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1. 1608-1620 Plantation in Ulster

“An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ulster at the Commencement of the Seventeenth Century, 1608-1620”, Rev. George Hill - Definitions, Notes & Indexes Extracted by Loretta (Lynn) Layman

2. 1665 Hearth Money Rolls

Bannagh Barony - Killaghtee & Killybegs Parishes

Bannagh & Boylagh Barony - Glencolumbkille, Kilcar, Inishkeel, Inver, Killymard, Lettermacaward Parishes

Inishowen barony - Burt & Inch, Clonca, Clonmany, Culdaff, Donagh, Fahan Upper & Lower, Moville

Kilmacrenan Barony - Aghanunshin, Aughnish, Clondahorky, Clondavaddog, Conwal, Gartan, Killygarvan, Kilmacrenan, Mevagh, Raymunterdoney, Tullaghobegly, Tullyfern Parishes

Raphoe Barony - Clonleigh, Donaghmore, Leck, Raphoe, Raymoghy, Stranorlar, Taughboyne Parishes

Tirhugh Barony - Drumhome, Inishmacsaint, Kilbarron, Templecarn Parishes


3. 1730 Murrays of Broughton Estate

Description of lands and lists of tenants on this Estate in south-west Donegal, around Killybegs.


4. 1740 Protestant Householders


Inishowen Parishes - Clonca, Clonmany, Culdaff, Desertegny, Donagh, Fahan, Moville, Templemore


5. 1766 Householders

Protestant Householders, Leck 1766 


6. 1794 Householders

Householders in St Johnstown, 1794


7. 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlements List

For County Donegal. In order to encourage the linen industry the Irish Linen Board awarded free spinning wheels to people growing certain acreages of flax. The persons name, parish and number of wheels were recorded. There are 6,814 names here in two text files, alphabetical by surname, together with their parish. A to L and M to Y.


8. 1800 Act of Union, 3808 Donegal Signatories


Surnames A to D

Surnames E to K

Surnames L to Mc

Surnames M to End


9. 1820/1830s Tithe Applotment Books 

Tithe Applotment books - 42 parishes, two towns, and eight townlands. Also includes an explanation of what Tithe Applotment Books are

Tithe Applotment Lists - held by the LDS, including film numbers


10. Applications to Register Freeholds in Co Donegal, 1829-31


Barony of Banagh

Barony of Boylagh

Barony of Inishowen

Barony of Kilmacrenan

Barony of Raphoe

Barony of Tirhugh


11. Civil Bill Ejectments


 Civil Bill Ejectments for the years 1827 to 1833, from the House of Commons Sessional Papers for Donegal


12. 1830 Householders

Housholders in Edrim Glebe, Killymard, in February 1830, submitted by Margaret Graham


13. 1845 Devon Commission


A list of witnesses who gave evidence to the Devon Commission relating to Donegal, submitted by Tim O'Sullivan


14. 1857 Griffith's Valuation

Griffith's Valuations indexes complete for Co Donegal and including an explanation of what the Valuations are


15. 1876 Landowners


Landowners - Individuals who owned 1 acre or more of property in Co Donegal, transcribed by Jean Rice


16. Abercorn Estate


Survey of the Manor of Magavelin & Lismochery, Co Donegal 1781, compiled by Len Swindley

List of Renters who Signed a 21 yr lease with Abercorn in December 1789, submitted by Barbara Braswell

Tenants on the Abercorn Estate, Laggan, 1794, indexed by Marianne Philson

1835 Estate Maps & Data, submitted by Barbara Braswell


17. Early Donegal Records Transcribed by John D McLaughlin - McLaughlin of Dún na nGall


1601 State Papers of Ireland - The names of all the chief places of strength in O'Dogherty's country called Ennisowen, as well castles as forts; also of those in McSwyne Fanat's country."
1601 State Papers of Ireland - Handwritten Notes by Sir Henry Dockwra on the septs of Inishowen (Not published in the standard edition of the State Papers)
1601-2 Pardon Lists (Donegal) - Followers of O'Donnell
1602 Pardon List (Inishowen) - The standing army of Sir Cahir O'Dogherty) Fiant 6655 - Queen Elizabeth
1608-1618 Land Grants in Donegal - Land Grants (1608) - Pynnar's Survey (1618)
1609 Pardon List (Donegal) - Pat. 6 James I (Primarily Inishowen but also General Donegal Names)
1609 Inquisition at Liffer - Pat. 16 James I (The Herenagh septs of Donegal)
1609 Inquisition at Derry - Pat. 16 James I (The Church Lands of Derry)
1622 Chichester Leases (Inishowen - Leases by Chichester in Inishowen
1628 Rent Roll of Derry - Heads of Household in Derry
1630 Muster Rolls - Muster Rolls of Donegal (Settler Population)
1654 Civil Survey (Donegal) - Holders of land and leases in Donegal in 1654
1654 Index to the Civil Survey - Names Appearing in the Civil Survey of 1654
1659 Census of Ireland - Principle Irish names and Tituladoes
1665 Hearth Money Rolls (Donegal) - Heads of Households in Donegal
1663 Hearth Money Rolls (Londonderry) - Heads if Households in Londonderry
1778-1790 Catholic Qualification Rolls


18. Valuation Office Land Records


General Valuation Revisions Lists (Cancelled Books) - held by the LDS, including film numbers


Valuation Summarys Online on this Website :


Ardmeen (Ardveen), Templecrone

Augullies, Templecrone

Beefpark, Killymard, submitted by Janice

Breaghy, Donaghmore parish, 1858 to 1955, submitted by John Wiley

Brocagh, Templecrone

Carrickatimpan, Gartan

Croaghnamaddy, Templecrone

Derrora Valuations 1857 - 1932, cross-referenced with the 1901 and 1911 Census (Mike Sweeney)

Derryreel and Roshin, Clondahorky, and Derryreel, Raymunterdoney, submitted by Cass

Drumnasharragh, Gartan

Drumnawooa, Gartan

Drumsallagh, Gartan

Feddyglass, Taughboyne, submitted by Boyd

Glen, Killymard, submitted by Janice

Glenaboghill and Cloghbolie, Inishkeel, submitted by John Bernhardt

Leamagowra, Inishkeel, submitted by Pauline

Mount Charles Town, submitted by Janice

Mount Charles Townland, submitted by Janice

Scrawhill, Killymard, submitted by Janice


Templecrone - Gallagher & neighbouring families :

Ardmeen 1862-1915

Augullies 1862-1932

Brockagh 1862

Bunawack 1862-1878

Crovehy 1862-1927

Lettercau 1862-1915

Loughagher 1864-1929



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