghkeel
McClees John Trillick
McClellan James Gortnaskea
McClellan Joseph KillmaIvenny
McClellan Patrick Gortnaskea
McClellan Robert Garvary
McClellan Widow KillmaIvenny
McClennan James Garvary
McClennan Samuel Garvary
McClosky William Corracleve
McConnell George Femilia
McConnell William KillmaIvenny
McDonnall William Listakelly
McDowell John Luddan
McFarlan Daniel Minyoory
McKinly Charles Tondragee
McKinly James Buncrana
McKinly Paul Letter
McKinny Alexander Crislaghkeel
McManus Bryan Corrinashinna
McNaight Darby Miny Tinny
McNitt James Corracleve
McNitt Walter Tooban
McNitt Widow Tooban
McNutt James Luddan
McNutt Robert Magherabeg
McSwine Edmund Fahan Level
McSwine John Buncrana
Miller James Tullywoony
Mills Robert Lisfannan
Mitchell William KillmaIvenny
Murra George Corrinashinna
Neelson John Birdstown
Neelson Thomas Luddan
Nikill James Magherabeg
Nikill John Femilia
O'Donnall Conor Buncrana
O'Murrin Robert Gransha
Patten Richard Minyoory
Patterson James Corracleve
Platt Arthur Buncrana
Platt Widow Trillick
Porter Edward CastlemcCorr
Porter James (1) Sladran
Porter James (2) Sladran
Porter Patrick Sladran
Porter Richard CastlemcCorr
Porter Robert Minyoory
Porter William Ballymagan
Porter William Slydrein
Price Edward Buncrana
Ramsay James Buncrana
Ramsay Robert Luddan
Ramsay William Glebe
Rea Edward Ballynahone
Rea Michael Ballynahone
Read William Garvary
Riddle James Gortnaskea
Ross James Ballynahone
Rusk James Fahan Level
Rusk William Fahan Level
Rusky Humphry Craigtown
Salsbury William Minyoory
Scott James Bruncrana
Scott John Tullydush
Shewell Edward Ballynahone
Snodgrass William Lisfannan
Strawbridge William Castlequarter
Sweatnam Mr Letter
Thomas Mrs Birdstown
Tinsly Thomas Buncrana
Vance John Tullydush
Vance Robert Tullydush
Vaughan George Buncrana
Walker Adam Buncrana
Walker James Crislogh
Walker James Druminorr
Walker John Druminorr
Walkinshaw John Buncrana
Wallace David Keshell
Wallace John Corrinashinna
Wallace John Keshell
Wallace Moses Corrinashinna
Wallace Mrs KillmaIvenny
Wallace Robert Trillick
Warden George Gransha
Warden Robert Gransha
Watt Thomas Clattycrislogh
Welsh John KillmaIvenny
Williams Daniel Buncrana

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